Mary J. Blige Dreams Of Collaborating With Madonna

Mary J. Blige tells The Sun she wants to collaborate with Madonna. “The woman is incredible and I’m not afraid to publicly say it would be my dream to collaborate with her,” she said. “To perform with her would be amazing. I love the way she reinvents herself constantly, she’s an inspiration. So, I guess Madonna, it’s over to you.”

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2 thoughts on “Mary J. Blige Dreams Of Collaborating With Madonna

  1. Dean Winchester says:

    Madonna would love that collaboration with Hip Hop Soul Queen. It’s gonna be awesome, It’s been like, never? since Madge collaborated with a “real” queen of music. I just remembered Madonna is the Pop Queen, this song is gonna be royalty and if it would come to pass the video is gonna be sexy awesome! dimmed lights, men servants, Madonna and MJ lying on separate couches like Cleopatras. I hope Madge would have Mary J sing on her upcoming album this 2010.

  2. samir says:

    the white star by excellence Madonna with the black star by excellence Mary J Blige will be a dream come true .. beyond belief cause both are different but so state ..the two singers and performers are on the top of the list .. please we’re waiting since along time to have such great and tremendous event!! Come Mary Jane !! I love you both

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