Melanie Chisholm Debuts In ‘Blood Brothers’

made her theatrical debut in ‘Blood Brothers’ at the Phoenix Theatre on Wednesday (October 21) in London, England. The former Spice Girl stars alongside Richard Reynard, Eddie Lyons, Philip Stewart and Richard Palfreman. Check out pictures and details from Daily Mail.

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2 thoughts on “Melanie Chisholm Debuts In ‘Blood Brothers’

  1. alice says:

    That’s funny, I thought Eddie Lyons was a CHARACTER in the show not an actor

  2. Debra Cornell says:

    Wow Melanie, what a treat, came to see you in Blood Brothers last Saturday and had the opportunity to meet you and have a photo. Thank you so much for a wonderful night and making my dream come true to meet you.
    Break a leg for the rest of the run.

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