Melanie Brown Laughs Off Photographed Lesbian ‘Rumor’

The BV Buzz with Jawn Murray caught up with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who was asked about her romance with an unidentified female blonde from Los Angeles. “Oh yeah, I heard about that,” Brown laughed. “Do you know how many stories I’ve had? If I was to even take one bit of them and slightly get boiled up and believe it, I would be a wreck. I’d be some lesbian, horrible, bitchy, aggressive psychopath, party animal, sex and drugs maniac. I don’t really know. I could be, but I’m not!”

The response to the “rumors” was odd given that the singer was photographed kissing and groping the breasts of the unidentified female, actually named Christine Crokos, in public.

Murray’s column at has since been removed.

Mel B Hopes For TV Hit With Semi-Autobiographical Show

August 28, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports that former Spice Girl has written a Sex And The City-style sitcom based loosely on her romantic adventures since moving to America two years ago. “Mel is convinced the show will be a big hit,” a friend said, adding, “Mel now sees herself as an actress and writer more than singer. It’s something she always wanted to do.”

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