Matt Nathanson “Digging The Sh**” Out Of New U2 Album

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Thursday (November 12), sharing his opinion on U2’s new album ‘No Line On The Horizon’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m sitting in my kitchen, listening to the new U2 record.
And just digging the sh** out of it.
It is so good.
The album is a whole.
An event.
53 minutes and 41 seconds of moment.

To me, U2 spent the 2000s chasing a parade they used to lead.
They made collections of songs, not albums.
And from a band that made ‘War,’ ‘Unforgettable Fire,’ ‘Joshua Tree’,
‘Achtung-FU**ING-Baby!’… even ‘Pop,’ I expected more.
I expected journeys…
(not to be confused with Journey. Who fu**ing rule, btw.)
Not just songs strung loosely around a few singles.
I’m not saying the new record is perfect…. it isn’t.
But what is so kick ass about it is…. THE ALBUM IS THE STAR!

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