Maroon 5 Talk With CNN On The Set Of ‘Misery’ Video

Go behind the scenes with on the set of their ‘Misery’ video in downtown Los Angeles. Singer Adam Levine and bassist Mickey Madden talked with CNN’s Denise Quan about shooting the action packed video and how recording with Mutt Lange influenced the sound of their third studio album. Asked if the band received any backlash from fans who thought what they’ve heard of the new album ‘Hands All Over’ didn’t sound like the Maroon 5 they’re familiar with, Levine said, “Yes and no. I don’t think that we really focused on that kind of thing. It’s a free country. If you don’t like our music, it’s fine. Or if you’re disappointed with what we give you, that’s fine, too. We tend to focus on people that like it. That’s kind of more fun.” Watch the segment via below the cut.

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One thought on “Maroon 5 Talk With CNN On The Set Of ‘Misery’ Video

  1. Penny says:

    I love M5! They also did this great live version of “She Will Be Loved” on an all-star compilation CD that benefits tsunami victims in Indonesia. The CD was recently put out by an awesome humanitarian organization called Aid Still Required. Definitely worth getting!

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