Maroon 5: Don’t Post Our Concert Footage On YouTube

Maroon 5 and lighting equipment

Maroon 5 checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@maroon5) on Monday (September 13) to explain their taping policy when it comes to the band’s tour in support of their new album ‘Hands All Over’, out September 21st. With the proliferation of handheld HD video devices, artists and labels are getting more concerned about high quality concert footage posted at YouTube cannibalizing potential DVD sales. The policy reads:

Maroon 5 allows audio taping at almost every live performance. We feel that each show is unique and want to offer our fans the opportunity to recreate the live experience through the audio reproduction of our shows. At all taping authorized performances, tapers can tape from any ticketed seating location in the venue. No soundboard or power feeds are provided.

Taping is limited to audio-only. Wireless receivers are strictly prohibited. We sincerely appreciate all of our fans, so we ask that you please be considerate of those around you by not obstructing anyone else’s view of the performance.

All recordings must be used for personal use or trading only. Selling or commercializing any recording is illegal and will jeopardize taping privileges for everyone.

In addition to helping fans recreate the live experience, we hope tape trading will foster greater interaction within the fan community. Any method of trading that does not involve personal fan interaction defeats the spirit of this goal of the taping policy and is not authorized. In particular, posting audio or video files on web sites for streaming to or downloading by the public, is not authorized.

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