Mat Kearney Ready To Hit The Studio Again

Mat Kearney singer

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@matkearney) on Tuesday (February 12) while in Nashville with the following message:

I must apologize for my delayed journal entry. December held the last of my official commitments tied to ‘Nothing Left To Lose’. I played the last note of the year and headed out to Oregon for my first real time off in 3 years. What a ride this record has been. It has become an amazing journey-one that leaves me feeling extremely thankful and blessed to have started out on. The road over the course of this record has put a lot of stories in my gut, and songs in my head. I was thinking about my first show at Schubas 4 years ago in Chicago with the French sound man and the 2 nights we did at Metro and House of Blues last year where everyone sang so loud I couldn’t keep my pitch. I also have been thinking about the friendships I forged on stage – the players and artists that left loved ones and warm beds to create with me every night. Cason bought a bass and sipped drinks with me in New Zealand in a house where the door knobs where shoulder high. They said it was to keep the hobbits out. Tyler left his two boys at home to sing with me as the sun set on some declining beach bar in Florida.

As I am writing this from my front dining room here in Nashville, I have a pile of songs again that I feel very proud of. I have spent the last month connecting with friends and sleeping in my own bed. Nashville is on fire these days, with shows that have been inspiring me to head out and play again (check my top friends on myspace). As a side note, my dear friend Brooke Waggoner is about to head out this week for a string of shows that no one should miss. She is also giving an ep away FOR FREE at It is all I have been listening to this month. Go get it!

I’m set to hit the studio any day now to record the songs I have stumbled across this last few years. I can’t wait to get them down on tape. I have also been shooting a lot of old super 8 film across the country with some old high school friends from Oregon who fell in love. I’m not sure what to do with all of the footage just yet, but I’ll be showing it when I do. Thank you again for all your support and spreading the word. I am a creature of community, inspired to write sing along pop songs, I appreciate all of you who have joined in and given life to what I do. I hope that this finds you well. Until we meet again…

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One thought on “Mat Kearney Ready To Hit The Studio Again

  1. Tim T Mac says:

    Thank you for the pleasures and freshnes you have given me with your words and music. You gave me hope in refreshing my being. Your connection to this mature soul makes us kindered spirits. Wishing you continued success.

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