McKnight, Howie D. & Frankie J. To Perform Free Show

This week’s closing concert on The Grove’s free summer concert series features Brian McKnight, star Howie Dorough, Frankie J., and comedian Wayne Brady. Lisa Cannon will serve as celebrity emcee. The concert takes place on Wednesday (August 27) at The Grove in Los Angeles.

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6 thoughts on “McKnight, Howie D. & Frankie J. To Perform Free Show

  1. Stallion says:

    I don’t care what people say Bring Mcknight is the man. That boy can sing.

  2. elgato says:

    Brian McKnight sucks. He’s a crybaby who is very annoying. Even R&B stations hate playing his whiny songs. If you want to hear real R&B, check out Maxwell and Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.

  3. Stallion says:

    ^You may not like Brain Mcknight music but you can’t deny that guy can sing. To be honest R&B has the best to offer in music this year. Most of the Cd I took the time to buy are RNB. I got R.Kelly,Ginuwine,Beyonce,Tyrese,Brain Mcknight,Monica,Ashanti and more. I’m not going to disagree with you those artist you talk about are good.

  4. mharinck says:

    Just wondering…..I thought Howie D. was leaving for Japan or something for his charity?!

  5. BeckyBoo29 says:

    Wow is Howie a workaholic or what? Take a break Howie relax enjoy the millions you deserve. I love what he does for charities, he’s so involved, I wish his sister never went through that horrible disease. Lupus is just horrible and she was so young too. plus he has the CD he’s working on. Anyways I love Brian he is just so talented I don’t have his CD but his voice is amazing. And Frankie J reminds me of Brian a little but I dunno if he can live up to Brian’s name ever. And to Elgato, Aj and Howie have both sung Brian Mcknight’s songs, so at least they know talent. As does Stallionhorse, except Backstreet is so talented, has good taste. RnB is great. And I see Wayne Brady is going to be there he is hilarious on “who’s line..” Wish I lived in LA.

  6. hiediforhowie says:

    I confirmed with the DLF and with The Grove that Howie will NOT be at this event. He is already in Japan for the DLF events this weekend. It was a nice dream but the press release was a hoax of some sort when they added Howie in.

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