Michael Jackson – Elvis Presley. What’s The Difference?

Michael Jackson 'Ben'

Contributed anonymously: There is something I don’t understand. Why do most people hate Michael Jackson but love Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley is seen as this huge God almighty creature, and Michael is seen as a disgusting psycho freak. If I asked you why you hate Michael and why you think he’s crazy you would say because he has destroyed himself physically, he (possibly) molested children and he dangled a child over a balcony. But have you all forgotten that Elvis did the EXACT same things, so why isn’t Elvis called crazy or hated as much?

Obviously when they both started out calling them really popular singers was an understatement. They were HUGE!!! I mean Elvis has sold over a billion records and Michael has the highest selling album of all time worldwide. (note. I said WORLDWIDE, I know it’s not in the USA).

Number 1. Ok Michael Jackson had plastic surgery that destroyed the OUTSIDE of his face. Elvis took drugs and overdosed numerous times, he ate a hell of a lot of food which…well everyone saw the effects of that…he completely destroyed the INSIDES of his body which I would call much worse considering the plastic surgery Michael had cant KILL him or mess his insides.

Number 2. Now I’m not saying Michael definitely molested those boys but even if he did why is that any worse then Elvis molesting a 14 year old. Is it the fact that Elvis molested a GIRL that makes it ok? Now if that’s the case that’s discriminating against gays. And sure you can argue that the person (Priscilla) Elvis molested consented to it but it’s the law that, consensual or not, you got to jail for having sex with ANYONE under the legal age. Just ask the 42 year old woman who CONSENSUALLY had sex with a 12 year old boy and ended up going to jail for it. 6 years later as soon as she got out of jail, she ended up marrying him!! What a waste of 6 years of her life! Now I actually believe that no matter how old someone is if it’s consensual sex then it’s alright, but the fact is the law doesn’t! And if this poor women had to go to jail then so should have Elvis.

Number 3. The whole baby dangling incident. that was ONE time we have ever seen Michael’s bad parenting skills, and even if there are more times can you IMAGINE what Elvis was letting or doing to Lisa Marie when he was alive. I mean when you’re on drugs all the time your minds not going to be that sane. Lisa Marie was in so many dangerous situations at Graceland with just Elvis it’s frightening. And I have heard some crazy stories that have happened there come out of Lisa Marie’s own mouth (even though she thought of them as fond memories).

So although (as hard as it is to believe) I am also an Elvis fan as I am a Michael fan. It just annoys me that just because Elvis is dead he gets away with it and everybody forgets. All I can say is hopefully when Michael dies all his “badness” is forgotten and that in the end his GREATNESS shines through.

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394 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – Elvis Presley. What’s The Difference?

  1. joe says:

    Elvis fan my arse I’d reply but its not worth one get in the real world

  2. aye says:

    I agree with you really, I love MJ, just love him, but don’t say people hate him please cause you know people speculate about him and if they read that, they will shout victory…thank you for the article, I did not know Elvis was accused of molesting

  3. Lewis Lim says:

    I like both, but Elvis has better talents.

  4. Toto says:

    Are you on drugs?? Elvis never molested or had sex with a 14 year old, ever. Why are you making this up?
    It’s well known that Elvis’s girlfriends all had good things to say about him. That’s very rare. Most old girlfriends hate their old boyfriends when they get dumped. Everyone who knew Elvis, guys and girls, said he was nice to everyone. Try reading some stuff before posting “facts.

    Next, to answer your question, Michael, though talented, is a freak. Elvis had a severe sleeping problem. He started taking “bennies”, that the Army gave soldiers to stay up at night. Elvis liked the extra kick it gave him, and ultimately got hooked on them.

    Elvis’s problem was one of being hooked on prescription drugs. Michael’s is just a freak. Hanging a baby over a 15 story building railing for press? He’s lost his mind.

  5. John Manning says:

    Elvis have sold more than 1.5 billion records.
    Michael Jackson have sold a little bit more than 750 million.
    So Elvis has sold more than twice as much records as Michael Jackson.
    Besides, when Elvis first started out in the 50’s, the only markets they had to sell was western Europe and North America (+ Australia), and they did not have the same purchasing power as the 80’s and 90’s.
    AND it the 50’s, the total population in the world was 3 billion people. Now its 7 billion and almost the whole world has a CD- player.

    In that time, people got married when they were 15. And Elvis waited a LONG time before he went to bed with Priscilla. She told that herself in a documentary. They never had sex in Germany.

    Elvis was a humble person. Michael demanded to be called “King of Pop” otherwise he wouldn’t go on stage in London at the Brit Awards.
    Elvis had respect of everybody, old, young, his fans, and he gave so much of himself that it killed him.

    Elvis is just a better person than the little child, MJ.

  6. Cristian says:

    Elvis is The King!!!

  7. ipl says:

    Elvis and Micheal Jackson are both very talented. They both did mistakes in their lives, and who are we to judge. Lets look at the good in the people and focus on that.

  8. soso says:

    really, he made Priscilla suck his di** when she was 14 years old, what do you make of that????
    and Priscilla was not the only little girl Elvis had in Graceland there were others claimed to have been with him there.
    Elvis was abusive, and did you see “walk the line”the movie about Johnny Cash Elvis was a drug addict since he started his musical career not when he joined the army
    as for this 1.5 billion records..dude you are out of your mind go see the chart of the best selling albums of all time Elvis best selling album is ranking somewhere in 160’s Jackson has three albums in the top 20 including thriller at number one so when Jackson’s fan say their idol sold 750 million records world wide they have proof to back it up while all you have is the hype from the media and numbers that have never been challenged .
    Priscilla was sleeping with others while was she married to him and she said pretty nasty things about him but when she saw the $$$$$$$$$$$$ she changed her story.
    as for being a good father look at Lisa Marie and you will know he sucked big deal.
    as for the talent he had never written lyrics, or composed music he was a great performer a good looking white boy that’s it.
    don’t fool your self and think he was Beethoven he was not.

  9. S Judah says:

    RIAA Certifications
    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) first began tracking sales of Elvis Presley in 1958, who didn’t receive his first Gold Record award until 1960. On March 27, 1992, the RIAA certified (or re-certified) 37 of Elvis Presley’s albums, taking his American total to 57× platinum. On July 15, 1999, based on 79 certified recordings the figure stood at 92× platinum, with an estimated 35 million albums sold in the U.S alone during those seven years between the two certifications. The most recent album sales figures date to December 13, 2005, with an additional 33 million albums sold in six years, taking his total U.S tally to 125× platinum, based on 95 certified recordings.[2]

    Between 1958 and 1992, 57 million albums were shipped in the U.S. Between 1992 and 2008, 68 million albums were shipped in the U.S., the King proving even more successful as a dead icon than a live performer. With total record sales to date in all formats estimated at over 1.8 billion worldwide, he is the biggest selling solo artist of all time.[3]

  10. rupayepaise says:

    What a load of sh** you have wrote!

    Elvis never molested any girl at all, Priscilla had said that Elvis didn’t even touched her before marriage! Where the little boys who were molested by Michael Jackson still says that they were molested.

    Michael Jackson went to court numerous times, Elvis NEVER!

    See the difference!

    And Elvis never took any illegal drug, He took those which were prescribed. Michael Jackson was caught with cocaine and fake prescriptions in 2005, look it up.


  11. Perceiver says:

    Yeah rupayepaise, Like any 14 year girl in the 50’s was going to say that she had sex with a guy she wasn’t married to, Elvis and Priscilla slept in the same bed. You don’t think an adult male sleeping in a bed with a 14 year old is suspicious? Well not in Elvis’ case lol.

    Priscilla also wasn’t asking Elvis for millions of dollars like these two families were in the case of Jackson.

  12. JJ says:

    I saw them both in concert and I can say Elvis was the best hands down.

  13. bill says:

    Jackson has said himself that Elvis is the King. Why do you think Jackson created the title King of Pop for himself? Elvis brought black rhythm and blues to not only America during the segregated 1950’s but to the whole world. Communist countries claimed Elvis was a creation by the US to undermine the world youth. Listen to his first records from Sun Studios and you can hear Rock and Roll being created. He helped usher in Rock and Roll and changed musical culture, and helped pave the way for the sexual revolution in the 1960s. He broke down racial barriers, helping black artists reach mainstream America. He was the first American Idol who is idolized around the globe, and he never toured outside the United States! He is the most photographed human being in history, his image is the most reproduced image in history, second only to Mickey Mouse.He continues to sell records 30 years after his death at the age of only 42. He has never sung to an empty seat,selling out every concert he’s ever played. He served his country at the height of his career and did not complain. EVERY pop artist from Jackie Wilson, Nat King Cole, the Beatles, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen,The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks,(and I can go on and on) have all been quoted saying they were influenced by Elvis. He is the epitome of someone who can be born into poverty and raise himself up to great success. He is the only artist inducted into the Rock and Roll, Country and Gospel Hall of Fame..A man who loved his country, his God, and fellow man. He has given millions of dollars to charities. A man who never lost his humility. Simply put, had their not been Elvis, THERE WOULD NOT BE A MICHAEL JACKSON. For this one reason alone ,Elvis holds the title as the worlds greatest entertainer. As Bruce Springsteen has quoted ” There have ben contenders, there have been pretenders but there is only one Elvis.”-nuff said, case closed.

  14. bill says:

    ” All I can say is hopefully when Michael dies all his “badness” is forgotten and that in the end his GREATNESS shines through.”

    All I can add is that today with his passing I can say that any stories about Michael will be coming out, as it did when Elvis died. Michael Jackson is at peace, and Elvis is there to greet him.

  15. Staffan says:

    Both Elvis and Michael Jackson are icons, they both got stuck in fame and image, both were musical geniuses (yes, most geniuses are a bit crazy!), both were incredible performers, they both took music to entirely new levels, both broke down racial barriers and they will be remembered like the Beethoven and Mozart’s of our time.

  16. bill says:

    Well said….both have many similarities, and both are entertainers that have touched millions of people on this planet. Maybe its time to continue to remember them for the happiness that they have given to people..and the fact that there is not many people who can walk in their shoes.

  17. kylie says:

    yeah that’s true, and they were both legends. they were both loved by some, and only when they die is when fans of people like them show.

    RIP Michael Jackson, Jun. 25 ’09

  18. rusty says:

    ELVIS IS THE KING OF MUSIC UNDISPUTED. People from 5 years to 100years of age love ELVIS that cannot be said for Michael Jackson. Elvis spent 2 years in the army at the very peak of his career.Elvis could sing ballads country and western and rock like no other will ever. He definitely had a better range the Jackson. ELVIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY KING OF MUSIC.

  19. leanne says:


  20. viper plane says:


  21. jackson fan says:

    I am a HUGE Jackson fan but must agree that without Elvis there would be nothing. He created the sounds of the music that Michael sang. Michael Jackson said Elvis is the KING . So I guess we can’t argue with that. LONG LIVE THE KING!!

  22. Bill says:

    8-16-1977 Elvis death

    8-1-6-1-9-7-7= -23

    -2+3= 1

    6-25-2009 Michal Jackson death

    6-2-5-2-0-0-9= -12

    -1+2= 1

  23. John says:

    I totally agree. Jackson didn’t do any thing that Presley had not already don. I really don’t judge Jackson at all because I didn’t have to deal with the sadness that he dealt with .

  24. jackson&presly...fan says:

    They are almost the same except Michael Jackson never had surgery he had a skin disease called viltigo.
    Elvis never her.

    those are rumors

  25. jackson&presly...fan says:

    *never did her before they were married (sorry typo)

  26. JOHNNE says:

    Elvis’ records sales figures are not only based on RIAA satisfaction for legal certification, it is basically non-existent to do with the files of over 50 years of music sales going on for Elvis.
    They are mostly had for a total number of worldwide real sales upon the basis of taxes paid for their sales in the USA and shipping to foreign sales. Not to forget that royalties paid up to composers are calculated too.
    RIAA certifications account only albums with over around 40 minutes of music and also for others that stand over a certain market price for sale. Elvis, having a wild wide number of them not fitting in either category, has been put down for his real sales figures. However, coming down to the real numbers will easily and consistently lead us to the 1.2 billion mark. Not as stated for his certified albums, singles and several others, but due to RCA ( SONY, NOW ) AND TIME LIFE, companies to which, the reality of his smashing figures in reality of MUSIC HISTORY can’t be diminished over trendy fashion of the RIAA’s leading team.
    That is reality, not certifications standards.
    Marc B Alves
    : ) : )

  27. Teef says:

    As expected, America being majority white will always “protect” their “Price Jewel” Elvis Presley. Elvis was nothing but a racist punk and was a child molester and was drugged up. Who knows Elvis outside of America and maybe Canada? Michael was known worldwide..countries worldwide know him from the slums to the palaces. Michael is the greatest musician EVER and the undisputed King of Music.

    Michael died and the whole word literally stopped! It’s been 4 days already and all the media WORLDWIDE cannot stop talking about him. Shows how much the world adored him. He is the most popular man ever after Jesus Christ.

    He was not found guilty of any of the offenses he was charged for so why is racist America trying to “convict” an innocent man. You guys need to stop deceiving yourself and admit Michael Jackson is the greatest EVER.

  28. Teef says:

    Also, what was Elvis doing at the age of 24, talking to a visibly young girl at the tender age of 14? You realize he didn’t marry her until she was 21 right? All the while, they were already sleeping together when she wasn’t even 15. That’s a straight up CHILD MOLESTER and he should have been arrested and jailed!

    Also, after Priscilla and Elvis divorced in 1973, Priscilla visited Elvis in Las Vegas where she said that he forced himself upon her in his hotel room and said “This is how a real man makes love to a woman”. If that is not RAPE then please tell me what it is?
    Elvis was nothing but a drugged up, back stabbing, racist, child molester and a rapist! How anyone can compare that him Michael Jackson is beyond my wildest imagination.

  29. mahnoor khan says:


  30. bill says:

    Teefe, As a fan of both MJ and Elvis, and as a record collector for over 40 years let me say this: Your remarks are insane “White ” segregated America did all they could to squash the growing popularity of Elvis you IDIOT. They vilified him, banned him from TV, radio stations smashed his records, WHITE mainstream America was in a panic-as well as other countries around the world. Elvis was a young kid who grew up in the deep south, raised on Black gospel, and blues, as well as Country Western music. He chose to record his first records at SUN Studios in Memphis, where he grew up- a recording studio that recording BLACK artists such as Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters. He shopped on Beale Street, and did not dress like the conservative white kids did in school. He chose the songs that he wanted to record because he idolized the guys that sang the, Arthur Big Boy Crudup ( That’s all right Mama) Wyonnia Harris ( Good Rockin Tonite) Do you understand the impact that this had, a white boy singing songs recorded by bluesman,bringing this music into the homes of what you call “White America”. What you don’t seem to realize is that he could’ve went the way of every pop artist at that time ( check out what was playing on the top 40 in 1954- Doris Day, Perry Como,,Jo Stafford- WHITE pop artists.) Perhaps it was a shame that it had to be a white artist to make the crossover-but an artist who truly felt the music wouldn’t of been able to do it. ( Think Eminem) Elvis was not a white artist that sang watered down versions of Black ( Race) music. He wasn’t created by white America as pop starts are today. He sang it the way it was meant, and I believe his versions are even better. He took the Black music, mixed it up and gave the world what is know today as Rockabilly music and now Rock and Roll( and this was in 1954 people-BEFORE Chuck Berry Little Richard ) Big radio stations weren’t playing Black artist like Fats Domino, just like MTV wasn’t playing Black Artist until MJ. Hell- Billboard even had a SEPARATE Top 40 list called TOP Race Music Hits.. Elvis changed all that. Elvis idolized Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr.,Jackie Wilson, he was a big fan of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, and others, and they respected him as well-because he wasn’t a phony..and NOT a racist. I think most Black Americans who lived thru that period know that Elvis felt the music, and gave it power to BREAK down racial barriers for both white and black AMERICANS to embrace and enjoy openly the rhythm that was being suppressed. Learn your history.

  31. chris says:

    Both were extremely talented singers but Elvis never called himself a King, Michael did!
    Michael always wanted to be like Elvis…

  32. Dexter says:

    Hey guys..IMO comparing Michael and Elvis is not like plotting the difference between cake and pie!!!…they both are legends…they were the life source for so many people from their era…I have seen Elvis avatar in so many most popular PC games for e.g GTA…Elvis’s memories are preserved in that way…Michael’s memories are live!…when those will be preserved too, it will be a time to make out the difference in their style of impacting but not to compare!!!

  33. miss clawdy says:

    without a doubt MJ was greatly talented but Elvis can’t be compared he was the 1st to hit the world with such impact for this reason alone is why his legacy will never die. Then there was his charisma his presence above all his magnificent voice he was also that good looking it was unreal. Basically he had everything the full package there has not been anyone since with everything like he had he paved the way for everyone else. The true king even Jacko said this himself.

  34. Jamie says:

    To say Elvis molested Priscilla at 14 yrs old is crazy..it is a known fact that had to sexual contact then…it was very innocent….they did not have sex until they actually married….and they first met when he was 22 ……at least she was 14…still not good but she wasn’t a child….MJ slept in bed with boys under 12…..I liked MJ music…he had an amazing talent…but he was a very sick man…he was only mature on the stage….
    And remember that Elvis accomplished everything he has done without MTV and MASS media….He was the real person that broke color barriers and started the pop culture we all enjoy today..

  35. Shelia says:

    Teefe, your either a child or a complete tosser and wanker, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and are on here to just wind people up with your childish remarks.
    Elvis Presley was one of if not the greatest entertainer that has ever lived and will be remembered for his music and great performances.

    Michael Jackson was a superb dancer but the one thing that he will always be remembered for is that he was accused of being a pedophile, molesting and sleeping with various children.

    That will never ever be forgotten, neither will the fact that he tried to pay off something like 18 million dollars, apparently for something he says he didn’t do.

    I certainly would not pay that kind of money to anyone for something I didn’t do.

    Not just one child accused MJ remember.

    Besides that Michael Jackson will be remembered for his plastic chin, plastic nose, bald head, black wig. face masks for him and his children and his goldfish eyes.

    You can overlook his odd behavior because he was weird as everyone knows so don’t delude yourself.

    He always will be remembered for his dancing and his music obviously but the main thing that people will always remember about this man (NOT BOY) will be his arrest for child abuse, convicted or not, it is always there, and many people will think him fortunate to be found not guilty.

    The only difference between Michael Jackson and Gary Glitter is that Michael Jackson could dance and sing a lot better but the two had a lot in common, and the other difference is that Michael Jackson got away with it, just like O J Simpson, and we all know he was as guilty as hell.

  36. Ally says:

    Well I liked them both very much and I was born after Elvis’s time but loved his music still. The thing about it is I agree that Elvis was a bigger star. Teefe comments really tripped me out because he/she stated how the world has stopped now and how people are still shocked by it…honey do you even know what happened when Elvis died? From what I have heard and seen from back then it was the same way if not more…people sitting outside of Graceland crying like they just lost their son or daughter. And I am happy Bill put Teefe in their place about Elvis’s history.. accusing him of being a racist when his music what based on blues and such. People amaze me sometimes when they get mad if the person of their race is not considered the best. I feel in my heart like Elvis was the king of rock and roll and Michael Jackson was the king of pop however I will say it again I think Elvis had a bigger impression on the world and more fans. Say what you want Teefe Elvis did not molest his 14 yr. old wife. That is something you want to bring up to try to justify Michael paying off someone who did say he molested them. I agree with another writer if the fact you don’t pay someone off if you didn’t do it and it was more then one kid that accused him of it. I will say though I believe he did those bad things I put blame on his upbringing and the effects that had on his entire like. The fact that he grew up like he did messed him up for his entire life and I hope where he is at right now he is living that childhood he always wanted and sang about. LONG LIVE ELVIS THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL AND MICHAEL JACKSON THE KING OF POP !!

  37. Lupe says:

    You do bring up some very good points. I do thing there are similarities between E and MJ. I am an Elvis freak.He is my favorite singer period. I think MJ is right up there.I for one don’t care how many records either of them sold and I don’t see why anyone would care either. None of us are getting royalties from the records they sell. MJ freaked me out with his behavior. I grew up in Gary and I wish MJ would have done anything for Gary.He did nothing. MJ had a problem about being Black. He wanted nothing to do with being black. He turned himself into a white man. He also made a point of having white children. I want MJ to RIP and nothing I said was meant to take away from his talent. I think like Elvis MJ just did not know how to live a life. God bless MJ and his family.

  38. Shelia says:

    No doubt that Michael Jackson was a really good dancer and singer but he was second to Elvis.

    Michael Jackson was I a pathetic state at the end and there is no way he could have done 50 gigs.

    He hadn’t been on stage for years and years and although his mind may have been trying to recapture his youth, he was still a fifty year old man with a bald head wearing a wig and sunglasses.

    His body as we all know was like a skeleton and full of puncture marks from the daily injections.

    He was over 45 years old and still sleeping with boys and girls from the age of five upwards and somehow no matter what excuses people find for that, its just not normal behavior for a man around 45 years of age.

    I have 4 children and one is aged 5 and one is aged 6 and there is no way I would allow them to sleep in the same bed as a 45 year old man, even if it was Michael Jackson.

    He may have used the excuse that he thought and acted like a child but most parents, mothers especially know that a 40+ year old male in bed with young children is just not allowed, especially when they are looking at porn magazines.

    Semen stains were found on the bed clothes and on Jackson’s clothes and he is quoted as saying that it was just normal children’s behavior, maybe it is, but not when they are sharing the same bed as a 40+ year old man, and that’s what Michael Jackson was, he wasn’t a boy he was a 40+ year old man.

    The big question is would any of you reading this allow your youngest children to sleep in the same bed as a strange 45 year old man, I would assume you would say no, ….sharing the same bed with Michael Jackson is exactly the same thing.

    It is NOT NORMAL and you must realize that.

    It didn’t surprise me that he got away with it because O J Simpson got away with murder, Money and top lawyers can get most people off with things.

    In my opinion Michael Jackson did at some times molest and touch children up, both girls and boys and I think he would have treated it as a joke with them to gain their confidence.

    In my opinion he touched and played with their most private parts and used his money, power, Neverland ranch to entice them to stay and do what he wanted.

    When the first child reported the incident Michael Jackson paid around 18 million dollars to try and keep it out of court. From that time he was doomed, he became a recluse, wore masks, had his children wear masks and went on a downward trend that he was never able to recover from.

    In my opinion he was the worst kind of pedophile, he could openly have the children stay with him in his bed, sleep with him and then treat them to what they wanted.

    Children are gullible and as long as they are having a good time, they know no difference.

    Michael Jackson had the money to also buy people off.

    He almost certainly abused these children in bed whilst they were laying next to him, and to turn himself on he would browse the porn mags.

    He thought he was immune to anyone finding out or from being prosecuted, that’s what I mean by the worst kind of pedophile.

    People think of him still as a small boy, he wasn’t, he was an aging bald headed 50 year old man who got aroused by being around and sleeping with CHILDREN aged 5 and upwards.

    He didn’t have the mind of a child although he tried to give that impression, he had the mind of a 50 year old and a skeleton type body.

    He knew exactly what he was doing in taking the drugs, in trying to become a white person, in having plastic surgery,… THIS WAS NO CHILD, HE JUST LIKED TO SLEEP AND PLAY WITH CHILDREN IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE.

    Great Singer, Great Mover, Great Dancer, but that’s it, at the end of the day it will still be embedded in history that this MAN paid 18 million dollars to escape prosecution for kiddy fiddling.

    Then later on he was accused by more children, are all the children telling lies ?

    I don’t think so, would you believe your own children if they told you that Michael Jackson had touched and played with their private parts or would you believe Michael.

    The family can build shrines, sell more records, and hold a huge funeral and can even convert Neverland as a memorial site, but forever Michael Jackson will be known as the all singing, all dancing star who was arrested for sleeping with and molesting young children.

  39. daryl says:

    Elvis will always be the greatest entertainer/vocalist seen in human history. His impact spans the world. No he never got to tour the world as he wanted. But, he reached the entire world without even touring. Both Elvis and Michael were driven by music intensely, it was their passion. Unfortunately Micheal’s childhood was robbed from him, with an abusive father and pushed into show business using fear, a belt or anything else used to whip him and his brothers into perfection of their talent. Elvis’s childhood was much more normal, although he was raised in poverty from Miss. to Memphis, he did live out his childhood and proved himself a star in a natural way, he wasn’t made from a TV show or a record producer, he was self made, a natural star. Michael had great talent in singing pop music and definitely a great dancer, I give him all that credit. For the 80’s and 90’s he was a superstar for that generation. But he ruined his own life with his antics of baby over balcony’s and sleeping with boys many many times over till someone got wind of what was going on. Its a true shame he made these erratic childish and sick decisions. It was his downfall of his career.
    Elvis had many mistakes of his own, but they more affected his own person privately. He always looked good for fans, he had a natural beauty as any man could have, beautiful voice which grew stronger as he got older. He was lonely and always had a curiosity about why he was chosen to be this adored entertainer from millions of people. He had his own demons and he fought them with the prescript drugs. Both of them have their great values for their time…anyone with any sense would agree, Michael made a fool of himself time and time again with his antics, plastic surgeries gone wrong and sleeping with young boys. So naturally it puts Elvis in a much better light.

  40. daryl says:

    oh yeah…Teef…your an idiot that lacks the common sense most of were gifted with, your short changed….you have my sympathy

  41. Shelia says:

    Many people still considered him as a big child when he was alive, even though he was 50 years old.

    He was far from being a child, just because lots of adults in this world missed out on their childhood, many adults like childish things, gadgets, toys etc, BUT they do not engage in having young small children sharing their bed with them.

    Its disgusting and perverted and anyone who agrees with it is just as perverted.

    To put it plain and simple, Grown 50 year old men do not have small children sharing their bed.

    I think the problem is that most people see the Michael Jackson of the 70s and 80s and do not see or realize that he was a 50 year old man, they continue to see a peter pan of pop instead of a grown up male who is probably old enough to be their grandad never mind a father.

    This probably arises from the fact that he nearly always wore masks in public, out shopping or giving interviews.

    Nobody on the planet could visualize a 50 YEAR OLD BALD MICHAEL JACKSON WEARING A WIG, with a PLASTIC NOSE, PLASTIC CHIN and who knows what else.

    A person who chose to live in an oxygen tent for a while, a person who wanted to be a white man having his skin bleached, a person who had injection marks all over his body, a person who wanted his face shaping like Diana Ross.

    This was a boy who had everything, who grew into a man and tried to stop time and live in the past.

    What he didn’t own, he bought, including people and children but it couldn’t save him from self destruction.

    The pictures he had hung in his home were of partly clothed children, a lot nearly naked pictures.

    This is a sad sad story of a superstar whom in my opinion abused small children for years without responsible adults knowing or realizing what really lay behind the mask of Michael Jackson.

    The Neverland theme park was just a way of enticing children into his clutches, it is like enticing them with sweets but on a grander scale.

    “Come to my theme park for a holiday and then you can sleep in my bed with me”

    “You can have these sweets and more, and you can stay at my house and sleep with me in my bed if you want to”

    Any which way is wrong, WE ALL KNOW THAT….

    My uncles a big kid at heart, he’s 50 years old, he missed out on a lot of childhood activities but he wouldn’t dream of asking children to share his bed with him.


    PP may stand for Peter Pan,

    it could also stand for

    Perfect Pedophile.

  42. Curt says:

    K listen y’all hands down Elvis Presley is better than Michael Jackson in every way. Those of you who LOVE MJ, how can you deny the fact that Elvis is bigger, better and made more of an impact on this world than Michael Jackson will ever. Remember that MJ looked up to Elvis and wanted to one day be “bigger than him”..which obviously never happened. Elvis sold a billion records worldwide, made 29 films that weren’t very good but may of which were #1’s because people just wanted to see the King. When you talk about predators..you can’t compare the 90’s to the 50’s..it was common for girls to get married at 16-17 years old then, Elvis met Priscilla when she was 14..when MJ was accused of sleeping with kids, it was common knowledge then how inappropriate that was..not to mention the dangling baby. Elvis gave a large portion of his money away to everybody and anybody, MJ no where close to what Elvis did PLUS everyone gave Elvis the “King of Rock n’ Roll” title, MJ called himself “King of Pop”..the people have clearly chosen there. Plus when 70,000 people get together on Elvis 30th death anniversary at Graceland..you’ll Never..land see that!! There is no comparison, Elvis will never have child molestation charges, many court appearances, almost being sent off to jail for many many years, dangling his kid off a balcony, disfiguring himself and all other weird creepy stuff apart of Elvis’ legacy. MJ make his mark no doubt but it wasn’t as massive as the one and only king of rock n’ roll!! Amen

  43. james says:

    Elvis was the king and only king he sold more records than MJ Elvis will always be remembered 32 years on and still the king MJ was hot the king of music and never will be look at the UK charts when Elvis died he had 12 top 40 albums MJ had only 5 so who his the king I’m sorry but MJ wonted to be like Elvis he even died the same way as Elvis

  44. strawberrychick says:

    Michael Jackson is definitely bigger than Elvis. Why? For obvious reasons, Michael broke down barriers from musical genre to race through his innovativeness and originality. All Elvis ever did was stole black people’s music, swing his hips and exploit his then pretty-boy looks. Michael Jackson was the first artist to have ever reached everyone around the planet pre-internet, admired by all colors, creed, age and race, while Elvis are admired by mostly Southern hicks.

  45. Nigel says:

    ELVIS PRESLEY is 100000000,0000000000,000000 times more talented, better looking ( and yes I mean all through his career ) don’t even bother to say he was a fat drug addict and all the other crap we read about by all those people who never even met him. Elvis is the king and always will be, Michael Jackson was alright but I can’t believe that he is even mentioned in the same sentence as ELVIS, ha its a joke – Elvis is far superior, long live the king, all of Elvis’s songs were FANTASTIC, m Jackson did have one or two, in fact maybe even three half decent ones.

  46. Kevyn says:

    Michael Jackson was a legend. He’s dead now and the main focus is not on what he MAY have done with children. He crossed cultures, races, creeds, and was known worldwide. Elvis trumps MJ in America, but globally MJ is the king. I’ll admit that he might have regressed to a childlike state in his later years, but that shouldn’t detract from his talent. Personally, I do not believe that he molested anyone, he seemed too childlike to do that. Even if he did, his music and fame are still great and probably the greatest we’ll see for a very long time.

  47. Lupe says:

    Strawberrychick you have it all wrong. I think Elvis is the King.MJ may or not be second. Elvis did sell anywhere from a billion to 1.5 billion records,I don’t care.Elvis didn’t steal black music.Elvis sang what he knew. He was influenced by black people. Kids in his school used to call him a N***er Lover because he loved black music and culture.Need I remind you that he did this in the racist south in the 50’s. He helped bring black culture into the mainstream at a very difficult time in our country. Have you every heard of Emmett Till. He was murdered in the south for supposedly whistling at a white girl.Give Elvis some credit. I give MJ a lot of credit but one thing I will not do is give him a pass on his lack of compassion for his hometown of Gary,Indiana. I grew up in Gary.He could care less about us Gary folks.I know Gary is pretty messed us but that’s why I never understood why he could not be bothered with some of the good people of Gary.I’ll say this again that I think that MJ could not stand the fact that he was black. These words are hollow to some people and I understand that. I think we should all think of his family at this time. What he did or didn’t do is all in the past. RIP Mr Jackson.

  48. Lupe says:

    To us Elvis Fans-The death of Michael Jackson will bring his record sales a lot closer to Elvis.I don’t care how many records E or MJ or anyone else and I don’t think the fans of any artists should care either.Are the people that do care get a slice of the pie? Keep this in mind too. MJs record sales skyrocketed after his death just like Elvis. I would not be surprised that one day MJ could pass The Beatles and then Elvis.

  49. John says:

    How can anyone argue that MJ is even close to Elvis??? MJ brought people together of all race creed religion color but in no way anywhere close like Elvis Presley did..Elvis did it when it was MUCH harder..he broke through mediocrity..if it wasn’t for Elvis, MJ sure as hell wouldn’t be allowed to grab his bag in every song! its hilarious people try to compare anyone to Elvis, you can’t..MJ was legend but Elvis still is was and always will be ICONIC. He did the first ever satellite broadcast by an entertainer to 1 BILLION people LIVE..meaning all eyes on Elvis live at the same time, MJ nowhere close, a BILLION records speaks for itself..MJ might get some record sales but 750 million to over 1 BILLION is a big gap to close. If anyone knows anything truly about Elvis is he gave very large amounts of the money he ever made away, I’m not talking about charity donations like MJ..I mean Elvis gave away large portions of what he had. Elvis never performed overseas or anywhere outside of America besides Canada and he still is more popular around the world than MJ, don’t let the media attention on MJ right now fool you..the overseas charts speak for themselves. The fact that people still walking around thinking they seen Elvis alive shows how much people love him, we won’t have MJ sightings..trust me. Last thing..strawberrychick..I lived all over the world and Elvis and his music is loved by far more than southern hicks my dear. Get use to the fact Elvis is the King, MJ just called himself the king and tried in many ways to be like Elvis and has even said it..but he will be remembered as 2nd place to Elvis who was an incredible performer and talent that’s once in a lifetime BUT who probably molested little boys because where there’s smoke, there’s fire!! Elvis you are the KING! MJ, rest in peace.

