McFly Hope To Raise U.S. Profile In ’06

‘Top Of The Pops’ visitors got a chance to submit questions to the trio, and one asked if they’re nervous about their new film ‘Just My Luck’, starring Lindsay Lohan.

“A little bit. We’re nervous about what people will think of it,” Tom Fletcher responded. “The movie’s good. I think the movie will do well, but I don’t know what people will think of us. Our acting is a bit… I hope people don’t think we’re like, serious actors. We’re just like stuck in a cameo role throughout the movie. But it’s good We had a wicked time filming it. The movie’s good and it was an incredible opportunity for us to be in it.”

And look for the boys to promote their act to the U.S. in ’06 as well. “Yes. Next year. We’ll see you soon,” Harry Judd told an American fan.

The interview transcript at has since been removed.

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