Maya Rudolph As Christina Aguilera On SNL

Maya Rudolph performed the part of on Saturday Night Live last night. The singer was featured on Weekend Update and answered questions by belting out tunes and flailing her arms, in a language Tina Fey couldn’t understand, but her Weekend Update co-anchor Jimmy Fallon could. Read on for a transcript and some video captures.

Tina: This Sunday CBS will air the “45th Annual Grammy Awards” held
right here in new york city. Here with her thoughts is former Grammy winner
Christina Aguilera.

[ Applause ]

Christina: What’s new, jimmy? What’s up, how you feeling?

[ Laughter ]

Tina: We feel great. But, what about you? Your album didn’t come out
in time to be nominated. So how does that make you feel? []

Christina: Well, you know, it’s just like — I just kinda feel like

Christina: ooh, whoa-oh

[ Laughter ]

Tina: So is that is good or bad?

Christina: Tina, boo, you know how I feel. It’s just like my mommy used
to say to me. She used to be like —

Christina: ooh, whoa-oh-oh-ayee

[ Laughter ]

Tina: I don’t know what that means.

Christina: Tina, girl, I’m an artist. You know? And, whatever, you know,
I’m like nobody’s puppet or Muppet and you know as far as the Grammys go, I like — []

Christina: ooh, whoa-oh-oh-oh-ayee

Jimmy: Hang on. I think I understood that. I think she’s saying that
she is going to watch the awards this year —

Christina: whoa-oh-oh whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Jimmy: — From her house —

Christina: whoa

Jimmy: — Under a pile —

Christina: oh-ew-ew-oh-oh-oh-oh

Jimmy: — Of Orlando magic basketball players.

Christina: Oh-ew-ew-oh-oh-oh-oh

Jimmy: She said she’s heard all of the jokes you’ve been telling about
her. You better watch your back. []

Jimmy: Bee-otch.

Tina: Christina Aguilera, everybody.

Maya Rudolph As Christina Aguilera On SNL #1

Maya Rudolph As Christina Aguilera On SNL #2

Maya Rudolph As Christina Aguilera On SNL #3

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