McFly Fans Don’t Hate Frankie Sandford For Dating Dougie Poynter

Metro caught up with of The Saturdays, asking the 19-year-old about her highlight of 2008, how the girl group finds success without the help of ‘X Factor’, what she did after S Club 8 split, being “quite sane” despite being a child performer, and how fans have treated her since she began going out with Dougie Poynter. “I was worried they’d give me stick for it but we’ve got a MySpace for the band and for every nasty message I get from McFly fans I get eight nice ones,” Frankie said. “I went to one of their shows and a lot of people came up to me. I was really nervous about it but everyone was nice. We don’t go out posing for the paps at clubs so I guess we’re not rubbing it in people’s faces. I’m sure that would annoy people.” Check out the entire interview here.

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24 thoughts on “McFly Fans Don’t Hate Frankie Sandford For Dating Dougie Poynter

  1. rachael says:

    As much as I like Dougie being happy, I wouldn’t mind her being hit by a bus so I could take her place. But beggars can’t be choosers & if he’s happy, I guess I’m gonna have to be.

  2. marie says:

    I’m surprised those two hooked up but she’s pretty and he’s handsome LOL… I thought he’d get with a blonde but nice going Dougie hehe!

  3. Emily says:

    Rachel that’s like, mean! Frankie is lucky but I don’t envy her at all. Shes a lovely girl and Dougie is hot and they well suit! Good luck Doug =P

  4. Leann says:

    can’t say that I’m surprised from the day McFly came out Dougie was never shy to say he fancied the ass off Frankie so obviously would happen eventually

  5. katie says:

    I agree with Rachel!!! I’ve loved Dougie ever since the band became famous!! ans she’s not even pretty she like always look like the wrong end of a pig and doesn’t deserve him and I heard (in a mag and some other places) she’s cheating on him because she thinks he is to soft and that she wants a big, weight-lifting guy!!!!!!so I got a message for her……… GET STUFFED!!!!

  6. Abbie. says:

    All I Have To Say Is She’s Lucky To Have Him And He’s Lucky To Have Her, That Sh** You Read In A Mag Could Be A Loud Of Rumors So Don’t Be All Bitchy To Frankie Just Because You Have The Hots For Dougie, Oh And Katie You Have Loved Dougie Ever Since He Became FAMOUS!! < Don’t You Think That A Bit Stupid You Love Him Just because he’s famous, I’m Well Happy For The Couple And I Hope They Stay Together For A Very Long Time So Those Jealous Girls Out There Can Get Over It Because Half Of Them Wouldn’t Evan Get A Chance With Him Sorry If It Sounds Harsh But It’s Definitely True, And No One Hate On Me Just For Speaking My Mind And Telling The Truth. Dougie’s Fu**ing Fit And Frankie Is Bloody Pretty So You Know There Meant For Each Other !!!!!!!! .

  7. becko says:

    Dougie Is So Hot And Cute and I Love Him forever

  8. Rebekah says:

    I agree with Rachel love him glad he’s happy and I’m not jealous of her… I just want everything she’s got… and I wouldn’t mind if she got hit by a bus … like Rachel said I wouldn’t mind stepping in her place :) LOVE YOU DOUGIE ! xx

  9. Beth says:

    Well tbh Frankie does rub it in people’s faces. Just because Dougie’s happy doesn’t automatically mean you have to be too!! For example I’m not happy, because I don’t like Frankie and I never have, not even when she was in S Club Juniors/S Club 8. I don’t really care if you think that I shouldn’t hate her because I don’t like her and you can’t change it “/

  10. danii says:

    I love Dougie and I am glad his going out with his dream girl Frankie cause she’s a lovely girl and they make a cute couple and I want to say good luck to them both and I hope there both very happy together.

  11. Rosie says:

    Seriously you girls need to get a life who gives a flying sh** about who he’s dating,let him be with who he wants to be with no-one should be judging a relationship unless its their own, let it run its course , hopefully for them it turns out well.

  12. jenn says:

    They are both so lovely & genuine & I love that they got together!!
    I’m a massive McFLY fan but I’m also a massive Sats fan and the people who say nasty things about Frankie are just jealous!… no point in denying that.

    Frougie FTW! (L)

  13. jenn says:

    Also to that Katie girl… you meet her in real life then tell me she’s ugly cause she is a gorgeous girl!… and most of the time I see her she has no make up on.. I’d love to see what you look like.
    And Dougie is gorgeous in real life as well but still never thought he’d get anyone as gorgeous as Frankie.

    & don’t believe everything you read.. she’s not been cheating on him.

    you’re just jealous

  14. lauren says:

    I agree with Rosie and if you all like Dougie don’t you want him to be happy if he is happy with Frankie BTW she is so stunning then you should be happy for them if you are a real fan

  15. kristina says:

    Dougie likes her but she’s just using him, I would be fine with Dougie dating her if she actually liked him and wasn’t just using him, but he’s happy (for now) so I’ll try to be happy too.

  16. nicola german says:

    I think they are still together and Dougie never spit up with Frankie at all

  17. Laura says:

    To everyone who says she’s “using” Dougie… we’re just fans. We’re not even CLOSE to being in their circle of friends. I’m pretty sure that if Tom, Danny or Harry thought Frankie was using Dougie, they would’ve told him right off the back.

    I mean, unless you think they’re dumb and couldn’t pick up on it or something…

    Whatever. I don’t mind Frankie at all. I don’t know her. If Doug likes her, then I don’t have a problem.

  18. lucy says:

    You’re all really odd…i find it interesting though how this is what you do with your life, like discuss famous people. I used to love McFly and always used to read about Dougie saying how much he liked Frankie, and now they’re together its sweet, but that’s my opinion on it, like that’s as far as it goes. they’re famous, none of you even know them and will probably never be with him, actually I say probably but its more than likely to be never cause I’ve always noticed that McFly’s fans are mostly really ugly haha. anyway I feel like I’m starting to contradict myself and I really should start getting back to my life. bye!

  19. lucy says:

    on and all you girls saying she’s ugly are just ridiculous. I saw her in some club in London once, and she’s gorgeous. and no I didn’t get her autograph or a picture cause I’m not a FREAK hahah

  20. Lara says:

    she’s SO fake!! she rubs it in everyone’s face, she LOVES to say how “funny and cute is her boyfriend”, she hates the fans, but the fans hate her more. no Frankie, we DO NOT like you, I’m sorry…

  21. Jo says:

    YES FRANKIE, a lot of us love you, and any TRUE MCFLY FANS will just be happy that Dougie is so happy with somebody he has liked for YEARS and they are so happy together. They live together and she loves him too, get over it losers!

  22. Helen x x says:

    I love Dougie so so much I hated Frankie for being with him but know I hate her way more for breaking his heart just hopefully Dougie will find someone else x x x x

  23. Hmph8 says:

    After what she did, I proudly confess that I hate her.

  24. Rosie says:

    I agree if he’s happy so be it,
    but now they’ve broken up and she broke his heart now that’s when I’m not. she’s ugly and she hides it under all her fake tan, makeup, hair stylists and the rest.. she never deserved him she’s a slag and her new boyfriend is ugly. she’s a using little cow and all she wants is money good riddance you nasty bitch.

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