Marriage Fails To Enhance Music Of Lachey, Simpson

Allison Stewart of The Washington Post weighed in on the new and albums, saying that the married couple’s MTV reality show ‘Newlyweds’ is “a lot more enjoyable.”

She writes that ‘Newlyweds’ “is more revealing than either album, and a lot more enjoyable. Had either artist channeled these real-life difficulties into music, the result might have been a searing portrait of a complicated marriage, a ‘Tunnel of Love’ for tan, good-looking people. But no. Both ‘Soulo’ (his) and ‘In This Skin’ (hers) are filled with the sort of personality-free, now-that-I’ve-finally-found-you-type love songs from which most reasonable people flee.”

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10 thoughts on “Marriage Fails To Enhance Music Of Lachey, Simpson

  1. Tig says:

    You know…I didn’t think blondes were this stupid anymore…but, the show about camping was funny as hell. This girl is really that stupid. I know she must be great in bed, because, she’s so air-headed, she’ll try anything. Go Nick,,,,hit her doggy-style…raw.

  2. weebongo says:

    I’m starting to get into this show. Last nights episode where Nick goes to the Playboy mansion was one of the best. Jessica is kind of like Ozzy Osbourne, everything that comes out of her mouth is funny but not intentionally. They’re both really fu**ing hot so you can watch them all day long. Jessica is the prettiest person in music right now, way prettier than Britney or Xtina. They look like dogs next to Jessica.

  3. Maddie says:

    The show is also growing on me. I agree that she can be a little dizzy and kind of annoying sometimes, Nick is definitely a guy’s guy, she complains a lot, it reminds me of the first couple of months when I got married, I use to be like her with the “do-what-you-want”, “I-don’t-want-you-to-go” kind of attitude, except I’m a neat freak. But after 5 years, one changes and matures. I think the show is funny in it’s own way, she reminds me of Lucy from “I love Lucy”…….. Nick is nothing like the “big celebrity” he’s only doing his thing and being a normal guy afterwards……..I agree Jessica is prettier than Britney or Christina, I also think she has a pretty voice, she’s just not marketed enough. I also like the fact that she has stated before she LOVES Mariah and is her idol.

  4. Tig says:

    Show is weird’, ‘The show is interesting. I have to admit, I just watched it for the 1st time. Is she really that stuck-up and snobby, if so it’s mad funny. It’s like she lives in the 80’s. Glad she recognizes Mariah’s talent. Mariah is in that Madonna/Whitney/Celine/Aretha club. She’s an icon now.

  5. Maddie says:

    She said to a German magazine that people in her label (Columbia/Sony) said she will be the next Mariah, but she said that Mariah is an icon, and idol and can never be duplicated, but that it was very, very flattering for her.

  6. weebongo says:

    Mariah’s not an Icon, all her songs blend together. She doesn’t have any that stand out, even Celine has the Titanic theme. In ten years from now no one will remember any of Mariah’s songs. Madonna’s songs on the other hand will live forever. Get Into The Groove, Like a Virgin, Express Yourself, Music ext. will always be played on the radio. That is one of the main things that make an Icon and Mariah doesn’t have it. Her songs are forgettable.

  7. sexyxtina25 says:

    Jessica Simpson is not prettier then Christina or Britney Jessica has a butt chin which I hate in then her nose is all messed up in her voice has no soul at all and she makes crappy ass music so that’s why she will never be real popular cause she sucks.

    and another thing Jessica has a lazy eye and her butt is as flat as a damn ironing board. lmao

  8. weebongo says:

    Ha Haa Jessica is so damn pretty it’s not even funny. You wished your ugly as$ looked like her. Britney & Christina can’t even compete with her in the looks department. Christina has a long pointy nose and a fat pumpkin head. Britney’s eyes are to far apart so she looks like a hammerhead shark. U are so jealous of how beautiful Jessica it’s pathetic. Keep on dreaming of being that pretty cause it will never happen to your jacked up face.

  9. millagrrl says:

    I think as far as Jessica’s music goes; she has an amazing voice, I think. She can sing, but I think she’s in the wrong “department” so to speak. I think her voice is more for the modern country (think Jessica Andrews). If you listen to her songs, I think you can hear the “country music” twang in it. If she takes that into consideration and follow the country road, I think she will attract more music lovers. And I think it will highlight her capabilities even more. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she has songs that fits perfectly with her voice, but you can hear the countryness in it (is that a word? LoL) Anyway, I’ve never seen their show. There’s just way too many reality shows out there: it’s hard to keep track nowadays!

  10. Tig says:

    The world does not take Madonna seriously, are you joking. Her music is theatrical at best. In 10 years we will still hear HERO, We will Still hear Without You, in 10 years we will still hear I’ll be there. Those are classics. Mariah has paid her dues…let’s evaluate Madonna has been in the business for 25 years and only sold 60 million records, Mariah has been in the business 13 years and sold 166 million. The numbers prove who is number 1. Granted I think Madonna was banging in her heyday, right now even with the Kiss…American Life is a flop, no hits and she’s about to release a 3rd single. So everyone is having a rough time selling records right now. When the biggest Icon in the business has a flop as bad as American Life.

    I wasn’t gonna go there, but I think I am. Britney Spears, I met her in 2001, I observed her fans crying, screaming, and she looked at them and kept walking, refusing to sign any autographs, whereas, when Jessica was on the red-carpet, with just her Publicist, she signed autographs, leaned over and took photos,,,so the difference is, No matter if this hoe is silly or not, she’s human.

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