Melinda’s *NSYNC Update From The Road

*NSYNC’s online spokesperson Melinda Bell posted another update from the road today. Melinda told fans, “Ok now that we are up to date…The tour has been going great! It is such a special show and the guys really love the intimacy it has so they can get close to their fans. We have been seeing our Chili’s fans in every city…you guys are great sponsors. Always so nice at our sound check parties. We are starting to head east now, slowly. We are playing Denver this Monday it was snowing when we pulled into town…yes I got my wish but still it wasn’t like a snow storm or anything.”

“The other big activity this tour is the game Halo. Everyone is addicted. They have competitions on the buses as we are driving. I will keep you posted on the current Halo champ. I think currently it is no other than Chris.

The guys have also been busy with little side activities during this tour.. Lance took his first trip to Russia this weekend. I am going to have him write my next column so you guys know what he went through. Joey is busy promoting his new movie (he has a supporting not starring role) in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and is doing the finishing touches on a new video that he is putting out called the REEL *NSYNC. It is a video of the early years. Justin and JC have been writing and producing. Chris has been doing voice-overs for his character Chip Skylark on Nickelodeon and working on developing other TV shows. So you see these boys never stop! Even when we take the summer vacation I know they will still be going 100mph.

Challenge For The Children has been set for the end of July in Orlando Florida! There is no place like home! Stay tuned for a big announcement about the event. Start making your plans now. As always, Stay Melinda.”

Can A Robot Be Gay?

March 21, 2002 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Wednesday night ‘In The News’ segment: “In yesterday’s technology today news, the Sony Corporation unveiled their $38,000 talking robot to a packed house of reporters and a run of the mill geeks. Eat your heart out, *NSYNC! Sony feels that the robots will help with the war on drugs because you have to be nuts to get high with one of those things in your house. Most experts agree robots will eventually replicate almost every human characteristic except low-key charm and piercing blue eyes. As for their obvious resemblance to a boy band, I have one question. Can a robot be gay?”

Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Backstreet Have Run Their Course

March 20, 2002 – Glenn Gamboa of Newsday was at last week’s South by Southwest Music Conference where he spoke with Jeff McClusky, president of Chicago-based radio promotion company McClusky and Associates about the record industry’s need for someone new to boost sales. McClusky said, “There’s a lot of looking for the Next Big Thing, especially as it seems Britney, and the have run their course. They drew massive sales for a period of time. The emphasis now goes to finding what the next trend is. Right now, there isn’t a Thing.”

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