Michael Jackson And Jennifer Lopez Targetted In Conan Monologue

Conan O’Brien joked about Jacko and J.Lo during his Late Night monologue on Friday. Regarding Jacko, O’Brien joked, “Last night, was suppose to be inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, but he failed to show up. [ Audience aws ] Yeah, Jackson said he was unavailable because he was being inducted into the Androgynous Freak Hall of Fame. So he couldn’t make it. That’s too bad.”

As for J.Lo, Conan cracked, “It was reported this week that Jennifer Lopez, or as I call her, ‘J. Lo,’ it’s a little thing I came up with. and her husband, Cris Judd, are getting a divorce, because he found out she was repeatedly cheating on him. [ Audience ohs ] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. After finding out Lopez was cheating on him, Judd said, ‘I feel like the second biggest ass in the world.'”

Cris Judd Offered $1 Million To Walk From Marriage

June 15, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports has offered husband Cris Judd to leave their troubled marriage for good. One of Cris’ pals revealed, “His heart is broken, but he’d be a fool not to take the deal. Cris could relaunch his career and be financially comfortable for the rest of his life. But if he hangs on trying to get his pound of flesh then he risks losing any future he may have in show business.”

Michael Jackson Makes Surprise Visit To HMV

June 13, 2002 – Ananova reports Michael made a surprise visit to HMV in Oxford Street buying DVDs and CDs before an appearance in the UK. “A real adrenalin rush tore through the store when he came in,” said a spokesman for HMV. “It was absolutely amazing. One minute there were just normal shoppers browsing for CDs and the next, Michael Jackson ran in through the front door with his entourage chased by fans.”

Sony Will Give Jacko His Wish

June 13, 2002 – The New York Post reports Michael Jackson’s “crusade” against Sony Music is a face-saving strategy, as the label has already decided to let the singer go after releasing two “greatest hits” albums back-to-back next year. A source said, “Sony can’t figure out what Michael’s beef is with them. They were startled when he had that whole press conference with Johnnie Cochran and Al Sharpton, claiming he was a slave to the music industry.”

No Promotion, No Video… No Video, No Promotion

June 13, 2002 – Associated Press profiled the feud brewing between Michael Jackson and Sony Music, a beef that Jackson’s producer Rodney Jerkins admits has each side to blame. “I think it’s at a stalemate because there is no promotion, there is no video,” he said. “If there’s nothing to promote or see, how can you sell records?”

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