Melanie Chisholm’s Comeback Gig In London

The Sunday Mirror reports that former Spice Girl performed a comeback gig at London’s Islington Academy, before a sell-out crowd of 600. She told her fans, “You heard it here first guys. I’m back!”

Responds To The Sun’s ‘Lies’

June 17, 2004 – Melanie Chisholm posted a message on her official site in response to a report in The Sun saying she was the reason wouldn’t be getting back together this year. Mel C writes, “Hi. I didn’t intend to post a message until after the tour but unfortunately there’s something in the press today that I want to put straight, although I have numerous times before. The Sun again today have printed a story about how I’m such a bad sport for not doing a Spice reunion tour. As I have said before I have never been approached by anybody, Virgin Records, Simon Fuller, Victoria, Melanie B, Geri or Emma regarding a reunion and I am completely unaware of any of the other girls desire to get back together. I am so excited about my new album. The tour is proving to be a huge success and is completely sold out. I chose to play these small venues and did not advertise these shows as I am not promoting anything. They are for fun, for you guys and to try out new songs before I start recording. It’s really annoying to keep reading all these lies so I just wanted to clear things up in case any of you had any doubts. If I don’t see you in Cardiff or London I’ll see you soon. Love Melanie xx.”

Melanie Chisholm Gives Fans Tour Plans Update

May 23, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm checked in with fans on her official website last month. She wrote, “Hey dudes! How ya doin’? I see you’ve been gossiping about dates, and YES! Me and the band are going to be doing some live stuff. I’m really excited to announce my Barfly tour. We’ll be sweeping the country playing intimate venues. The writing of the third album is going great and I thought it was time to showcase some new stuff to see what ya think. Can’t wait to see you all.”

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