  50. Shelia says:

    StrawberryChick, you don’t know what you are talking about regarding Elvis & MJ.

    Elvis Presley was much bigger than Michael Jackson and always will be, He was the first performer to be broadcast to over 1 BILLION people live.

    Even Jackson said himself Elvis was the King.

    You are misguided or don’t know your facts.

  51. hmmmm says:

    hmm well nobody knew Michael.
    and use are acting like use have never done anything bad in your life. which I’m pretty sure use have done something you regret.
    If Michael was a pedophile he would of been in jail for a matter of years.
    Did he go to jail?
    No, so there’s your answer.
    Elvis was the best in his time
    Michael’s the best in our time.
    Big difference?
    And maybe he hung his kid out the balcony to show the fans the kid he is proud of.
    And the fans would of caught it anyway.
    So why are you all judging?
    Say if it was your son who died. Your brother. Your DAD!
    How different would it be if people was saying all that.
    I think use all need to get in the real world and have a think about it.
    you didn’t no him! so yeah.
    and he acted like a kid cause he always wanted a childhood.
    and gave other kids it.
    How stupid are you all really!!

  52. Shelia M says:

    Some True Facts About Michael Jackson.

    You can criticize Micheal Jackson for a lot of things, but he always made sure his chauffeur drove slowly past schools

    People don’t know for sure whether Michael was guilty?
    But Several children claim to have fingered him.

    Sex for Michael was Child’s Play.

    The famous celebrity Who claimed to have the most children over the last 10 years was Michael Jackson

    Lisa Marie Presley said to Michael Jackson when he popped her the question? “Yes, I’ll marry you. But promise me one thing… NO KIDS!”

  53. cj says:

    Sheila – Where are you getting the ‘facts’ you have of Michael Jackson at? …I’m just curious.

  54. Shelia M says:

    Did Miichael Jackson Molest These Kids ? I’m not someone that’s often affected by the media, someone who believes everything he reads, someone who would assume a kid is always telling the truth. I understand that most of the cases against him were speculation, that he was never found guilty of his crimes, but I find it strange that someone would not imagine that there was some level of truth to the accusations.

    This was a man who was okay with children sharing his bed, someone who felt there was nothing wrong with having “adult” relationships with children, someone who created a massive amusement park at his home to welcome all the children in, a person who would pay parents off to keep things quite.

    A person who hired OJ Simpsons lawyer and needed over a million dollars in legal fees just to get acquitted, someone who couldn’t explain why a child could possibly identify the exact shape, curvature and mole placement of his private parts ( YES HIS DICK ).

    Yeah, let’s all praise the great performer, the great musician, the great molester.

    Some say it’s about the music, about the videos, about the “art”. Please. He came out with some great hits. Big flipping deal!!!

    This dude was a complete nutcase who had physically destroyed his face in some ill conceived attempt to reach perfection. With no grasp of his falling celebrity he dangled his baby from windows, met the brink of bankruptcy, and kept his own kids in masks to protect them from the outside world.

    He was our shared freak show and some people loved him for it, so much so that we’re all ready to forget the negatives and embrace the positive, 20 fairly danceable songs and a legacy of creepiness.

    Now the paternity test at this point, let’s prove he’s not the father and get those kids as far away as possible from the media circus that will most likely be their lives if someone doesn’t step in.

    If you’re a Jackson fan, don’t take this personal, I’ve seen Thriller more times than I can remember, of course him as a person is a completely different story and I think it’s important not to fall into the hype as I’m sure we’ve all only seen just the tip of the iceberg of illegal activities this god of men has been involved with.

    Anyways those are my thoughts on this whole thing, I’m sure most of you disagree, O J Simpsons Lawyer did a good job for OJ and For MJ, as we all know but in my opinion these kids knew far too much detail about Michael Jackson’s private parts and how did they know about all that, there’s only one way they could have known that.

    He should not have been dangling his thing in front of kids, and why did this man lure kids into his bed.

    The pictures of semi naked kids in his home were disgusting, one even showed him semi naked surrounded by kids with nothing covering their buttocks.

    This Man escaped justice and he was very fortunate to do so.

    He’s dead now but his legacy is sharing his bed with children, being accused of child molestation, arrested for child molestation, being a freak, and finally being a great dancer and good singer and grabbing his crotch.

  55. docj says:

    Nice Sheila that long post solidifies your spot as a true hater. Good job

  56. bill says:

    People, let’s call a truce regarding Who’s better, who’s bigger etc etc. I’m a musician ,record producer and Ive been a record collector for over 40 years. And as an Elvis fan I want to let MJ’s fans know that we know how they feel.
    But, In POP music, every generation has their idols, the true testament to an artists legacy is the music that they leave behind once they leave us.

    What bothers me is when many MJ fans keep saying that Elvis stole “black music”. He WAS influenced by both black and white artists who came before him, that is true, just as Michael was. But because Elvis was white and it was the segregated 1950s, Elvis has to be recognized for opening the door for black artists to get their due. Was it a shame that it took a white man to help make this change? Sure, but again that is history, and the way it was. He took country, rhythm and blues, gospel and helped usher in a new genre of music. BUT he did it on his own, and he always recognized the artists that influenced him, and he went on to make great music throughout his career (which remember ,only lasted 24 years) which influenced many other artists, practically every rock an roll artist from the Beatles to today’s artists. He was friends with Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson, Nat King Cole etc..He, like MJ helped cross racial barriers. The both “borrowed”styles from other artists like Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Ray Charles..but because Elvis was white does that make it wrong?

    Michael “borrowed” styles of black /white performers like Fred Astaire, Stevie Wonder, James Brown etc.. and world famous mime Marcel Marceau. He too, took many styles of music, as well as dance, and made it his own. He also was a fantastic dancer and songwriter, I don’t think any Elvis fan will argue that MJ was much better in that aspect of musical performance. And I realize how he generally had compassion for fellow human beings around the world, and the happiness he brought them. Yes, he may have more fans now as well. The world has many more people in it . The music is easier to reach around the world. Tours around the world are more commonplace, etc etc. Again, that’s just the facts.

    BUT-Both artists paid the ultimate price for their fame. Both artists has their personal demons and flaws. Lets all remember though, that BOTH artists are AMERICAN icons. Its a true testament to America that we can produce the two biggest global superstars the world has ever known that had the ability to touch people around the world. I believe that Elvis Presley himself would recognize MJ contribution to the world of music, -Let them both be Kings of pop music, and lets all celebrate the fact that we, as fellow Americans can be proud that their music will live on and continue around the world for all time.

  57. goody says:

    the difference? Michael was an ALLEGED pedophile who was never convicted of any crime, while Elvis was a PROVEN pedophile for marrying and having sex with a-then 14 yr old Priscilla, there you go

  58. door mouse says:

    In response to John: you said Michael Jackson brought all color, creed, sex, age as one through his music but you give the bigger credit to Elvis for breaking through “mediocrity” (whatever the hell that means). If anything, it was a lot easier for Elvis to bring forth his music to the mass because he was a Caucasian man. You absolutely cannot even say that he was the first of his kind because there were already those who were pioneering the rock genre way before him, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Little Richard just to name a few. The only reason why he got all the attention was because of his looks. People up until now are led to believe that he engineered the genre, but in reality all he did was rehash an already existing template to White America.

    Michael Jackson, however, is a different breed of his own. The man had to work twice as hard as Elvis. Elvis might have helped served the rock and roll platter to America but Jackson brought forth his people’s music TO THE WORLD. Unlike Presley, who obviously carbon-copied dance moves from mainly Jackie Wilson, Jackson took his inspiration from his idols like Brown’s and harness them to create his own unique, ORIGINAL dance moves. Michael created a sound and a singing style that was never heard of before.

    Long and behold, Elvis holds his own legacy, but Michael Jackson is taking the word legacy to another level. Jackson is not just a icon, a superstar or an idol, but a SUPERNOVA.

    no disrespect to Elvis, but as a European who grew up and witnessed the magic of the music that Michael Jackson generated globally can never be eclipsed by anyone, not even Elvis.

    sorry guys, but Jackson wins

  59. Butterrrifffic says:

    where in the world did Sheila get those twisted information about Michael Jackson from? I think I smell B.S. and it’s coming from her nether region that thinks for her instead of her brain.

  60. Dan says:

    goody- What a load of crap. You state “fact” that Elvis is a child molester ,well the only two people that know for sure what happen are Elvis and Priscilla, Elvis is dead and Priscilla states unequivocally that they did not have sex until the night they married. Coincidentally Lisa Marie is born 9 months to the day later. Elvis met Priscilla in Germany when she was 14 and they dated, she did not move to Graceland until 3 years later (now 17). So even if you believe they had sex then, how is having sex with a 17 year old equivalent to molesting 8-9 year olds? Also, they did not hide that Priscilla was living at Graceland and there are many pictures and articles to back this up. Obviously Michael Jackson was homosexual, and a pedophile.

  61. doormouse2 says:

    In response to John: you said Michael Jackson brought all color, creed, sex, age as one through his music but you give the bigger credit to Elvis for breaking through “mediocrity” (whatever the hell that means). If anything, it was a lot easier for Elvis to bring forth his music to the mass because he was a Caucasian man. You absolutely cannot even say that he was the first of his kind because there were already those who were pioneering the rock genre way before him, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Little Richard just to name a few. The only reason why he got all the attention was because of his looks. People up until now are led to believe that he engineered the genre, but in reality all he did was rehash an already existing template to White America.

    Michael Jackson, however, is a different breed of his own. The man had to work twice as hard as Elvis. Elvis might have helped served the rock and roll platter to America but Jackson brought forth his people’s music TO THE WORLD. Unlike Presley, who obviously carbon-copied dance moves from mainly Jackie Wilson, Jackson took his inspiration from his idols like Brown’s and harness them to create his own unique, ORIGINAL dance moves. Michael created a sound and a singing style that was never heard of before.

    Long and behold, Elvis holds his own legacy, but Michael Jackson is taking the word legacy to another level. Jackson is not just a icon, a superstar or an idol, but a SUPERNOVA.

    no disrespect to Elvis, but as a European who grew up and witnessed the magic of the music that Michael Jackson generated globally can never be eclipsed by anyone, not even Elvis.

    sorry guys, but Jackson wins

  62. bill says:

    door mouse- You probably haven’t taken time to read any of my previous posts, so let me tell you some facts-
    Elvis recorded his first records at SUN Studios in July 1954, BEFORE Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Chuck Berry’s first hit was in 1955 and Leonard Chess signed him because he wanted to get away from the blues and record the new sound that the was getting popular. Fats Domino was a boogie woogie New Orleans musician whose first record Aint that A Shame didn’t come out till 1955. Elvis loved and listened to black records of bluesmen, such as Big Boy Crudup and Big Mama Thornton-artists who were not on the pop charts at all, and certainly not known to mainstream audiences. You say it was easy for a white man to crossover in the 1950s? Ans MJ had to work twice as hard?? What planet are you from? Are you nuts? Elvis shocked America and the “establishment ” because he sung what many white Americans called negro music. Your whole statement that it was easier for Elvis to bring forth his music because he was Causation is the EXACT reason why it was incredible that he was able to. You think it was simple for America to accept Elvis? He was kicked off the Grand Ole Opry, he was censored on television. Communists countries banned his records-They did all they can to shut him down.
    As one piercing ’50s observer put it, was “an obvious
    attempt to bring the children of the white man down to the level of the
    Elvis broke down racial and sexual barriers before MJ by using his talent and the new television media to bring it into mainstream America.

    Elvis was not unaware of black music. In fact, he was a fan. The colored folks been singing it and playing it just like I’m doing now, man, for more years than I know, Elvis told reporters in 1956. I got it from them. Down in Tupelo, Mississippi, I used to hear old Arthur Crudup bang his box the way I do now, and I said if I ever got to the place where I could feel all old Arthur felt, I’d be a music man like nobody ever saw.Presley admitted his music had roots in the black community

  63. bill says:

    And I love the way doormouse says that Elvis ” carbon copied” Jackie Wilson, yet Michael Jackson was “influenced” by him. Funny how you use different words that mean the same thing. Elvis and Jackie Wilson were contemporaries and very good friends. They used to call Jackie Wilson the Black Elvis. Elvis paid Jackie Wilson’s medical bills when he had a stroke. Oh and since you brought up Jackie Wilson and James Brown and other black artists here are some quotes you can choke on:

    “Describe Elvis Presley? He was the greatest who ever was, is or ever will be.”
    — Chuck Berry

    “A lot of people have accused Elvis of stealing the black man’s music, when in fact, almost every black solo entertainer copied his stage mannerisms from Elvis.”
    Jackie Wilson

    “I wasn’t just a fan, I was his brother. He said I was good and I said he was good; we never argued about that. Elvis was a hard worker, dedicated, and God loved him. Last time I saw him was at Graceland. We sang Old Blind Barnabus together, a gospel song. I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There will never be another like that soul brother.
    James Brown

    “I remember Elvis as a young man hanging around the Sun studios. Even then, I knew this kid had a tremendous talent. He was a dynamic young boy. His phraseology, his way of looking at a song, was as unique as Sinatra’s. I was a tremendous fan, and had Elvis lived, there would have been no end to his inventiveness.”
    B.B. King

    “Elvis had an influence on everybody with his musical approach. He broke the ice for all of us.”
    Al Green

  64. Violet says:

    Elvis got his influence and inspiration from blacks. He was the greatest in his time.
    Michael got his influence and inspiration from blacks and whites . He was the greatest in his time. Every generation has some crazy intellectual or intelligent performer, artist, writer, poet etc. The more talented they are the more off the wall things they do or say. The odds against Elvis’s career been ruined is slim in comparison to Michael’s. Simple because he stole from the better arena of talent and perfected it for his generation. There will be one to come after Michael Jackson. He was 19 when Elvis died. so they both are pirates, crazy, innovative, great performers awesome singers, like younger humans, highly sexual, self destructive, and are both extremely loved by all of us even if its just zealousy. They are both free to roam, something we didn’t let them do.

  65. Shelia M says:

    The Information is from police reports, statements, witnesses and facts which can be viewed online.

    Michael Jackson the man, approx the same age as Gary Glitter admitted to having kids sleep in his bed, NORMAL ???????????????

    I just don’t think so.

    If Butterrrifffic has young children, then obviously he/she would allow them to sleep in the same bed with 40/50 year old men by the way the post was replied to.

    None of the information is twisted, it is all true, Jackson admitted it himself.

    He was found not guilty, the same as O J Simpson, and we all know that O J Simpson was as guilty as hell.

    Just because you are found not guilty, does not mean that you did not do it, all that it means is that the jury decided you didn’t do it.

    That fact is proven with O J Simpson.

    And Michael Jackson had O J Simpsons lawyer defend him.

    Which ever, what ever way you look at this, IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR A 50 YEAR OLD MAN TO HAVE KIDS SLEEPING IN HIS BED WITH HIM.


  66. Shelia M says:












  67. Curt says:

    Bill you are the man..when the greatest musicians of all time even MJ himself are quoted on saying Elvis is the King and there won’t be anyone else like him..that means NOBODY! Michael Jackson is not close. A billion records and over a billion people watching him live at the Aloha from Hawaii concert is clearly far greater than anything MJ did. And for doormouse what mediocrity means is that Elvis broke through ALL barriers that made it even possible for MJ to do anything remotely close. Elvis simply changed the world…MJ just made himself very successful on the road Elvis paved. For those who honestly believe MJ is bigger than Elvis..you clearly don’t understand music and history, its just your opinion based on no facts cause the facts clearly favor Elvis tremendously..do a little research if you don’t believe me PLUS look at the other greatest stars of music, producing, movies etc say about Elvis..that is he is the King and always will be..even MJ, so Elvis is #1 if anyone likes it or not..and it ain’t changing

  68. Curt says:

    And may I remind goody..back then it was common for girls to get married at that age plus it was a chick!! MJ was all about little boys…ask anyone if they would leave their little boy with MJ proven guilty or not..common sense says something isn’t right and if he was so innocent, why pay that family off with 20 MILLION DOLLARS? obviously trying to close that chapter quick..then ANOTHER kid where he got charged, arrested and acquitted because of good lawyers..again, common sense says..where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Goody, hope you ain’t a parent!

  69. Donte says:

    Well, I don’t know too much about Elvis and little girls, because I never looked it up. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Everyone tries to hide what Elvis Presley did, as if he never did anything wrong. Hes just the big white hero, if Elvis was black oh you better believe he wouldn’t be as big as he is. Because did you know Elvis Presley stole blacks music. That is why it was something new, because it was something whites haven’t heard, because they did not play blacks on the radio. Also, nobody likes to talk about Presley’s last days, he was fat drugged out and they found him on the toilet. But when it comes to Micheal Jackson everyone wants to talk about the negative things. Nevermind, the fact that is like the most popular celebrity and music icon in the WORLD!!! Not just United States, but the WORLD!!! And Thriller was and is the top selling album of all time and there is no question about it. And white people seem to be the only ones who think Elvis Presley is the King of Rock, and can count how many people who don’t think Micheal Jackson is the KING OF POP

  70. Donte says:

    And Elvis Presley did not pave the road for Micheal Jackson WTF. He didn’t do anything for blacks, or the world. James Brown paved the way for Micheal Jackson to begin with. And Micheal did more for the world than we can even imagine!!! I don’t hear people bumping Elvis music all the time, but I always here Micheal Jackson, his music still sells, and is popular in this generation like 40yrs later! Micheal Jackson set the stage for a lot of artist we have today even some rock bands Fall Out Boy will tell you that. But artist like Beyonce and Rihanna and Chris Brown and Usher! and Justin Timberlake! And way way way more. So that bullsh** if you don’t think he did something for the world. If Micheal Jackson is known throughout the world, then he must have done something for the world

  71. Curt says:

    Hahaha Donte..you need to check, re check and check your facts again!! Did you hear what you just said?? a kid in grade 3 would of said something more intelligent!! Elvis STOLE black music?? what a thing to say…He was clearly INFLUENCED by BLACK music, WHITE music, BLUES, COUNTRY..etc. What a ridiculous comment!! Elvis was only shown from the waist up on Ed Sullivan in 1956 because they refused to show him shake his hips..and 30 years later MJ is grabbing his crotch in every song on stage, hmm..don’t you think Elvis broke down that barrier?? if not, stop talking!! What about the racial barrier..if you recall, they condemned Elvis for singing that music and dancing and shaking his hips at a time where black people weren’t even allowed in some diners and movie theaters!! and here is Elvis singing rock and roll, don’t you think that paved the way for MJ?? Music as a business and as a communication to humanity was forever changed after Elvis Presley OBVIOUSLY! Nobody’s saying Elvis is perfect, we all know the prescription drugs and the eating etc..when you become the biggest star EVER and ON EARTH..it destroys you one way or another..at least he didn’t molest children which is about the worst crime there is!! By the way, I hear Elvis pounding in cars and houses all the time…if you recall, they remixed a little less conversation in 2002 and what happened, it went to #1 in something like 30 countries around the world..You even said MJ helped influence ROCK bands…and who started Rock n’ roll?? Elvis..people played banjos, guitars, sang, and all kinds of music then..Elvis created rock and roll from the music he was influenced by, besides MJ himself called Elvis the King and said there won’t be anyone like him..so you know more than MJ?? can’t see it. Elvis is #1..MJ is #2 but their both iconic and will never be forgotten..but when you compare, MJ loses everytime besides thriller being #1 album in history. Thank you, thank you very much!!

  72. bill says:

    Good point Curt- let me add this for Donte- Donte your a big fan of Michael -that’s great. There’s not one Elvis fan alive who denies Michael Jackson tremendous popularity I’m modern music and culture. You have every right to love Michael’s music. BUT- I constantly here from black kids that Elvis STOLE black music. Let me give you a little history lesson, and its not a slam at MJ. Elvis grew up listening to obscure black blues man on the radio, he bought their records. He loved black gospel , blues as well as Country. When he went in to record his first records, he chose to sing these songs, and rock it up a little bit with country licks and rhythm. It WASN’T the blues anymore, it was Rock and Roll. This was before Chuck Berry and Little Richard ever recorded . Elvis never denied his love for black artists. What he did which was ingenious in 1954 was to release a record with one side being a Hillbilly song, and the other an amped up version of an old blues song. He brought the two styles of music together for the first time, just like MJ did when he brought Eddie Van Halen to rip a rock solo on Beat it.
    The press called him Elvis the Pelvis, just as they called MJ Wacko Jacko.
    EVERY black artist acknowledged that Elvis broke down the door, which let them follow thru. Is it wrong to give credit to a white kid who felt this rhythm and brought it to a much large audience, which had never been done before. There’s NO DOUBT that Michael was aware of the impact that Elvis had-and I think Michael wanted to have that same impact-and you know what, he did. So I give him props.

    Just as Michael Jackson wasn’t a black artist singing for the black population, Elvis wasn’t a white artist singing for the white population. They both crossed racial barriers, but Elvis Presley did it first- I just think that black Americans never wanted to give him respect for that, so the old story of “well he ripped off black music, and Chuck Berry was first, blah blah..)
    I think that you will see that many Elvis fans know how you are feeling right now, as you lost a performer who was an idol to you. We are actually have much more in common than you think, and so did Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. But there was one man who was crowned King first.

  73. FanofBoth says:

    I’m sorry, but Elvis never molested anybody. The beginning of his courtship with Priscilla was highly chaperoned and her hand in marriage was approved of by her parents. Elvis may have wound up a little off his rocker, but he was a polite and religious southern gentleman when he met his future wife.

  74. Curt says:

    Once again, your absolutely right Bill..All the best to the MJ fans out there..its been 32 years since Elvis left us too soon and MJ fans feel the same pain, couple days before Elvis died he said his concert coming up was going to be the best he ever had..eerily similar to MJ. MJ’s talent was amazing and all of us lose because we will never see MJ’s comeback. Goes to show how being the biggest stars on the planet in history like Elvis Michael Jackson were comes at the greatest of costs! God be with em’, may they rest in peace..all the best to MJ fans around the world, us Elvis fans will help you through it cause only we know how it feels!! and whoever says Elvis stole black music, should go back to school and get educated.

  75. J&J says:

    One thing that I have not seen discussed here, is that Elvis did the very first world wide satellite televised concert, Aloha from Hawaii. It is estimated by entertainment industry sources that the concert was viewed by 1.5 billion people. That was back in 1973, so for that person to suggest that Elvis was just a US phenomenon is just plain ignorant. Elvis’ impact on culture and popular music, was without doubt much bigger then MJ’s. In addition, when Elvis was alive, there was no MTV, YouTube, etc for people to see him and download his music, and 32 years after his death, he is still the standard bearer for all others ,even the Beatles to be measured against. Elvis has fan clubs in almost every country around the world to this day!

  76. AIDAN says:

    Elvis is the man pure and simple his concert show are playing sold out gigs all over England next year including the 02 arena in London !! February (my brother is going) Elvis on a giant video screen and the band playing live along with him hes been gone 32 years and can sell out arenas all over Europe, about 600,000 people visit his home every year second only to the white house !, Elvis was by far the most charismatic performer of all time he had a stage presence that was amazing just walking on stage and he didn’t have to grab his crotch to get a reaction

  77. RIP-MJ says:

    Both Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were great performers, but personally I feel Michael was a better talent because he wrote his own songs (and we are talking about songs like “Heal The World”, “Earth Song”, and “We are the World”). Coming from Asia I also feel Michael had a much bigger influence WORLD wide than Elvis. His music left marks on youth of at least two generations. For a lot of us he was part of our American dream.

    What I honestly don’t understand is why such a true American icon was treated so badly by media from his own country? It absolutely sickens me that till this day even after his death I still see people saying horrible things about him. I did my research and read up on those two child molest allegations against him and I am convinced that he was indeed innocent. He was definitely weird towards the later years. But who wouldn’t be if one had to suffer false accusations and having every single move ridiculed by the media for the past 10+ years? I don’t even dare to think what he went through.

    Also one thing that has been conveniently left out in major media coverage is his charity works. Michael Jackson supported 39 charity organizations. The Millennium-Issue of the “Guinness Book Of Records” names Michael as the Pop Star who supports the most charity organizations. He donated more than USD$300 million to various foundations. Music aside that is another reason why I like him better than Elvis.

    Michael Jackson was a great performer, and most importantly also a great person. May the truth come out one day to clear his name. His achievement would be much greater if his last years were not ruined by media.

  78. john B says:

    I feel sorry for you if your influenced by the American media and accept whatever music is deemed popular by MTV which is owned by huge American corporations. Too bad you don’t go looking for good music yourselves and research all the great artists America has produced . You never heard of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Gene Vincent,Eddie Cochran,Buddy Holly?, and I can go on and on,or do you listen to whatever passes as “music” today? If so, I feel awful sorry for you. And if you think Michael Jackson is good. Michael Jackson was OBVIOUSLY a homosexual -possibly a pedophile, who tried to-mold himself into a person who cared more about how world famous he can become. Perhaps to make up for his low self esteem and abused childhood..He did this by essentially molding himself physically into a non-gender, non-threatening, peace loving save the children of the world “Jesus” figure, who could not be identified by any one race or segment of society. All this is an obsessive quest to become a world wide worshiped idol, all the while never coming to terms with his own homosexuality and insecurities. Which is why he suffered alone. He must have really loathed himself. To me he really is more pathetic than any artist in the world You’ve all been had, hook line and sinker.

  79. chris says:

    Elvis voice was unbelievable – Elvis singing talent was unique! You can hear that in all of his songs!

  80. Curt says:

    Another differance between Elvis and Michael Jackson is..when people screamed at Elvis “your the King!!!” Elvis would respond annoyed..”Nah honey I’m not the King, there’s only one King and that’s Jesus Christ” as where MJ called himself the King of pop..obviously all about self promotion..nothing wrong with that I might add but shows the diff bewteen the 2 and how one did everything to make himself as big as possible to catch Elvis and Elvis never went around calling himself King of anything! Michael Jackson is now and will always be a sad figure of a guy who had great talent and made his incredible mark on music, pop culture but who’s career disappeared in the last 15 years, almost went to jail, went broke, dangled his baby over balcony, disfigured himself and denied it and now died of drugs..its sad but people will remember what he contributed to music primarily and what made him famous in the first place…which is how it should be. But Elvis is far bigger and made far more of an impact on all of us than MJ, I can explain in detail why but its obvious to anyone who actually knows a little something about both. Great point to Aidan, Elvis is still touring haha..sold out shows to watch him on a screen plus he single handedly made Las Vegas and by that I mean Vegas was nothing like it was after Elvis Presley performed there which is why you see impersonators EVERYWHERE..not to mention he had a tougher schedule of performances than any other performer, musician, entertainer in history that ultimately was a major part to his demise. Nothing but respect for MJ cause its a sad story what he became and he was a guy that clearly needed help but Elvis Presley is and always will the the greatest to ever live. Plus I don’t know if anyone seen that poll years ago about who was the most recognizable face dead or alive in history..it was Elvis Presley from the many thousand they polled.

  81. yaya says:

    First you have to understand the white mental state to understand why the say Elvis was better. 1) whites believe that they started rock in roll and it’s there music. 2) They have no clue what was going on in the jook joints with black performers. Rock in Roll was called N-music or jungle music(fact). This fact tells you that the music Elvis brought to the whites was already being played by blacks, just because you did not here it does not mean that the tree doesn’t make a sound if you are not there to hear it. Heart Break Hotel is a blues song. Elvis states that he got the music from the jook joints in Mississippi where I am from (the Delta). Chubby Checker gave whites there first dance(the Twist). Also anytime a white is able to perform like black in the arts that white is the best because they did not see the black do it or because the their person is black. Example of white mental state, they don’t believe Elvis was a molester, reason 1) it was a different time. 2) She said that they didn’t do anything, but date. 3)They got permission. If your black no doubt, white you get the benefit of doubt. These are the same people that made a rule that you can’t dunk a basketball in a game because blacks were dunking on whites. You can fight all day in a hockey game but if blacks with football gear on fight it’s cost them 20,000 dollars. Elvis was the white’s Michael so I can understand a little, but whites make this decision by bad mouthing Michael. Fact is Michael wrote, Elvis did not, Michael produced, Elvis did not, Michael created his own moves, Elvis copied. Now having said all that a white is going to say that Michael copied dance from others (Fred). The difference is that Michael used moves of others with his own created moves. Elvis did not like to hear that he was the King of Rock in Roll because unlike his white comrades he knew better than to think that and that is why he gave credit to the black artist that he learned from. I loved Elvis but I know where the act came from. I’ve seen James Brown, Little Richard, Sam and Dave, Buddy Guy etc. Michael Jackson took the game to the next level. So as a white person try real hard to be as objective and honest as you think you are and realize that Michael Jackson is called the King by whites for a reason. He was the best. Michael Jackson Forever.

  82. RIP-MJ says:

    yaya, very good points. 10 years in the states and I never really believed in racial discrimination. But with what happened to Michael I can’t help thinking that media would be a lot nicer to him (and wouldn’t make up lots of those lies) if he were white. His talents can’t be taken away, but his life can be and was destroyed.

    To John B, trashing a dead man is NOT going to make your idol look any better. You don’t have to agree with me, but at least try manage to disagree with class.

  83. Curt says:

    Bashing and making fun of MJ isn’t cool but pointing out his flaws in is life..just because he’s dead doesn’t mean we ignore the ridiculous stuff he’s done. Elvis is bigger and made a greater impact than anyone in history, MJ did great things too but on nowhere on the scale Elvis Presley did. Sure MJ did write and produce..that’s great but he still did not make as big of impact as Elvis. Props to Michael for that but we’re talking who was bigger overall. We don’t look at Elvis as a molester not because race has anything to do with it, its because those were the way of the times then. Most women were married by 20!! That’s how it was and the parents were well aware..you can’t compare MJ with his little boy allegations in the 90’s and 2000’s to Elvis in the 50’s and say its white people givin him a break, that doesn’t make sense. Elvis sang live to 1.5 BILLION people live, a quarter of the worlds population at the time..LIVE, that’s incredible and this is before any technology..no cell phones, internet, pay per view, etc.. That’s pretty amazing considering all these 1.5 BILLION had to go to their little TV’s not hop on a lab top at work or wherever..plus Elvis still tours the world and sells out wherever he goes on a VIDEO SCREEN, been the highest earning dead celeb since 1977, sold 1.15 BILLION records and counting, People still claim they see Elvis alive, its estimated a few hundred people committed suicide the day Elvis died..most notably a woman with 4 kids at home jumped in front of a train, Elvis had a #1 hit in something like 30 countries in 2002 with the remix of Little less conversation (while MJ was still alive), 68′ comeback special was one of the most watched shows in television history, many people passed out when Elvis was singing too..guaranteed a lot more than MJ! Elvis had the toughest schedule of performances by any entertainer anywhere, anytime..Elvis made estimated in today’s dollars of a BILLION, MJ could only borrow not even half of a billion secured by his rights to the Beatles catalogs not his own music!!, Elvis made Vegas himself..which is why it is what it is today. Also, MJ hasn’t performed in years because his popularity in North America totally disappeared, which is why he was going to start his concert tour overseas to get the momentum to bring it to North America. Black people have been trashing MJ for years and MJ has been the punch line of everyone’s jokes for years..its just inappropriate now to say such things, look at Chris Rock in Kill the Messenger, he clearly rips MJ down to a whole audience of laughing cheering black..and white people. So race has far less to do with it than your making it out to be. Elvis always said he loved black people, black music and THAT along WITH country/rhythm and blues is where he got his INFLUENCE..then he turned it into his own, with his own brain. Every major performer including MJ said he can interpret and sing a song like no other, MJ said Elvis is the King, there won’t be anything else like him too. Elvis clearly paved the way for MJ..Elvis was breaking down barriers 25 years before MJ was around. Elvis didn’t call himself the King because it says in the bible to not worship false idols..which people made Elvis out to be a God when he was just a regular guy..and he was a very humble individual..that’s why he never called himself King and got annoyed when others did..because like he always said, there’s only 1 King and that is Jesus Christ..the people bestowed that title on Elvis, MJ called himself the King of pop out of self promotion..which there’s nothing wrong with but Elvis didn’t have to..I can go all day, it should be clear by now who made a greater impact on this world and music as a whole. No disrespect at all to MJ..sad where he lead his life and what happened to him but he made his mark on us all too. May he rest in peace and may you all know who the greatest in history is, was and always will be…Elvis Aaron Presley.

