Meeting Mariah Carey

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I had a chance to meet at the Houston meet and greet last night, and although I only had a few seconds to talk to her – I asked her if it was true that she was gonna do the new Bond theme. She looked slightly surprised, then said, “It might be true, we’re still workin’ on that.”

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6 thoughts on “Meeting Mariah Carey

  1. ballersfantasy says:

    I went to that show last night. She was *****ing awesome. She is a true talent with an amazing voice. This has to be the best concert I’ve ever been too.

  2. weebongo says:

    After all 3 singles from Charmbracelet were huge flops, the last 2 not even making it on the Billboard Top 100, they won’t let her sing the theme anymore. It would be an embarrassment to have her bomb with a Bond theme after Madonna had a top 10 hit with hers. Madonna’s was modern and edgy while Mariah will do the same sappy boring crap she always with her dying voice.

  3. Ricardo_aka_RC says:

    MC can really do it. I hope it can be true.

  4. SJ says:

    WEEBONGO… look here you stupid pansy “Through The Rain” was a hit. It wasn’t a smash hit but it was a hit. The video was f**kin [#1] on TRL moron. Secondly “Boy (I Need You)” wasn’t really *officially* a single because it was tested to see how airplay would do and it didn’t meet with expectations. Video still peak to [#7] on TRL. Last but not least “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak”, was not promoted much. When the single came out Mariah was overseas and she was not able to promote the single in the U.S. Nor did IDJ advertise the single.

  5. weebongo says:

    When you have to make so many excuses for her songs bombing then you know it’s really over for Mariah. The only reason those songs Heartbreak and Boy didn’t even chart on Billboard is because stations weren’t playing it and that cause no one was requesting that crap. “Through The Rain” was one of her biggest flops until Boy and Heartbreak came out. Rain only got to #81 on Billboard, how pathetic. You call that a hit, you’re one stupid sh**. Who cares about TRL, that means nothing, it’s a dumb show where 12-year-old girls vote.

  6. miky says:

    you’re so dumb searching every detail about Mariah . haters like you say Mariah is over yet they still search her name.

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