Marriage Troubles For Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson’s marriage to 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey could be in trouble, if a friend of the couple’s claim to The New York Post is to be believed. “Nick is very upset right now,” the pal revealed. “He feels like he is trying to have his own career and Jessica’s parents give him no respect. They don’t treat him well. The MTV cameras [for the show ‘Newlyweds’] are going to go away soon and when they do, Nick wants a break.” So does this mean Lachey will separate from Simpson? “He needs some alone time,” the pal responded. A rep for Lachey said, “That’s completely false!”

No Trouble With Nick Lachey And

September 23, 2004 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports “totally false” and “purely vicious and unfounded” are among the comments made by spokespeople for and hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees on reports that their marriage is in trouble. A spokeswoman for Simpson also trashed stories about her family supposedly constantly dissing Lachey.

People Magazine’s Best And Worst Dressed

September 9, 2004 – Celebrities can look heavenly or hideous. Either way, People magazine is there to document it for its best and worst dressed issue. Zorianna Kit gave ‘The Early Show’ a sneak peek, putting on the worst dressed list, and commented on the Duff sisters, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson as well.

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5 thoughts on “Marriage Troubles For Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson?

  1. SweetLikeChocolate says:

    I’m sure Jessica’s not a bad person, but let’s face it, she’s far from being the smartest tool in the box. I can’t remember if she ever made a smart comment, and she’s always whining over everything. She’s always like “Niiiick, what’s that?” “Niiiick, why this?” “Niiiick, why that?” “Niiiick, I don’t understand.” Makes you wonder how long any person can stand that.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Why do they have to act as if a few conflicts and troubles in a celebrity’s marriage means it’s the end of it all? Every married couple goes through troubles and stuff, no marriage is perfect.

  3. PandaBear2003 says:

    I SERIOUSLY doubt Jessica SAVED herself for Nick, second, HOW do you know it’s a FEW fights and such, do you LIVE with them to know how often they fight when there ARE no cameras?

  4. bsb1 says:

    If the marriage does bust up I guess it’s no surprise which Hollywood marriage does last. But I do feel sorry for Jessica, I mean you can tell that she loves Nick but, I don’t think he truly loves her. He’s just jealous that she’s doing better than him.

  5. itsmybigmouth says:

    These two people are some of the most “real” celebs I’ve seen. They make such a great couple and everyone gets stressed once in a while. I think people are making up rumors. If anyone has watched the show you can see how Nick gets a little jealous when Jessica’s video and stuff is better but he still loves her dearly. They both did say they wanted a break from the cameras so that’s where all that came from. Also , her parents have nothing to do with his career. He makes his own plans, Jessica’s dad is HER manager not Nick’s! Best of luck to them because I think they are awesome people.

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