  84. Curt says:

    That’s also not to mention Elvis being sent off to the army at the peaking of his career which was career suicide for anyone else..He served his country then came back and took it over!!

  85. bill says:

    yaya- You seem to make some valid points, but they are flawed and Ill tell you why. It is a common misconception that whites think they started Rock And Roll. Many Elvis fans know that Elvis was influenced by Black Rhythm and Blues, Gospel and white hillbilly. But Rock and Roll is also a mixture of country music. Bill Haley and Carl Perkins were making the same type of mixture of music, called Rockabilly. True Elvis fans know Elvis listened to both black artists and white. He went into Sun studios and recorded a mixture of both one side hillbilly song, the other a rocked up blues standard.-something that NO black artist has ever done. I personally was influenced by Elvis’ music in the 1970s as a young kid, but because of Elvis I researched the original records of Ray Charles I got a Woman, and Big Boy Crudup , so because of Elvis I actually became a fan of the black artists that preceded him. My main point I’m trying to make , is that the only ones claiming that Elvis “stole” black music, or that whites think they created it are the black Americans, because of the fact that racial bigotry in the 1950s still stings. It HAD to be a white kid to bring black music into white America, ( perhaps its a shame that it was, but that was the 1950s) Elvis praised the black artists he was influenced by-because he honestly loved them. Black folks forget about the white influences that Rock and Roll has, notably hillbilly music like Bill Monroe and Hank Williams-they forget about that, because they never listened to it ( how many black country fans are there, and for that matter how many black Country artists?) The great Chuck Berry was just as much influenced by white pop and hillbilly artists as anyone, that’s why his music is legendary. But that’s not put down by Black Americans because he was black. But even Chuck Berry, and I love Chuck Berry, couldn’t be the King of Rock and Roll-because Elvis was crowned first and went on to become a world entertainer ( something that I wish Mr. Berry would have done had he not been content to sit on his laurels). And for the flip of a coin, so to speak, it had to be a BLACK artist as talented and good looking as MJ to bring RB Soul to the white kids in middle class America. It’s time to put to rest the myth that Elvis stole black music-black Americans have to come to terms with reality and realize Rock and Roll was not just black music. Would they be content to go back to the days were we had separate Top 40 charts for both black and white? Or maybe we should kept calling it Race music? Or would they only be content if a black man was crowned King, which seems to be why there is so much fervor over MJ being crowned King. Just don’t blame Elvis Presley for doing what he did, and opening doors.

  86. John B says:

    To Rip-MJ

    My comments were just my observations. I’m not naive, I may not be a fan of MJ’s music but I’m not blind, I can recognize that the man had talent. My point was that I don’t think that MJ never came to grips with his sexuality, and I believe his lack of love from his father, as well as being introduced to show business at an early age, contributed to his odd behavior. I don’t respect the man because I think he let his obsession to become loved by millions, at the cost of his own persona ( physical and mental).
    If I was a little harsh, then I apologize- I just can’t stand our obsession with entertainers ( Elvis included) when there are real heroes in our everyday life. Sure, both men made music that made people happy-but at what cost to themselves and the people in their immediate family?
    I’ll close by saying let both men rest in peace in the arms of the Lord

  87. yaya says:

    Once again hearith begins the lesson, Bill you are wrong and hearith begins the lesson why. It occurs to me that you think that country and rockabilly was started by whites. Here is some history for you, the music that was listened to during the forming of this nation was not country music. It was the sound from the old country (Europe). The black slaves began to form there own music and guess who out there with them, poor whites that worked for the masters as well. When the black partied the poor whites were right with them. Has it not made you wonder why old country lyrics are just like blues lyrics(women gone, drink alot, women cheating, no money and fighting etc.) Same tempo as well, the masters had a violin. The slaves get it and it becomes a fiddle. Rockabilly same thing black field workers partied poor white right with them. Also who do you think was the entertainment for white, the slave and later field hands and they played there music that they created outside the masters house. For some real history, the banjo is an African instrument not just drums look it up and the banjo is the foundation of country music(battling banjos song). Elvis rocked up blues song are you kidding, you really have never heard the blues. As I stated this before Elvis brought a sound to the white masses the black already heard and was playing. As for how many blacks are fans of country music you would be surprised but just like rock and roll if was stolen by whites and blacks created another form of music that is the main musical form for the world. The belief that Carl Perkins was the first is beyond belief. It would seem to me that if the black race can create rock, blues, r&b, rap, reggae, jazz could at least make the step from blues to country and make a left and do rockabilly which they did. Now about chuck berry resting on his laurels once again the white mental state is amazing. To say that it was his fault that white controlled music biz that is historically documented as being racist toward black artist was really the flip of the coin AMAZING. Blacks could not use the same bathroom do you really think they were going to let a black artist be the king of music they first hated because it was black, remember rock in roll was called N-music before rock in roll. The same thing is going on with MJ. You name Carl Perkins Bill Monroe and Hank Williams music thinking that black don’t know the artist but unlike whites, black know the tree makes a sound even if you are not there to hear it. To understand what I mean in school history books whites discovered America even thought Indians were already here. That like me finding your house putting a flag in your yard and saying I discovered you and writing down as factual history. As I predicted Elvis with a 13 yr old would be put off as it was a different day and time, I tell you what Jerry Lee Lewis really needed you guys when he did it and lost his career. It did not seem to be so different a day or time for Jerry Lee Lewis and to say that writing and producing is no big deal, please tell when your album is coming out. Look, I like Elvis watched all his movies but look just because he brought ice from black land to white land does not make him better than MJ. Black had already seen his act in the jook joints. I know Elvis is like Jesus to whites because he did make the blind whites see what he saw and copied. MJ came along when all eyes could see and made us not believe what we all saw black or white. When you saw him dance don’t kind yourself you knew things had changed and to not like MJ are for the same reason disco became hated. You could not learn the moves or you just was not cool. He had run from age 4 to 50 with no bad music and if this was a comeback, comebacks don’t sellout within the hour. Save the trouble of lying to yourself and bring up history you only know from watching VH1 music history and really do some research because I must say one thing about the white mental state, you all will write down a lie in one book but write the truth in another. Learn to accept disappointment like Adolph Rupp (Kentucky basketball coach) look it up. Michael Jackson is was the greatest performer of all time. Michael Jackson Forever.

  88. yaya says:

    Just a little more, I don’t think MJ was a hero by no means it just that there needs to be a understanding what has happen to entertainment because of his death. True musical performance has died. Watching someone be perfect at what they do and truly perform is over. MJ would cut the music off and hold the crowd with just his talent alone(legs & voice). I hope you enjoy performers walking back and forth and telling you to wave your hands as they act like they a going to beat you up for $20 & up or some girly figured rocker screaming he hates his father for $20 & up. Well now you got it.(give me Pearl Jam, Soundgarden any day)

  89. Adewale says:

    good night MJ

  90. Curt says:

    Yaya go back to point #83..your wrong. You make a few good points but screw the facts to what you want to believe. Priscilla was 14 when she met Elvis with knowledge of the parents, Jerry Lee Lewis married his younger COUSIN!! that’s called inbred!! MJ paid off that boy “he was in love with” 20 MILLION dollars, they went on what the kid called their “honeymoon” to the world music awards..which they didn’t attend..they stayed in MJ’s hotel, all day and night. When the kid was interviewed he talked in detail what he did with MJ which was sexual and described the blotches on his genitals which are accurate…MJ’s career fell off the radar for years, its just now that hes dead that people are paying attention. Do you not remember MJ getting booed off stage in 2005? they wouldn’t even let him sing one note!! Yaya I’m sorry but you do not know the facts..

  91. Jamie Kelley says:

    Everybody arguing needs to cool it. Michael has just passed, and Elvis has been gone for over 30 years. I’m 29 years old, and a huge fan of both. I’m writing this at the conclusion of his funeral, which I’ve been watching on television.

    I’ve gone back and watched a lot of the old footage and documentaries about Michael.. and it has a whole new connotation. Even as someone who is disgusted by the media, I’d let all the press and allegations turn my thoughts about him to a point, even though I always respected him as a performer. Seeing the same things now, I feel differently. This is obviously someone we didn’t understand, who’s sad/stolen childhood gave him a perspective that 99% would be hard pressed to understand even after explanation.

    All the talk about Michael’s music being so universally loved is wonderful. Some of that freedom is owed to Elvis. He paved the way and broke down musical (and some social) barriers, but being from the south at the time made you a “dumb, undeserving hick”, and all the talent in the world couldn’t change the minds of the media and the “old guard” who were happy to tear him down so that their favorites could hope to thrive.

    Being a man who knew he was a role model, he did his best to keep personal demons private. Due to this, when things leaked after his death, the media wasted no time making him the joke that much of mainstream society sees him as. They didn’t understand him, and they didn’t want to.

    Michael enjoyed the fruits of that road being paved… but when the signs of his demons started coming to light, it was worse – they tore into him just as they tore into Elvis, but at least Elvis was dead by the time they were firing their worst shots.. Michael had to endure it personally. Regardless of how much of that press he may have brought on himself, I wouldn’t wish that kind of scrutiny on anybody.

    To compare their successes as competition is folly of the greatest order. Elvis broke ground in many ways. Michael broke ground in many ways, too. Elvis sold more records than anyone. Michael’s “Thriller” sold more than any other album, and few (if any) performers constructed every aspect of their stage show the way Michael did (and that includes Elvis).

    Michael was the natural progression of music from what Elvis had carved, just as Elvis was from what others like Bing Crosby carved before. And for it, they were put onto the highest pedestals we could find at the time. We put our hopes and expectations upon them, and they paid the price for it.

    They are both among the greatest of all time. That, and nothing more, and nothing less, is the most fitting accolade that can be given to any performer.

    And speaking as an Elvis fan.. maybe.. just maybe.. we can hope that if understanding can be given to Michael’s life.. maybe, *finally*, the same obvious courtesy can be then given to Elvis.

    Those are my two cents, for whatever it’s worth.

  92. yaya says:

    Ooh, I forgot 14 was legal, you are correct SIR. Thank goodness the parents knew that wealthy Elvis was molesting there child. Sound like money was very beneficial. Here is the question if your child was molested would you take a check and drop the whole thing. You pay people off because even if you are innocent you can not risk the outcome and as seen on LAW and Order If you take the deal 5 yrs, if you fight the case and loose 20 yrs. Now if the child was correct in all you say the D.A. must press charges regardless if the parents wanted to drop the case. The parents new just what the were doing take the check and run. Same question, if your child was molested how much money will you take to drop the whole thing. When you reply give a money amount please. Because if you would not take the money then that child parents are scumbags or liars. Now of the radar, HE SOLD OUT WITH IN THE HOUR. He has been putting out jams since the age of 5 and his albums were all number 1 around the world except for the great white mental state of the United States and if Jeffy boy doesn’t know about something it must not be true. Now to prove that I know what whites think, you are going to make a big deal if MJ did not sell out within the hour not realizing that the man who is off the radar SOLD OUT. If you sell out that many date it is not a comeback you never left. Go to the mirror look at yourself and just say let it go. Because I want you to know that you just said that it was okay to be with a 14 yr old if the parents know about it. Please get back to me with the amount of money you would take to let someone get away with molesting your child.

  93. yaya says:

    Jamie Kelley, good two cents.

  94. michael weirdo says:

    how the fu** does he name his son blanket he is high or some sh**

  95. Jamie Kelley says:

    Yaya – actually, with her being 14/15 and him being 23/24, it’s a 9-ish year spread that wasn’t “as” badly looked upon as it is/would be now. It wasn’t good, but not seen “as” bad. Not a huge amount of time before Elvis was born, girls did marry young and a girl over 24 or so was nearly considered an “old maid”. That sounds so weird to say now, but it’s true. As history changes over time, it’s sometimes hard to see the old perspective after enough years after the change (much how many artists today take for granted the roads Michael, Elvis, and other paved that got music and culture where it is today). Speaking on that point (and I say this just for the information of anybody who may not know), Elvis and his generation of artists ushered in an era where youth largely control the trends in the music industry. Now that’s just something that’s a “given” in many musical markets, but before then.. teenagers weren’t a spec on the industry’s mind since they didn’t have money yet to buy their own records and generally like whatever their parents liked (again, that’s speaking generally).

    Elvis made his intentions to “marry her someday” very clear to her parents early on – words that, depending on who in the Elvis circles you talk to, would come back to haunt him.

    As for Michael, it’s hard for people to see a 40+ year old man with the mind (in some ways) of a child. I can just imagine how going through what Joe Jackson did to those kids would do to a young boy. It partly explains Michael’s obsession with perfection which lead him to greatness, but also his to-other-seemingly-obsessive need for the environs of childhood.

    For many who we would call geniuses, that which makes them great also risks to undo them. Hank Williams Sr., for instance, wrote his best songs when he was in the most miserable moments of his marriages.

    Those of us in the music business, and everybody else, can and should see these stories as a warning to find ways to deal with whatever demons we may have ourselves. If we ignore others’ stories, we’re doomed to repeat them, as the saying goes.

    Just explaining from my thoughts, hope that helps. :)

  96. Curt says:

    Oh yaya..once again that makes no sense, 14 TODAY is inappropriate, not in the 1950’s!!! I’ve clearly already explained this..women THEN for the most part were married by 20 years old..so its not child molesting plus they got married and were married till the 70’s!! Like I already said you cannot compare MJ molesting 8 year old boys in the 90’s and 2000’s to Elvis seeing a 14 year old girl in the 50’s and say its the same thing..obviously doesn’t compare or make sense lol. And yes MJ sold out his comeback tour..but it was overseas, not in north America because he knew his popularity disappeared. Plus his tour was called “This is it” ..I would do anything for an MJ ticket too if I knew “that was it” for him..plus that’s not a big deal cause Elvis has concerts overseas that also SELLOUT and that’s just old footage and him on a screen!! which trumps him selling out arenas in person don’t you think? and why in Neverland would MJ have sensors to notify him who’s close to his bedroom and pin pads to get in his room, build a amusement park and spend all that time with all those little boys (not even little girls)and have all those little boys say MJ touched them AND MJ paid off that kid 20 million if he was innocent?? Obviously he wasn’t but whatever..so please don’t paint Elvis and MJ in the same brush and say they were both molesters cause clearly there’s a big difference and one was a predator, so who would you leave your kids with Elvis or MJ? MJ is an amazing singer, dancer and entertainer nobody can take that away but yaya you screw the facts my dear and Jamie Kelly, I totally agree with your 2 cents and I just gave mine..we’re up to 4 now.

  97. Jamie Kelley says:

    Well, we’re kinda up to 4.. thing is, I’m trying to reconcile both sides.. sure, Elvis is my no. 1, but I like both – a lot.

    Going back over the footage, I really, truly do not think he was a predator. It’s telling that the same attorney was a part of both cases (as was said on CNN or one of those..). Most of the kids they found wouldn’t say he did anything. There’s more, but I don’t remember it now.

    I remember many of the things the press said, but the more I go back and look, the more of a different outlook I have on it.

    All MJ fans are in pain right now – and all us Elvis fans should know first-hand what that’s like and understand. We can’t paint them with the same brush simply because they’re different people – some of the few similar brushes we could use would be their love of giving to charity and their being dynamic performers and talented artists/interpreters.

    They’re both among the greatest in history. Because of all the various factors and differences, that’s all that can be said without undermining the accomplishments of others who had proportionate success in their own day. :)

    Again, not trying to start anything, just trying to help. :D

  98. yaya says:

    Hey, Curt in the 1950’s it was still illegal to be with a 14 year old. Now if your excuses make you feel better about the fact that you find it okay hey, that on you. I guess I will be seeing on Date line NBC. Walking into the girls house naked and being arrested yelling I’m only 9 yrs older. You talk as if you know MJ did that, the FACT is you don’t know(FACT). You may feel like he did it and believe it but that does not make it so. It is FACT Elvis was with a 14 yr old girl. It is FACT that in the 1950’s it was against the law. Curt you say that y’all are up too 4 cents but I have been dropping $100’s on y’all since I started. Why would MJ worry about doing shows in the good old boy states, when I’m loved around the world USA is not the only game in town anymore. As you so nicely put it even you would do anything to see the KING of music MICHAEL JACKSON and that my fiend makes Michael #1. Hey Jamie talk to your boy he is way above his level. By the way I am not painting MJ and Elvis with the same brush. Elvis was a molester(fact) and Michael was not(FACT), ask Jamie. Now Curt, I asked you a question. How much money would it take for you to drop charges against someone that molested your child. You can bla bla all day long but the question remains and if you have the guts to answer that question, look in the mirror again and you will have the answer to the question if MJ did what you say he did or you have a whole new set of moral question you need to answer for yourself. By the way you never said anything about the fact that the D.A.(district attorney) has to press charges regardless of the parents taking the money and dropping the case. So you have 2 questions think long and hard. Oh ya I’m up $500.

    Michael Jackson #1
    Elvis, whatever

  99. Shane Woodbury says:

    I am also a fan of both Presley and Jackson, and sadly I think both are victims of the clash and division of white and black culture.

  100. Curt says:

    Oh yaya..Elvis never got arrested, charged or even had a trial to prove if he even was innocent or not..he IS and WAS the most famous man on earth, the police and D.A knew ALL about what Elvis was doing especially since her dad whom his daughter was hanging out with was a general in the AIR FORCE lol, so SEX is illegal but Priscilla said herself they never had it till they were married..and my dear yaya what do the countless little boys say? They were touched by MJ, they touched MJ, MJ masturbated them, MJ gave them Jesus juice aka wine, had pad locks on his doors, alarms in his room in case anyone was coming down the hall, passwords to get into his room and he built an amusement park lol..two words for ya Emmanuel Lewis!! said himself him and MJ went on a quote “honeymoon” to the world music awards which they didn’t attend because they spent all day and night in MJ’s room because they both had the “flu”..where again he said “they had sex”..so the kids lying?? if he was why did MJ pay him off 20 million dollars? the lawsuit was dropped because the D.A says and I quote “We have concluded that because the young boy who is the catalyst for this investigation, has recently informed us that he does not wish to participate in any criminal proceedings where he is named as a victim, that we must decline prosecution involving Mr. Jackson” exact quote my dear AND MJ was never allowed to see him AGAIN..EVER!! by the courts, PLUS it all started with him explaining MJ’s genitals and the spots he had on his genitals by the boy which are (FACT) AND even Latoya Jackson spoke out to stop MJ and I quote “I cannot and will not be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small innocent children, I have seen checks to the parents of these children and its for great amounts and I’m not speaking pennies” Direct quote aka (FACT)..hmm, his closest bodyguard knows what happened..he said when asked.. “Ya know..sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” he was always with little boys, there’s a secret hidden bedroom behind MJs room at Neverland..I’m sorry your in such denial about this but if you want to talk about facts..I just did, your facts are not actual facts..its just your opinion. Its clear to anyone who has common cents, even 4 like me and Jamie that he’s a CHILD MOLESTER. I would get an MJ ticket just to see him perform his TALENTS (which no one can deny) or BOO him off stage (depending how I felt that day) like they did in 2005 where he tried singing but the fans in England never gave him a chance..they booed him offstage (FACT)..So yaya, you can try to argue but you shouldn’t, your wrong clearly and clearly don’t have any facts..I liked MJ for what he did artistically but I refuse to pay all this respect to a child molester..hell Mike Tyson got acquitted of all charges when he beat up and raped his wife, which the evidence was pretty clear but ironically the same lawyer MJ had, got MT off those charges which nobody can believe to this day..point being, its called GOOD LAWYERS..which is why they pay them so much of this $$$$$!! God will deal with MJ like God only can, the guys dead and I pity his soul cause it takes someone pretty messed up to do that, then build like 15 feet tall statues of yourself after (FACT).. but when you try to compare the two entertainers, read a little further up why Elvis is obviously the greatest entertainer ever..facts speak for themselves.
    Elvis is #1/ KING..The thing that we should all not forget about both..is Elvis and Michael Jackson are the ONLY 2 entertainers to bring white and black people together across the planet like no other performer before or since.

  101. Curt says:

    ..I don’t want it to sound like I hate Michael Jackson cause I don’t, he created dance and music videos like we see it today (with a lil help) he’s an Artistic genius..personal life a whole other story!! He gave more to charities than anyone else (on record)..made amazing music…so props to MJ for that and may he rest in peace now. Elvis fans like me, will be there for MJ fans like you cause we share that common bond of losing the greatest of all time..even if MJ is #2 ;)

  102. yaya says:

    Curt, You have just proven that the D.A. and the general thought that it was okay for a grown man to be with a 14 yr old girl congrads and that you read and believe the tabloids. No man with countless witnesses and pictures is not going to have charges for molestation pressed against them unless the D.A. had a deal with MJ. You have convinced me of one thing, you think it okay for a grown man to be with a 14 yr old. Look Elvis did not write or produced music and he copied blacks dance moves. The only thing Elvis did was show whites what blacks where doing that the white population had no clue about.
    All that evidence and no charges press, Please stop before the cops start monitoring your computer because you think a grown man and 14 yr old is okay. Michael Jackson writes, produces music, created dances saved MTV when they vowed never to play black artist. Stop all the excuses and answer question because you are digging a hole that is showing your true self. Like the man that gave America it’s sound Barry Gordy said, “MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD”. Answer the question:



    Michael Jackson is first and Elvis is the first loser.

  103. Jay says:

    I am surprised a few guys here are comparing MJ with Elvis. Elvis is the king and MJ or any other singer can even be equated with him. Elvis changed the music scene single-handedly. I do not have anything against MJ but Elvis continues to be the undisputed King.

  104. David Singapore says:

    Elvis is the Man King , Micheal is the Boy King , Robin Hood vs Peter Pan .

  105. Presleyterian Angel says:

    It’s awesome that there is so much love for both legends out there and people are getting quite worked up defending their love for their idol.

    And here is my defense:

    Lets just think about it. Michael just died, so of course there is suddenly a lot of people who are feeling very passionate about him. Amazing how his records sales are suddenly rocketing now. I guess dying was a fantastic career move for him! He certainly couldn’t beat a man who had been dead for 30+ years before 25 June 2009!

    Elvis has been dead for 32 years, has fans all over the world (I’m in NEW ZEALAND, and certainly no southern hick – and I wasn’t even born before he died.) Elvis’s popularity grows every year, and he has been the highest earning deceased artist for several years running (with the exception of last year I believe). Elvis had over 30 number one hits. Michael had 13, both over a 20 year period.

    Elvis DID IT ALL before the days of music videos, internet, digital sales etc. Elvis never toured Europe, Asia or Australia, yet he is known as The King worldwide, and he is adored worldwide by young and old alike. So if you were to compare Elvis with Michael in today’s terms – I absolutely believe Elvis would destroy Michael a hundred times over.

    Michael was great in his time, but his time passed by the mid 90s and he has been nothing but a scandalous recluse and freak show ever since. Before he died, it was almost an embarrassment to admit to being a Michael Jackson fan. He has left behind a legacy… of pedofile and plastic nose jokes. He will be remembered for this just as much he will for his music and dancing ability.


  106. David Singapore says:

    Elvis loved Grown women , Micheal loved Young Boys.

  107. David Singapore says:

    But Both are just as talented in terms of music . But Elvis had the better charisma & was more handsome and appealing to women .

  108. Nick says:

    How can you people even put Michael Jackson in the same sentence as Elvis?? It’s the music that counts here and while I have the utmost respect for MJ his library is vastly inferior to that left by the one and undisputed King.. love you MJ but there’s no contest..

  109. maya says:

    Whatever you say people, Michael Jackson is and always will be the greatest performer of all time for us younger generations. MJ had made a big difference in this world through his music and nothing can change that. Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion and this is mine. Rest in peace MJ, you will forever be remembered.

  110. yaya says:

    Hey, all you people, I bet all of you where not even born when Elvis was around. stop lying to yourself. As far as a catalog MJ has had hits since the age of 5. MJ’s music can’t be inferior to a man that did not write or produce music. Elvis was a show pony. He had a sign that said, “play music will copy black moves”. You all have George Costanza disease ( it’s not a lie if you believe it)(Seinfeld when he had to pass a lie detector)

    The only thing Elvis changed was that white began to think it was okay to move the pelvic region.
    Michael Jackson #1

  111. Curt says:

    Yaya I think the crowd has spoken, Elvis doesn’t compare to MJ. And that’s not tabloids by the way lol..those are quotes from the investigation..so again, get your facts straight..if you have any at all. I’m saying its OK to HANG OUT with a 14 year old girl in the 50’s, AND you must be saying its OK to MOLEST 8 and 9 year old boys in the 90’s and 2000’s!! that’s worse ya know..to answer your question, no amount of money will be enough AND I wouldn’t have to worry about that anyways cause I wouldn’t leave my children alone with a pedophile!! How much would it cost to pay you off?? since you would obviously leave your kids alone with him. Sorry yaya but there is no comparison..its not even a close call, Elvis is by far more superior than MJ will ever be. Once you spend some time and learn about history and especially music history, you will see that..

  112. yaya says:

    Listen I bet that everyone of you people was not even alive when Elvis was around, you know how I know this because not one of you have ever mentioned the time you saw him live or on TV when he was alive. So please, Grandma and granddad lied to you. Elvis was a show pony. He did not write or produce any music but if you gave him some money he could dance like a black person. Now where have I seen this act before, oh ya, BRITTNEY SPEARS. Another thing not one of you play any music from Elvis much less own his records.



    BRITTNEY SPEARS (she didn’t get as fat as Elvis)
    then there is ELVIS

  113. Shamanka says:

    What’s the difference? Elvis had a three octave vocal range. Michael Jackson had one range and it was high pitched (I personally don’t like high pitched voices).

    Priscilla Presley has repeatedly said that she did not have sex with Elvis until she was legal. Anybody who says differently is therefore basing their accusations on opinion without an accuser/witness to back it up. Nobody ever accused Elvis of child molestation, while Jackson was accused at least twice. One time even resulted in a criminal trial. I find it very hard to believe that his accuser would go all the way through a criminal trial if there was not at least some truth to his allegations.

    As for their parenting – everyone witnessed Jackson dangling a baby over a balcony. But as you admit yourself – you are only imagining if Elvis was a bad parent. And it’s silly to blame Elvis if people think Lisa Marie turned out bad – Elvis died when she was nine. That means her mother must have had a greater impact on the way she turned out.

    As for their physical appearance, Elvis was one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen, and it was natural beauty. He only got fat the last 3-4 years of his life. Of course he was eating too much, but a lot of people start gaining significant weight at that age (late 30s to early 40s) even if they don’s start overeating. So IMO many people overlooked his weight gain because they could identify with it.

    Conversely, Michael Jackson sliced up his face to the point that he eventually looked like a cat. Very, very few people can identify with that and it was just plain creepy.

    About the only similarity I see is they both had a drug problem as have many other entertainers. But Jackson is the true freak of the bunch with his sliced up cat face, bleached skin and so forth.

    When it’s all said and done, I’d wager than in five years Michael Jackson will be a distant memory while Elvis remains popular more than 30 years after his death. And that’s because Elvis vocal range and tone have timeless appeal, while Jackson’s squeaky one-dimensional voice is very 1980s.

  114. Curt says:

    Amen Shamanka..meow!!

  115. Curt says:

    Yaya how do you know when I was born or what I listen too? sounds like your basing that opinion on the same thing you based all your other opinions on..NOTHING! No factual information, just random comments. I did see Elvis live twice and listen to his music regularity. Your odd statements and non factual based opinions need re-examining my dear, hate to break it to ya but reality is Elvis is way bigger, better, more successful and MJ isn’t even in his review mirror..get use to it, it won’t change.

  116. Warren says:

    I’m an Elvis fan but it pisses me off these “fans” who just blindly ignore Elvis’s many low points and there are many of them. These diehard fans make the rest of us who like Elvis music (and more importantly in this case other artists) a bad name. I’m tired of stories and lopsided numbers to support Elvis or discredit other artists. Mariah Carey has 18 number one Billboard hits versus Elvis’s 17. Does that make her the better performer? I don’t think anyone thinks that. But all lot of Elvis fans bring out numbers to support Elvis. All one has to do is look at the music and unfortunately with Elvis there are far more rock bottom low points that any other artist I can think of .

    Elvis never wrote anything, how difficult is it to record a great song that has already been made great by someone else?

    People talk about the Sun years, even those years are questionable as he was only covering the Black artists of the day. Some would say without any credit to those original artists. But lets not also forget god awful crap soundtracks of the 1960s. In 1967 The Beatles gave the world Sgt. Pepper, yet Elvis would give us Clambake.

    A poster mentioned that Michael would not go on stage unless being addressed as the King of Pop at one concert.So what. There are 100s of examples from the 1970s were Elvis should have NEVER even gone near a stage in the first place. Even the most die hard fan must acknowledge that an Elvis concert in the late 1970s was a hit and miss affair between a horrid drug induced mess to mediocre rambling lackluster show at best .As for those who state that Elvis never played to an empty seat, that’s true but it’s just smoke and mirrors as Colonel Parker had Elvis play smaller venues to prop up that claim . The great King of Rock n Roll only played two large stadium concerts in his entire lifetime? Yet the Rolling Stones played multiple stadium concert dates in 1975 alone.I guess more people wanted to see them.

    Elvis may have started Rock n Roll (well for us slow white folks at least) but then he got left behind in the dust, he became a bejeweled obese parody of himself dying on the toilet. He had a great voice and the looks (for a while) but Michael had those same talents (he lost the looks too) but he had the added talent of being able to write great songs
    and that puts him in a category with the likes of the Beatles and Dylan .Yes I know both those artists would politely credit Elvis, but it was Elvis that would have to sing their songs in the end. This is the reason why Elvis is NEVER referred to as a creative musical genius while others such as the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson are. He could not write the songs.

    To those who can only point to Michael’s personal life rather than his artistic output . Just because Michael seemed really weird in comparison to the rest of us, it does not make him a pedophile . He was also found not guilty of all charges by a jury . So for all of you who seem to be stating otherwise, maybe now you can solve some other crimes or do other hillbilly endeavors like look for Bigfoot. While your doing that I’m going to paint a painting that looks a lot like a Piccaaso so you diehard Elvis fans will think I’M the greatest painter that ever lived.

    Long live the king

  117. yaya says:

    Curt I was not just talking to you but the rest of your comrades. Shamanka saying MJ had no vocal range it sounded like the 80’s, some how the 50’s sound was better, shamanka go away. MJ changed everyone of you all live, I remember when MTV first started, I went to a white private school and when MJ video aired, later the Motown review you all lost your minds. Stop talking, ever time one you say something it remind me o how pathetic you all can be just to believe in something that is not true, Elvis had 3 octave vocal range MJ had one high pitched voice. (GEEZ) You all will say anything.
    Curt if you saw the show pony Elvis Spears then I understand why you think the way you do and say anything to cover up that wrong thinking. Just like most whites in that time you had no clue what was going outside the white bubble. There is an actual study proved that blacks could not fly plane because they could not see well at night. My point is you don’t need a slide ruler or statistical analyst to know a lie from the truth when you hear it and by the tone of your writing I can tell that the truth of my words are ringing loud in your ear. You and your comrades have made more excuses for Elvis or dumb claims. 1.D.A.&general knew about 14yr with grown man and said it was okay.
    2) the times where different then 3) they were only 9 yrs apart 4) Elvis said Jesus was the only King 5)Elvis was the most beautiful man ever. 6) Elvis Spears had 3 octave. I am stopping with that on because Shamanka has given the most igmo reasons about Elvis Spears. Elvis could not write or produce music, buy if you payed him he could copy a black man’s dance patterns. Oh, Curt it changes when you first saw MJ. You give MJ props all through your writing. You were alive and old enough to really see country at most racist state. That why this hurts you so much and make you and your friends condone a grown man with a 14 yr old. Still no answer to my question CURT. HOW MUCH MONEY do I have to finish curt. Please don’t type the cat noise. I know you and your friends have more MJ records than Elvis Spears.


