Matt Nathanson Buys A Folding Bike

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Saturday (April 11), talking about a new purchase. The ‘Car Crash’ singer writes:

I bought a folding, travel bike last night in Denver. Very eco-warrior of me, I know. Lugging my mountain bike out every tour sucks and it costs too much to ship it back and forth from home. So I bit the bullet and went to REI before the show. The bike is wild. It has tiny tires, and hinges. And it collapses to the size of a suitcase. Preferably not with me on it… but that remains to be seen. I definitely have fears of eating one to many Ho-Hos and having that sh** clamp down on me, mid-ride. I’m thinking I’ll take it gingerly until we become friends.

And it is not the coolest looking thing in the world, but we on the cutting edge of hip… we are not vain. We are revolutionaries. And revolution, my friends, ain’t pretty.

Tiny, folding bikes unite… tonight we ride!

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