Mary J. Blige Credits Mariah Carey As Her Musical Inspiration

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In an interview with NPR’s Debbie Elliott about her latest album, ‘The Breakthrough’, Mary J. Blige cites as a source of inspiration in her early singing career.

NPR: I read that you started singing as a kid in church and that you would also sing in talent shows. Was there some performance along the way where you started to think “Hey, I think I can do this, I like this”?

MJB: Let me see, I had performed at a club when I was a teenager. I sang one of Mariah Carey’s songs. I think it was ‘Love Takes Time’ ’cause I’m a fan of Mariah Carey’s. I love her. So it was that performance at the club that night. The club was called Arthur’s. [sings a verse of ‘Love Takes Time’] That one. Her songs gave us a lot of hope and I finally got a chance to tell her, “You played a part in saving our lives, little project kids – we had nothing. You know, sometimes the lift for it felt like and it was your music that saved our lives and made us want to sing ’cause you were an angel and still are to us.”

Listen to the interview below the cut.

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4 thoughts on “Mary J. Blige Credits Mariah Carey As Her Musical Inspiration

  1. divinah says:

    The positive messages of her songs really do move and help people. It’s no wonder why she’s so blessed with a fantastic career.

  2. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Mariah has real, positive, moving messages in her songs. Unlike Madonna, who sings songs about sex like a virgin, being hung up on, and how she loves New York.

  3. popfan_23 says:

    Mariah writes positive messages about spirituality, self importance, love, pain, etc…. Just because you like Madonna more doesn’t take away from the fact that Mariah writes about those things, and hello Mary can write very well, and she’s always written songs that people who’ve been through hurt, pain, and struggle could relate to.

  4. Ses says:

    Just look at Mariah’s International credibility spiral down from the 90’s to today… Music Box Intl. sales(excluding U.S.) = 17 m Music Box U.S. sales = 10 m Total = 27m TEOM Intl. sales(excluding U.S.) = 3 m TEOM U.S. sales = 5 m Total = 8m Ratio of U.S. Sales of ‘Music Box’ & TEOM = 2:1 If Mariah TODAY had almost the same international credibility she had during the 90’s we’d expect the international sales of TEOM would be 1/2 that of ‘Music Box’ at 8.5 million BUT why did TEOM only sell 3m outside the States instead of the expected 8.5 whe might have gained in the 90’s? SHORT ANSWER: MARIAH HAS LOST HER WORLDWIDE FANBASE DUE TO SOME UNKNOWN REASON…Maybe her lack of Personal Courage which she had during the 90’s

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