Melanie Brown & Stephen Belafonte Join The Mile High Club

Melanie Brown and husband Stephen Belafonte

and her husband Stephen Belafonte did a photo shoot and interview with News of the World to promote their new reality show ‘It’s A Scary World’. After describing how Stephen “crawls on top of her, breathing heavily, his hands mauling her thighs”, he was asked about prior claims that he and the star had sex five times a day. “ times? Every single day? No. I’d be in a wheelchair,” Stephen said. “But the other weekend, I think we set a world record. She literally had me tapping out till I had nothing left. I was gonna set a sexual harassment charge on her. No bullsh**. And we did it on a flight over to London recently. I won’t say what airline cos I don’t wanna get us banned.”

The interview, video and photos at have since been removed.

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