‘Me Against The Music’ Debuts At #1 In Australia

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According to aria.com.au has debuted at #1 in Australia with her single ‘Me Against The Music’. She beats out Kylie Minogue who took the #2 position with ‘Slow’.

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10 thoughts on “‘Me Against The Music’ Debuts At #1 In Australia

  1. hellahooked says:

    Wow, awesome news!! Woo hoo! Australia has good taste. I haven’t been able to buy the single yet but I probably be getting it tomorrow along with the album!

  2. Fausto-A says:

    That is pretty impressive she beat out Kylie in her home country, that is sure as hell a good sign for the song. Number 2 in the UK and Number 1 in Australia, good for Britney. Can’t wait to see what the haters have to say!

  3. B0rntoplay says:

    It’s funny how she is doing well everywhere but the US. Maybe its because the single for MATM is so hard to find. Anyways, good news.

  4. Fausto-A says:

    Borntoplay, don’t worry about the USA; fact Brit still has more success there than anywhere else. But for some reasons the single market doesn’t really exist in the US and so the charts are a weird mix of radio airplay and singles sales, which favor rock and R&B…. Album sales are what count are what count it the US, unlike in most other countries where singles are actually heavily marketed and promoted.

    Around 38 ,like I said it doesn’t mean much for album sales! Dirrty debuted at 62

  5. right_wing says:

    Not trying to take away from Britney but Kylie’s song is a lot more dance than her previous songs and dance in Australia isn’t so big, so maybe that’s one reason. but I actually really don’t like Kylie’s song but then I don’t really like Britney’s either. oh and just wondering, are any of you guys that posted above actually from Australia?

  6. SuGaSuGa says:

    I got Britney’s new album in Australia for $7.00 that’s like, what US$5.00! And Kylie will ALWAYS be Australia’s Pop Queen, but she is mainly based in the U.K now.

  7. Whatomat says:

    This isn’t about Kylie vs Brit… Kylie isn’t based in the UK she lives there and has been there for years, and nobody was trying to make into Kylie vs. Brit. I LOVE THEM BOTH!! I was just saying that it is a great sign for Brit that she able to go to number one ,despite Kylie the biggest Australian star having a single out at the same time!

  8. SuGaSuGa says:

    I never wanted to make it Kylie VS Britney either! I was just telling you all a fact. I’m not a fan of either of them to be honest! But I do live in Australia, and I can tell you, Kylie is never here. Anyway! J.Lo is the best!

  9. Cicero says:

    Congrats to both Kylie and Britney for very, very strong debuts! Stop the Brit-Kylie cat fighting, people. Kylie IS bigger in Australia because she’s Australian and is a mega-celebrity. That people bought a little more of Britney’s album is nice, but that doesn’t mean Britney is hotter there. So again, congrats to both. Hopefully Brit goes for a killing with this album.

  10. crazysoul says:

    MATM vs. Slow’, ‘I have to say that I prefer the former of the two. I thought Slow was going to be more dancelike but then again it does live up to its name. What’s the big deal over Slow? I’ve liked some of Kylie’s songs in the past up from her Fever album up until now. Hopefully she’s got some better songs in her new album.

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