Michael Jackson Defense Witness Gets Immunity

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that Amen, one of the five unnamed, unindicted alleged co-conspirators in the case, secretly got immunity from the prosecution on December 30, 2004, but what Amen then told prosecutors was incredibly damaging to their case. Now, Amen is free to testify for Jackson without fear of penalty. Read more.

Jackson Won’t Sell Neverland

May 13, 2005 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “ is denying rumors that he is selling his Neverland Ranch. He’s denying it, yeah. Michael said, ‘I could never sell this place. It’s full of too many repressed memories’.”

Trent Copeland On Macaulay Culkin Testimony

May 13, 2005 – Michael Jackson’s defense got a big boost from friend Macaulay Culkin, who testified that Jackson never molested him as the prosecution claimed. Watch a segment with CBS News analyst Trent Copeland on ‘The Early Show’ via CBSNews.com below.

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