Measuring Talent With The Weighing Machine?

Contributed by MusicHomme:

Would it be great if we can measure talent with a weighing machine? One bushel of talent is equals to five years in the music industry? But somehow, seems to be able do so. She can accurately point out that Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles are lesser. After all, who are we to disagree with great Christina Aguilera.. She’s not fake, come on. She’s the same ghetto-speaking, double “r” spelling ‘Dirrty’ girl that she has always been. She would never sing about embarrassing things like Genies!

‘Beautiful’ is the world’s first ever self-affirming ballad. ‘Fighter’ is the world’s first and only rock anthem/ heart break song. ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ is the world’s first feminist song. Never before an inspirational song before ‘A Voice Within’. Christina is the alpha and omega. Man, she is IT. And come on, she writes EVERYTHING. Not co-write like all the other embarrassingly talentless, fake artist. Let’s proclaim Aguilera to be the female Beatle all packed in one. Oh wait, let me check with her to see if she thinks The Beatles are fake.

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10 thoughts on “Measuring Talent With The Weighing Machine?

  1. FaustoAguilera says:

    HAHA greatly put! In case you didn’t know this person is being sarcastic and saying that Christina is the biggest fake in the world. God she stole Nelly’s double RR thing. She stole Linda Perry from Pink to do her album. She copied Britney’s album for her first, and NOW she’s copying Mandy Moore’s cover song concept for her next album. In the interview with Blender Christina states, “Yeah Mandy Whore stole my idea for my next CD. I was going to a CD full of covers and I turn on MTV one day and find out that that idiot is doing the same thing. God I came up with the idea first why does everyone have to be so fake and copy me!? *starts crying*”

  2. Equine_Grace says:

    I like Christina, but that was just SO funny and oh-so-true. Christina is talented, but she acts like she was the first to think of everything. Like she’s some big revolutionary.

  3. jimmypee says:

    musichomme/TheJakes… you’re a dumbass sucker, you know that? Learn to spell, or get a better dictionary. LMAO at you retards who haven’t even READ the article yet. Christina is far from fake, unlike Britney. even when she was singing Genie she was saying how that music and image wasn’t real. one little criticism of Britney Spears and you get pathetic articles like this completely blowing the situation out of proportion. I suppose singers aren’t allowed to have opinions anymore? FREEDOM OF SPEECH UNLESS YOU ARE A SINGER. I love how Christina can piss all you guys off with one comment and you don’t even know what it is yet! LMAO. what a great girl.

  4. Fausto-A says:

    THANK YOU musichomme I wish Christina’s ignorant fans would stop acting as if Stripped was the greatest most original album in pop history and Christina’s new whorish image so “real”. Christina started with bubblegum pop and then she copied Pink and stole Linda Perry and now her ignorant a-s fans are going apesh** as if she wrote the bible . Get a clue ..freaks.

  5. perfectly-imperfect says:

    lmao, so true! Then again, she’s gotta keep her name in the spotlight somehow, and what better why than mentioning Britney, the most famous celebrity in the world? Just jump on the bandwagon Christina, you always have.

    It’s amusing to see Christina fans going pyscho after their idol has been uncovered for the fake, sack of crap copycat she truly is. I LOVE it, lmao.

  6. rachel says:

    yes bitch you better believe it. Christina is not going to apologize for crap no matter how much you Britney fans and other teenyboppers cry. haha that is why people are always miffed about tina because she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what you think. Christina is not the female Beatle because unlike many members of the Beatles, Tina can actually sing. She is the Etta James of the generation, I say Christina will be become the female Tupac because the more she gets criticized, the bigger than life she gets.

  7. jimmypee says:

    LMAO Britney should be thanking Christina for keeping her name in the spotlight. Christina is after all the won winning awards, getting praise for all her music and appearances, and OUTSELLING ms spears. Britney should be thankful of the attention from the NUMBER ONE POP MEDIA SUPERSTAR in the WORLD, Christina Aguilera.

  8. SexyGirl22 says:

    Who cares about these stupid ass essays god y’all dumbass people are not gonna change Christina fans minds about her Christina is very talented she is one of the only young females out today that can actually sing all the rest are crap Britney is getting money for being one of the best lip syncers in the world that should tell you something about music today Christina is good music Britney is garbage music that’s the difference between them I will always love and support Christina she’s too damn talented not to support and stripped is an awesome album and I can’t wait till her next album comes out in make all these ugly jealous ass bitches shut the heck up.

  9. grprincess says:

    Christina is a jealous copycat skank. She is jealous that Britney and Beyonce are prettier and more popular than her. She has spent an entire career copying Britney and has the gall to accuse people of copying her. She copied Pink by working with Linda Perry. And now she is accusing Mandy of copying her. Which female pop star isn’t she jealous of? It should tell you something that no celebrities like her.

  10. B0rntoplay says:

    Oh man, that’s gotta hurt Christina fans, because it basically shoots down all the points they use to argue Xtina’s “realness.” Well done…it nice to see some common sense around here.

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