Michael Jackson, A Victimized Icon

Contributed anonymously:

The continuous media coverage of the latest accusations against is disturbing. These mass media figures have scrutinized him for years since the last allegations! It makes me sick to my stomach how these media figures have dissected his character and put him out to be some kind of eccentric bizarre man. Michael Jackson is an artist who is very blessed for what he has. Despite his personal, physical alterations, Michael’s music has always touched those who have grown up listening to it. Regardless of the current allegations, Michael Jackson has been an ICON and PIONEER to each and every artistic figure in today’s music. It bothers me how others judge his character based on word that is ultimately unauthorized. He is ultimately the GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME. The man is bigger than Elvis and the Beatles. Rather than spending every second of our lives bringing him down, I feel that those who pass judgment should consider the awaiting of the TRUTH. After all, it is not we who shall judge. Only God will judge. I am a firm supporter of Michael Jackson and his artistry. I could care less about his private life. Wonderful music prevails all. Whether or not 1 person buys his CD, or 10 million do, a single lyric can change one’s life. Let’s not bring down someone who has paved the way for so many and changed the lives of many others. Instead, let God deal with Michael through healing and prayer. The truth shall set you free. The Truth can be found at mjnew.us, Jackson’s official website.

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