McDonald’s Playground Fun For Varsity Fanclub

Thomas Fiss, Jayk Purdy and Drew Ryan Scott of dropped by a McDonald’s to play at the fast food chain’s playground, despite not fitting the height requirement. When Thomas and Jayk took got on the slide, suddenly their bandmate David Le Brandt emerged at the bottom, complaining that his butt was wet.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Playground Fun For Varsity Fanclub

  1. megan says:

    hahahahaha David wet himself

  2. Elizabeth says:

    They r such BIG DORKS!!!! But they r my big dorks nd that’s y I love them!!

  3. i luv varsity fanclub says:

    the kid whos name I don’t know with the black shirt is hott.

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