  118. Curt says:

    Well Warren good points on a few fronts, we don’t ignore Elvis’s downsides at all, if anyone knows them its diehard Elvis fans..We all know his prescription drug addiction which fueled his insatiable appetite and his ramblings and lying down on stage..but the argument is who is the greatest of all time, people may have their opinion but the facts show Elvis Presley clearly as the greatest, without question..which we as Elvis fans have to use to show why that’s the case. Most MJ fans think because he had the most successful album of all time that makes him the greatest or the fact that he wrote his won music makes him the best..but the truth is, he is not, Elvis is…then when personal lives are compared, you cannot compare an alleged drug addicted pedophile to a a drug addicted guy who ate too much. He wasn’t proven guilty but that’s clearly because of good lawyers and in the Emmanuel Lewis case..it was MJ’s 20 million that kept that cat in the bag..Latoya Jackson even spoke out publicly about his taking advantage of little boys. Its pretty clear by now what happened. When you talk about things like clambake being a low point you have to realize that was a movie song..in which Elvis hated but was forced to make because the contracts he was obligated too by Colonel Parker BUT the good things is he made 29 movies, MJ or any other musician is close to that. Elvis maybe never sang in many stadiums BUT he did sing in front of 1.5 BILLION people around the world LIVE which was a quarter of the population of planet earth, before internet of common media..that trumps all the stadiums rolling stones or whoever played in. Elvis was human with his downsides like every other human but look at his life in depth and see he gave most of his money away to random people, friends, family and charities which nobody kept track of cause Elvis wasn’t about that, he just did it..he sold more records than anybody, sang to more people than anybody, made more money than anybody (in today’s standards), and made such an impact on people that 70,000 people gathered at Graceland 30 years after his death to say Thank You AND still sells records every year, has been the highest earning dead celeb, Graceland makes 28 million a year and on and on…these are all measurements how his music touched humanity and nobody compares..like I’ve said not even close. Not to discredit anyone else but there’s a reason they call him the KING, because he is. To correct you on a point too is Elvis didn’t die on the toilet, it was actually on the bathroom floor. Plus Elvis performed 4 weeks up to his death if he should of or not, most times it was forced MJ hasn’t been on stage in almost a decade before he planned his “last” comeback tour

  119. Curt says:

    My dear yaya..I do give MJ props cause he deserves respect for what he did in music and artistically – which I’m more than happy to give to him because artistically he deserves it…just like Elvis Presley does which you give him none if you love him/hate him. None of those statements I made that you repeated are not lies, us believing in something that isn’t true or a matter of opinion..they are FACTUAL INFORMATION. 100% FACT..and when everyone puts their opinion aside, the FACTS clearly show Elvis as #1 and MJ isn’t a close second, that’s the plain old truth. You can bring race into it all you want how he stole this and how he stole that but he was INFLUENCED and when his own brain comes up with how he dances or sings..that’s not stealing..if it was you would of heard many Elvis’s which obviously there’s 1 and he is the KING and the best you will ever know in your life yaya. PS give it up with the 14 year old lol..they didn’t have sex, it was the 50’s, the police and air force knew about it and nobody ever questioned it EVER. if it was even the smallest issue, the media and police would have been all over it..besides as an MJ fan you can’t throw things like that in the face of Elvis fans because we got you beat with SEVERAL 8 and 9 year old BOYS..not only worse than 14 but the SAME SEX, more perverted!! and if you call Elvis Presley, Elvis Spears haha..How’s bout I call Michael Jackson..Jack-off? since 12 little boys all said that’s exactly what he did..

  120. yaya says:

    Warren, you have renewed my faith in America. I know what I say may seem racial but it’s not, it’s just the way it is. Curt, the 20 million was not paid to Lewis, the payment was to the child and parents that dropped the case and the D.A. with all the evidence you say they had did not press charges.(that not a lawyer trick that no proof) Do some more reading, Emmanuel Lewis said that Michael did not touch him, you have the internet look it up. All the evidence that you claim the D.A. had you need to try and get the D.A. at the time thrown in jail, let it go. Elvis was a hip shaking PAT BOONE and if you saw Elvis you saw Pat Boone. They both did the same thing copy black artist records as if it was theirs. Little Richard said, that he sung tooty fruity fast so that Pat Boone could not cover the song. (he did anyway)The fact is Elvis was a show pony and you bought the ticket because you didn’t know better. Now that you do know better it hurts. Elvis did not create anything and just because white people like yourself thought he was an original, because you didn’t know any better is not a winning argument. Warren stated it best. MJ created his whole package from age 5. Blacks were already moon walking (look up Jeffery Daniels from the music group Shalamar)
    But MJ took it to a new level that made blacks lose their minds. I feel sorry for you curt and others like you, it seems like the civil rights movement just came and knock down your door causing you to use anything but true creative talent to discredit MJ. A decade past since MJ was on stage and maybe a album, but he sold out within an hour when it was broadcast. Save yourself some time and just accept. MICHAEL JACKSON THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD. ( not just USA )

  121. alfian says:

    No Sir… You can’t compare Elvis to Michael Jackson. Because MJ is just a follower. He is just a imitator of a black artist before him. But Elvis is a pioneer who break all the barrier between white people and black people. It’s very important! Because there would be no good music (especially black music) in this world without Elvis! So Elvis is a hero in all kind of music in this world. He is an important figure in 20th century.

  122. David Singapore says:

    Yaya , Micheal was like a Kid trapped in a man’s body .

  123. David Singapore says:

    Yaya , Micheal once said Elvis was the King , so why do you talk so much ?

  124. Frank Lee Reed says:

    I was 8 years old when Elvis died. I remember it as though it was yesterday. I will be 41 this September. June 25 will be another day I will never forget. I enjoyed the Jackson 5 cartoons of the 70’s and I remember seeing the Thriller video in my English high school class.

    They were both great entertainers. They were successful in their respective generations. I think we can appreciate both for their achievements.

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who sold more records, was more creative, or which was more bizarre. What matters to any fan is how much entertainment and pleasure their work gives. Both were successful in providing an abundance of entertainment. That is what is important to me — and it is all that really matters.

    I hope Michael Jackson is at peace. His passing is the end of a great era. His legacy will go on and on. Elvis has been dead for almost 32 years. His legacy is legendary. We are left with the music and videos of both. That is enduring. The rest belongs to them.

  125. Curt says:

    Thank God there’s still people out there like Singapore and Alfian who have common sense..what they said is what it all boils down to..your focusing on race when Elvis transcended religion, race, creed etc and did it first and the greatest. He opened that door for everybody who followed..didn’t your man MJ once say it don’t matter if your black or white? Its his music and the man behind that makes him King aside from his all his accomplishments, awards and recognition, who cares who he prayed to or what color he was. He was influenced by Black people, White people, Country, Blues, Gospel etc..whoever those individual people are Elvis knows and always gave credit too, its a testament to those who did influence him but it took only Elvis Presley to be Elvis Presley..Yaya you don’t nearly give him the respect he deserves, anyone who truly knows Elvis Presley, respects. Your wrong yaya, hate to be the one who has to tell ya this but Elvis is the one and only King, has been since 54 and always will be, God bless his soul.. TCB!!!

  126. Rob says:

    Elvis died when I was in middle school so he was a little before my time. MJ was from my generation but his music wasn’t to my taste. So since I wasn’t a big fan of either, I think I can offer an unbiased assessment of the differences between them.

    Elvis had a regular guy persona that people could relate to but MJ turned himself into a carnival sideshow. So I think that’s why Elvis isn’t called crazy or hated as much.

    MJ had so much cosmetic surgery he looked like something out of a horror movie by the end. Like it or not, people are judged on their appearance and he looked like a “psycho freak”. Plus he was born an African-American male but died looking like a white woman. That’s freaky in most people’s eyes.

    Elvis had a flamboyant wardrobe but his appearance was otherwise normal. He could not have had cosmetic surgery because his daughter looked exactly like him (until she had cosmetic surgery as an adult). Elvis got fat when he started getting old, but so do a lot of other people so it’s considered normal.

    There were also differences in their public behavior. For example, I’ve seen old clips of Elvis talking about raising his daughter. He told amusing stories that all parents go through with their kids, so it gave him a “guy from the neighborhood” quality.

    MJ kept towels and veils over his kids faces all the time. I don’t know anybody that can relate to a guy hiding his kids faces like that. And don’t even start with the “he was shielding them from the press” meme. Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy and Elvis were the most famous people in the world when they were alive but they managed to raise their kids without veils.

    And despite the veils, it was obvious that MJ’s kids were white which led to doubt that he was the biological father. Again, I don’t know anybody that can relate to an African-American man artificially creating little white babies to call his own.

    And aside from their kids, Elvis usually came across as a nice, normal guy whenever he was interviewed. MJ usually came across as a weirdo. Just think about that interview where he talks about sleeping in the same bed with young boys for one example.

    I can’t really address the child molestation issue because Elvis met Priscilla before I was born. What I know about that is my parents never liked Elvis because he “started up” with Priscilla when she was underage. So I’m certain that at least some people held that against him.

    And I have to comment on your disturbing belief that “no matter how old someone is if it’s consensual sex then it’s alright”. You must be a very uneducated person if you really believe that. A 12-year-old does not have the same capacity or wisdom as an adult to “consent” to sex, regardless of how mature he or she may appear. That’s why there are laws against it.

  127. yaya says:

    Alfian, how can one be a pioneer of something when it already existed, if I find your house can I get credit for discovering you. There would be no good music or black music with out Elvis, be silent, grown people are talking.
    David Singapore, it is called be respectful nothing more.
    Be silent grown people are taking. Frank Lee Reed, I hear ya.
    Curt, Elvis cover already recorded black songs, you have to pay for that or you are stealing. Elvis said himself that he watched the black performers dance in the jook joints in Mississippi. Elvis was smart, to have enough sense to know that there was gold in them thar jook joints and when the team around Elvis saw the white girls fall out from those swinging hip. Then knew there was gold in them thar hills and to don’t destroy that golden calf.(biblical)

    Curt, is it okay for your 14 yr old to date a grown man if she says there not having sex?

    All those molested boys over flowing amount of damaging evidence and the MJ walks out the court room jumps on top of a van and starts to dance and the crowd goes wild.
    Something is not right Curt, either MJ was that powerful, which really would make him #1 or it all a lie. I say that because even the catholic church which has power over countries could not get itself out of trouble. I know you love Elvis and I know truth hurts but the man did no write or produce one song that proves he had no creative ability. They set the bait and you chomp on it and now they got stuffed and mounted on a wall and thus you travel to Memphis to see his tacky house.

    From the age of 5 Michael Jackson has had hit after hit after hit and the only reason you have given that MJ is not equal to Elvis Spears is that you know and not the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES that MJ committed crimes and Elvis Spears had permission.

    I guess I will wait to hear your name on Date line NBC to catch a predator, “screaming Elvis Spears did it and I talked to the father”.
    This is great, I actually get to witnessing all you thought you knew and believe shatter like glass.


    PS. ask your kids who is better show a tape, my bad you don’t have anything tape to show your kid about Elvis Spears. Michael Jackson forever #1

  128. Bill says:

    Yaya- You seem like an intelligent guy-but Ill rebut some of your points. First let me say that I’m well aware of musical history in America. Over the past 35 years Ive amassed a record collection of nearly 30,000 records, starting with Edison cylinders. I will not argue where the music ORIGINALLY came from, or the influences. My point on the Black/White issue is this, and I hope I can make it clear. I don’t believe that Rock and Roll is a black form of music. The music that was being performed in the black juke joints and clubs was primarily jump blues, or solid blues. The music played primarily in the white honky tonks were Western Swing a la Bob Wills, or the Carter family. Both types of music still originated with African American Spirituals and Hymns but somewhere along the line both whites and blacks had their separate “versions” of it. Also of course “POP” music on the charts were songs written by American composers and sung by lily white performers like Jo Stafford, Bing Crosby and the like.
    Both Elvis and Carl Perkins grew up in the deep south as did Johnny Cash. Perkins picked cotton along side the African Americans. He learned to play guitar using and old cigar box taught to him by a black formers slave he called Uncle John. My point was not to discredit the black influence on these white cats, both Perkins and Presley have credited where they got their influence-but they were the first guys to take ALL their influences and create Rockabilly. I’m not arguing the history of Rock, I’m arguing the fact that people say guys like Elvis and Carl STOLE the music. Was it wrong to play this music that they called “feel good ” music? Perkins certainly didn’t go out and play honky tonks to get rich-he was a guitar picker who wanted to perform. Ive met Carl Perkins a few times in my life and hes one of the most humblest guys Ive ever met, and grossly underrated.
    Anyway back to my point-many of the top artists at the dawn of Rock and Roll took influences from both Country and blues. Chuck Berry ( whom I love dearly) was influenced by hillbilly music, when he played black clubs the patrons would wonder who this black Hillbillly was. His songs were written for the white teenagers who he knew would make him rich. Why is it ok for Chuck Berry to do the same thing that Elvis or Perkins did, yet he was influenced, where Elvis and Carl stole. Is it just because Perkins and Presley were white? Sure, it was a shame that it took a couple of white artists to bring Rock and Roll to the white audiences-but don’t blame the messenger. These guys were much more than the manufactured artists like Pat Boone and Fabian. Elvis and Perkins were the real deal, as were Chuck, Fats, Little Richard. Over 50 years later it seems that the white artists don’t get respected and we keep hearing about how the black artists got screwed. Don’t cry for Chuck Berry or Little Richard-they did quite well, and are legends.

  129. Bill says:

    yaya-to hopefully make my point a little clearer, or maybe you can make your argument clearer to me , I see that you stated that Michael took the moonwalk a little further that made blacks lose there mind. Which is a true statement, many people don’t realize that he didn’t invent the move ( he perfected it yes) But had Michael been white, would you be saying that MJ stole the moonwalk from black artists? Of course not, that would be ridiculous right? Well whats the difference if I state that Elvis took Rock and Roll and took it a little further to make people lose their minds? ( and I can argue that he did take Rock and Roll a little further, many of his Sun records are far superior to the original versions. Yet he gets blamed for stealing it. Help me understand your reasoning.

  130. Shamanka says:

    No yaya – you go away. Whether you like it or not, Elvis had a three octave vocal range meaning he could sing equally well in tenor, baritone or bass. Jackson had a one octave range, nothing special about that at all. Most singers have a one octave range. Look it up if you don’t know enough about music to recognize a singer’s vocal range.

    And Elvis had staying power over 3 decades – 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. And I’m not talking about his Clambake-type garbage. Suspicious Minds, Just Pretend, If I Can Dream, In the Ghetto, Always On My Mind and their respective albums were all successes after his post-crappy movie days. Not to mention Elvis crossover appeal in Rock, R&B, Blues, C&W and Gospel.

    He also has staying power 30+ years after his death. He’s usually the number one earning “dead celebrity”, including in 2008.

    As an adult, Jackson’s style and music were stuck in the 1980’s dance/pop genre. He’ll probably be the number one earning dead celebrity this year and maybe next, but after that he’ll start to fade.

  131. Arianna says:

    “Which ever, what ever way you look at this, IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR A 50 YEAR OLD MAN TO HAVE KIDS SLEEPING IN HIS BED WITH HIM.

    Shelia, go f**k yourself! just give us one concludent proof that he molested them, not just sleeping in the same bed with them. I slept in the same bed many times with my father or my cousin. that doesn’t mean a thing. everything you say are ungrounded accusations, for which you have no proof. if you haven’t been in that place at that time, you can’t know for sure what happened. I’m sure that Elvis and MJ are laughing together now, seeing you trying so hard to seem smart. they were both kings, and that’s all that matters. their personal life is none of u’r business, that’s why it’s called PERSONAL. obviously, you sweet Shelia, don’t have one, as you feel the need to comment other’s. I feel sorry for u

  132. alfian says:

    What’s wrong with MR. YAYA? Why so emotional? All Elvis fans, please ignore MR. YAYA. Maybe he is too much in love with Michael Jackson. He just must to face it. In many ways, we have to thank Elvis for everything he’s done. He made our world filled with many kind of music. Without Elvis, there will be nothing…

  133. Curt says:

    Well said people..Bill once again, very articulate and I hope yaya understands this. The 3 octave vocal ranges is something most people don’t know about Elvis, so for yaya to say he was a show pony with no talent is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard since MJ didn’t do anything inappropriate with little kids!! but to shamanka’s point..Can you see MJ singing gospel?? Like How great thou art or Never walk alone??? not without embarrassing himself he can’t. Elvis didn’t steal anything, he took what he learnt and touched more people than anyone to this day! 50 cent said himself Elvis is someone who can’t be duplicated or replicated and did something no other artist has done..3 6 Mafia covered In the ghetto because they and their mothers loved Elvis very much so that was their way of expressing their gratitude to the quote “KING”, they even say Elvis has started most of what you see in rap today with the entourages- that carried guns, women, jewlery aka bling, mansions. Your facts are scewed yaya like saying Emmaunuel Lewis said nothing happened? where did you possibly read that? They stripped MJ naked at Neverland based on Lewis’s account of MJ’s genitals hense why they stripped him down in the first place..Yaya, clearly your wrong and we all know it..that denials holding you back from reality my dear, I think Bill explained this well, if you need pictures, I can draw :)

  134. Nick says:

    Yaya.. get you facts straight.. I’m actually laughing.. if you really believe what you say then I pity you.. by the way I was 7 when Elvis died!! saw all the Jacko phases and I’m sorry.. NO CONTEST!!

  135. yaya says:

    Shamanka, here is why you need to put your fingers in your pockets. Hererith begins the lesson, all this greatness that you say Elvis had, he still put out crampy stuff by you own words. That must have been when he tried to write and produce his own stuff.(i stand corrected) Michael Jackson from the age of 5 has never put out crampy stuff. You talk like the 80′ was bad, some of the best rock, rap, r&b, and true country came out of the 80’s. You can not say that about today’s music. Know one knew you were an igmo until you open your mouth. Be silent, Grown people are talking.
    MJ #1

  136. yaya says:

    One more thing Shamanka, it doesn’t matter how many octave a performer has because when it is show time the people only care if you sound good even if it is half an octave and that half octave can make them feel something.
    MJ did that, that is what being a performer is all about.

    I am going to waste time and explain something to you, just because MJ’S last album was not #1 in America, he was in the rest of the world and he was in his 40’s at the time. All forms of music was going through a ruff time, rock MTV almost stopped playing rock, r&b,country, all except rap and look where that has got us as for as music is concerned. The music biz works like the NFL, you can be the best runner at 36 yrs of age, but you cost a lot of money. So what do they do, you find a younger person that is cheaper and hopefully you get the same or close production from the younger player and cut the older player even if they can still play. This happen to MJ, the record company stop pushing MJ’s stuff because he was at a level that meant a lot of money. The record company made a NFL decision, pay 4 or 5 younger other artist an amount less than it would take to pay MJ and make more money over a longer period of time. ( some older artist do make it through this point) and there contracts can be set up differently. Because of this practice by the record company the music has suffered, record sales are down and are no more true stars. You can down the 80’s Shamanka but there were true talent and true stars in the 80’s. Hearith endith the lesson.
    Be silent, grown folk are talking.

    PS. Bill, I will answer your statement shortly.

    Michael Jackson #1

  137. Warren says:

    For me some of you are missing the point Shamanka points two great classics that were written by Mark James (he also wrote Moody Blue as well). I myself love Elvis’s version I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) and Don’t Think Twice (Dylan) but do you see a theme here? All of Elvis’s music was written by other people.His versions of both those songs(I think)are even superior to the originals, but there just that a copy of someone else’s work.
    This is one reason why Elvis is not musically and fully respected outside the Elvis community.His lack of being able to create the art from his very beginning. Yes he did improve some of it, but he did not create it.

    My point with Clambake was a comparison of what other artists of Elvis supposed caliber were doing at the same time. Elvis released a lot of sub-standard crud all the way up to his last LP not just the 1960s. Yes I know it’s the Col. fault – so what? In the long run it was still Elvis final decision. Like his music or not MJs wrote most of his music and I don’t think even his weakest song can compare to Clambake to Little Darlin’ from his last LP or the countless other songs in between. MJ is considered a music creative genius by many. Elvis just had a great voice and looked good .

    Fot all of those pointing out numbers they are just that, numbers. Who cares how many people go to Graceland or how much money he made last year. Mariah Carey has had the most #1 songs (18) versus Elvis at 17. So tell me please by crunching your numbers which one of her crappy howling songs is the one that is better than Suspicious Minds? It’s about quality not quantity.

    Once again just because your really weird compared to the rest of us it does not make you a pedophile. Jacksons accusers in the 2005 court case had a prior shoplifting charge where the father had his CHILDREN steal clothing, then when caught the mother sued claiming she was “viciously beaten” by JC Penny security guards. More than two years after the original incident the mother sued once again claiming that she had also been sexually fondled by those same security guards.I guess she forgot? These people sound like real upstanding citizens. They sure seem like people who would try to extort a rich,frail and out of touch superstar. MJ was found not guilty on all charges but that does not seem to matter to all the Elvis armchair quarterbacks who think they know better than all the evidence.My point is that NONE of us know what happened.

    How very odd,sad and disrespectful
    that a white man who never wrote nothing can be hailed as the King of what was regarded as the black man’s music. Yet the Black man (go ahead insert your cheap white joke here) who creates his own music sadly gets only ridiculed .

  138. Al says:

    I’m personally an MJ fan (I’m from his era and I assure you if you watch him from an unbiased point of view you’ll see how) but I know how great Elvis is as well. Both are greats.

    For some reason however I think we’re dealing with too many ‘Die Hard Elvis Fans’ here who’ll bye-pass Elvis’s not so good times while finding every reason to unseat MJ as well.

    I personally think Elvis has a bigger influence in the US but most I believe judge from a racial perspective. MJ I feel is bigger outside the US and that’s based from a non-racial context.

    If you brake down the demographics (most republicans hate MJ while most liberals love him). Most Blacks think MJ is King while most whites believe Elvis is. That in itself is based from a biased perspective.

    Take a poll, I’ll guarantee people who DO NOT see color will have a more favorable view on MJ not that Elvis isn’t but the fact that MJ’s ‘we are the one’ broke down so many barriers.

    I think we all can put this into perspective though, Both will be remembered like the Mozarts and the Picassos.

    I know you’re all die hards and I respect all your views, just be a little more respectful though.

  139. Al says:

    Hey Shamanka I’d love to find out which state you reside because it all depends on where you are. If you’re from the south then obviously you won’t get exposed to MJ however, up north, in weddings and events and parties and the list goes on I can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT his music and dance moves isn’t stuck in the 80’s. I can tell you that a great DJ will always have a Michael Jackson in his crate. Further more, as long as there’s pop and break dancing, music videos then you’ll always see mimics of MJ whether you like him or not. If you’re a Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Usher fan and many more you’ll always be an MJ fan because that’s who they’re all influenced by. Don’t believe me then ask them :)

  140. Curt says:

    I know what your saying by Elvis not writing or producing but that’s why there are song writers in the music industry, its another role in the business..writers, producers, singers and in some cases both.. props to MJ for being both but MJ as well had a lot of garbage that you can easily compare to clambake-again a movie song which Elvis hated.. It boils down to who touched more people with their music, who do people love more because of what they put out into the world professionally and personally and its HANDS DOWN Elvis Presley. The numbers are there as a measurement of who made the greater impact in this world and the numbers are head and shoulders ahead of anyone for Elvis. If he wrote his music or not, if he was influenced by white, brown or purple people is all technicalities that make for a great discussion but overall more people have been affected by Elvis, there’s no disputing that. So when you say who cares about how much Graceland makes every year, or the 1.5 billion people who tuned into see ONLY Elvis, or the 1.15 billion records etc those are clear indicators who the people had more focus on and who’s music they loved, even if he didn’t write it himself. Elvis made over 30 movies..no other musician is or can can even come close..no matter how good or bad the movies were, the demand for Elvis was and is there. On top of all that you got the man behind the music that changed the world..they never shown MJ or anyone else from only the waist up on TV because it was too racy for TV, Elvis changed all that, the cops didn’t film MJ’s shows like they did Elvis to keep tabs on this “threat to young America”..you didn’t see political figures banning MJ or anyone else from coming to their town to have a concert..This is the other side that transcended all Music, culture, race and religion..No other person let alone entertainer went through that because Elvis paved that way for them years prior. The people that say Elvis isn’t the undisputed King only knows a small portion of his life, his affect on everything and/or the accomplishments (by the numbers) that man made..I would expect that being dead 30 years but lest not we forget what only HE accomplished and changed. He was not perfect, nobody obviously is but he made a bigger mark in every way in and outside of music than anyone..the greatest producers, musicians, writers, entertainers have all said this including MJ himself..so how can anyone argue that and say no he didn’t when everyone who is anyone said that exact thing? it would just be a matter of opinion cause the facts speak for themselves. in 23 years from now we will see if MJ’s back on the charts with a #1 song in 30 countries like Elvis, can’t see it. Love him or Hate him, if he wrote music or not, black or white don’t matter..Elvis is simply the undisputed King.

  141. yaya says:

    Alfian, I sound emotional, I don’t know if you are typing or banging on the keys. I not the one that yelling, “hey everybody I’m taking my ball and leaving who’s with me” sound like crying to me.
    Nick, you where seven when Elvis died and you say no contest. Do you know how ignorant that statement is. I could respect you if you said I like Elvis better because he is white, because that is really what you are saying. Nick and Alfian, BE SILENT, THE GROWN PEOPLE ARE TALKING.” Curt, you keep amen-ing and you are going to find yourself at the kids table with them. Listen Curt, just because I say black and whites does not make any racial this is America it just how it is. I liked Elvis and his crappy movies. ( no joke) You have to realize that Elvis was the biggest thing in white America not black America and that may not matter to you and that is okay. The fact still remains that black are American just like you. I am trying to break this gently. Black have seen that act before but at the same time it was funny to see a white person do it. ( just like the feeling you get when you see a white person really dunk the ball ) Impressive but only because he’s white. You can not equate white America as all of America, sorry but we are here too. As I have said before, blacks have seen that act already when it was in black skin. ( don’t mean it was not cool to see a white person do it)Elvis may have blown white minds but he did not blow black minds. Michael Jackson blew every race on the planet mind. That what make MJ the greatest entertainer of all time. Too deny this and to say things like Nick did truly is unbelievable. It like in order to defend bald face ignorance, people will say anything that give them any type of belief. Like alfian said, let ignore the truth and huddle around each other so that we can reassure each other that we are right. That is called George Costanza disease ( it not a lie if you believe it) from Seinfeld. One more time I liked Elvis but Michael Jackson was the man .

    Michael Jackson #1

  142. Curt says:

    I know so many black people though yaya that love Elvis many even more than MJ, som MJ more than Elvis..some White people love MJ more than Elvis..and when I see interviews with 50 cent and 36 mafia that say they love Elvis in some cases idolized him like Michael Jackson, that’s an unfair statement to say MJ was loved by blacks and Elvis by whites cause that was the beauty about Elvis and Michael Jackson was we didn’t look at them that way their music was all that mattered..until MJ miraculously turned white haha. Elvis loved black people, they are one of the biggest influences in his life.I love black people just like I love white people I think the majority of the population are the same way..I hope and in turn Black and White people love Elvis and MJ..racial tension is an obvious issue today but where we all came from since the 50’s is night and day difference, a major part of that change is Elvis and obviously MLK (to name a few)and MJ brought people together years later the same way through his music..clearly along with many many others. I know so many people that cried and loved Elvis like I do and you love MJ and were everything but white..so some minorities have a preference cause of skin color but I hope those type of people grow up and realize people are people not a color. I think its a great thing to see when music like ONLY Elvis and MJ brought all people together and that’s what I will give MJ ultimate props for but to say Elvis was just a hit with the whites could not be in anyway further from the truth, especially since 50 cent who’s as gangster as they come, 3 6 and MJ all loved the guy too

  143. Bill says:

    Ok Yaya- Awaiting your response, I enjoy having a good debate without name calling. Perhaps we can end up agreeing on a few points. As an Elvis fan, Ill be the first to say that MJ was a fantastic artist, better dancer, and much more gifted in both the business side of the music industry as well as the producing/recording side. What else would you expect from someone whose whole life was show business? But of course he had God given talent. I recently watched a clip of him singing “Gone too soon” at Bill Clinton’s Inaugural-and his performance was touching. I may not be a fan of Thriller cause I was a rocker during the 80s-I was one of those Disco sucks, because I feared it would be the end of Rock and Roll-even though I accepted the fact that the music I enjoyed was not being played ( except for a brief revival there in the 80s by Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats).
    I think many Elvis fans have the problem of calling someone else The King, King of Music, the worlds greatest entertainer etc. because that title was Elvis’ for many years as you know. Ive always had the problem of people ( mostly blacks) saying that
    1) Elvis was a racist
    2) Elvis “ripped “off black artists and stole their music, as if it was calculated on his part.
    I know what you mean when you say “blacks have seen this act before” but I can’t agree that anyone has seen an artist like Elvis before, or possibly since with the exception being MJ. ( as far as musical success in numbers, world popularity, cultural effect etc)
    Was Elvis at the top of his game in his last years, no. Could he have done more, strived to make better recordings, had the balls to fire his manager, tour the world..yes-and we wish he had. But I look at Elvis as the example of one of the first superstars to have fame, yet remain humble, perhaps unable to deal with it, and let drugs take his life. The man was only 42-what hurts the most is what he could have accomplished had he not threw it away. Looking forward to your thoughts.

    If we can clear up those two long standing myths within the black community maybe

  144. Bill says:

    we can go forward and accept the fact that perhaps, now in a different world, the younger world a new generation have found there new King without having to discredit the former King.

  145. Warren says:

    Curt – you claim Elvis is the undisputed King you seem to have gotten that wrong as some of us are disputing it :)

    I just don’t think your going to find too many Blacks (and some whites) who think about Elvis the way you do. What Al and Yaya say is correct this is a racial division not in the sense of straight up racism but a sad defense of a title that some people find anywhere from unjustified to insulting.

    How can a White man be King of what started as the Black mans music. In the day it was known as race music or the degrading title of N**** music. Sam Phillips comes along smells a buck and paints the black sound white. The same thing happened before with jazz and after with rap to a degree as well. Black culture absorbed, hi-jacked, stolen or whatever you want to call it by White-Bread culture. Good or bad the point is a lot of people claim proper credit was never given. Elvis becomes King and Muddy Waters is left to paint the ceiling at Chess Studios. Ya wonder why some people might be pissed.

    As I stated before Mariah Carey has had the most #1 songs at 18 versus Elvis at 17 (US Billboard charts).
    Madonna equaled Elvis record of 36 Top 10 hits in the (US Billboard charts). Jay-Z has tied Elvis for the most number one albums.

    Most importantly it did not take ANY of these other artists 60 albums and/or 32 years! to achieve those numbers. Elvis is just a trumped-up smoke and mirrors pony show.I do not believe that any of those people have the same talent as Elvis. But I guess MILLIONS of other people do.
    All MJ has to do is beat Mariah Carey and Madonna not Elvis.

    Elvis is no longer a leader in anything but the top of the top-earning dead rock stars list. Jello Biafra once summed up the life of Elvis by saying he’s buried in his backyard and his jet is parked across the street.Most younger people and newer artists don’t care about Elvis or see him as a complete joke. From those old days at Sun so long ago it’s not Elvis that is respected it’s Johnny Cash from Coldplay to Kayne West. The cult of Elvis is now fueled more by his celebrity rather than his music.

    The King is Dead

  146. Warren says:

    Regardless of how we all feel about Elvis vs MJ . I just got to say I have never seen anything as sad as MJs little girl and only Lisa Marie knows how that kind of hurt must feel like.

    Peace n Love to all

  147. Bill says:

    I think Elvis was called the King because he rose to the front of the line. Perhaps based on him being good looking, perhaps being the one to be the first to “sexually gyrate” on national tv,perhaps because the kid had talent. No one is disputing the fact that Elvis was doing moves that were done before him, or singing in a style that was done before him. The fact is , in racist 1950s society it HAD to be a white guy to bring this music to the masses, or white teenagers, whichever. Muddy Waters, the great pioneer that he was couldn’t perform like Elvis.He didn’t have the charisma, or the whole package. Chuck Berry, yes. Little Richard, perhaps-although I don’t think America was ready for an outwardly flamboyant Little Richard ( black or white)-he was ahead of his time. If it had to be a white guy to break down the doors and bring black music into Rock and Roll than who cares? Isn’t music supposed to bring everyone together. We acknowledge Chuck Berry for doing the same thing, but blast Elvis. Should we have kept black artist performing in only black clubs? Should we have kept separate Top 40 lists for Black ( race) and White ( pop)? I don’t see the music as being stolen, in fact, think Elvis is a testament to the influence of black Americans to music-and I think he did his role to the best of his ability. At least in the early stages of his career) To say he was a show pony is underrating the guys talent-when he started banging around That’s All Right Mama his bandmates thought he was crazy. As far as Elvis not writing his songs, well there were other white guys doing what Elvis did, and they wrote their own material. Johnny Burnett Trio, Carl Perkins, later Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran. Again, not known to the black community. At various times in the early fifties the title of King of Rock and Roll was passed around to Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino,and Bill Haley was probably the first -but Haley didn’t fit the acceptable “model” of the King because he was too old and didn’t have the sexuality of Elvis. And, as we know now, neither did Chuck or the others because of there skin color. The artists that paved the way for Elvis may have gotten the shaft, but history has given them their dues. And guys like Chuck Berry kept plugging along playing what he called “nice nice music for the white audiences” and he even got the shaft from blacks who called him a hillbilly. As far as Johnny Cash ( whom I have met a few times and shared the stage with once) I don’t think he got the respect he deserved from the black community. ( and remember he recorded some Rockabilly stuff as well)

  148. yaya says:

    I am not saying that blacks did not like Elvis or blacks in general but what I am saying is that it was not a big impact on blacks as it was whites. You got to remember what a big deal it was that a white guy was moving around swinging his hips the white culture as a whole had never seen such a thing. Blacks and white lived completely separate lives, they might work around each other but that was it. The whites that were in the music biz they knew but it took work and time for them to even get a clean cut white like Elvis to get a shot. That is why it was a big big deal that he was on the Ed show and a bigger deal when Ed gave his stamp of approval. So even Elvis felt a little different sting of racism. 50 cent and 3-6 mafia please don’t use them, there idiots with money, stick with blacks with sense. Once again I like Elvis but his impact was felt more with whites because then they began to wonder what is going on, on the other side of the tracks. Now I give Elvis credit for that. Music was still divided in the 70’s and 80’s,
    MTV vowed never to play black artist videos (fact) and just like Elvis people they push MJ onto MTV and when that happen every race jumped on the same train and moved together. Elvis and MJ were weird and you should expect artist of that caliber to be weird other wise they would not be as gifted as they are. We destroyed MJ and Elvis there was a time when Elvis was written off and made fun of (UH HA, thank very much). Perfection was demanded of Elvis and at the same time he was ridiculed, definitely when the Beatles hit the seen. The press was even worse on MJ and after the trail it went into over drive to the point where people chatting on line now know that MJ change there youth, show no respect at all. MJ and Elvis gave there all and in the end they die having felt the very people that cheered, screamed and fainted make fun of them and turn there back to them. Now if MJ and vitaligo trust me be glad that he bleached his skin it is not a pretty site and having white skin with black phechures is not good, have you ever seen a black albino, not a good look.

