Maroon 5 Feels Pressure On New Album

just released their sophomore album ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’, and the band talked with Artisan News Service about the songwriting process.

“I think one thing that’s different, the most obvious thing is the difference in the songwriting is that on this record we set out to make a more danceable record. A lot of the songs on the last record were sort of mid-tempo, a little more laid back sort of grooves,” James Valentine said. “The beats on this record definitely have more of a sense of urgency.”

“I think there’s definitely pressure,” Adam Levine said about the new album. “We’re mostly excited about it because we’re more supportive as a whole as a band of this record. There’s a better feeling surrounding this album than there was the first time around. We were a bit more insecure, kind of confused and not sure what was going on the first time.”

Watch the report at YouTube.

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