Melanie Brown Lesbian Kiss With Christine Crokos

News of the World had photos, since removed, of former Spice Girl Mel B in a lesbian kiss with movie director Christine Crokos at Hancock Park cafe in a Los Angeles Park in broad daylight.

“They were just lost in each other— French-kissing and nuzzling each other’s necks,” another customer at the cafe said. “A lot of people were staring—especially the men. They couldn’t believe their eyes—two gorgeous women getting it on right there in broad daylight. At one point Mel put her arms round her pal’s neck and slowly pulled her towards her in a very sensual, seductive way. They were arching their backs and caressing each other’s boobs. I don’t know what coffee they had but it perked them up a treat!”

Beach Bum Mel B

August 6, 2003 – Former Spice Girl Mel B hung out on the beach in Marina Del Rey with two pals. The Sun is reporting that the singer is selling her £2.5million UK mansion to fund the luxury lifestyle she loves in Los Angeles.

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