Meg & Dia Discuss ‘Here, Here And Here’

Sitting on their tour bus with Kiwibox Senior Editor Steven, Meg & Dia chatted about why they called Meg “Dictator Meg” during the recording process of their third album ‘Here, Here and Here’, working with producer Howard Benson on the project, what listeners can expect on the disc, how the songwriting process has changed for the band since ‘Something Real’, crazy stories while on the road, and Warped Tour.

Asked about how the new record compares to the first record, Meg said, “I think the songwriting is more mature. Rhythmically we do different things. There’s a disco song, a country song, so we’re just trying to explore music more and just covers a wider spectrum.”

On writing more personal songs this time, Meg said, “Specifically because what one person said one day. They said, ‘Hey Meg, how come you keep writing these songs about everybody else’s life and never write one about yours.”

On working with Howard Benson on the project, Meg said, “At first it was a little bit intimidating, but after you get the initial introductions over and break the barrier, then it’s really easy to just focus in on what you’re both working on and forget about all the outside layers. ‘Oh my gosh, this is Howard Benson, he’s done My Chemical Romance, The Rejects’. You just focus in on your record and figure out what you want to do, so it was really great.”

Watch the interview below.

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