    Bill, I clearly understand what you are saying and asking here is your answer. If I am an artist in the 50’s, I’m doing my thing trying to make in the biz but I can only go so far because I am black. (fact) Here come a white guy that has seen what I can do and started to emulate my act. I find out that this same white guy is giving a show I walk to the back entrance and sit in a segregated area and what do I see, I see the white guy performing using my act. That is artistic theft, not only that but he is singing my song a little different but my song. (vanilla ice vs David Bowie) ice ice baby remember. Now me as the black artist will never got the chance to perform and show what I could except in the jook joints (chitlin circuit). Now I am glad that the white guy mentions my name but that is my act, I did not develop my act for some white or black guy to take it and make millions of dollars with. That is what white artist where doing during that time. If a black artist wanted to sell his records he had to put whites on the cover of the album or just words, he could not put a picture of himself. The white guy could even if the songs on the record were the songs I wrote and sung, that is stealing. Michael Jackson was know as a dancer since the age of 5 and was doing the dances that young blacks were doing in clubs. Break dancers where already doing the moonwalk but it was not called the moonwalk at the time. I saw Jeffery Daniels from the group Shalamar do the moonwalk on American bandstand in 82 I think it was. MJ had already developed his own moves and was already know by blacks to be a great dancer we have been watching him since the Jackson 5. MJ asked Jeffery Daniel to teach him the moonwalk and some other moves that breakers were doing. This help Daniels become a great choreographer and make a lot of money, I think he lives in London. (he on YouTube) The reason it is not stealing is because these moves were dances being done in the clubs. It’s not the 50’s anymore and there are new dances springing up in the clubs weekly. They dance moves were for anybody what made you the better dancer in the club was that you were able to perform the dances the best. (black or white) MJ was able to do that with such great skill that blacks started to copy him. You can not steal something that everybody has access to and equal opportunity to exploit. Those black artist in the past did not have an equal playing field to become the King of rock and roll. Blacks where not allowed to play prof. baseball, so all the one’s referred to as all time greats are white, would that be the case if blacks played at the same time? Black artist in the past where doing things that white were not doing and not given a chance to really make it. Here comes along a white guy, emulates what the black artist are doing and the sky is the limit for him.

    That is the difference.

    Michael Jackson #1

  149. yaya says:

    One thing Bill, blacks loved Elvis and do not directly blame Elvis, even though the fingers maybe pointed at Elvis blacks are actually talking to the people behind him.

    MJ #1

  150. Tyrll does says:

    Y’all tripping man. Elvis is where its always been at, the man changed the world. RIP MJ

  151. Bill says:

    Thanks for an insightful answer. I understand what you meant and appreciate comment 149. One thing I know we can agree on, both men touched peoples lives, influenced artists to follow and paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to entertain people, and both left this earth much much too soon. And as AMERICANS we can celebrate the fact that although this country has made mistakes, we still gave the world the two biggest entertainers on the face of the planet, and there will never be the likes of either of them again.
    RIP ELVIS Aaron Presley RIP Michael Joseph Jackson

  152. Bill says:


    Interesting summary about Elvis.

  153. Warren says:

    I’m Bad, I’m Really Really Bad

    It seems odd that we’re(me included) arguing over two different people from two different genres and time periods.How can you really compare Mystery train to Black or White. Both are stunning songs.

    I was thinking this morning that some of the biggest mistakes that were made in Elvis’s career occurred after his death and I think he has paid for it ever since .It was a time when the fans had to look to bootleggers and not RCA for new releases. Not just for the songs but also superior packaging that was done with both care and taste (Burbank Sessions, The Rockin Rebel series). It was not until the 50s CD box did RCA treat the catalog with reverence.The Elvis kitsch and tacky memorabilia was spewed out by the ton. None of this helped his image the only saving grace for the Elvis fan was the bootlegs and that would not be dealt with until the rise of FTD only a few years ago.

    I know a lot of artists/labels have learned one major lesson from Elvis and that is maintaining a vast catalog of unreleased songs. Legend has it that RCA (and other labels) used to throw the stuff out. I have heard that MJ is supposed to have at least 100 unreleased songs.

    I’m sorry for slagging Elvis so much I’m going to listen Moody Blue (the song) not because he’s better than MJ but because I like the song and that’s all that really should matter.

    Well……. the other reason is I am so sick of hearing Man in The Mirror. If it’s not the song,a sound bite or the title to a half hour new program about rumors and speculation.

  154. yaya says:

    Now all you children that told to be silent, see what happens when grown people do the talking and are willing to face the music no matter what octave it’s in. This may have been a moment that needs to be recorded in history. Different opinions and beliefs talking it trough, now the thought of who was better may not changed but now one can at least see the cracks and the pieces missing that one never saw before. Thanks Bill, Warren and even Curt.

    MJ #1

  155. Curt says:

    This all made for some good discussion..I look at facts, stats, sales and numbers as measurements to base who made the greatest impact on humanity. I have greater respect for black music BEFORE Elvis because in some respects yaya you were correct. That link Bill put on here is great, explains a lot of that and what the greatest black artists who influenced Elvis thought of him and everything else. Elvis forever, insightful opinions from Bill, Warren and yes my dear yaya, you too..I better understand where you are coming from.

    Elvis is King

  156. bill says:

    Peace to all.
    Heal the World, and Hail Hail Rock and Roll.

  157. Warren says:

    Before everyone goes away happy. I am very curious about the age of some of us and if that has anything to do with the sides taken on this debate. I suspect it’s does.

    I’m 45, so I’m more of a child of the late 70s and 80s. I do not remember the rebellious Elvis(or anyone)on the Ed Sullivan show. What I remember was the sad maybe even pathetic 1977 CBS TV special. To those who do not know it was filmed a couple of months prior too his death and was considered unfit for TV release but his death and the quick cash-in vote changed that original decision.

    The first MJ thing I really remember is being at a large dance club (hey it was the 80s) and the entire place coming to a quite stand still as they played the extended Thriller video. Nobody was dancing everybody was watching in amazement.Like Elvis in the 50s this was the first time anyone had seen something like this .

    So I guess I caught one superstar on the way up and the one on way down (where the music plays :) as well I was also finding other new music at the same time,that would be considered fresh new sounds for my generation.

    Music MUST always progress and at first we all rebel against what the previous generation listened to. If it was too loud, too black, too sexy, too Satanic even all the better. From Sinatra to Eminem each generation needs to find even fight for something new that can be called its own. The past generation also then becomes the target of the angst and anger of the new as some of the older generation will always criticize the new generation. But then as we grow older some of us go back maybe even further than our parents music. We go to where the influences in what we listen too may lie. It maybe Jazz,early Country and Western,Rhythm n’ Blues,early Rock n Roll or maybe early rap from the 1980s. We then find that the music we thought that was so ours and fresh (it is also tied into social factors and emotions) is really a product mixed yes with new and cutting ideas but also conscious and unconscious musical ideas from the past.Nothing is new.

    We are all different and the music we like is going to be different. Everybody knows it would be a sad place if we all liked the same art forms. Pop and Rock and Roll after all are two different music genres for a reason.

    Maybe the real question should be what’s worse an Elvis imitator or a MJ imitator?

  158. yaya says:

    I’m 40 so I guess I’m in the same boat that yoy are in Warren and like you I saw the Elvis TV concert. I don’t care what is said about the 80’s, the best of music was being produced during that time from rock, heavy metal,rap, r&b, and country. I was into breaking and all that but when MJ started to do the moves you knew that you were seeing the best. MJ was perfect at what he did and by the way, invincible album sold over 9 million more than any other artist that year but because it was MJ it was considered to be a flop or he has falling off. Look at record sales by today’s artist, MJ gave the total package. The music worked with his dancing, his dancing worked with the videos and the videos worked into the live shows. I just saw a DVD of Mariah carry live in concert and I wished I paid so I could get my money back. The was no and is no other artist that made sure that the wrapping on the box was perfect what was in the box was perfect and the action figure did all the things you saw advertised on TV. It is unbelievably sad that once again we don’t hold onto and cherish the best when it is here until it’s gone and some continue with the beating to cover up there feeling of shame for having a hand in destroying such a talent. ( look at the news coverage). MJ was weird but I guess he was weird because he wasn’t a drunk, have baby’s around the world, in strip clubs, a diff woman each week, been shot to get street cred, gun charges or a homemade porn tape. I guess he was weird by today’s standards. I hope we are happy at what we have left, I guess this makes Jay-Z the new king.(jeez)

    Michael Jackson #1

  159. yaya says:

    That a good question about the imitators, I’ll take MJ.

    Michael Jackson #1

  160. james says:

    why did MJ sing black or white he did not wont to be black I went to see him in concert in the 1980s at Wembley and on some songs it was not live for a big star he could not sing live at lest Elvis always song live on stage he did not have to have music taped so who is the true king of music

  161. yaya says:

    That has to be the worst interpretation of a song that I have ever read. Congratulations, you are the king of ignorance. It seems that folks are stuck on MJ’s skin color but it is fact that he had vitiligo. A friend of mine has vitiligo and it is not a pretty sight. It causes a person of color to lose their color in sections on the body once you lose the color in your skin you can’t get it back so fading the rest of the color is recommended to even out the look. MJ can’t sing has got to be the only thing that I have not heard about MJ, congratulations again. MJ could not sing and he didn’t want to be black, It can’t be the skin disease so it must because he was with white women, I guess the black men in the NFL and NBA all want to be white. MJ looked real black with Sharpton and the nation of Islam at a press conference calling epic records racist but it seems you have real insight and it has got you this far in life. Good luck with that. MJ didn’t want to be black and could not sing. (jeez)

    Michael Jackson #1

  162. JCT says:

    Will you all join the rest of the world in reality?? Elvis is the King..they call him the King cause he is the King. Saying anyone is bigger than him is wishful thinking and makes you look like a MORON!! please don’t make yourselves look like you don’t know anything.. Elvis can’t be touched MJs little boys can..guy didn’t even want to be black..so he made himself look ridiculous and white. MJ got nothing except a brutal legacy of people laughing at him

  163. Max says:

    Michael Jackson has sex with small innocent boys. Who cares about his crappy music..his dancing was good but he is pathetic. Anyone except MJ die hards who are delusional can’t see that he RAPED KIDS and changed made himself white. Only the very naive believe it was a medical condition lol..MJ won’t be remembered for anything but being a sick sad perverted weirdo!!

  164. Warren says:

    Max and JCT great work guys I’ve heard it’s difficult for people of your abilities to even turn on a computer.

    I find it really interesting that a jury can sit through MONTHS of evidence, but you have it all solved by watching three minute sound bites on TV.Did you get all your W.W.II knowledge from Hogan’s Heroes as well ? Since your so smart maybe you should drive around the country in a van solving crime.

    As for the court case, look into the facts it was a very weak case. If you know anything about it (which you obviously do not) post some facts not just uneducated emotional babble.

    Just like you I have no real idea if he really was a pedophile or what. I guess to you the FACT that he was found innocent of all charges by people who heard all of the facts is irrelevant.The legal system is one of the components that the free world and democracy are based on. With that aside If you simply did not like MJ because you thought he was gay,weird, odd or the color of his skin well there is a word for that, it’s racist .

    But I know we have all heard it before, some your best friends are gay black men who look like Elizabeth Taylor

    Sorry for the big words

  165. Warren says:

    For what it’s worth

    Sadly looks like MJ has Elvis beat on the alleged drug abuse front. Elvis nothing, even Keith Richards might look like a Sunday school teacher next to MJ.

    No disrespect intended to both just an observation. Who would have funk it.

  166. Stéphane says:

    He was an integrator, Elvis was a blessing,” Little Richard said. “They wouldn’t let black music through. He opened the door to black musician.While Elvis was an integrator, Michael Jackson was an innovator.

  167. Jan Pootemans says:

    Elvis has set the standard of today’s performers without any doubt, look at 68 concert TTWII on tour and especially Aloha from Hawaii which is the biggest ever concert to be watched around the world till today. Times where different in 1977 when he passed away and as humble as it was I prefer that a burial is kept private for family and friends like it was with Elvis instead of a commercial broadcast like with Jackson. I watched it and good not help from feeling sorry on the act that was performed, fake all the way and purely based on collecting money. Joe his father should be a shamed.
    Record selling, hmm you can’t compare Elvis with anybody he sold 1.8 billion records worldwide without producing 1 video clip!!! without today’s media exposure!!!!! Rest in peace Elvis we still miss you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. JCT says:

    Warren looks like you fall into the those categories I mentioned. So what he didn’t get convicted..million dollar lawyers do that for you as does paying off touched little boys. Even OJ got off murder!! I know the facts and when 12 boys all account that they been touched and go into detail about what he did..that means GUILTY! Sorry that you like when little boys get touched warren but us normal people think Jackson is a pedophile and its people like you that think he’s so great, maybe he touched you too?

  169. yaya says:

    JCT and Max, So what you are saying is that it is okay to be with a child if they are a little girl like Elvis did. Jan Pootemans read up from your entry and stop being stupid about the burial. You know what makes what a lot of you all sound ignorant,you act as if MJ did something to you and now your chance to get him. It is clear that all of you where to young to have even seen Elvis. Yet you talk as if he came to dinner with you. Try not to make it so evident that your just rooting for the white guy.

  170. yaya says:

    Read from entry 80-169 and you will find that the very ignorant things that you guys have said and would say have been said already. Take time to read, and then make a intelligent remark, then maybe you guys would not sound like one of the children that you say MJ molested, cause I hear a lot of repressed anger from you guys, for a man you don’t know or do you.

  171. Jan Pootemans says:

    so according to,Yaya its a color issue? I don’t remember seeing a lot of white folks on the memorial? I don’t care about that neither do I like racists or people trying to make this the issue of the conversation it shows how small minded yaya can be. Back in the 50th it was common to marry on a young age especially if you where from from the south and in that that there was still a thing called respect for the ladies which can not be found back today. Provocation by someone who is always touching his dingeling like MJ is one way to get attention but maybe he was just checking size like he did when he was with certain kids, who knows maybe we will know within a few months or years. Needless to say that MJ was not that important then he would have like to be and history will deal with him…One think is for sure don’t compare him with Elvis because that is impossible. O yeah 1 more thing yaya I just read a story on MJ that he loved to dress up as a woman to pick up guys and it has been verified by a few newspapers you know what his pick up line was?..HI I AM THE KING OF POP AND I LIKE TO PLAY WITH YOUR LOLLIPOP…

  172. Jan Pootemans says:

    Before I forget he was Muslim or not but maybe that explained why he switched religion, being a Muslim means that it is acceptable to have sex with small children don’t forget that Mohammed the Muslims prophet married a little girl called Aisha on the age of 7 and had intercourse with her on the age of 9 for MJ this could have been the solution for his special needs!!

  173. Pierre says:

    I read some comments from idiot person telling that nobody knows Elvis outside America. Are you silly or may be you’ve never been outside your country? I have lived in many courtiers in my life (now established in Paris) and you can’t imagine how Elvis is known and respected in the world (32 years after his death)! He’s not an artist anymore, he left that title for others (MJ, Madonna, …), he has reached an other grade, people around the world don’t even compare Elvis with any other artist.

  174. Pierre says:

    This message is to all Elvis fans, why are you losing your time to justify a silly idea ? Don’t even waist your time ! I find even shocking to justify Elvis’s superiority ! Just listen to a song like “My Boy” in 70’s to understand why this man is still living! Elvis doesn’t write songs, Elvis doesn’t create music, Elvis doesn’t dance, but he has a God given voice. I really regret that he died in the age of 42 because he’s voice was getting more and more powerful. Don’t pay attention to his weight, his voice was extraordinary in 1977 when he was not KO by medicines (or drugs, I don’t know the truth…). This guy could even sing operas at the end of the 70’s. He could be a fine lyric tenor after working with a good maestro.

    A message from Europe to all Elvis fans, stop responding to idiot comments (ex : Yaya the racist, shame !) and stop justifying Elvis’s superiority. It’s degrading for us and for Elvis (both on human and on musical levels).

  175. yaya says:

    Close minded, what are you doing watching Oprah as you typed. I’m from Mississippi and I can smell a burning cross 100 miles away. You are defending a white male that was a molester (in the 50’s it was illegal to be with a 14 yr old). You are defending white male drug addict that died from heart attack on the toilet. The kicker is that you are defending this white guy and you have never seen him when he was alive, how do I know this you ask. No grown man of my age would use the words dingeling or play with your lollipop, you type like you talk, which put you about in your 20’s no college barely got out of high school. Now that statistically that puts you in woods with a giant cross and a gas can in your hand. Here’s a black guy that you say was a molester and a drug addict and you hate him but love the white guy. Now just like those that like to go in the woods with other guys and sing and burn a cross, you act like you know a whole lot about your enemy (Michael, black guy) while making excuses for the white guy and you don’t like to read because what you are trying to say has been already tried (entry 80-169). Now statistically this type of profile puts you in your 20’s, no college, barely got out of high school. (do you smell the gas now). ON top of that you grew up with MJ and not Elvis, you danced to MJ, not Elvis, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen etc. All recognized MJ as a stars, STAR but you and all your infinite wisdom, no talent, no college knows the true of it all and it is all bad for the guy that’s not white. Now that sound like a person that loves a burning cross. as Dave Chappelle says, WHITE POWER!

    Michael Jackson #1

  176. Jan Pootemans says:

    Sounds to me Yaya that you are a very sick puppy using Michael Jackson’s death through racism!! shame on you. I agree with Pierre and since I am from Belgium, Ostend to be precise but speak many languages fluently, I consider myself fortunate to have lived in a time where music was still music without calling woman names which I find improper towards them. Actually Pierre is wright when he said that Elvis reached another level and with this in mind I close this ‘conversation’ with ‘wise men’.???

  177. Jan Pootemans says:

    Last thing to yaya was it not Chuck Berry that used the word dingeling in a song that reached nr1 in the early seventies when he was in his late 30ths!!! and lets face it dingeling sounds a lot friendlier then today’s pronunciations in the music field. I am white but I am not a racist and even some one like you could not turn me into one so keep trying.

  178. yaya says:

    Pierre, the same comments to you. Elvis did not write or produce any of his music,(fact) so the his real superior talent was was getting management smart enough to get great writers and producers. You say you don’t know the truth about Elvis but you know the truth about Michael.
    (don’t leave the gas can to close to the fire)

    Michael Jackson #1

  179. Jan Pootemans says:

    Now copy and paste this understanding that these are not my words!!

  180. Pierre says:

    Hello all,

    Firstly, sorry for my poor English, I speak 5 different languages but only 2 fluently. I want to say that I have nothing against MJ, on the musical level he was great and I loved him in the 80’s and little bit in the 90’s. But MJ shocked me with his personal life.

  181. JCT says:

    Raping little boys is a lot worse than dating a teenage girl. MJ looked like a freak, was a freak, had talent but screwed it all up. The man is pathetic, everyone remembers his troubles and his boy ball touching than thriller..he done and my man Elvis lives on

  182. yaya says:

    Are you kidding me, you have got to be. Michael Jackson lived for 50 yrs and now that he is dead the secret is out. Talk about kicking a man when he is down. Everybody knew about this but some how it missed the news here in America. (Your killing man)How in the world do you suppose that the most famous person on the planet at the time, buy the way had cameras on him at all times drive around to meet anybody without a camera there. How was he able to keep this out of the news but everything else made the news. The gay community would put this out there a long time ago or at least one of partners if nothing else for money. You are making me laugh. the depths of your ability to believe anything is sure amazing. There is also a story that Jordan chandler admits the MJ did not touch him and there is a recording of his father bragging about the whole scheme to get money from MJ but that doesn’t make it credible. NBow if you believe everything that is said printed or on the internet fine but if not you have issues that you need to take care of go look in the mirror and start right there. Ah Bra your whole argument is based on what you say MJ did outside of music. I did not call you a racist at any time but your thinking can raise an eyebrow. Here are some facts. 1. Elvis molested a 14yr old 2. Elvis did not write his own music 3. Elvis did not produce his own music 4. Elvis says himself that he got his at from blacks 5. Elvis was a drug addict 6.I don’t like today’s music also for I too grew up during the time of great music. 7. I liked Elvis but you seem to hate MJ. 8. You haven’t read previous entries. 9. If you can’t support what you believe in you run away, Pierre and Pootemans. Stand up for what you believe in state your case and support it with facts not things that make you feel better ( he said, she said stuff ). If you can’t answer the simple questions then you wrong no matter how you feel. The most famous person on the planet was able to sneak to a grungy hotel and no body said a word till now. HaHAhAHa stop it you’re killing me. Nobody can say anything who is going to stop it, nobody the man is dead. You guys are a class act.

    Mchael Jackson #1

  183. yaya says:

    One more thing, the police department went through and collected everything that of MJ. Now whether you are gay or straight or a molester, it is a fact that if you are one of these individual you are going to have some type of pornography that caters to your sexual preference. The investigators found nothing from MJ that is not a lawyer trick. I tell you what the catholic church needed MJ’s lawyers and the catholic church actually rules countries. The report is that 60 officers searched MJ Neverland ranch found nothing. The case hinged on one child who’s family took the money and ran. Question: 1.How much money would you take to drop charges against the man that molested your child. 2. Is it alright for your 14 year old daughter to date a grown man. These are simple question.

    Michael Jackson #1

  184. Pierre says:

    Yaya you’re a racist person. Both Elvis and MJ were loved and respected by black and white communities. Really shame on you! I’m a white person and I loved and respected MJ (even bought his records). But MJ shocked me (and all people, even black) with his personal life, having a sickness and changing a skin OK, I understand that, but why his nose has changed and became a white nose? He changed everything on him to look like a white man (shame on him, someone must be proud of his roots). Yaya, I’m telling you that you’re racist because you really are. White people loved MJ but we can’t say the same for Elvis who was hated by lot of white people (hated because he was not racist in the 50’s like you are now). You’re using this chat room to throw stupid sentences to prove what? That white people are racists? 750 million records were all bought by black people? White people grew up with lot of black artists (singers and actors), we loved them and still love and respect them because Ray Charles for example had never wished to have a white nose! No he was proud of his roots.

    Be a fan but not an idiot neither a racist. I’m an Elvis fan I think that Elvis took drugs, as I think that MJ slept with children (and this is disgusting!).

  185. May says:

    Omg. There was a boy and said that Michael Jackson didn’t molested him.[BECAUSE HE’S DEAD RIGHT NOW!!!] And when you look at the interviews at YouTube you’ll see that MJ is a good man. Only the American Media makes his reputation down. He is not guilty. He had such a pain of all those lies from the media. And he wasn’t a pedophile. Maybe he looked bad in the outside of his face but he was a GOOD man. he has children as best friends. he didn’t trow a baby over the balcony [? sorry for my bad English] THE FANS WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE BABY.
    He loved kids. He made a song for kids, He had NEVERLAND for kids. So don’t say he’s a pedophile.

    R.I.P Michael.
    Oh! I know nothing about Elvis ;p
    R.I.P Elvis

  186. May says:

    @ Pirre.
    MJ didn’t slept with children in the SAME bed
    He slept on the floor and the children WANTED to sleep with him.

  187. JCT says:

    Yaya those few points that you made about MJ are laughable compared to a list I can give you of Elvis, it’d be bout 10 of those lists you made x 2 + 11 x 15!! There ain’t no comparison, Elvis DOMINATES MJ easily. He didn’t write or produce his own music..and he didn’t have to, its all about who accomplished more and who made a greater impact and that’s once again hands down Elvis Presley. Elvis DATED a 14 year old girl, MJ raped 8 and 9 year old boys..in case you couldn’t see the BIG difference between the two ;) MJ is a pedophile and is pathetic. His legacy is tarnished and nobody will care bout him in a few years cause hes a freak plain and simple

  188. JCT says:

    Also he DID dangle his baby over the balcony..some people say he want to show the baby to his fans?? Then why cover its face?? Going to show the fans his feet and legs?..and risk the babies life? ridiculous what MJ fans will justify..and May.. In case you didn’t know, He DID sleep with kids on his bed, he said that himself in 2 separate interviews in his own words. and 12 different kids all said that MJ had sex with them, touched them, was fed wine etc..that’s from 12 DIFFERENT kids, he’s a molester clearly..again what the MJ fans will justify..sad. Yaya..MJ was a bigger drug addict than Elvis was, Elvis never injected painkillers that are found only in hospitals into himself, so don’t try using that argument. MJ’s a loser people..get used to it. Elvis has no legacy of a child molesting, broke, plastic surgery addicted freak

  189. vespilo says:

    Michael was everything Michael music is loved by many, he also broke Elvis records, he was something very big then you people can imagine, he had more then 5 lakh in concert that’s a world record… Did Elvis have that? Michael has altogether 13 world record….does Elvis have? Michael was a great dancer and Elvis whatever he looked like with 1 broken leg, please don’t argue now on the crap that Elvis was a better dancer…lol and the music of MJ is loved thru all mass, and it will be always popular even by 2050-3000 whatever years, I have heard Elvis songs mystery train and all, trust me MJ is far superior, that’s my point however doesn’t agree I don’t give a fu**, it doesn’t rely matter, you like MJ go on, you like Elvis listen to him, but I say MJ rocks and he’ll always stop pointing out his personal life, have a look at yourself 1st when you out your moms sleeping with some of your dad’s friend, you’ll get enough gossip and things going nuts in your own life, why the fu** 2 peep in MJ’s…

  190. vespilo says:

    and those in favor of Elvis please visit Michael Jackson on Wikipedia, his music read about it, his Billie Jean ad Thriller has world records so as a single performer MJ already broke Elvis record, talk and think smart guys, look at MJ he has achieved so much even after death you just can’t deny that, MJ has produced, choreographed, given music to so many of big hits more then 13 songs were listed and no 1 position, truly speaking MJ has and will always have a greater impact then Elvis, MJ whatever people want to say about his behavior is all sh**, I have got 1 question for all those people who think MJ molested that 14 year kid or whatever 9-10 year kid, “WERE YOU IN THE SAME BED WHERE THAT STUPID A**HOLE FU**IN KID CLAIMS MJ MOLESTED HIM? NO RIGHT? DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF HE DID IT??” CAN’T YOU FOOLS UNDERSTAND when 1 guy breaks all records famous from the age of 11. loved by many and has lot of success someone had to get jealous or whatever, if I say JCT tried to sleep with me does that make it true?? And it was proved legally that MJ is innocent, are you questioning or say doubting your government? American legals are not fools… are they?? so listen to MJ, who is any day better then Elvis, I’m not saying this but the world records, people have loved MJ lot more then Elvis, he must be a legend but read on both of him, stop being a small fish in a pond listening to Elvis music and deciding that he is greater then MJ, research and then speak, you’ll come to know how big MJ was in life and even after death….love you MJ…R.I.P

  191. vespilo says:

    MAY I totally agree with you American media is sh** spoiling a name for their trip rate, I work with media, let me tell you all the truth, stories are made to seek proper attention, and high TV ratings my sister works with a news channel and we know it all,to outside world a different MJ was shown, he was a great man, he loved kids, let’s not fight as both Elvis and MJ are legend I just wan say if MJ is bad why did he created heal the world foundation? He has the record of highest amount donated by a music celeb, something 450 million don’t know exactly, but more then $450 million, he made so many songs on world. Earthsong, human nature, heal the world just listen to it, then comment, just reading in news paper and stupid claims by some paid kids to spoil the image of such a big king of pop is bad,trust me, v were not there when the guy claims he was molested so lets take it as a false claim and cherish the memory of the king of pop… MJ, lastly I’ll say stop being arrogant what if I pay some kid and ask him to say you molested him… Is that gonna be true? When MJ was free of all charges let’s not call him a bad guy, listen to his songs please man in the mirror and you will know what he is… Please I request you all.

  192. vespilo says:

    Pierre please get your info cleared
    1st you said about his change of color, please listen Michael was in a peak position when he came across a bad illness that turns skin color white,he started having white patches all over his body to settle it he went thru plastic surgery,

    2nd,as you are not MJ fan, you haven’t researched as I have, rehearsing for his concerts back in 80’s 90’s he fell from the stage and broke his nose,he had to go many plastic surgery to get it right but he couldn’t, MJ even had an accident which burn his scalp and he received third degree burn which burnt his lot of hair so their was some problems, Michael as told by his brother and very true, that MJ wasn’t a strange guy, it was strange things he had to deal with, being a die hard fan of Michael reading this post by others JCT and Pierre I feel very bad trust me, because when something comes without a proof I becomes a false claim when MJ said he slept with kids he didn’t mean he had sexual relations, he was used by his father, all the love we got from our dad first date, basketball games, fishing, first night out, he never got, don’t forget god doesn’t give everything to a person, so be happy cherish his music and don’t put false claims as you don’t have proof, just a bunch of paid kids trying to make their mark on history without working hard as MJ or Elvis did, using their false name and making their way to success or popularity, talk with proof. please

  193. vespilo says:

    yaya I read your post sh** I love you. your points are up to the mark, good going guys and girls if she said something you understood then it’s good, if you can’t then no one can help you, yaya is right, such a big guy on planet like MJ sneaked through and how come people missed that, good going in fact great going yaya, well said!!!

  194. Curt says:

    Vespilo you seriously need to talk to someone about getting back to reality my friend. Elvis owns every category except #1 album of all time. MJ’s got NOTHING on Elvis, do your homework ad this will become clear. Elvis is on a whole different level than MJ will ever be and it’ll never change

  195. Max says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Vespilo AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..you obviously don’t know anything about music..at all. Go back to school and then form an opinion..as much as you want MJ to be bigger and better than Elvis, he isn’t..he won’t be..he wasn’t..or ever will be. Accept that Jackson turned into a weirdo, hasn’t done anything music wise in the last 15 years of his creepy life and everyone laughed at him for about the same time…and he likes penis..really small ones that aren’t fully grown yet. people like you shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions..their not educated enough, same with you yaya..eat fish, it helps with brain power.

  196. yaya says:

    Let’s get to the truth, I have not called anybody or any race, racist, so knock yourself out with that one. MJ hold the record for the most charities supported by a artist, wrote we are the world with lionel Richie and donated millions to famine relief. Created neverland for sick and handycap children. He was not a drunk or a junky, did not have children laying around the world. He did not smoke, not a gangster or tring to be one. He didn’t degrade women and he was never in the tabloid for doing degrading stuff (sex tapes,throwing up in public and fighting outside clubs) all of these things make you famous now (paris hilton). He has never been to jail, never made a song about killing, raping, shooting, robbing or beating people up. Your right that type of behavior makes hima weirdo. People that are degenerates themselves hate to see someone that is not and if they have the ability they will do or say anything to make themselves and others believe that this guy can’t be this good. Since 1964 MJ has been the top or at the top of album sale. In 2001, MJ’s last album was #1 around the world and went 2X platinum in the U.S.A. In death he holds the top 3 spots on the charts. It’s reported that MJ was having money trouble, He negotiated one of the greatest deals in history and got the beatles catalog and his biz deals with sony, which bought Famous Music LLC. gave rights to the music of such artist as Eminem as well as other artist. The Forbes report has MJ earning more than 75 million a years from his publishing partnership with Sony alone. Neverland was in forclosure; MJ said himself that he would never return to neverland because of the police raid, he said that it was tainted and did not want it anymore, the fact that it still is his let you know he got money. His estimate worth of his estate is upwards of 500 million but the reports in the tabs and other papers was he was broke. The only thing that I need to live with is the truth, Elvis was the first Britney Spears, no writing or producing but good dancing, but I enjoy them both. It’s just that when an artist comes along that can do it all from the age of 6 and have everybody involved in the show has only come around once and that was with Michael Jackson. Now if calling MJ a weirdo makes you feel better
    then your in the group of people I mentioned earlier.

