Marriage Proposals Hound ‘Indian Idol’ Abhijeet Sawant

Sify reports that scores of parents are chasing after 23-year-old Abhijeet Sawant after he won the first ‘Indian Idol’ with proposals to marry their daughters.

“My family is having a tough time controlling parents who have just kept pouring in with marriage proposals since the day I became the Indian Idol,” Sawant said.

The situation is so bad the singer has been forced to go into hiding. “Though I am staying near my home in the city, I am not disclosing the place where I go to sleep at night,” Sawant said. “People just want to see me and meet me. It has become impossible to live there. I have not even been able to meet my friends after my victory.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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  1. hafsa says:

    plz plz!send me abhijeet and daya sir photos and e mail.

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