Meiko Harkens Back To Music Before Auto-Tune

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Saturday (March 14), talking about how music has changed since the era of Minnie Ripperton. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I was listening to Minnie Ripperton yesterday… (loving you, is easy cause ur beautiful la la la la la la la)… and I started thinking about how… Back in the day, before auto-tune, People recorded on tape… So- records that were made and people that “made it” then… were actually talented… actually good singers… and what you heard was what you would hear when you saw them live… Now… with a click of a button, an off key, outta tune girl/guy can sing someone elses songs… and sell zillions of records… Its just funny to me how much the times have changed. Would Otis ever pull a Kanye?

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