    Michael Jackson #1

  197. vespilo says:

    MAX & CURT just read your own post,ask yourself are you talking with proof and proper points read to yaya, you are saying that I don’t know anything about music, maybe I don’t know, I have been listening 2 Indian, classical, pop, & singers like James Brown, Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, Marley, Kishore Kumar, Mohmad Rafi, MJ, Elvis, have collection over 1 lakh songs in all,music is much like my life, please don’t point it out without knowing someone whether he or she has knowledge of music, MJ has done a lot for music world me and yaya or talking with proof if you know how to read, we are not shouting like you Elvis is this and that without proof lets put it this way,start giving point by point life and music of Elvis lets compare, who is loved all over the world, I’m not saying only in USA, but in India, Japan, China everywhere MJ had a impact, Elvis did, but not as big MJ, let’s talk smartly v have all the big proof, world records, people blogging everywhere, Google twitter and many other social sites flooded with messages on 25th the DAY MUSIC DIED, server went down.and you both are 1 of those people who can’t take the truth that yes MJ was greatest amongst all, please when you reply to this talk with points,not like some 9 year kid, it’s the world that speaks in a bigger voice than you people, who are jealous because MJ achieved what he always wished to, I respect Elvis but no way he can compare with MJ, it’s even news channels now who have it saying MJ is better than Elvis,,,,so MJ rocks

  198. Pierre says:

    I like guys like Max and Vespilo, but I have a little preference for Yaya :o) He wrote “Elvis was the first Britney Spears, no writing or producing”. Even a fish has more brain, so Frank Sinatra or Pavarotti are Britney Spears too? Dam you’re really bizarre like person! We are talking about singers, a singer sings!!! The first quality that we ask to a singer is “how’s your voice?”. Prince can write but can’t sing!!! Being an Elvis fan, I don’t care if Elvis can dance or can do the clown! The only thing that I do when I put a CD is to listen to his voice! This guy sold 400 million records in 3 years just after his death ! To meditate, Elvis death, he sold 400 million records in 3 years, MJ Alive 750 millions in 30 years. As I told you before, don’t ever compare any singer with Elvis, NEVER.

    Elvis alive, 700 million records with a population of less than 3 billion, with 10 times less television or disk players, and only by selling records in America, Europe and Australia (in the 50’s!). In 80’s or 90’s Elvis could double this number (and he did it after his death). For blind people or fanatics en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_music_artists

    On the other hand, who cares about selling billions (even if Elvis is far ahead). People love Elvis because he has a God given talent and a God given voice to sing, the clown part of Elvis doesn’t interest me, the only thing we demand to a singer is to SING, not to produce, not to dance, not to write, not to touch the sex when singing :o)

    Sorry again for my poor English but I’m happy giving my opinion :o) Yaya, please write funny things, Max and Vespilo too. I think Vespilo wrote “he fell from the stage and broke his nose”, that’s great guys, Every black person who fell and brake their nose, we replace the black nose with a white one. Being a fan can be really dangerous (dangerous for you and funny for me).

  199. Pierre says:

    Vespilo, please don’t tell stupid things. I lived in 3 continents and I can tell you that Elvis has much more impact than anybody else (ANYBODY), artists have changed their name, a French singer changed his name to Dick Rivers (Elvis’s name in a movie), the big star Johnny Halliday in Europe is an Elvis fan and sings still his songs, Beatles were Elvis fans…. But where Elvis is most popular is in Asia, you can never imagine his impact on this continent (I’ve lived for 15 years!). People in communist China fiddled antennas to watch the concert in 1973 which was followed by over one billion people (in 1973!). You know nothing and you want to tell lies to prove what I don’t know!

    For information, I’m a musician too! And I write songs, but that doesn’t make me a singer (you understand Yaya?)

  200. vespilo says:

    ok I have lived in India for 16 years people know a lot of MJ and not and by the way India has 2nd highest population in the world, I lived for 2 years in China for civil work with my dad when I was 19yrs of age, I remember MJ’s posters all over the street, I’m not lying but even in China MJ has a big fan following, how can you say Elvis is bigger then MJ is 2 much 2 say, you say MJ is just a singer you can’t compare MJ wid Elvis ok this is my not the last but a very hard way 2 explain this is how it is, please who ever reply 2 my points reply point wise
    I’m taking with proof lived for 27 years of my life on this earth lets talk smart
    A)intro:Michael Joseph Jackson dubbed the “King of Pop”, was an American recording artist, entertainer and businessman. One of the most commercially successful artists of all time, his contributions to music and dance, along with a highly publicized personal life, made him a part of popular culture around the world for four decades. WHAT ABOUT ELVIS???

    B)his other achievements feature multiple Guinness World Records—including the “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time”—13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles, and the sale of over 750 million records. He was also a notable philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to the record 39 charities he supported, and raising more through his own Heal the World Foundation. WHAT ABOUT ELVIS?

    C)he made his debut in 1964 as a member of The Jackson 5, beginning a solo career in 1971. His 1982 album Thriller remains the best-selling album of all time, with four others—Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), and HIStory (1995)—among the best selling. He popularized several physically complicated dance moves, such as the robot and the moonwalk, now iconic WHAT ABT ELVIS??

    C)He was the first African American artist to amass a strong crossover following on MTV, and his continually ground-breaking videos, such as “Black or White” and “Scream”, ensured his popularity well into the 1990s.

    Thriller, which became the most commercially successful album of all time. The album remained in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 for 80 consecutive weeks and 37 of those weeks at the peak position. It was the first album to have seven Billboard Hot 100 top 10 singles Thriller was certified for 28 million shipments by the RIAA, giving it Double Diamond status in the United States It is the BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME, with 110 million copies worldwide. WHAT ABOUT ELVIS?

    E)He was also making record-breaking profits from sales of CDs and The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, a documentary produced by Jackson and John Landis. Funded by MTV, the documentary sold over 350,000 copies in a few months.WHAT ABOUT ELVIS?

    F)Time described Jackson’s influence at that point as “Star of records, radio, rock video. A one-man rescue team for the music business. A songwriter who sets the beat for a decade. A dancer with the fanciest feet on the street. A singer who cuts across all boundaries of taste and style and color too”.[26] The New York Times wrote that, “in the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else”.[28] On March 25, 1983, he performed live on the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television special, both with The Jackson 5 and on his own singing “Billie Jean”. Debuting his signature dance move, the moonwalk, his performances during the event were seen by 47 million viewers.WHAT ABT ELVIS??

    G)His ability to keep one leg straight as he glides while the other bends and seems to walk requires perfect timing.The Thriller short film marked an increase in scale for music videos, and has been named the most successful music video ever by the Guinness World Records WHAT ABOUT ELVIS??

    H)MJ INVENTED anti-gravity lean used in the music video for “Smooth Criminal”. YES LETS NOT LIE HE DINT INVENT MOONWALK but yes he was the person who cud do it better then anyone including Shalamar Jaffry Daniel. WHAT ABOUT ELVIS??

    I)The music video for “Scream”, directed by Mark Romanek and production designer Tom Foden, is one of Jackson’s most critically acclaimed. In 1995, it gained 11 MTV Video Music Award Nominations—more than any other music video—and won “Best Dance Video”, “Best Choreography”, and “Best Art Direction A year later, it won a Grammy for Best Music Video, Short Form; shortly afterwards Guinness World Records listed it as the most expensive music video ever made at a cost of $7 million.

    J)Jackson had a notable impact on music and culture throughout the world. He broke down racial barriers, transformed the art of the music video and paved the way for modern pop music in his own country. Jackson’s work, distinctive musical sound and vocal style have influenced scores of hip hop, pop and R&B artists, including Mariah Carey,[197] Usher,[198] Britney Spears,[197] Justin Timberlake[107] and R. Kelly.[162] For much of his career, he had an “unparalleled” level of worldwide influence over the younger generation through his musical and humanitarian contributions.

    K)Michael Jackson was inducted onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984. Throughout his career he received numerous honors and awards, including the World Music Awards’ Best-Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium, the American Music Award’s Artist of the Century Award and the Bambi Pop Artist of the Millennium Award.[111][200] He was a double-inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, once as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1997 and later as a solo artist in 2001. Jackson was also an inductee of the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002

    L)His awards include multiple Guinness World Records (eight in 2006 alone), 13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles in his solo career—more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era—and the sale of over 750 million records worldwide, making him the world’s best selling male solo pop artist..PLZ PLEASE TEL ME WHAT ABOUT ELVIS???

    OK OK OK I CAN go on on and on…..but final this is the list of his highest awards that is 197 that 2 major awards not counting smal 1nce is 197 awards,just explain me if Elvis is greater how does Michael have more awards than Elvis please explain.

    ****most important point please to all of u.
    MJ can’t be compared to Elvis or anyone because he was Singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, choreographer, businessman,when Elvis was just a singer and a actor.

    MJ was all rounder so he can’t b compared with Elvis please

    and if you want to reply, please answer point wise, against my point, when you are reading this you know you don’t have anything so solid to present, MJ rocks…with proof

    Please stop barking Elvis is greatest v have records people and everything pointing towards MJ is winner.

    thank you. MJ is no. 1

  201. yaya says:

    Lets get it straight, Frank Sinatra was a entertainer, he never claimed to be a great singer but he could act and dance and he put on a nice show. Pavarotti was just pure vocal talent and that is what he was known for nothing else. Research your history, Bill gave a site that will help you.


    Read that and come back and say something smart, Elvis did not come to fame because he could sing. Elvis came to fame because he brought black music and how blacks performed the music to white people, that not racist that how America was at the time. Elvis influenced white people, so his cultural impact wasn’t that he was a great singer but that he made white people realize what was going on in the black culture which he help become American culture, That is the impact of Elvis. Elvis impacted white culture not black culture. MJ affected both cultures, he changed the game as far a music, performing, dancing, and videos. Now if you are not going to read the web site, then please continue with the fart jokes that you guys have been telling. MJ’s white skin, vitiligo look it up, I’ve seen a black person with it, not pretty. He did the right thing by fading his color. Now if I fade my color and have white skin it would not look good to have white man skin and a black mans features. His own doctor said that his disease was destroying some of the skin on his appendages, fingers, toes, ears, nose, lips. Now I’m not saying that he may have gone overboard because I think he did but I understand why he started, being black myself and seeing the effects of the disease. I think he handled the whole situation wrong including the burning of his hair from a Public relations stand point.
    (check out new video of what happen) No one that it was that bad. Just because Elvis took ice from one group and brought to another group that did not have it doesn’t mean he discovered it. Elvis was a pair a glasses that help whites see what was going on in there own back yard and he new that, which is why he gave so much credit to black artist. Now during that time the white community wasn’t going to give any blacks credit so Elvis got the credit and the fame and even he took a beating for doing what he was doing. MJ captured everybody at once and he kick tail from age 6 to 50, remember his concerts sold out and he did not want to tour in America, wonder why it seem like the 50’s mentality made it way into the 90’s and 2000’s as far as whites treatment of MJ. No matter what MJ said, whites said he’s lying, not guilty, whites say he’s guilty. Some truth is starting to come out now that he is dead but the kicks keep coming. Take a long look at yourself in the mirror and start right there.

    Michael Jackson #1

  202. vespilo says:

    Pierre this is answer to your link from Wikipedia…read the 1st line

    “”This list documents the world’s best-selling music artists alphabetically as well as by record sales. This information cannot be listed officially, as there is no organization that has recorded global music sales””

    so the list showing 1billion selling was last recorded by Wikipedia was March 2007,its not new after death of MJ, and the list only shows USA not the world as it claims it can not be 100%

  203. vespilo says:

    Donte Says:

    July 2nd, 2009 at 2:14 pm
    Well, I don’t know too much about Elvis and little girls, because I never looked it up. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Everyone tries to hide what Elvis Presley did, as if he never did anything wrong. Hes just the big white hero, if Elvis was black oh you better believe he wouldn’t be as big as he is. Because did you know Elvis Presley stole blacks music. That is why it was something new, because it was something whites haven’t heard, because they did not play blacks on the radio. Also, nobody likes to talk about Presley’s last days, he was fat drugged out and they found him on the toilet. But when it comes to Micheal Jackson everyone wants to talk about the negative things. Nevermind, the fact that is like the most popular celebrity and music icon in the WORLD!!! Not just United States, but the WORLD!!! And Thriller was and is the top selling album of all time and there is no question about it. And white people seem to be the only ones who think Elvis Presley is the King of Rock, and can count how many people who don’t think Micheal Jackson is the KING OF POP

    true point really….not saying white are racist but yes Elvis would not be that great what he is now if he would be black. I’m not a black or white, I’m Indian Hindu, fan of MJ, I don’t know the war between black and white, but from some post I think black people have proof that they weren’t given proper justice, that’s all

  204. Craig Walston says:

    Michael was wracked by emotional pain because he didn’t think the world or media put him on the same level as Elvis? What an immature, arrogant and childish attitude to have. Elvis sold over 1 billion records, had more number 1’s on billboard, and almost a million people visit Graceland annually. That will never happen again for anyone else! Humility, on Elvis part is one reason..Enormous talent,- combining, Blues, Country, R&B and Gospel music is another reason…Elvis cultural impact is partly due to timing in the 50’s and enormous need for the new youth culture/generation to have a hero to identify with. Elvis is getting bigger with each passing year. Let’s see if anyone is discussing Michael 32 years from now…When Elvis died a hundred thousand fans converged on Graceland within hours. Then the media reacted. With Jackson, it’s mostly media created. After Jackson passed, I saw 25 media trucks head to Neverland, yet only a few dozen fans.. Like I said , media created hype.. Remember Anna Nicole- This was a woman who never did anything productive with her life. Again media created… At least Jackson was a legitimate superstar; but Elvis,- he will never be

  205. JCT says:

    Hahaha..Nice try with those points there but here is CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY why Elvis Presley is the greatest entertainer in history and MJ is nowhere close…
    -Elvis sang everything from rock and roll to gospel..who else has?
    -29 movies and he’s a singer? Aka movie star..who else done that?
    -1.5 billion people which will never be equaled..this is before internet, Comcast, pay per view etc
    -1.15 billion records sold..MJ 750 million, not even in the same galaxy
    -70,000 people gathered at Graceland 30 years after death
    -Had #1 song in 2002 in 30 countries been and was dead for 23 years at that point.
    -68 comeback special 1 of most watched programs ever..#1 in 68′
    -30 #1 hits worldwide FAR more than MJ
    -Never wrote his own music but have MJ or anyone sing those same songs, won’t come close to Elvis’s version because he interpreted and sang songs like no one can
    -The best artists on earth, the most famous including MJ himself said there will never be another Elvis
    -The reported hundreds of suicides the day of his death
    -Money he gave away which was MORE than MJ but Elvis never kept track, MJ did to be recognized for it
    -Made Vegas single-handedly
    -Sells out concerts all over the world and he’s dead
    -Toughest schedule out any performer in history ever
    -Paved the way for every artist you see now
    -The first to bring white and black people together
    -Started the jumpsuit copied by hundreds of artists
    -Was voted most recognizable face on earth dead or alive twice in the past 10 years with 10’s of thousand polled all over the world
    -Highest earning dead celebrity
    -Graceland makes 28 million a year aside from record or movie sales
    -MJ’s idol
    -Lennon says before Elvis there was nothing
    -impacted black, white and every other culture greater than any other entertainer and far more than MJ
    -people still claim to see him alive
    -Elvis was an agent for the DEA
    -served his country for 2 years and came back and took over the world
    If you still think MJ is bigger than Elvis after reading those FACTS, then your a complete moron and whatever argument you try to make will be ignored because you will look like a complete fool. If your saying Elvis STOLE black music..that’s obviously not true and only a racist person would say that. Quit arguing and accept that Elvis is the KING of ALL music, MJ not a close 2nd..please join reality and acknowledge this..don’t be a fool

  206. yaya says:

    It is amazing that some have the ability to read a persons mind that they have never met. He was upset with the media because they didn’t put him on the same level as Elvis. (Jeez) No one lived at Neverland you idiot, the media made people break into MJ song around the world too. Hey Pierre, read your American help from curt,max and Craig Walston and tell me I’m not right. Say Pierre you are white European you have no clue about white Americans. (It’s the media they made people think it was a big deal MJ died.) It’s the 50’s all over again. Now you understand why America is in such bad shape, they run this country. HaHaHaHa

    Michael Jackson #1

  207. vespilo says:

    JCT GIVE ME LINKS FOR YOUR CLAIMS AND YOU ARE SAYING Never wrote his own music but have MJ or anyone sing those same songs, won’t come close to Elvis’s version because he interpreted and sang songs like no one can WHAT SH** HOW CAN YOU PREDICT FUTURE ELVIS SUCKS YAAR, IT’S BETTER YOU DON’T COMPARE ELVIS AFTER DEATH BECAUSE IT’S BEEN MORE THAN 30 YEARS HE IS DEAD,MJ DIED JUST 3 WEEKS BACK, COMPARE YOUR GUY WHEN LIVING HE CAN’T SCORE AS MJ DID…..ELVIS SUCKS…

  208. Jan Pootemans says:

    One hundred forty-eight different Elvis recordings have been certified gold, platinum or multi platinum. And with more than 1 billion albums sold worldwide, he’s the biggest-selling solo artist ever.

    Elvis is the No.1 most impersonated celebrity ever. There are estimated to be over 50,000 people in the world who make a living as Elvis impersonators.

    There are more than 600 official Elvis Presley fan clubs, including some that were illegally formed in countries where it was forbidden, such as Pakistan and the former Soviet Union.

    Elvis is in three music Halls of Fame: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Johnny Cash is the only other artist to be in three music Halls of Fame – the Songwriters, Country and Rock halls.

    Elvis was a mix of German, Scottish, Jewish and Cherokee ancestry.

    Presley’s first ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ appearance, on September 9, 1956, was seen by an estimated 55-60 million viewers. That’s at least 21 million more viewers than the last ‘American Idol’ finale. 1956!!!!!!

    More people (1.5 billion viewers) tuned into Elvis’ ‘Aloha From Hawaii’ concert than watched the first moon landing (1.2 billion viewers).

    In both a recent CBS television ’48 Hours’ poll and a CNN/USA Today Gallup Poll, roughly 45 percent of Americans consider themselves Elvis fans.

    Both artists hold different records for different accomplishments in the music industry, but since your question asks “Did Elvis sell more records than Michael Jackson?” The answer is yes:

    Most Hot 100 entries
    Elvis Presley (151)

    Most top 40 hits
    Elvis Presley (104)

    Most top 10 Billboard hits
    Elvis Presley (36)
    Michael Jackson (28)

    Most number-one hits
    Elvis Presley (17)
    Michael Jackson (13)

    Most cumulative weeks at number one
    Elvis Presley (79 weeks) tied
    Mariah Carey (79 weeks)

    Most Platinum Singles
    Elvis Presley (27)
    Michael Jackson (9)

    Most Gold Records
    Elvis Presley (54)
    Michael Jackson (16)

    Elvis has the most records sold with 1.8 Billion(and still counting)
    Jackson is the FOURTH best selling artist of all time with over 750 million records sold ( and still counting)
    Amazing accomplishments for both of these two Kings of Music

  209. maureen mccarthy says:

    leave Elvis and Michael rest in peace I’m a Elvis Presley fan and proud of it I saw Michael Jackson in concert in my home town of cork in Ireland in 1988 he was awesome but to me nobody is better than Elvis on YouTube at the moment all the so called Jackson fans are really been so nasty about Elvis you are the people that left Michael down so lay of the king and just one fact Elvis never did a tour outside of America yet he had fans and loyal fans all over the world so now let them rest in peace and as MJ said in his song leave him alone rip MJ love you Elvis

  210. Meh227 says:

    The reason, bottom line, when you get right down to it, it’s because one is white and one is black. And for some people that is very, very threatening – for one man (one black man) to have that much power, fame, notoriety, money, popularity, (did say money?). MJ had white women (and white men, too) all over the world screaming his name and falling out at his concerts. And guess what, no matter what anyone says or thinks, you can never, ever erase that or take back. And as Michael might say (but ever too polite to ever say so – but I’m not). All of you haters can “Eat it, Eat it” (sung to the tune of “Beat it”) So all of you can kiss his white (black) a$$.

  211. mrd says:

    Take the dancing out…Micheal wrote, composed and sang most of his greatest songs. Did Elvis write his music? Based on that…I have to give the crown to Mike. Also, Mike has people of ALL races loving him. As for the non-music stuff… I leave that for all the PERFECT people to comment on. If I remember…there has been only one in the history of the human race and that person the real King was neither Micheal nor Elvis.

  212. Pierre says:

    Craig Walston wrote :
    “When Elvis died a hundred thousand fans converged on Graceland within hours. Then the media reacted. With Jackson, it’s mostly media created. After Jackson passed, I saw 25 media trucks head to Neverland, yet only a few dozen fans.. Like I said , media created hype.”

    I don’t know the country you’re living but we had the same thing in France. The media was amplifying the situation but for all the people here the reaction was “Ok, but who pays a sh** for MJ, ok he was a big artist in the 80’s but don’t exaggerate!”.

  213. Pierre says:


    Why I was born late in the middle of 70’s ! I will never see the KING in concert, that’s my parents fault :o)

  214. Pierre says:

    I was waiting for a new date and it’s OK, There will be an other European Tour for ELVIS IN CONCERT in 2010 (“elvis.com/concert/overview/default.asp”) !!!

    The last time I saw him was for the first European Tour in the BERCY stadium (15000 fans were there).

    This man is officially dead !!! He’s not a human being !

    I’m so happy !

  215. yaya says:

    I guess what Americans say about french people are correct, if the media was able to make you all put down the baguette and start singing MJ songs. You were born late 70’s which mean your conception was probably an oops during free love in the 70’s and your angry about that, so that is why you say a man that you never saw is better than the man who’s albums you’ve bought. Now I understand.

  216. JCT says:

    No yaya..its called COMMON KNOWLEDGE!! everyone knows Elvis is bigger than MJ ever was, who doesn’t know that? More people watched the Aloha in Hawaii concert in 72′ than people watched the MOON LANDING!!! obviously anything MJ ever did doesn’t come close to that ONE fact..so how can you say MJ’s bigger? only someone who’s DEAD WRONG would say that. If I was around when his music was live or not, if I seen him in concert or not has nothing to do with anything. Elvis is greatest entertainer in the history of the world if you MJ fans like it or not, he is and it won’t change..no matter how bad you want it too..it just won’t!

  217. mrd says:

    Milli Vanilli was more popular than a lot of their contemporaries…but that doesn’t make them greater. Basing someones greatness on how popular they are is somewhat flawed. But MJ combines great success…the single most popular album of all time…with unparalleled praise by his contemporaries not only for his singing, but also his ability to WRITE and COMPOSE a song. And critical praise for his dancing. Michael Jackson was the best combination of all musical talent in pop/rock the world has ever seen. But I still think Elvis was great. Just not the greatest…

  218. Jan Pootemans says:

    If even figures can’t convince ignorant people then nothing will. I was there in the 60 and 70 when Elvis was still alive I was there the day he died and if you walked down the streets you could feel something was missing even if you weren’t an Elvis fan, that feeling did not pop up with the death of MJ, except the talk about what a freak he was sick and a child molester that got away by paying off his little victims. Now I am from Europe and I saw Aloha from Hawaii live on television and it blew us away the electricity during his performance of American Trilogy is something I never saw again till this day and I am sure many agree. He never came to Europe or left the states instead we came to him!! What would have happened if he ever did we will never know but it would have been something big. MJ may have sold the album off all times but based on what calculation and on what media cover? Elvis did not have video clips or television exposure like MJ had, population was less in other words you can not compare it! Elvis was down to earth but surrounded with a few fake friends but he cared about people in general regardless of their background or origin. I understand that an MJ fan would like to hear that he was the best the biggest and so on but unfortunately it is not true and lets face it he does not deserves to be counted among the great ones. Great black performers like Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis, Marvin Gaye, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, James Brown, BB King and many many many more fine talented black singers can claim better credentials then MJ will ever have as singers and people.

  219. Craig Walston says:

    What’s the difference? Come on; they gave Elvis a very hard time during the first few years following his death.. The things people have to overcome with Michael are far more sinister. Elvis only hurt himself. Michael was a borderline personality disordered character, and everything he was involved with led to confusion, deception, and ego-maniacal delusion. Neverland will never become what Graceland is. This has nothing to do with race. I think people like Barack, Oprah, and Michael Jordan are of the highest integrity of character, and I strive to be more like them.. Michael was a tortured soul…

  220. mrd says:

    Jan Pootemans…totally cements some of my early thoughts. She brings race into the picture with talks of black performers, I don’t understand the need to go there. But since we are there…did you know that Elvis was only put out there because they wanted a white guy that could sing like a black guy. So part of his fame was racially driven. And I know some of the white people didn’t like him because of some of the music he sang…but nevertheless he was put out there as a black alternative. MJ has people of ALL races that love him and from ALL countries… And if you wanna talk numbers…the Bad World Tour was the largest grossing tour At That Time and had the largest audience of all time…again at that time. That’s in the Guinness Book or World Records. So, I think those that are racially motivated (Jan Pootemans) will not think about putting Elvis at the top.

  221. yaya says:

    A person who CREATES art, Creates art as an occupation

    CREATION, of modes of expression including music and literature.

    The keys word that needs to be investigated is CREATE.

    CREATE: to bring into existence, to cause to be

    CREATION: the act of starting something for the first time

    Now, Elvis did not write of produce any music at all. His dancing was copied from black performers.

    Now, which one of you are going to tell me what Elvis created to be called the greatest music artist.

    MJ, created his own music and production, MJ created his own dance moves. (beside the moonwalk idiots)

    BY definition alone Michael Jackson is the only artist of the two. Elvis was a talent.
    This makes Michael Jackson the greatest music artist of all time.

    Now Elvis sold this and this and that well that is good when you keep the real performers of the music on the bench because they are black. Like baseball all the great players are white because they kept black players out of the game. It is not the hard to be the fastest runner when given a head head head start and even keep some from running like it was done for Elvis and earlier baseball players. MJ did not get such an advantage and he still blew them all away. So by definition of what a artist, artistry, create and creation are Michael Jackson is the greatest music artist of all time. Go back to the woods and have a meeting about changing the definitions and about what made up excuse will make you all feel better about Elvis the dancing bear. You see there is something better than common knowledge, it’s called real knowledge.
    Michael Jackson #1

  222. Jan Pootemans says:

    Sam Philips wanted a white guy that could sing like a black artist in order to break barriers in the 50ths because of the fact that the South of the USA was still very racial minded, Elvis broke this barrier by singing like he did. Some people are to young on this forum, children like Yaya are lost cases in today’s society they have no feeling with reality like it is. MJ was a child molester, a pedophile if you like and history (the name of one of his alums how sinister) will judge him accordingly. he has no charisma he is just a freak of nature that wanted to be white!! Luckily he had money to cover up all his or hers ( according to many resources he even dressed up like a woman lol) sexual escapades or he would have spend many years in jail!!! BDW how many white artist where invited on his memorial??? Yay get a job instead of being a small child(MJ would love it I know) on this forum….signing off because this is just a waist of time arguing with ignorant people.

  223. mrd says:

    Jan that was a poor argument…I think you’re right to sign off the forum. And I guess in the absence of a real rebuttal you resort to name calling. That’s ok. And, wasn’t Elvis dating Priscilla when she was about 14? No one’s perfect…like I said…I think there’s only been one that fits that bill. The real King.

  224. Warren says:

    From entry 179 Jan Pootemans writes

    July 15th, 2009 at 1:49 pm
    Now copy and paste this understanding that these are not my words!!

    I guess you missed the story on the same site about Elvis singing to a naked Tom Jones. Tom Jones at the end of the story says that Elvis was also checking him out as well!!!!!!!

    My point are not these two ridiculous stories, but really Jan only an idiot would quote a rag like the Sun.Did you find this info while you were looking up the latest UFO sightings/abduction stories (also listed on the Sun site)?


  225. yaya says:

    As one of my favorite groups would sing.

    Another one bites the dust, and another one does, another one does, another one bites the dust.

    Typing the truth: time
    Reading ignorant ranting: Patients
    Watching a Jan Pootemans’world collapse: PRICELESS

    Since I know you are still reading, I am going to answer you but you did everything but answer me.
    1) you are right I don’t have a job. I own my own biz.
    ( I’m rich B–ch, I can do what I want )
    2) I’m not a child, children like yourself avoid the truth and run to safer forum. (mother that man was mean)
    3)MJ, not guilty, Elvis guilty, dated 14 yr old
    Here is the facts, I loved Elvis, enjoyed his movies, I even loved the jump suits but Elvis is who he is that it nothing more. He made the white community realize what was going on just across the tracks.
    (rail tracks separate blacks / whites in southern towns)
    The truth is Elvis was just a talent and because the majority in the country didn’t know better, he became the greatest thing since sliced bread. MJ blew your mind when you knew better and you loved him. Jan Pootemans run to another forum where all you Elvis fans can trade MJ name calling to make you feel better about your eclipsed messiah. Elvis was good but MJ was the greatest.

    Michael Jackson #1

  226. Pierre says:

    My idol on this site is “yaya”. He’s really great!

    1) Both MJ or Elvis are not musicians (MJ is a young student comparing to other composers, and Elvis can play guitar or piano as such as MJ can compose music). For example the Beatles are musicians (extraordinary composers BUT NOT GOOD SINGERS)

    2) Both MJ and Elvis are good dancers, who’s the best I don’t know. But if you tell me that is MJ I will not tell you that you’re wrong (even if Elvis was well too)

    3) Elvis was a tremendous singer. MJ was not a singer. To sing, you must sing! Touching your sex and screaming like a girl is not singing, making “hii hii”, “haa ha”, “youuuhou” is not singing. This link shows you how to sing (“youtube.com/watch?v=6xcZCigY3gE&feature=related”), of course you can say I don’t like the style or the voice kind, BUT HE’S SINGING, and what a voice (with that voice he’s not obliged to touch his sex :o) , singing is just enough!)!

    4) Both MJ and Elvis have done lot for the two communities. It’s silly to discuss on this subject because both of them broke down racial barriers.

    5) Both MJ and Elvis created new styles, new look, new dresses, new ways to move or to dance…

    6) What about their personal life? Even if I’m an Elvis fan, I can’t forgive a man who goes out with other women when he’s married (shame on him). MJ’s moral is not shocking but disgusting. A man who don’t assume his roots (he wanted to have a white man face, even the shape) and of course his dark side about loving children. By the way “yaya”, you should call Elvis’s wife and beg her to tell on the TV that Elvis slept with her when she was 14 (because she said that Elvis didn’t touch her before their marriage).

    7) The future? Elvis’s future is our present, he will get bigger and bigger because of his great voice. You can compose the best music and that will be old-fashioned in 20 or 30 years (even some of Beatles songs are now old-fashioned), you can use new instruments and that will be old-fashioned in 20 or 30 years, you can create a new dance steps and that will be old-fashioned in 20 or 30 years (twist, disco, rock’n roll, …). Only one thing remains and that’s the voice, and that explains why Elvis is adored more than 30 years after his death. Even sick and few time before his death, he had a great voice (“youtube.com/watch?v=yorHifUCcAY&feature=related”). MJ’s future is our present too because MJ was finished in the middle of 90’s, you can be a fanatic, a racist, even if you’re a stupid ass, you will admit that MJ was over for more that 15 years. Believe me, medias here were doing all their possible to shock people after MJ’s death, but for people MJ was a “has been”. If MJ had a good voice I would say that he could be kept in mind and remembered in the future and still sell few records (of course no comparison with Elvis!), but with “ha ha”, “hi hi”, “youuuuhou” and by touching the sex, we can’t sell records 20 years after our death.

    8) Live performances, I think both of them have a big and electric presence on the stage (a big advantage to Elvis, he was magic)

    Conclusion, on the artistic part, MJ is just a great dancer, and Elvis a tremendous singer and a good dancer. But please don’t talk about music because both of them are young students comparing to others like Beatles, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder…

    A last thing or an advise, please don’t compare Elvis to other singers (he has reached an other grade)

  227. yaya says:

    Another one bites the dust, and another one does, another
    one does, another on bites the dust. All racial take is absurd lets just say Elvis was the king and leave it at that, there is no need for truth. I’m going to another forum where us Elvis worshipers can lie to each other. I’m taking my ball and leaving cause that yaya man is mean. Jan Pootemans, that is childish.
    You are right about one thing I don’t have a job, I own my own biz. (I’m rich B–ch, I can do what I want to do)
    Hey, I like Elvis he was good but get confused on what a true artist is and that was MJ he did it all and you loved it. Now run along to your Elvis meeting to come up with more ways to make lies to make you all feel better.

