Mel B: Eddie Murphy Humiliated Himself, Not Me

Former Spice Girl spoke with OK! magazine about her efforts to contact ex boyfriend Eddie Murphy after learning he was denying he was the father of her newborn daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

“There was a sea of photographers. There were people shouting about a DNA test,” Brown explained. “I tried to call Eddie, and I couldn’t get through. Then I got through, and he said he would call me back, and that was it. He never called back. I don’t feel humiliated. I think the only person who has humiliated themselves is Eddie. His behavior was unacceptable. We both know this is his baby. If he wants to do a DNA test, do it. Step up to the plate and be responsible. I have no doubt that this is Eddie’s baby. Maybe one day Eddie will tell me why this happened. I am now more confident and grounded than I have ever been. I feel pretty amazing.”

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2 thoughts on “Mel B: Eddie Murphy Humiliated Himself, Not Me

  1. amelita says:

    this stuff makes me laugh so hard but it gets me annoyed, too. my god, after sex, it’s bye-bye and I will not take that responsibility anymore.hey guys, come-on, each one is defending his/her side. take the dna test to solve this mess. but even he will still take the dna test, true or not he is the father, both of them are at fault to be fair. it reminds me of this stuff to both michael jackson and ugly/liar/cheater marc anthony (real-life husband number three#3 of jennifer lopez. losers both that’s why they should stick together forever, they’re both no big deal. no wonder, they’re still together nobody wants them both, lol) there were women who were claiming that both male musician singers are the father of their children. yikes, that is so hilarious. if I were in the shoes of women, I am not desperate marrying a man who had a child out of wedlock from a previous relationship. that’s a big turn off, oh yeah, I’d rather use my brain/common sense than be sorry forever, I believe so, hehehehehe!!!!’,

  2. hooker says:

    Okay, breaking news, the fathers of the babies will be Marc Anthony and Michael Jackson, hehehehe? In order for the baby to have fathers. That is hilarious. After sex nobody wants to claim who the father was. Yikes

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