Michael Jackson Buys Pet Tiger

Michael Jackson pet tiger

The Sun reports shelled out $35,000 for a one year old pet tiger. Jacko is having the tiger flown to his Neverland ranch in California. A pal of Jackson’s told the Sun, “The tiger was getting too big for the owner’s yard. It will make a great pet.”

Britney, Clinton, Condit & Jacko Make Leno Monologue

March 30, 2002 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue Friday night, “What a crowd. You sound like Clinton and Gary Condit when they heard was single again. Yeah!” Later, he joked about Liza Minnelli’s wedding, “Actually, the weirdest part of the wedding, when and the priest were fighting over the ring bearer. That was awful.”

Michael Jackson Goofed On In Leno Monologue

March 26, 2002 – Following the big Oscar wins by black actors Denzell Washington and Halle Berry on Sunday, Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue last night, “In fact, this has changed Hollywood so much, Michael Jackson now is talking about being black again. Can you imagine?”

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5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Buys Pet Tiger

  1. mj's fan says:

    MJ…… I am really missing you……. Some people says that you are still alive but some say you are not! What a mess here!
    I wish you are alive!………. I am 11 years old,…from Canada, Toronto……..

    if you are not alive then god have to give you more and more comfort there…. I wish that you are in heaven………..

  2. valerie(MJs follower) says:

    Michael I love you so much and I miss you I hope you and my mom are in heaven and are having better lives. I miss you both, and anyone who hates MJ get off the site and people who do well just keep loving him, 13 years old….. I’m your follower and I’ll ALWAYS LOVE YOU…. FOREVER

  3. jesica says:

    hey MJ I love you and your tigers I love thriller and Sabu there so cute and big love you MJ hope you and my grandmother are up there have the best time now you can rock heaven with your awesome music !!!<3

  4. stephen says:

    Michael Jackson was awesome

  5. stephen says:

    It was a sad loss for everyone have fun in heaven MJ

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