Meiko Sad To Leave Hotel Café Tour

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Wednesday (November 19). The singer songwriter tells readers:

What I ride I was on… I just completed the Hotel Cafe Tour last night at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles and it was amazing… I made so many friends on the tour and it was so sad to leave everyone!

I was on that tour for 35 dates and I really got emotionally invested in it all – The band, the artists, the late night dance parties on the bus, the random days off, the fans… I really am officially addicted to touring…

Catch me in 5 years… But this is my bag.

Today, I had to fly to Minneapolis to play a show with and for Cities 97’s 20th Anniversary Party… I’m a little nervous because I’m going…Jason Mraz! – But, it’ll be cool – I’ll be fine! YIKES!

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