Mette Lindberg Not Happy About Instrument Flight Baggage Fee

Mette Lindberg of checked in with fans on the Danish indie pop group’s blog at MySpace (@theasteroidsgalaxytour) on Thursday (February 12). The singer tells readers:

Yesterday we had the early flight from Denmark to France.. zzzz!!

Because of the snowy weather the metro was not to be trusted. I of course did not check it out before leaving home, so I got to the airport in the last minute.

When I went to check in, the check in man told me to pay for the keyboard I normally carry for free, as hand baggage. It is a new thing, you have to pay extra if you bring instruments. It does not matter if it’s small and talking less space than a bag with baby stuff or an antique lamp from Rome, that is for free. No, instruments are being treated as their own stupid is that!!!

You don’t want to hear that when you are in a hurry and have to stand in one more line to pay.. hmmm!!!

Well then we boarded the plane…waited 15min, 25min 35min 45min…and after the plain had been cleaned from snow on the wings, we took off!!!

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