Meg & Dia Discuss & Perform ‘Halloween’

Meg Frampton with her guitarWith Meg & Dia releasing the new song ‘Halloween’ today, Dia Frampton videotaped her sister Meg talking about the new track and playing a few chords from the song. She also talked about how the piano added to the level of the song before showing off her Halloween pumpkin of a dog she named Henry.

“When we were writing for our record, it was one of the songs that ‘wasn’t good enough’,” Meg said of ‘Halloween’. “So one of my friends actually wrote it about a friend of hers that passed away… It’s a song about death in a serious and respectful way about a holiday that’s not respectful.”

Meg & Dia Frampton singingIn a second clip, the sisters performed the track dressed up in Halloween costumes.

“We’re in our bathroom. We’re recording, so it’s more reverberated,” Dia explained. “That didn’t make any sense?” Meg answered, “It’s echoey. I think reverberate is a good word. We’re gonna play a song called ‘Halloween’.”

Watch the two videos via Vimeo below.

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3 thoughts on “Meg & Dia Discuss & Perform ‘Halloween’

  1. Nikki Siebe says:

    I know all the words of Halloween…. I met Meg & Dia at the FUBAR on April 2nd, 2009. I met them outside after they got off the tour bus. Please give Meg, Dia, Nick, Carlo, or Jonathan my e-mail address, so I can talk to them and ask if they remember me. I’m their biggest fan and I really want to be that one fan out of all of them that they remember. I even have all of their Coward’s Courage songs and my brother got all of the Our Home Is Gone songs off the internet. I pre-ordered Here, Here, And Here and got their autographs. I have the same name as their little sister Nikki. I’m part vegetarian just like Dia, and Nick likes the band Styx and I went to their concert…Yeah I went to a Meg & Dia concert on April 2nd 2009 at the FUBAR in St. Louis, Missouri. Before the concert, we saw Meg, Dia, and the band outside to just talk to them ourselves. Just my mom, dad, brother, and I. It was really special! I met Meg & Dia. I shook their hands. I got Meg, Dia, Nick, and Carlo’s autographs, but not Jonathan’s. I got a poster, one just like it with the autographs, and one that a guy that worked there gave to me. I also got a Meg & Dia jacket! Meg & Dia played with three other bands…… Lola and Tony, Parachute, and Nothing Still. When Dia was singing “Monster” she looked out into the audience and smiled at me, and I smiled back.

    To prove that I’m Meg & Dia’s biggest fan, please go to this…

    I’m friends with Carlo on myspace, and soon I will be friends with all of them.

    Meg & Dia’s YouTube channel is here……

    thanks and please help me out d-_-b -Nikki

  2. jamie bean says:

    i just bought “here here and here” and I’m OBSESSED. these girls are so cute and so funny…look at this video they made!

  3. steveface says:

    haha that video is hilarious… I’m definitely gonna see Meg & Dia at Warped Tour this year..

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