Meiko Has A New Found Respect For Christina Aguilera

Meiko updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Sunday (March 29) after attending Perez Hilton’s 31st birthday party at The Viper Room in West Hollywood the prior night. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I went to Perez Hilton’s birthday party at the Viper Room… It was awesome… I saw many Hollywooders there, but all in all it was a great time. Did I mention that Amanda Bynes is HUGE (Tall)! She knocked me in the face with her purse… Only one other person has done that and it was Venus Williams.

Christina Aguilera sang gitchi gitchi yayaya and it was pretty damn good, I’m not gonna lie. She’s a great performer and I have a new-found respect for her. I was impressed. Also – The Jonas Brothers were there… They sang “Happy Birthday” …another song they didn’t write. But they sure were fricken cute. What are they? Italian? Mmm…

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