Marriage And Greatest Hits Album Mark End To Britney Spears

Contributed Anonymously:

I do think it will. I have bought Britney Spears’ first 3 albums the first two are great, then on the third something happened. She started to use her body to sell and started hurting her vocals with smoking. I didn’t even bother to buy “In The Zone” after seeing her publicity stunts and her terrible songs. Also her personality now is bad. After she met Kevin Federline she seems to be blowing off her fans and even some of her own fans agree. Does she care? I’m not really sure but as I can see, no.

Her “Greatest Hits” album I will not be buying once I saw the track listing. I bet she dropped a meeting to go somewhere with Kevin, and then Jive just threw something together. That’s what it looks like. Everyone calls her trashy that I hear. On the radio, at school, and family. I was hoping her latest video, “My Prerogative”, would be a good look into her life and how the media is always talking about her. I was very wrong. I saw a video that didn’t really have anything to do with the song.

Also saw her rolling around on a bed with her bra and panties on. She expects to get he point across with that? She won’t. She is just using her body to sell again. I think this album won’t do well and Jive doesn’t renew her contract. She will have to clean up her act and care more before she get another record deal.

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