McFly’s Danny Has Steady Girlfriend

The People reports that star Danny Jones is dating gorgeous singer Cassie Butterworth, but is trying to keep the romance under wraps. “Their management guys think it will harm their popularity if fans know they’ve got girlfriends,” an insider said. And it isn’t a fresh romance either. “Danny and Cassie have been an item for years – way before McFly,” said our source. “They grew up together in Bolton and have been seeing each other since they left school.”

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5 thoughts on “McFly’s Danny Has Steady Girlfriend

  1. mai says:

    Danny I really love you. I hope you understand> I wanna marry you! I can’t kiss in your hot lips from

  2. Saber Swift... says:

    Um that Mai girl Kinda creepy….
    But anyways.
    I’m a Loyal fan From Canada. and I’m Deeply upset
    that Danny is in a Relationship.
    but I can’t change that. hes Happy. so I’m Happy<3
    and it doesn’t Really Matter. Eh.
    I don’t see people asking me who I’m dating.
    why should you invade his Privacy

  3. hannah says:

    That’s made up! Danny isn’t dating Cassie? since he has been in McFly he went out with Olivia Shaw! for what 2 years? and there is pictures of them and in interviews they admitted it Olivia isn’t famous but does photography! he hasn’t been dating Cassie during McFly in less she lets him cheat on her? And he also went out with Laura Coleman after Olivia but I don’t know if that was confirmed… now its rumored hes with 2007/8 miss England Georgia Horsely or something….

  4. hannah says:

    I love Danny Jones :D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. Elena. says:

    I’m from Spain and I’m a big fan of McFly but the one I like more, obviously is DANNY :) (L)

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