Melissa Rivers On Christina Aguilera’s EMA Opening Outfit

Contributed by amusicfanofsoul:

Melissa Rivers reviewed Christina Aguilera’s MTV Europe Music Awards opening outfit on E! News Daily. Here is what she had to say: “Everyone’s gonna think I’m gonna say something terrible about Christina, well I’m not. Check out that newly toned body she’s got. Remember kids, this is a costume. She is performing at the MTV Europe Music Awards, whatever. Check out the cleavage, flat stomach, great with the brown hair, cleavage working again, no fat working anywhere. If you’ve got the body to ware it, GO FOR IT on stage.” Melissa had two freeze-framed pictures on the screen that she drew on to highlight the cleavage, stomach, hair, cleavage again and her legs, indicating no fat anywhere. Then at the bottom it said in bold pink letters, “GO FOR IT!”.

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7 thoughts on “Melissa Rivers On Christina Aguilera’s EMA Opening Outfit

  1. breez says:

    Good for Christina! I personally never thought she was fat, just gorgeously curved. But I have to admit, she looked great at the EMAs! She doesn’t look too thin or too big, she’s perfect.

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Melissa, What can we expect from a sex symbol and a fashion icon? Yup, she’s perfect.

  3. angelM says:

    Its comments like these that get me mad. It’s like she’s promoting thinness!! She wasn’t fat in the first place!

  4. SexyGirl22 says:

    Christina looked hot as hell at the award show man she’s a lil sexy female.

  5. GoingUnderr says:

    Christina got liposuction.. The reason why her boobs are huge now and that she is skinnier is because she got the fat from her stomach inserted into her lopsided boobs! That’s disgusting!! She still got a chicken drum stick leg! Yeah, so true!!! Tina needs to be proud of who she is.. be proud that she’s a white trailer trash whore instead of trying to be black. Gosh! I would be embarrassed for you who are. She looked very ugly at the EMAs, she ruined the show even more, seeing as it was at BRITISH TRASH Scotland. It was sure tacky she wore a nun thing, when she is far from that!

  6. brostar2 says:

    Yes my Christina has proved all you trash ass dirt picking people wrong…Goingunderr if you are a girl you must have low self esteem because only you wished you looked half as good as her or Britney or Evanescence for that matter!!! hahaha its funny you talk so much trash yet you are the trash that probably weighs 200 lbs!! Also you claim that Christina is far from a NUN well look at you… trashing others all the time…don’t worry one day you will pay! heck you probably are paying already…it must suck so much to be in the same league as FAUSTO. I have lots of friends and some of them do not even like or care about Christina Aguilera and they do not even worry about her as much as you do…shows how pathetic you are…dumbass…HA

  7. britbrit21 says:

    Christina Aguilera must have a complex or somthing… Always trying to look completely fake, the contacts, the fake boobs, the fake tan (normally nothing would be wrong w. that….but once you start looking like an Umpa Lumpa, there lies a prob) and always dissing everyone. Have some pride

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