    Typing the truth: Time
    Reading ignorance: Patients
    Watch Jan Pootemans world collapse: PRICELESS

    Michael Jackson #1

  228. yaya says:

    Sorry, for the repeat.

    MJ #1

  229. mrd says:

    For anyone who says that Micheal Jackson wasn’t a great singer…you’ve not listened to the guy’s music. He had a great soft voice with great vibrato…and he could switch over and sing the gritty stuff…he was a great singer. Let’s not get that mixed up.

  230. Pierre says:

    What a voice ! WOW !!!


  231. yaya says:

    Elvis became famous for thrusting and wiggling his sex.
    Yeah Elvis’s wife will admit that he touched her and lose that free check. Hey, a child said that Elvis did not touch to get a check, a child said MJ did touch to get a check MMM! Elvis never actually danced in concerts. ( find one where actual dances) wiggling does not count as dancing. You know what the Beatles, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder have in common with MJ. They all write, produce and sing. Elvis not so much.

    Michael Jackson #1

  232. Jan Pootemans says:

    Admire pedophiles if you like, without any doubt MJ will be and is recognized as the worlds most famous child molester in history and that will be his legacy nothing else. Yaya claims to be rich B*ch but in real life he is poor of brain as we all can tell by reading his stupid comments provoking people with his racial language indicates that there is still a big problem with leaving the past behind. Being rich may be a good feeling, I know because I am doing fine in my own transport company as well, but I care about all people regardless of their race or background with one exception I just hare child molesters rich or poor, children ar easy victims and MJ took advantage of it as Peter Pan…..so don’t rest in peace MJ but let God justice you accordingly which will be heavier then 20 to 50 years in earthly jail.

  233. Craig Walston says:

    Let’s put some facts out. Elvis sold over 1 billion records-Fact. He had 18 billboard number 1’s, Michael had 13.. Fact- Almost a million people visit Graceland each year for the last 32 years since Elvis death. That will never happen for Neverland.- Fact…. Elvis has more than twice the number 1’s in the UK than Michael has. Elvis just remastered and released his greatest hits, and it was number 1 in 26 countries. Fact… Elvis is the King, and always will be… You can’t argue with facts. Elvis combined blues, pop, country, gospel and changed the landscape of music, and the world. Michael combined, pop, Motown, and disco, then put his own spin on it. Elvis changed everything! Finally, when Elvis died; within hours a 100 thousand fans converged on Graceland. With Michael, 25 media trucks went to Neverland and only several dozen fans, so the media created this over hype with Michael, just like they did with Anna Nicole; a woman who didn’t do anything productive with her life. These are all facts. Michael will have a good year or two. Or should I say his creditors. Elvis will always be in a league of his own, and Graceland will always be the Music Mecca of the world. Elvis has proven that beyond a doubt. Sorry Michael fans.. However, to leave you on a good note; Michael does have Thriller, and it is the biggest seller of all time…

  234. Sham says:

    Elvis: singer, performer. (can’t call him a dancer, come on get real).

    Michael: singer, writer, dancer, producer, arranger, choreographer.

    There is no comparison.

  235. Sham says:

    Wow, after reading a few comments here, I realize that many people are quite uneducated when it comes to singing, writing and dancing. I’m actually a pianist and a vocal coach, as well as a dancer, so I know certain things to be true.

    Singing: Elvis was a great singer, and so was Michael Jackson. To say that Elvis was better, is just silly. If you want to know the truth, Michael was actually FAR more versatile than Elvis as a singer, and sang in many genres very well. (soul, pop to rock).

    Elvis had a great voice, although less versatile.

    Dancing: Let’s get something straight. Elvis is NOT a dancer. You can ask ANY dancer in the world, and they will tell you flat out that this is an out-right stupid comparison. Michael could wow people with his moves. Elvis, well, there is nothing ‘wow’ about his moves.

    Songwriting: Elvis didn’t actually write or produce his hits. Michael, on the other hand wrote 80% of his hits.

    He also had a hand in producing and arranging. Elvis was not apart of any of these musical elements.

    Elvis DID however play the guitar and piano, and played them fairly well.

  236. Polksalad says:

    That’s alright mamma Elvis his first single was not written by him but was composed in such a rhythm that its sound was new and fresh! It is strange if most of the great singers, great singers and composers, look at Elvis as the one that started it all except MJ fans….Strange that someone as MJ is even compared to a great artist performer like Elvis! How many times did Elvis tour the world?…zero..how many video clips did he ever use for the promotion of his music?…zero he toured for 7 weeks in a row 2 shows a day that’s 70 shows in total and MJ could not even stepping in full confidence for 50 shows on one location!!! Set a side your puperal behavior by claiming artist of all time because if you look at the total picture MJ could not even reach Elvis his knee! I took a close look at all the comments written here and some are really stupid and racial indicating that a few are still spreading this immoral idea as a disease and accept the fact by doing proper research online and the decide who is on top. MJ will be remembered as a freak with a few good songs but with strange sexual attraction towards children and that is also a fact! If MJ is in heaven, which is doubtful, he will be singing backing vocal for Elvis that is the place he occupies not the front. Sinatra-Maria Callas-Pavarotti-Caruso-Bing Crosby and many many thousands of other singers never wrote a song but they where admired for there voices and performance and many artist where happy that Elvis even considered in recording one of there songs knowing that the result would be spectacular and above all profitable!!! Sorry kids but MJ is not the one you should admire unless you like criminals and, yes lets say it like it is ‘pedophiles’
    Thank you, thank you very much.

  237. mike says:

    Elvis and MJ lived in different different eras so its really difficult to determine between the two who’s tops. Both talents really drew huge following. Elvis crowd base grew tremendously because he evolved as an actor and his movies were circulated worldwide. MJ evolved as a dancer-performer and hi likewise became a world celebrity because of his world concert tours. Perhaps what we might consider are 2 things: foremost there was no internet yet during Elvis’ era unlike MJ’s and as we know, internet reaches everybody and I think Elvis became famous sans the internet; and another, MJ had more competition during his era than Elvis’s and this is a plus factor for MJ. I think both are kings who lived in different eras.

  238. Craig Walston says:

    Sham sham on you! First of all; Michael was a good singer, not a great singer. He had absolutely no baritone in his range; A very important part of singing. Elvis did all styles equally great because of his range and amazing upper head and nasal tenor tones. When he sang Gospel his soul came through. Elvis could do blues, country, pop and rock all in one voice, or each style separately and make it all his own. I know musicians who can blow Michael away, in terms of playing 10 instruments, producing, writing, arranging etc…However, they are not Elvis. Those things are not as important as you make them out to be. Elvis was the art, the expression, feel and soul of it all. Michael couldn’t play an instrument, and let’s face it; you really don’t believe he wrote most of his songs, do you? They just put his name on the stuff because he demanded it, and the real writers took a back seat. When Dylan,Lennon and others spoke of Elvis,-‘they said; the great song writers of the 60’s and 70’s came as a direct result of the emotional and psychological freedom brought about by Elvis. It was Elvis who opened their minds and permitted them to conceptualize and express ideas which led to the song writing of the 60’s and 70’s. Elvis is King, and we won’t be talking all that much about Michael down the road. Almost a million people tour Graceland each year. That will continue, I promise. Nothing close to that will ever happen for Neverland. Facts are facts my friend; You’ll see!

  239. Pierre says:

    Elvis could sing EVERYTHING ! And what a voice !!!


  240. Shamz says:


    SINGING: I beg to differ. There is no right and wrong here I guess, only opinion. What makes a great singer? Range? Versatility? Michale AND Elvis had all these elements. I’m going to call it even here, as I too have conflicting opinions with these 2 giants.

    Let’s just say both had great tones and both were great singers. I won’t let any Elvis fan tell me that he is a better singer though, because that’s just what you feel in your soul. To me MJ was better, to you Elvis was better …the fact is they are both technically versatile.

    SONGWRITING: Are you serious? Please. You think Quincy Jones would let Michael put his name (and ONLY his name) on songs like Beat It, Billie Jean? People, please educate yourselves. Quincy has told the story of Michael writing his own songs a thousand times.

    Perhaps Elvis fans can’t take this fact. I don’t know. Michael wrote 80% of his hits, many ON HIS OWN. Please, when did Elvis ever write any of his hits? Let’s stay in point here, I could babble on about how MJ broke barriers for artist and set new standards for when it came to stage shows and music video. Let’s talk about songwriting… something that Elvis didn’t do much of, it seems.

    Yes, many artists could blow MJ out the water when it comes to playing instruments, but I won’t deny that. Michael played piano and guitar, just enough to write his hits. Which goes much further than Elvis, who COULD play guitar and piano probably much better than Michael, but didn’t write any hits.

    Ask yourself, who is the better artist? Go one further, what IS an artist? Michael had the complete package, not just on the surface, but inside-out. Singing, writing, producing and of course, dancing.

    You saying people won’t talk about Michael down the road, that’s laughable. Honestly. Time will tell though.

    I don’t really care about Graceland, or Neverland to be honest. That’s all their own personal crap getting in the way. As artists, you’re in denial if you think Elvis could outshine a Michael Jackson.

    I could even go into the artists that Elvis had emulated, and might I add, did a BAD job at that. Please give me a break. (and if you’re looking at this paragraph in confusion, than you really need to know a thing or two about Elvis).

    Elvis sang and performed brilliantly, but Michael Jackson was a brilliant ARTIST.

  241. Kalvonix says:

    Wow, you people are so pathetic. I don’t understand why people have to pick a side, and everybody’s like Michael’s whack and Elvis is a better person. I believe that both Elvis and Michael are those entertainers that ain’t ever gonna come around again. Elvis was and still is the king of rock and roll but he died too early to keep it going while he was alive. The reason why Michael Jackson demanded to be called “the king of pop” because that is what he deserved. He has been in the music business since he was 5 years old, with an abusive father who called him ugly with a big nose. If you’ve been through all the things Michael Jackson has been through, I think you would be pretty messed up too. I love Elvis, but now that Michael Jackson has passed on as well… maybe he’ll get that respect that he truly deserved while he was alive….

  242. yaya says:

    I see that the lie fest continues, to make your self feel better about the copy cat talent, no writing, no producing, artistic thief, Elvis Spears aka dancing bear. Please continue, It lets me know I am right because you guys are yacking to each other, saying the say junk. If you are new to this forum start at
    Entry: 80 and heed the words of wisdom.

    Michael Jackson #1

  243. Dribble says:

    i think there both good but if I had to choose I say Michael and what does what you look like and dangling a baby off a balcony have to do with the music and so what if he can’t play a instrument he is a great dancer and singer

  244. Polksalad says:

    Seems to me that a lot of kiddy lovers take on MJ side….who knows what their appetite may be? MJ is just a sh**bag filled with perverted thoughts and because he could not do it with a mature girl or boy he took on little kiddies…THAT IS HIS LEGACY!!

  245. Carol says:

    I think Prince very, very beautiful!

  246. yaya says:

    I seems very clear that the people that love Elvis find it ok to be with a 14 yr old as long as it is a little girl. It also seems to me that Elvis lovers also know better than a jury that heard all the evidence and testimony and they seem to know what God’s is going to do as judgement. I don’t know why Elvis lovers are wasting time on forums when they need to be working on CSI or Cold Cases, hey just go down to your local police department and tell them to get rid of all there detectives. Between Elvis lovers and God who do I give 10 percent. Hey, I lost 100 dollars can one of you Elvis lovers please tell me where it is or who has it. Thanks

    Michael Jackson #1

  247. Craig Walston says:

    Well Shamz you’re entitled to your opinions, and I see your point to a degree. Elvis was a natural; His moves were natural to the feel of the music. I like that more, and so do millions of Elvis fans.. I think Michael was over choreographed and too many people dance that way today. I don’t want to see an overproduced Broadway act. I want the performer to look into the eyes and connect with the fans. Elvis certainly had that rapore with both his band and the fans.- With Michael on stage; he projects an attitude that it’s all about him.. That’s ego to me, you, or any other objective observer. I am not crazy about that quality/part of a performer. That’s pretense and not genuine to me. Again, personal tastes, opinions, likes and dislikes; no right or wrong to it. I want to see the performer with a hot band on the stage, just doing his thing. That is what Elvis is/was. To say it’s not important almost a million people visit Graceland each year is ridiculous. The greatest business people in the world couldn’t produce that turn out year in and year out with any other star, but Elvis. Only the White House has more annual tourists… Michael was great, absolutely! I like some of his music very much. Michael was influenced by performers and dancers from his past, just like Elvis was influenced, by Country, Gospel, and all the great Black artists of the late 40’s and early 50’s. I can’t argue with you there. You’re probably also right about Quincy Jones and Michael writing those major hits. Michael may have had help with ideas, but Michael probably wrote the majority of his songs. So I will give you that too. Believe me, I am not a Michael hater! There were some things about the way Michael conducted his personal life that probably influences my discussions subconsciously about Michael.. Truth be told; once I was certain his death wasn’t a publicity stunt, I was very sad! Peace to you Shamz…

  248. kate says:


  249. yaya says:

    And there you have it, the truth of sort, the thought that you are letting what you think is true but is not cloud reality. To admit that subconsciously you are not qualified to make any judgements artistically. This is why Elvis fans say things like MJ was a molester not Elvis, MJ was a drug addict, not Elvis, MJ was choreographed, not Elvis, Quincy Jones wrote MJ hits, doesn’t matter who wrote all Elvis stuff. MJ had attitude on stage, not Elvis. MJ and Elvis was influenced by others, Elvis didn’t copy. It is not important to write or produce your own music like MJ because Elvis didn’t. It not important that MJ had his own moves because Elvis didn’t, and didn’t dance on stage, he wiggled. To admit that deep down Elvis fans just can’t let it go and subconsciously down MJ by what ever means is the only truth I have heard from Elvis fans. I have always said that I liked Elvis but he was what he was a ambassador of what was going on already across the tracks. Elvis got credit for doing what was already being done just because the majority of the country didn’t know, didn’t want to know or refused to believe it even after Elvis would say it in interviews.

    Thanks for that revelation!

    Michael Jackson #1

  250. Craig Walston says:

    Ya Ya, if Elvis said it and gave credit to the great black artists of the 40’s and 50’s, it’s to Elvis credit. Don’t hold Elvis responsible for what some fans may think. Elvis didn’t think that way, and most of his fans probably don’t.. Some may, but don’t generalize and blame all… Peace…

  251. mrd says:

    Well said YaYa…

  252. Pierre says:

    Hello the dream team :o)

    There are two things, the artistic part of big stars and the moral part. Even if I’m an Elvis fan, I must admit that big artists have strange lives. But MJ’s moral part is not strange or exaggerated, it’s just disgusting. Now the artistic part of these two stars. Elvis is a SINGER (nothing else), but in that category he’s the best. I’m a tenor and I sing in classical choirs since 20 years and also in conservatory, and I can’t support artists who sing without having the minimum voice required for that. Artists like Sinatra, Elton John, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Whitney Houston, and many others had that voice. We can’t demand rock or pop singers to have the same voice as opera singers, but they must have a minimum. Elvis in that category was the best, he had a big voice (I’m talking about 70’s), even too strong sometimes to sing rock. Now, what can I say about MJ… This fellow don’t even have the minimum to sing, as I said, touching your sex and screaming like a girl is not singing, making “hii hii”, “haa ha”, “youuuhou” is not singing. For other talents that MJ could have, I will say that he was an excellent dancer, may be the best in that category. But please, don’t talk about composing songs, PLEASE. Otherwise I will lie like you by saying that Elvis can play Mozart on piano !

    And let me tell you something, people are not all blind, an opinion survey is done in France showing that almost 55% of the population don’t agree that MJ can be equal to Elvis (even equal!). MJ’s death is recent and the emotion must push people to vote for MJ (but no way!), the emotion past, in a year we will have 70%, and in 10 years there will be no opinion survey because the young generation will say “I know the King, but who’s MJ?”.

    It was really bizarre how the media here reacted after MJ’s death. “Hey, ho, MJ’s gone, cry people, please cry, lord why aren’t you crying?”, and the people’s answer was “Who pays a sh**, MJ’s was over since 20 years”.

    Don’t forget, touching your sex and screaming like a girl is not singing, making “hii hii”, “haa ha”, “youuuhou” is not singing. If you don’t like the King, you can listen to many many other singers who have voice.

  253. Polksalad says:

    Alive or dead Elvis has the best career of any popstar.

    He’s starred in 31 movies from 1956 to 1969. Released over 192 albums (not all of which qualified for the R.I.A.A., due to not meeting criteria circumstance even though they may have sold millions of copies, which spawned 104 top 40 singles, 38 top 10 singles, and 31 #1 singles (24 of which sold over a million copies each) including Hound dog with spent 11 weeks at #1, He also has a record 9 consecutive #1’s, another record he has is that from 56?- 59? there was at least one Elvis song on the charts. Has won 3 Grammys, all for his gospel music. After his death in 77? his label, RCA, was shipping a record 20 million albums a week around the world, and had 40 pressing plants working overtime, and in the 12 months following his death 1/3 of all albums sold worldwide were Elvis albums, not including 10’s of millions of albums sold through outside companies, and record clubs, all of which are unaccounted for in R.I.A.A. totals, plus the R.I.A.A. has many faults in their counting methods and have changed there method several times over the years screwing up his sales. His album sales currently stand at over a billion albums sold worldwide from Singles/ EP’s/ Albums/ CD’s/ and Cassettes, including over 600 million in the U.S., and over 400 million outside the U.S., confirmed by Goldmine Trade Magazine (A very respectable American magazine) RCA V.P.’s, and the President and CEO of BMG, it’s a figure that is constantly rising due to the fact that Elvis sells steadily 52 weeks a year. ( elvis-presley.ca/elvisriaa.htm & elvisinfonet.com/elvisvsbeatlespart1.html for some facts if you need them).

    Bottom Line Elvis is indeed the greatest selling recording artist of all time.

  254. Shamz says:

    Craig, well said. I agree on many points. I’m only against the opinions from people (such as Pierre, above) who, despite their so called knowledgeable viewpoints, are actually, in reality, VERY UNEDUCATED when it comes to WHY they think this way.


    I am a vocal coach, and have been teaching singing for around 10 years. I’m also a pianist (Grade 8) and dancer. So, to make ridiculous statements, such as “this guy doesn’t even have the minimum” is baffling, and it only makes you look stupid. I, as a Michael fan, won’t disregard Elvis’ voice. (even though I may have done before).

    But, for an Elvis fan to state the blindingly inaccurate gives other Presley fans a BAD name.

    If all you think that Michael did was scream like a girl, then clearly you’ve missed it completely. You’ve heard a couple of vocal hiccups and drawn your own conclusion. Again, YOU’RE COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED.

    Singing like MJ is different to Elvis. Get that through your head. If the truth has to be told, it’s this: Michael could sing and dance beautifully at age 11… before Elvis had even set foot in a recording studio.

    How many times must a fact be stated? Michael Jackson wrote 80% of his hits. Even Elvis fans can actually acknowledge and embrace this fact, to a degree.


    I don’t know why you even bothered with your post. Both have broken records… some Elvis has done MJ over, and some MJ has done Elvis over. Your point is what?

  255. Pierre says:

    Shamz, I’m a classical singer and very educated in that category as I sing opera arias since years (una furtiva lagrima, e lucevan le stelle, recondita armonia), and I say and confirm that MJ doesn’t have the minimum required to sing, others have (Sinatra, Nat King Cole, …), not him. Sinatra doesn’t touch his sex, he sings, and that’s just enough.

    You’re a blind MJ fan or uneducated (normally you must not be with grade 8 in piano!). Even me an Elvis fan (only Elvis in 70’s), when I listen to voices like Pavarotti, Jussi Bjorling, Mario Del Monaco, …I can’t even listen to an Elvis album just after that. It sounds poor, and this with Elvis who has the biggest voice in the rock category, imagine I listen to MJ! It will sound like an empty can!

    I’m not a Sinatra fan, but I’m enough musician to admit that this man has a voice. I’m not blind and I consider myself happy when I see how fanatic can be certain people. We can’t demand rock or pop singers to have the same voice as opera singers, but they must have a minimum.

  256. T B T says:

    Whats wrong with you people? Elvis is the greatest entertainer of all time, this is backed up by facts, statistics, accomplishments and accolades. In every category MJ is nowhere close to Elvis and doesn’t even almost compare..whoever said MJ is bigger OR better than Elvis is a complete idiot and a die hard MJ fan that should be sent back to school and get a therapist. How can you people sit there and say MJ is better? The facts speak for themselves..just because he didn’t write and produce doesn’t make MJ better or a closer 2nd place..The FACTS and IMPACT on people is what does and when more people watch Elvis live in concert than the MOON LANDING..is all that needs to be said, please don’t include Jackson in the same sentence as Elvis again, MJ is not in the same galaxy.

  257. Warren says:

    This is what pisses me off. Elvis fans like Polksalad and others just suspend reality. His opening quote on entry 253 is that Elvis made 31 movies, well for starters most off them are bad. A few of those films are even regarded as the worst films ever made.If you like Elvis that’s fine he had a great voice but weather you like it or not, outside your little Elvis world musically Elvis is considered a joke.

    He may sell the most in death but musically he commands little respect. Just because you sell a lot of music that does not translate into artistic respect. From The Monkees to The Spice Girls to The Jonas Brothers all of these musicians sell a lot of music but they certainly receive no respect and like Elvis today these artists they are not taken seriously. By comparison due to the quality of his career,life and his stunning final musical output Johnny Cash is far more respected by today’s youth (and artists) than Elvis will ever be.Your not much of a King when your laughed at.

    Like Sinatra Elvis is now viewed with more pop culture mystique but unlike Sinatra who is viewed as the cooler than cool dapper mob-connected singer and even talented actor. Elvis is viewed as an overweight bejeweled drugged up sub-standard Vegas showman in sequined Batman cape. The jumpsuits even light up the night sky in the movie Honeymoon in Las Vegas. U2 take stabs at the Elvis myth with the song Elvis ate America(“Shooting TVs reading Corinthian’s 13”) or how about Public Enemy’s Fight The Power (“Elvis didn’t mean Sh*t to me” )Elvis is now viewed as an entity not as a man, but an out of control tacky lifestyle. His music ceased even being a factor anymore or at least it takes a back seat to the Myth or Cult of Elvis. Unfortunately for Elvis, his career was hampered with far more mistakes and bad taste than positive achievements and the Elvis diehards blindly just ignore the this. The rest of the world sees Elvis in a different light than Elvis fans do.You Elvis diehards actually give Elvis fans a bad name.

    Like that of a Greek Tragedy he fell further than he climbed, he had it all and then lost it all. Aside from what he did in 1950s (which many people also find disputable) he stopped being a musical power by the 1960s and by the 1970s he was a farce. He can never be considered alongside the musical genius like that of Hank Williams, Dylan, The Beatles, The Stones and others because he did not create his music. A Hank Williams song will always be that, a Hank Williams song. Yes Elvis’ version sounds better, but it will only be just that, a version of someone else’s work. Like it or not ,MJ because he created his own music fits more into the category of musical genius than Elvis. Elvis will always be missing the key component and talent of writing. That in turn then leads to Elvis’s constant release of sub-standard music from the 1960s on, as songwriters began singing and releasing there own songs.Combined with Elvis lifestyle he then becomes a parody at the very same time when other artists are releasing landmark albums or stunning careers.

    A lot of Elvis fans seem to thing that liking his music also requires blind devotion in defending Elvis past the point of reality and common sense.

    …….. and yes to help you in your rebuttal, of course lots of people laugh at MJ (duh) but in looking at both artists from an artistic MUSICAL viewpoint MJ has no musical flaws he could write and sing the songs were as Elvis could only sing them. As I do,If you like Elvis better than MJ that’s OK, but do not criticize music you don’t know,like or understand. You wind up sounding like all those old uptight people from so long ago who criticized Elvis .

  258. Warren says:

    TBT the only fact you bother to give and according to you is that “all that needs to be said” is that Elvis Aloha from Hawaii beat the moon landing in TV ratings (1 Billion vs 600 million). So by your screw-ball logic are you saying that Elvis is more important than both MJ AND man setting foot on the moon. Is that what your saying?

    By the way more people watched the funeral of Princess Diana than Aloha from Hawaii. Twice the amount at 2.5 billion so does that make her twice as famous or better than Elvis. It probably does by your logic.

    Lay down some facts that are not so easily ripped apart

  259. bill says:

    I’ve been away from this forum for a little bit, but I’d like to chime in once again. As a singer and musician, I don’t think its even see the point in debating who is better- Both artists sang different styles of music. I can’t comment too much on MJ, as I don’t like any modern music-lol. But I am not blind or deaf not to realize the guy had talent.

    I think Elvis himself regarded himself as a singer who could interpret styles of music very well. When he went into Sun studios as a young kid, he sang ballads first, trying to emulate one of his idols, Dean Martin. Only when he was fooling around with an old blues song did they stumble across a style that was different, and Sam Phillips recognized this. I think Elvis himself got swept away by the hysteria that soon followed. There are a few interviews where he said he didn’t even have time to think, things moved to fast.

    I think the guy did what he could to the best of his ability, in as much as he had no blueprint of a Rock and Roll star to go by. In a few years, there were hundreds of singers trying to be the next Elvis, on every record label. His looks, and of course the fact that he had a decent voice helped him become the star that he was. He actually wanted to become an actor (perhaps more than a singer)in the footsteps of James Dean and Tony Curtis. Fate, fan worship, or poor management kept the guy stuck in performing the same routine and trying to live up to this image that others created about him. Was he good? Sure, he entertained. Some say he was the best, some say not. Some of his song were great, some were pure junk.
    But all in all I think he had more of a cultural impact than Michael Jackson-and that’s not to take away from the massive success of Thriller.
    So who knows?..Lets all take a breather and realize that America has given the world two of the most popular artists in the world-bar none. I don’t think that there is any other entertainer around today, except for Paul McCartney who would even come close.

  260. Pierre says:

    Warren wrote “he stopped being a musical power by the 1960s and by the 1970s he was a farce.”

    More people watch Elvis live in concert than the MOON LANDING was in 1973 ! Why are you lying Warren?

    You’re right TBT, MJ is not in the same galaxy.

  261. Pierre says:

    Pierre, clearly you and I have different opinions to what the term ‘minimum’ means. No offense, but you sound terribly old fashioned and clearly you don’t have the knowledge to grasp different singing styles.

    How on earth are you putting opera singers in the same field? If you believe in your heart that singing is all about vibrato and depth, than clearly you’re going to have a severely limiting view on what’s great and what isn’t.

    Some Elvis fans are more delusional than I thought. Trying to diss Michael’s vocal’s abilities is just plain stupid Please, travel around the globe, meet a few different vocal coaches and different types of singers (one’s that can do more than opera) and get a lateral view on this.

    And what’s all this crap about more people watching him in concert than they did the moon landing? Who gives a crap? That means, what?

  262. Shamz says:

    Pierre, clearly you and I have different opinions to what the term ‘minimum’ means. No offense, but you sound terribly old fashioned and clearly you don’t have the knowledge to grasp different singing styles.

    How on earth are you putting opera singers in the same field? If you believe in your heart that singing is all about vibrato and depth, than clearly you’re going to have a severely limiting view on what’s great and what isn’t.

    Some Elvis fans are more delusional than I thought. Trying to diss Michael’s vocal’s abilities is just plain stupid Please, travel around the globe, meet a few different vocal coaches and different types of singers (one’s that can do more than opera) and get a lateral view on this.

    And what’s all this crap about more people watching him in concert than they did the moon landing? Who gives a crap? That means, what?

  263. T B T says:

    Warren I didn’t think I would read such stupid opinions but I did..I read all that stupidity you wrote and it made me slightly dumber so thanks for that. What you said is YOUR OPINION not what the world thinks of Elvis..I happen to know probably more people than you ever met and some love Elvis, some dislike Elvis, couple people I met hated Elvis until we discussed it and some just don’t care BUT A. everyone knows who he is just by his first name B. everyone knows at least 3 Elvis songs C. if they like him or not, they have a small understanding of his impact on humanity without knowing any facts about him. So to explain why people like you shouldn’t share their opinions is you say Elvis’s movie’s were the worst ever..they sure as hell weren’t the best but go back and look HOW THEY DID IN THE BOX OFFICE!! they were the same script every time and people movie after movie came and paid money to see him over and over again and gave him #1 box offices just to support Elvis, what does that tell you warren? it should tell you that it doesn’t matter how good or bad the movies were..the BIG PICTURE that we’re trying to open your small mind up to is THE PEOPLE CAME AND FOLLOWED ELVIS REGARDLESS IN LIFE, MOVIES, MUSIC!!! Just like if he wrote his music or not, doesn’t matter cause MORE PEOPLE BOUGHT IT THAN ANYONE ELSE’s. You also said he’s considered a joke and he’s laughed at? Maybe only by the few dumb people like you and that yaya guy. If he was such a joke and laughed at tell me why million people each year visit Graceland? why is Elvis still touring on a TV SCREEN and selling out allover the world? Why when Elvis’ best of CDs came out years back he was #1 in the charts again? Why when a little less conversation came out in 2002 it went #1 in 30 countries? Why warren my boy did he sell over 1.15 BILLION records which is far more than anyone ever? Why if his movies were so bad did people come and watch the other 32? and so on and so on and so on..this is all what he did in his career nevermind what he did personally. When you make that yaya-like comment about 2.5 billion watched princess Diana’a funeral, here’s again warren why your small minded and you shouldn’t have an opinion…1997 when princess Diana died there was over 5.8 billion people on earth, in 72′ for the Elvis concert there was 3.8 and 1.5 of them were watching ELVIS LIVE!! No internet, no common cable, no satellites in 72 like 97..do I really have to explain this? almost have of the earth watched Elvis LIVE at one time in 72′..and that comment about the moon landing is to illustrate for the less educated like you warren to have a better understanding who the true KING to the people was and that is Elvis Presley, nobody cares who or what you like warren but if your going to make ridiculous statements like Johnny Cash gets more respect than Elvis..you are on a different planet. We don’t have to be Elvis fanatics to show what Elvis did and what he accomplished, which makes him the UNDISPUTED KING..the people clearly chosen between 1954 and July 30/2009, he’s the king, get used to it..it won’t change and you can’t argue this point because the facts and stats show he is and that’s the bottom line!

  264. mrd says:

    Question… what’s the criterion for an artist to be great or the greatest of all time? Some of you experts please(Pierre, Shamz, TBT…)

  265. mrd says:

    One more request…can we please stop calling either one of these guys The KING… I cringe when I read that type of talk in referring to Elvis…there’s only been one The KING… he was on earth in the flesh about 2000 years ago.

  266. Pierre says:

    “mrd”, I agree with you that the only KING was on earth in the flesh about 2000 years ago. Even Elvis said that to journalists who were telling him that people were calling him the king. But MJ was not enough humble and declared/proclaimed himself the king of pop ! Funny !

    Now the other question “the criterion for an artist to be great or the greatest of all time”. We can call artist an actor, dancer, singer, comic, even a clown … So we should avoid telling that MJ or Elvis were the best artists. I explained several time that we should not say that Elvis was an artist or was the best (the word artist is too large and we can’t be the best in all categories), Elvis is a singer. May be he was a well actor too, well dancer too, but I will be really stupid if I say that Elvis is still a phenomenon 32 years after his death because he was a good actor or dancer. No, Elvis is still alive because of his voice (baritone until the end of the 60’s and tenor in the 70’s). I can prove with facts that he had an incredible voice, he used to push B’s (not screaming B’s, SINGING) in live concerts without any classical backgrounds. He had very low notes as he had very high notes in the 70’s (always SINGING, not screaming like a cat). But a strong and high voice is not enough to be a good singer, you must have a good singing voice, just listen to “My Boy” for example and tell me what you think. Now these are proofs to confirm that Elvis was an extraordinary singer. The best? In my opinion yes. I accept other propositions, but please please not MJ. When we are talking about “voice”, do not mention his name (same for Beatles, Prince, …).

    Best pop/rock musician/composer MJ? No Way! Ok for Beatles, and accept other propositions. You want criteria for a good composer? The song must sound good, good arrangement, complex chords, invention/evolution, …Beatles had all these.

    Best dancer MJ? Why not. But still accept other propositions. Something is a fact about MJ, he wasn’t only an excellent dancer but also exceptional by creating a unique style.

    I liked MJ as a phenomenon in the 80’s because he had a personal style, good music, good dancing, good clips and because he was a black guy to had success (for info, I’m white), but never as a singer, my ears were working well in that period too. And I could have respect even today if his personal life was not disgusting, all big stars are strange, but MJ is really the KING in that category (you can’t sleep with other’s children in you bed! Even if they come to your bed you must put them out !!!).

