Maybe Christina Aguilera Needs The Guidance

Contributed by getalifeyall:

After claiming Britney is a “lost little girl desperately in need of guidance” in Maxim Blender, does it seem to anyone else that maybe Christina Aguilera is the lost little girl in need of guidance? After five big hits in a row, Christina’s album Stripped has sold a lot less copies than Britney Spears’ 3rd album which was considered a “flop”. And after accusing of copying her fashion sense on a weekly basis, shouldn’t it be noted that Christina has been leaching on to producers that other artists worked with long before her? So who’s copying who? Also, while Christina was still being a puppet and singing about Genies in a bottle, Britney was taking off her clothes during her performances which Christina only started to do with her Stripped album; yet she calls Britney the fake. Britney’s transition from being the princess of pop to the queen of pop has been almost effortless, yet Christina has worked hard to change an image which she went along with in the beginning, but later changed her mind about. Now, I not only ask who the fake is, but I wonder how we can even trust Christina. What if this ‘Stripped’ image is just another image she’s going along with like before. It seems to me that Christina can’t make up her mind or get her act together while Britney is doing songs with Madonna, Moby and R. Kelly and making smart business decisions to further a career that (unlike Christina) she has never made apologies for. So, who needs the guidance now?

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11 thoughts on “Maybe Christina Aguilera Needs The Guidance

  1. boobera says:

    You guys are getting good at these pointless posts. I’m gonna make a small comment about Britney, I’m tired of seeing her playing the ‘dumb’ barbie girl role. She pretends she doesn’t know anything and is still learning , stop lying.

  2. Jays says:

    I actually have the same view. I agree 100%!

  3. breez says:

    Britney made the transition easily? As if. Britney has barely evolved in all her four albums, she has continued to play it safe and not push any boundaries. Britney has extended on the same act for five years and it’s getting old. Evidently, her CD sales have dropped dramatically. ‘Britney’ was only considered a flop because it was compared to Britney’s previous sales. Christina does not have the same reputation so it is unfair to compare. Nobody expects Christina to sell as much as Britney did in her early years. Britney will always have to live up to that expectation. However, keep in mind that Stripped has only been out for half the time of Britney. Anyway, I doubt Christina is the one who needs guidance. She is the artist pushing boundaries and exploring her artistic talent. Britney is the lost girl being pushed around. Geez she even had to stage the Madonna kiss and leech onto Madonna to ensure a hit single. Like Christina said, she doesn’t need Madonna. Britney does.

  4. hellahooked says:

    lol, so true. Christina’s ‘Stripped’ image is so fake, you can tell. Christina really does need the guidance and yeah she will always be Britney’s pathetic uninteresting shadow!

  5. amusicfanofsoul says:

    To begin, Britney is fake and will always be unless she really quits with this innocent act and start admitting to loving sex. heck everyone in the biz knows it. Britney’s 3rd album was considered a flop on her basis. 13 million to 9 million isn’t much compared to the drop Britney made. but remember Britney’s new album has sold less than Christina stripped in the beginning. who has Christina work with…if I’m not mistaken, in every interview she says they come to her…except Linda Perry. The Lady Marmalade project was all decided by managers of all 4 girls and Missy. and she won the awards for them. really the single wouldn’t have gone anywhere if it weren’t for Christina’s huge voice in the track! as for pink…does she actually own Linda? and the statement made by Christina has been proven untrue. and made up by the media. and Christina has openly admitted to having a fake attitude in her beginning years because of her label. which is why she totally transitioned. but even then she wasn’t all goofy and all smiley in her interviews…and she didn’t act like a lil’ 12 yr. old answering the interviewer…and laughing for no reason. as Christina said Britney and Beyonce need people to work with for help and “a gimmick”. look at Beyonce…has she released a solo track with just herself? and did anyone really care about Redman and Lil’ Kim in her songs. some people to this day, don’t even know they were on the tracks. Christina doesn’t need to apologize. she’s just as opinionated as the other artist. for a long time people dissed her back and forth. Beyonce said she would never stoop low and dress raunchy…then she said like Christina. did she have to bring up Christina’s name? and Britney pointed the finger at Christina when she was acting like a victim in the whole governor of Maryland’s wife incident…even though the whole thing had nothing to do with Christina…and she was blamed for Britney’s wrong actions. people think that just because Christina is skinny and fine as h*ll that she can’t be a real artist and show expression. that is just plain crap. I mean it’s not like anyone has reached her vocal abilities yet. I don’t think Christina needs any guidance. she’s been doing ok for a long time and will remain the same. besides why hate…the girl can blow anyone out the water with her voice anytime anywhere.

  6. hellahooked says:

    No doubt about the fact that Christina is skinny.. She is starting to look like a dirrty’, ‘mop(dirrty era) and she ain’t fine as hell. Christina is so nasty and very trashy. Christina needs guidance, her GIAB and STRIPPED image are fake. She has never been real in the first place. Why are Christina fans so blind?? beats me. Christina only won those awards for ‘Lady Marmalade’ because of the other girls, not her.

  7. amusicfanofsoul says:

    And have you noticed that Beyonce and Britney are like the only people who are dancing now. I mean Christina dances but they aren’t choreographed. it’s kinda played out now. music is really come through strong. I mean music isn’t about lip syncing and dancing around stage. h*ll that why we have other professions like gymnastics and ballet. the only people who tune in to that dancing crap are lil’ girls. sorry it’s kinda getting old.

  8. getalifeyall says:

    I love Christina and her music, but when you compare Britney & Xtina’s career or even their personalities, Christina definitely needs more guidance and help in both areas.

  9. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Her image is real. you Britney fans are blind…notice you can’t notice talent, and the lady marmalade awards were won by her…she’s the only girl that is remembered from the project. her voice just kills theirs.

  10. breez says:

    When you compare their personalities? Christina needs the guidance? Are you kidding? Some words to describe Xtina: confident, daring, artistic, strong, fearless, creative. Some words to describe Britney; childish, immature, brainless, eager-to-please, passive, naive. I think its clear that Britney is the one that needs the guidance. She needs to take control of her own career like Christina has and turn herself from a puppet into an artist. Because I’m sorry, but Britney is no musician.

  11. hellahooked says:

    Her image is FAKE, the only blind ones are YOU, XTINA fans. Yeah, I notice talent,’, ‘that’s why I’m not a fan of Christina. Nope, ‘Lady Marmalade’ were won by P!nk, Mya and Lil’Kim.. Christina was just on the song and once again no one noticed her cause she is a pathetic shadow.

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