Megan Slankard ‘A Token of the Wreckage’ Demo

Megan Slankard posted a bulletin to her friends on MySpace on Sunday (September 9). She writes:

Hey yous!

I just wanted to let you know that the band and I have posted a new song on our page

This new song, ‘A Token of the Wreckage’, is just a rough pre-production demo we recorded at Danny Blau’s house (our keyboard/guitarist) as a preview of what will be on the new record.

We’re hitting the studio soon. Hope you like the demo!


Megan Slankard Has A Backup Plan

September 12, 2004 – FreshTrackMusic recently caught up with Megan Slankard for a Q&A last month and asked the singer how her family feels about her not having a backup plan in case her singing career fails. “My family is very supportive, and I’m lucky because you need that as a backbone,” she said. “You need people to say that you are doing a good job, or you can get through this and it will be okay. If I have a back up plan, will I feel too comfortable and will I fall back on it? Plus, my brother just graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering and he is going to get his doctorate and my younger sister is in college to be a lawyer—so they can’t be upset with two out of three in school.”

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