Matt Abbott Appalled By Extent Of Illegal File Sharing

Matt Abbott of Skint & Demoralised checked in with fans on MySpace on Sunday ( 20), adding his voice to the artists recently speaking out against music file sharing. Matt writes:

Investment in new artists has taken a serious cut as a consequence of the amount of money being generated from record sales plummeting over recent years. Not only are less new artists being signed every year but labels are being forced to drop more and more. When artists are lucky enough to be signed, the amount of money available to record, market and then release an album is significantly less than it used to be.

As a consequence, it’s becoming harder and harder for new acts to break through – especially when they don’t conform with the current mainstream trends. How on earth can this be a good thing for British music? Surely nobody wants less new artists on the scene.

The entire post has since been removed at MySpace.

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