Media Aim: Alter View Of Women

In reaction to kissing and at the MTV Video Music Awards, Katherine Sheriff of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes: “Besides the obvious product, what is the recent spark of bisexuality selling? It’s the image of Hollywood desire — the media’s version of the perfect woman. The media is gradually pushing all females into becoming the stereotypical sexual fantasy of males. Britney, Christina, Madonna — all defining fashion, beauty and what’s sexy at the moment. Bisexuality is a striking example of the image the media are instilling in impressionable young women. To be attractive, we must be thin, we must be tan, we must have ample chests, but now we must also be sexually open and willing to kiss girls. Eventually, the ideal picture of attractiveness will be that of a porn star.”

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9 thoughts on “Media Aim: Alter View Of Women

  1. babet says:

    This is what happens when people over analyze things. geez….whats climbed up her ass. it was just a kiss……she acts like a girl on girl kiss is some huge deal. but if its a guy on girl kiss…..nobody would care.. this b!tch is an example of someone who holds gays on a different level than everybody else…….and you wonder why this world isn’t so perfect…. a kiss is a kiss. I hate it when people over analyze things.

  2. rachel says:

    Its not selling, the media was just surprised and shocked by the number of herpes pores on Britney Spears’ tongue. Oh my it was the most disgusting and sickening thing I have ever seen!

  3. musikluver says:

    homosexuals and bisexuals have always been here.. its just now people are more open minded about it .. so a lot of people are not afraid to show it.. so of course you are going to see more of it.. you don’t have to kiss a guy or girl , be super thin, have big tits,or be tan to be sexy.. although those things make you more noticeable doesn’t necessarily make you sexy.! Britney and Christina were sexy way before they kissed Madonna. Maybe she needs a kiss !

  4. IamARevenant says:

    Yes those things were always there but is it right for heterosexuals to use it for their gain? You don’t see white people going around painting themselves black because that would be offensive. And you don’t get the point, she wasn’t saying that those things are sexy, she’s saying the media is making it out like THAT’s the way your suppose to look to be sexy.

    I just saw something very horrifing on TV to add to this. I saw a rap video where 2 women were in collars and tied to leaches being ‘walked’ by a rapper, that’s absolutely horrifing and I find it insulting that they would even show it on TV.

  5. musikluver says:

    you are right… that’s why I said you don’t have to be all those things to be sexy.. Madonna is certainly not strictly hetero.. neither is Christina.. and as for Britney… I think she is very open minded and experimenting… and I don’t feel that they as you said (heteros)were using it for gain.. or else I myself would be offended…. just like the ref to black people you made.. people don’t have to hide what they are attracted to anymore, so the media will put everything out there, because they can.. as they never could before. I don’t think they are telling girls to kiss and have sex with other girls if you want to be sexy.

  6. rome says:

    She’s not overreacting. She’s right and we just let it happen. Our world has gone to hell with Britney and Christina leading and some sit here and idolize them… then we wonder what’s wrong with our youth these days.

  7. amusicfanofsoul says:

    You have to have a ample chest?…Britney is flatter than a pancake. I think Christina should share…that stingy bi*ch! lol! I love Christina. her voice blew them away…that’s why they had to edit her. hey as long as she didn’t lipsync! Britney is so pathetic. what a waste of music biz space.

    no matter how big pancakes are they will always be flat…dam* your stupid. no wonder your a Britney fan. plus Christina has bigger boobs than her…did I mention a bigger voice too.

  8. Hell6 says:

    What a bunch of crap, um… the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is so IRONIC!!! I mean, they were the first newspaper that published the Madonna-Britney KISS in the first page, and then were saying “sorry” for the people who get offended by that. I guess they must be in financial problems, because the only thing that they are doing is always bringing up this subject all the time. ALSO, this is a unique-time, the un-famous kiss was indeed mentioned, OH! for those who didn’t notice, Madonna also kissed Christina Aguilera.

  9. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Society is screwed up today BECAUSE people are so open to these views! Back in the olden days, when our culture was in a fairly good spot (not saying it didn’t have problems), you didn’t have this stuff going on. I don’t think it’s right for the media to say “hey, it’s ok to be gay” cause I’m sorry, I don’t think it is….MY OPINION THERE YA’LL….Don’t jump down my throat! Just like some people don’t think it’s ok for me to speak my mind….and call me a ***** for it. You know what….kiss it!! ANYHOW…I’m gonna continue! We have Britney and Christina selling this picture perfect image where their skin is nice, their body is trim and tight, their hair is never outta place (even when in a ponytail), their lifestyle is grand…… BULL. (I know I’m on the right track cause when Christina put on weight earlier this year, she got bombarded with criticism from the media and from society as a whole…..) You know that they are among the VERY VERY few “perfect” people out there. Average is anywhere from a size 8 to a 12… be totally honest with you. MOST of us have the occasional zit….that time of the month that makes us look like crap cause get bloated and icky feeling and we don’t wanna LOOK like a million bucks cause we don’t feel like it. BUT, that’s not acceptable, cause if you aren’t A number one great and look the part, you’re no good. I find it sad that everyone buys into that stuff. Times change, I understand that…but we are far too open to change and being understanding of EVERYONE’s lifestyle CHOICES…from being gay to being a tramp to being a hermit to being a mama’s boy…. The minorities are winning out…simple as that. And I’m not talking blacks….I’m talking EVERY minority…. Women…gays…freaks…does it matter, do I have to continue my list? The media is putting it in everyone’s heads that we have to be accepting of our fellow man and his life…..yet we are in such a state of hurt….and it’s only gonna get worse!! Think about it!

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