  267. Pierre says:

    I forgot ! Elvis could sing EVERYTHING. That’s make him bigger too. Country, rhythm and blues, gospel, slows, opera, rock, pop, … If you don’t believe me or want examples, just ask me and I’ll send you the links.

  268. Shamz says:

    Pierre, seriously, please don’t even approach another songwriters or pop musicians with your thoughts. The more you post, the more uneducated you really do sound.

    Let’s get some points clear:


    This came from Elizabeth Taylor, as Michael publicly admitted in the Opera interview, “I didn’t proclaim myself to be anything”, he goes on, “I’m happy to be alive”. He also stated where a lot of his inspiration comes from, “the black kids in the ghettos”.

    So, is this not humbling? Again, there are a HUNDRED things he has said which has been incredibly humbling, in fact. Let’s not forget about the entire Dangerous tour which he did for charity. Don’t ever recall Elvis doing that.

    Pierre, please get some real knowledge.


    I guess you completely missed my previous post. Dude, how are you going to compare apples to oranges? I’ve already said Michael and Elvis were different. Both were versatile, and brilliant… in my OPINION Michael had a more soothing tone, but that’s just me. I don’t deny Elvis’ voice. That man could sing well. But so could Michael! (since age 11 might I add)


    OK, here’s where you really have no clue. Micheal’s records were FULL of beautiful arrangements and chord progressions. Ever heard of ‘Stranger In Moscow’? Self penned, might I add (unlike Elvis, who didn’t write sh**). YouTube that song lyrically, listen to it, lyrically, musically, and tell me if Elvis can even begin to write such a beautiful pop ballad (oh, I forgot, he couldn’t write).

    Pierre, if your ears were ‘working well’ in the 80’s, than they are certainly are not working very well now.


    Somebody give me something to throw. Michael was the first to actually amalgamate music commercially, thus singing ACROSS the board. Pop, rock and soul. Please, please please, (I beg you) get some real knowledge.

    Any other posts that you make that come from an UNEDUCATED place, I will disregard and not bother replying. It’s like debating with a kid.

    MRD: There is none. Perhaps musical and cultural impact? I don’t know. There is no right and wrong here, only uneducated guesses (from the likes of Pierre and some others).

  269. T B T says:

    And in case y’all didn’t know..when MJ stands on his toes and freezes..Elvis started that in the 50’s, MJ just perfected it. So the “best dancer” in music, in a way took that move from Elvis you could say PLUS Elvis did a modified version of the moon walk 30 years before MJ did, Elvis’s shimmy was to the side and was more of a leg sweep but some MJ’s best moves were either done by Elvis or kind of similar

  270. yaya says:

    Standing on the toes and Elvis did a version on the moon walk. It must be great to live in your world. The standing on the toes started with Tap dancers, check out the Nicholas brothers, Sammy Davis as a child and even Bojangles on YouTube. Elvis didn’t start any moves he copied moves he saw which he admitted. To bring in opera as the reason Elvis was better is just sad. Here is some history on how things work. For every black artist there was a counter white artist because whites would not buy black artist music during those times.
    Example: Little Richard/Jerry Lee Lewis,
    Jackson 5 / Osmonds, New Edition / New kids on the block
    MC hammer / Vanilla ice. Morris Star who was black was the manager of new edition(black group) and said himself that he could make a whole lot more money if he could get some white kids to do the same thing hence he started New Kids on the Block which eclipsed new edition. So as far a cultural impact it depends if you think that your group of people is more important than another group of people. MJ grabbed all groups of people and started them moving to his beat, now that is a true cultural impact.

  271. Polksalad says:

    Why should we support Elvis with ignorant people on this forum? People with a bit of knowledge or brain know that Elvis is the biggest star this world has seen but time is catching up since t was 32 years ago that he died. The people will forget about MJ in less then 2 years the media attention is already fading!! MJ needed most of the time a lot of dancers to support him on stage because he could not carry a full show on his own, most of the time he was play backing. Instead of the moonwalk or ball grabbing (we all know there was nothing to grab at but that is a different story) he did nothing else the squeak with a girly voice billy jean and claiming that the child was not his…correct he did not sleep with billy jean but with the kid!!! No I will not support child molesters they should be in jail and not on stage or buried in a golden casket. Milk and cookies yeah right and maybe he put some medicine on the cookies to make them more willing.

  272. yaya says:

    Polksalad will not support a child molester, no sir not at all but he thinks that a grown man with a 14 yr old girl is ok. I be seeing polksalad on dateline NBC to catch a predator. For a guy that doesn’t like MJ you sure watch a lot about MJ.

  273. Kaitlyn says:

    You have got your facts wrong. MJ never molested kids and was completely innocent. Elvis never had sex with Priscilla until after they were married, which was in her early twenties, and with her consent. “what Elvis was letting or doing to Lisa Marie”. What is that? He didn’t do anything wrong to her. He loved her and showered her with gifts and love.
    MJ’s plastic surgery started because he broke his nose on stage and was abused by his father. BOTH Elvis and MJ used drugs to help their problems. Elvis also had a nose job.
    I think you all need to lay off them both ESPECIALLY MJ. He doesn’t deserve any of this. He never did anything wrong.
    But if I had to point out a remarkable difference between them, it would be that Michael was bashed, abused and thrown onto the stage by his father, while Elvis was nurtured and chose music after a line of failed occupations.

  274. TRUTH says:

    Sammy Davis Jr. was greater than Elvis

  275. V says:

    Are you people joking. Everyone in America loves Elvis. However, Michael like Michael Jordan is global. Elvis was never global and that my American friends is a fact. Love Michael or hate him his reach was on a Global scale and Michael transformed dance and music period. So how in the world can all of you people claim that Elvis had more of an impact I totally totally disagree. Michael is known in almost every country. Notice what happened when he died look at all the media coverage. It was like when Kennedy was assassinated. Except only Americans watched that. People the world was watching when Micheal died and that is a fact.

  276. Craig Walston says:

    V.V.V- How come Elvis has more total record sales. One Billion… How come his Hawaii Global concert was seen by over 1 billion people. How come half the million people who tour Graceland each year are under 35 and many from other countries. Elvis has 18 billboard number 1’s. Michael has 13. Elvis has more number 1’s in the UK than Michael. these are facts you can check and can’t argue with. You can check all this out. It’s all fact. Neverland will never be the tourist attraction Graceland is…After Elvis died, over a hundred thousand fans converged on Graceland within hours. Michael had a bunch of media trucks, and only several dozen fans at Neverland. This is all media created with Michael. Remember Anna Nicole; same thing, except she never did anything productive with her life. All media created. Michael had thriller and that is great. Elvis is the greatest cultural phenomenon of the 20th century, and nobody even comes close. Graceland is 2nd to the White House in annual tourists. That will never happen with any other star again.. Do you think after Michael Jordan dies; a million people are going to travel to wherever the heck he lives.. Wake up guy! You’ll see in a couple years just how temporary the Michael thing is. I promise you that… Elvis- 32 years and counting, and his legacy grows each year. That will not end in your lifetime my friend. If you can’t take it, go get some Diprivan to take your pain away… Reality bites V…

  277. ADD says:

    This article is just full of sh** & lies and make no senses at all. This person compare times when it was normal to be with an older man and here parents knew! No wonder why this person didn’t sign this article because if you would have signed it, you will never get another job not even as a “freelancer”. JFOS=JUST FULL OF SH**!!!

  278. Polksalad says:

    Yep it is a normal reaction that people support child molester MJ, luckily people like the lot of you are not selected in the jury box because all the criminals, smooth criminals, would walk free in the USA!! Same on the lot of you supporting a pedophile regardless if he could sing or not you all know that money set him free and that is also a fact so get real and realize by supporting a child raper you will not make it a better place. Numbers or record sales will not change that and history will also have a very bad taste with MJ as a mother goose with milk cookies and bedtime stories filled with dirty sheets. I don’t understand how people accept this oh yeah OJ Simpsons also did not kill his wife right!!! Money and good lawyers make the difference nothing else.

  279. Polksalad says:

    To ADD simpleton..in the early years before 1960 it was absolutely normal that people in the US married before the age of 16 or don’t you know your own history???? Get real or better yet in your case support child molesters and make is acceptable maybe that is what a lot of you are looking for in MJ?? who knows!!

  280. unknown says:

    I am a Michael Jackson fan… people who think his music didn’t have an affect on young people well you wrong. I am 14 and I know most of his songs… If you do your research on him he had won more awards he helps so many charities he was a great performer and singer… I’m not gonna be unfair at all I can’t say anything about Elvis because I never listened to his music.. I never had a desire but when you hear Michael Jackson’s you just wanna dance even if you cant…. Hes much better. if he didn’t sell more record please tell me how he still has The biggest selling album they call him the artist of the decade even century… He was great… Any has anyone seen Dreamgirls.. On the movie they said Elvis Stole black artist songs. yes he did soul but did he ever help the black people that wrote his songs…. I don’t think so… :/ not putting him down I just didn’t like his music and liked Michael better.. R.I.P Michael and Elvis

  281. NiA says:

    And people who are on here calling Michael or even Elvis a “child raper”.. what if your dad was accused of that and it wasn’t true how would you feel.. upset huh??? no one knows if it happened or not… I don’t think it did but that’s my opinion and you slow ass kids on here can think wat you want… A person who tours all over the world and when he goes to each country he tries to help the people who were sick and making a great songs like “WE are the World” to help the Aids epidemic in Africa… that’s a child molester BullSh**!!! “Heal the World” “Earth song” “The Lost Children” do you think a child raper would care so much that he would give all the money he had to help children.. he love the world and his fans more than he loved himself… so please don’t tell me that’s a child raper and if you still think he is you a stupid ass person that’s just trying to drag the mans name… If a man raped my kid, and turns around and offer me money I’m not gonna take it ill get him in jail so you know they were trying to get money… they were poor white ignorant people.. I’m pretty sure if they asked Michael would have gave the money he help the little boy survive his cancer….. So no he ain’t a pedophile!!!! Let him rest in peace people stop slaughtering his name.. he doesn’t deserve it.. no man should go threw the sh** he went threw if he was PROVEN INNOCENT in 2005… hello you should let it go he went to court and he ain’t go to jail.. so stop bringing sh** up that happened in 1993 and 2005 it is 2009 now.? let it go. Well I’m done R.I.P Michael, King of Pop

  282. Craig Walston says:

    Unknown- you are only 14, so I will go easy on you. Yes Michael’s music can make you want to dance, and Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time. that said. Here are some other facts. Michael was wracked by emotional pain because he didn’t think the world or media put him on the same level as Elvis? What an immature, arrogant and childish attitude to have. Elvis sold over 1 billion records, had more number 1’s on billboard, and almost a million people visit Graceland annually. That will never happen again for anyone else! Humility, on Elvis part is one reason..Enormous talent,- combining, Blues, Country, R&B and Gospel music is another reason…Elvis cultural impact is partly due to timing in the 50’s and enormous need for the new youth culture/generation to have a hero to identify with. Elvis is getting bigger with each passing year. Let’s see if anyone is discussing Michael 32 years from now…When Elvis died a hundred thousand fans converged on Graceland within hours. Then the media reacted. With Jackson, it’s mostly media created. After Jackson passed, I saw 25 media trucks head to Neverland, yet only a few dozen fans.. Like I said , media created hype.. Remember Anna Nicole- This was a woman who never did anything productive with her life. Again media created… At least Jackson was a legitimate superstar; but Elvis,- he will never be.. Peace to you . Michael RIP

  283. Evie says:

    OMG Craig Walston would you listen to how idiotic you sound? Do you really know ANYTHING about MJ??! Ask yourself that.
    “Michael was wracked by emotional pain because he didn’t think the world or media put him on the same level as Elvis?”?? Really? MJ and Elvis had completely different music so I highly doubt that MJ would waste his time thinking about that.

    MJ was “wracked by emotional pain” because he never had a life. His father bashed him since he was five, abused him physically and emotionally (calling him names (like “ugly” and insulting his nose-hence the plastic surgery) and threw him on stage. It made him very sad, all he wanted was a father, but instead he got a management genius who bashed his clients.

    Then there’s the celebrity status since he was five. He never experienced things that normal kids did- amusement parks, arcade games, and just…fun. He always worked, and would cry while watching the other kids playing and from loneliness. He never had any friends because he had to work. He was forced to grow up, when all he really wanted was a childhood.

    Then there’s all the lies, and the made up stories. The media portrayed him as some whack who slept in chambers and bleached his skin. How would you feel if that was you? He had vitiligo, it was hard enough and then he had to deal with all these fantasies.

    Then there’s the molestation charges. MJ made up for his lack of a childhood by surrounding himself with children and having fun with them. And everyone gives him a hard time for being nice to underprivileged children.
    Everyone thought he was some kind of psycho who molested young boys! When he was completely innocent.

    Here’s a simple list as to why MJ was “wracked by emotional pain”:
    • Father
    • Inability to live a normal life.
    • Inability to get married and have children
    • Loneliness
    • Emotional scarring from childhood
    • Pressure to perform
    • Molestation charges

    Learn something.

    For Porksalad and anyone else out there who hated him or thought he was a molester:
    He was innocent. Seriously, lay off and get real. It’s amazing how you’ll blindly believe anything the media tells you.

  284. Diana says:

    Did you say that people will forget about MJ? Are you serious? Are you in denial?
    Oh and here’s a simple fact:
    Elvis only performed out of the US twice-both in Canada. Now name a country where they haven’t heard of MJ.

  285. Polksalad says:

    O Evie was in the jury box!! That is explaining a lot!!! Nope look girls and boys there is no way that you can justify child molesting regardless color or background rich or poor but in his case being rich made a huge difference and tall know its true. Supporting MJ is like supporting all pedophiles worldwide in fact you are accepting and agreeing to it!!! But don’t forget Mohammed married a 7 years old girl had intercourse with her on so if the prophet agrees with it then I understand that Muslims, like MJ was at the end, turn to child sex believing that if it is ok for the prophet then it must be good for us right!!! Sick and ashamed I feel reading all these reactions how can people be so ignorant….???

  286. Pierre says:

    A people survey shows that 55.6 % of French people don’t even accept that MJ can be equal to the King (not best, only equal). It’s funny when I read comments telling that the King was only famous in USA. I spent my lifetime in Europe and Asia, and Elvis is more than a King, he has reached another grade, something bigger (people from all around the world are taking the plane to visit Graceland!). I went to see him in concert in Paris 30 years after his death, the arena was full of 15000 fans ! This guy is dead in 1977. MJ is a super star too (like Madonna) and known in Europe and Asia, but his celebrity was over in the beginning of the 90’s. A month after his death, no one is talking about him, OVER. And that’s better because it was too exaggerated by the medias (no fans but lot of media). A phenomenon like Pavarotti died and the medias did not do their job, medias are more interested by stars who take drugs, by crazy pedophiles, …That brings more money.

    For MJ fans without any elementary logic…Guys, a 40 or 50 years old man must not sleep with children. If I wake up by night and see a stranger’s kid in my bed, I kick his ass and take him out of my bed! That’s what should do a normal man. Fan doesn’t mean fanatic, WAKE UP.

    I respected MJ in the 80’s before he brings some children in his bed! Wake up !!

  287. Craig Walston says:

    Diana, I was just quoting someone from another topic boards message subject with regard to Elvis, Michael comparison, and emotional pain etc…. I do agree with you about the foundation of Michael’s emotional torture. It was and is Joe Jackson and some others from his childhood..

  288. yaya says:

    You are right polksalad, supporting a molester is wrong so why are you supporting Elvis. I know the 14 yr old girl said that they were not having sex and that could be true (not likely) because the truth is this.

    Whether or not Elvis and this 14 yr old girl were doing anything and the father knew or the D.A. knew. Elvis was still attracted to a 14yr old girl and that is a molester. In the 1950’s it was illegal that’s why a big deal was made about it. Elvis admitted to liking this 14 yr old girl.
    Question Polksalad: would you let your 14 yr old daughter date a grown man or even hang out with him

  289. david says:

    you should check your facts you dumb fu**ing idiot

  290. Polksalad says:

    Yaya first off all I urge you to get the facts right and to snoop around on the internet the truth will amaze you and open your mind. Even if it was the case, which I doubt very much but give an MJ fan a stick and he will find a dog to hit…, it is still not compared with the things the king of puppies did!!! A child molester should not get the support from the lot of you or you agree on what he did….period

  291. yaya says:

    There is one thing that you forgot, MJ was proven not guilty, Elvis said and showed that he liked a 14 yr old girl. What truth are you taking about, Elvis admitted to what he was doing. You can’t support a molester when he is found not to be a molester but to you it is okay to support a admitted molester because even the attraction to a 14 yr old girl. (MOLESTER) Now answer the question:
    Would you let your 14 yr old daughter date a grown man. Just one more question, what fact do I have wrong so I can correct myself.

  292. san says:

    I think the original article was rather sensible and sensitive too. It is ironical that about 4 years after the original article, the words of the writer are haunting us “when Michael dies all his “badness” is forgotten and that in the end his GREATNESS shines through”.
    Now MJ is no more and we should not make this discussion ugly. I have no doubt that MJ was the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen. Don’t forget that MJ did not just sing he was probably one of the best dancers and movers ever as well. I was a lucky person to be at his live concerts in London and the kind of magic he created was something which can not be described (It is like dying, you can not describe death…). Sorry to put this in somewhat eerie terms. His talent was multi-faceted. MJ was eccentric but a genius and a very kind hearted person, who was not treated well by the world and the world gets what it deserves when MJ left us all…R.I.P. Michael

  293. Polksalad says:

    Yaya, he married her and had a child with her for me that is a clear indication of true love and respect. He did not just abuse her and pay her money like MJ did with these little boys and that is the difference. Look for interviews with Priscilla online and you will get that sick mind of yours straightened out with the truth. I don’t mind if people are ignorant but in today’s time and age it should not be an excuse anymore!!

  294. Polksalad says:

    1) guardian.co.uk/world/2005/mar/01/media.michaeljacksontrial
    2) buzzle.com/editorials/2-28-2005-66388.asp
    and plenty more on the same issue of course like we all said before ‘money’ covered all the pain!!! That is why I conclude that an MJ fan accepts child abuse and agree with pedophiles like MJ…..shame on you mothers and fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. T B T says:

    Yaya your an idiot…Elvis was a molester? why then has no one ever tried prosecuting him? why hasn’t anything been made of it? ..where MJ had 2 trials against him, and your calling Elvis a molester? when they didn’t even have sex till after they were married? HAHA..yaya can’t stress enough how dumb you are and clueless. Elvis is the greatest entertainer in history and that’s reality and a fact. MJ likes when little boys took off their pants, he would be shot in many other cultures but in ours people like yaya overlook that and call Elvis a molester LOL…and I never said Elvis invented standing on your toes he was the 1st one to do bring it to the masses. Yaya go back to reading, get some knowledge

  296. John says:

    Yaya…I read a lot of what you wrote. I’ll put this simply for you..don’t speak your mind anymore, I’m embarrassed for you.

  297. Dessabe says:

    Elvis owns the Beatles and Michael the Molester any day. Elvis sold 70 million records in one day.RIAA is already saying that 40% of his record sales are not accounted for. There in the process of fixing that. I remember asking random people in Iraq, have you ever heard of The Beatles and 1 said yes. I asked what about Elvis about 20 said yes. Elvis is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. Hands down. Elvis wins this competition hands down. The King!!

  298. Polksalad says:

    For myself it is clear that Yaya accepts MJ as a pedophile and is looking at a true symbol like Elvis to justify what MJ and other pedophiles did!! Elvis fell in love asked permissions as a true gentlemen to her parents to start dating his daughter and they had sex after they married, as told by Priscilla in many occasions? Fact she may be young but they stayed together married and had a baby!! MJ gave milk cookies and bedtime stories and abused those children for his own sexual pleasure and that is a huge difference which a low IQ person like a lot of you will understand I hope. MJ is poorly gifted as a human being don’t get me wrong he sang a few good songs and dancing well dancing isn’t touching your balls if you get my drift he was average nothing more. Elvis was the original fact everything else is just a weak spin off. Like Elvis said ‘the hardest thing of being Elvis is being Elvis’ and MJ just like to get himself painted as a king a knight or whatever his sick mind could think off even buying trones.
    Elvis remained a simple southern boy approachable for everybody and he ignored nobody. So to end, support your good old pedophile because you are doing and excellent job!!!!

  299. Craig Walston says:

    Hi Dessabe, Of course Elvis is the greatest ever. The facts alone prove that. I remember reading the other you stated about; asking people in Iraq if they knew Elvis. I read that in a book written by Chelsea Clinton’s old boyfriend..Almost a million people visit Graceland each year. That will never happen again for any star ever….

  300. Pierre says:

    “Just the King”

  301. Shamz says:

    Elvis fans, get your head out of the sky. Michael Jackson was known in every corner of the earth. Elvis, though he was a huge star, didn’t reach to every corner of the earth. (that’s a FACT)

    Jackson broke attendance records with his concerts while he was ALIVE. Sorry, Elvis could never sell out stadiums in 25 countries of the planet, DOING 5 consecutive shows in each. That has never happened, and it will probably will never happen again.

    Again, Elvis fans, get your head out of the sky.

    All this talk about ‘the greatest star ever’ makes me laugh. Elvis was a great singer and a GOOD performer. He had nothing on his rivals, such as James Brown (who by the way, could out perform Elvis in a second.).

    Elvis copied, and did a bad job at that. Get some education about the artist you admire (I can’t even call Elvis an artist, to be honest) and then post.

    Please, Elvis fans, the your head out of the sky.

    Elvis fans, do yourself a favor: Go out there in the real world, and speak to other songwriters, dancers, and performers… and YOU ask THEM what THEY think. Ask them who was the better artist. They will nearly all tell you the same thing… that Elvis wasn’t a freaking patch on Jackson.

    It’s really sad when Elvis fans have to quote Graceland as some sort of cultural impact. It’s such nonsense.

    As far as artistry goes, Jackson wins. Hands down. Music, videos, dancing, writing, producing and singing. (I will Elvis the singing, as he has a great voice, that’s a personal choice).

  302. Polksalad says:

    When Elvis returned to the live stage after the success of his 1968 television special and the wrap-up of his Hollywood movie contract obligations, he opened at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in the summer of 1969 for a 4-week, 57-show engagement that broke all existing Las Vegas attendance records. He returned to the International a few months later in early 1970, during the slow winter season in Vegas, and broke his own attendance record. Right after that came a record-breaking six-show engagement at the Astrodome in Houston, where Elvis played to a total of 207,494 people. Elvis took his elaborate live show on the road in the latter part of 1970 for his first concert tour since 1957. Throughout the 1970’s Elvis toured America, breaking box office records right and left, and continued to play an engagement or two per year in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Among the outstanding highlights of this period was in 1972, when Elvis performed four sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden. During his “concert years” from 1969 to 1977, Elvis gave nearly 1,100 concert performances.
    After his death: On August 16, 1997, Elvis, via video, starred in an extravagant concert production entitled Elvis in Concert ’97 at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee, accompanied live on stage by over thirty of his former bandmates and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. The show played before a capacity crowd of fans who had come to Memphis from around the world to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Elvis’ death. Elvis broke the Mid-South Coliseum’s all-time record dollar figure for box office sales. This concert was the prototype for the 1998/99 touring production Elvis – The Concert. By being the first performer ever to headline a live concert tour while no longer living, Elvis made history again. The March 1998 tour included a three-show smash engagement at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The August 1998 tour included the excitement of Elvis’ “return” to the Las Vegas Hilton with an eight-show engagement. The January/ February 1999 European tour opened with a sell-out at London’s Wembley Arena and, in effect, marked Elvis’ first-ever concerts outside of North America. The show continues to tour periodically.
    During his concert years from 1969-1977 Elvis gave nearly 1,100 sold out performances
    So Shamz again you failed in doing proper research when will you learn?
    Elvis is worldwide known as Elvis but if you say Michael people just don’t know what you are talking about….or if you say Michael the child molester then they know and in most cases he is looked at as a freak of nature who should have gone to jail!!!
    Support MJ the pedophile but protect your children!!

  303. Polksalad says:

    January 16, 2005 — Elvis Presley’s 1959 hit “One Night” became a number one hit again making it his 20th number one and the 1,000th number one in the Official British Music Charts. 28 years after his death beat this!!!

  304. T B T says:

    Shamz..how does it feel to be a moron? thanks for showing that people against Elvis are uneducated, naive, and insanely jealous of Elvis Presley..like it or not Elvis is your KING and Daddy Shamz and there ain’t nothing you can do about it so suck it up princess!!

  305. Dorman says:

    Saying Elvis was not a world wide phenomena is just ignorant. Elvis did it without videos, without the internet. Look at his freaking Aloha From Hawaii concert. How many countries did that air in in 1973? I’ll tell you. 40 across Asia and Europe. Elvis was also a humanitarian. He gave away so much money, bought cars for people he didn’t know (white and black),tossed jewelry and diamond studded capes and belts to the audience, and also supported oodles of charities and he refused to write it off his taxes because he said it wasn’t giving. The Aloha concert, Elvis didn’t even take any pay. All that went to a charity. All the people that came to that concert were required to do was to pay what they could afford. How much of that do you see go on in recent memory? Michael Jackson was a better musician than Elvis and a better dancer. But by God, Elvis shouldn’t (and won’t be) dismissed. He kicked the door down for the acceptance of black music. Michael kicked the door down for the acceptance of black artists. Elvis and Michael are forever linked in an odd way and at different ends of the spectrum. it is almost like seeing the beginning and the end of a rainbow. There won’t be another like either one, nor should there be. The defined it all.

  306. Dorman says:

    And also. During the freaking 70’s people didn’t even have cell phones. There was NO mass communication like today. There was no 24 hour news networks. Belittling Elvis and saying he wasn’t world known just shows ignorance that borders on stupidity. Elvis gave the single biggest concert of all time with Aloha From Hawaii having over ONE BILLION LIVE VIEWERS. I liked MJ for his talent. He took “weird” to the next level though. I am just sick of people belittling Elvis that OBVIOUSLY don’t know what the hell they are talking about or just refuse to. And bringing up Elvis and Priscilla as a case of child molestation or whatever… my grandfather married my grandmother when he was 21 and she was 15. (I am 40). It wasn’t something uncommon years ago and it isn’t like he had this string of accusations following him. Michael Jackson had talent above measure for sure. But Elvis doesn’t deserve any less recognition simply because MJ passed away. They both deserve some respect and their own places in history. Time will tell who has more stay power.

  307. robert says:

    Jackson is a self made star that used video to propel him to a cult like figure. He did not have natural talent like many performers did, and do. I don’t think his dancing is great. It looks like someone sliding all over the stage, and once in a while a little leg kick here and there. Who cares if he can do a robot dance? OR a silly backwards slide? That’s entertainment? I’m 68 years old, why don’t you people look up real entertainers that can sing a song and dance beautifully-and create emotion with their art-Caruso, Bing Crosby,Gene Kelley, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra,Kay Starr, Les Paul and Mary Ford the Mills Brothers and on and on. Musicians who actually learned an instrument, and knew the craft of songwriting -not just adding words to a beat. I feel sorry for anyone who think Michael Jackson can even compare to the great entertainers of the past,let alone call himself the greatest entertainer that ever lived. It actually is an insult to artists of the past-

  308. Pierre says:

    My aunt was married and had her first baby when she was 16! That was a “normal” scenario in that period, and the husband was 26 years old. So how can some stupid people can protect a pedophile I can’t understand. MJ was interested by children! Can you admit this ? !!!

    Once again, it’s funny when I read comments telling that the King was only famous in USA. How YOU American can talk about this matter ? You lived in USA and you don’t know MJ’s and the King’s impact in Asia or Europe! I spent my lifetime in Europe and Asia (I was born) and the truth is that MJ is known as a great dancer and then a pedophile (not singer, not composer, not artist) and the King is up to all this, it’s unbelievable the impact that he has. I will go to his concert on 9 March 2010 (The tour “Elvis in Concert” has began in 1997!!!).

    Just a reminder, making “hii hii”, “haa ha”, “youuuhou” is not singing, with “ha ha”, “hi hi”, “youuuuhou” and by touching the balls, we can’t be an artist. All you have to do is TO SING, like the King, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and many others. If you trust your voice then SING, don’t touch you balls, that’s not necessary :o)

    MJ an artist! A composer!!! Then Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles are Mozart or Beethoven ! Or the Beatles are Tchaikovsky ! Stupid ass !!!

  309. Pierre says:

    Look at this :


    This man is dead 32 years ago ! This is just unbelievable

  310. Shamz says:

    The only idiotic comments are made from Elvis fans, YOU GUYS ARE SO DELUDED IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

    Carry on with your ‘Elvis Presley is the greatest star ever’ bullsh**.

    The man had rivals who could do better than him. But his stupid wiggly moves actually made his fans scream.

    What bullsh**.

    It’s hard to debate with Elvis fans who don’t know much about anything. Good day people.

  311. Polksalad says:

    MJ’s was a young star because he was only 8 years when he started and all thought he was “cute” and could sing a few bars in support with Diana Ross and the Motown train he kept the spotlights on him. Without Motown he would not be known like he was today. Elvis would become great regardless of Sam Philips because he had that natural talent and Sam Phillips knew and felt it during that famous jam session. And Sam Phillips took care of many artist like Jerry Lee Lewis Johnny Cash and numbers of black and white artist, so no matter if they where black or white! Chuck Berry, James Brown, Jackie Wilson all loved Elvis and they knew it worked both ways.
    Here are famous people talking about Elvis
    Elvis was the king. No doubt about it. People like myself, Mick Jagger and all the others only followed in his footsteps.

    Mick Jagger
    He was a unique artist… an original in an area of imitators.

    Hal Wallis (Producer)
    A Presley picture is the only sure thing in Hollywood.

    John Landau
    There is something magical about watching a man who has lost himself find his way back home. He sang with the kind of power people no longer expect from rock ‘n’ roll singers.

    Greil Marcus
    It was the finest music of his life. If ever there was music that bleeds, this was it.

    Jackie Wilson
    A lot of people have accused Elvis of stealing the black man’s music, when in fact almost every black solo entertainer copied his stage mannerisms from Elvis.

    Bruce Springsteen
    There have been a lot of tough guys. There have been pretenders. And there have been contenders. But there is only one king.

    Bob Dylan
    When I first heard Elvis’ voice I just knew that I wasn’t going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss. Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail.

    Leonard Bernstein
    Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. He introduced the beat to everything, music, language, clothes, it’s a whole new social revolution… the 60’s comes from it.

    Frank Sinatra
    There have been many accolades uttered about Elvis’ talent and performances through the years, all of which I agree with wholeheartedly. I shall miss him dearly as a friend. He was a warm, considerate and generous man.

    President Jimmy Carter, on Elvis’ Death,
    Elvis Presley’s death deprives our country of a part of itself. He was unique, irreplaceable. More than twenty years ago, he burst upon the scene with an impact that was unprecedented and will probably never be equaled. His music and his personality, fusing the styles of white country and black rhythm and blues, permanently changed the face of American popular culture. His following was immense. And he was a symbol to people the world over of the vitality, rebelliousness and good humor of this country.

    Al Green
    Elvis had an influence on everybody with his musical approach. He broke the ice for all of us.

    Huey Lewis
    A lot has been written and said about why he was so great, but I think the best way to appreciate his greatness is just to go back and play some of the old records. Time has a way of being very unkind to old records, but Elvis’ keep getting better and better.

    Time Magazine
    Without preamble, the three–piece band cuts loose. In the spotlight, the lanky singer flails furious rhythms on his guitar, every now and then breaking a string. In a pivoting stance, his hips swing sensuously from side to side and his entire body takes on a frantic quiver, as if he had swallowed a jackhammer.

    John Lennon
    Before Elvis, there was nothing.

    Johnny Carson
    If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead.

    Eddie Condon (Cosmopolitan)
    It isn’t enough to say that Elvis is kind to his parents, sends money home, and is the same unspoiled kid he was before all the commotion began. That still isn’t a free ticket to behave like a sex maniac in public.

    Ed Sullivan
    I wanted to say to Elvis Presley and the country that this is a real decent, fine boy.

    Howard Thompson
    As the lad himself might say, cut my legs off and call me Shorty! Elvis Presley can act. Acting is his assignment in this shrewdly upholstered showcase, and he does it.

    Carl Perkins
    This boy had everything. He had the looks, the moves, the manager, and the talent. And he didn’t look like Mr. Ed like a lot of the rest of us did. In the way he looked, way he talked, way he acted… he really was different.

    If needed I can provide a lot more!!
    MJ self proclaimed king of pop??? he will remain for me king of pedophiles!!

  312. yaya says:

    Elvis married the girl which is true love, okay he had true love for a 14 yr old girl that is a molester. Get your facts straight and know the truth, bull. The truth is that I’m right because all of you have talked a lot and still have not answered the question:


    Stop yapping, and answer the question, Pierre, polksalad, TBT, John. The truth is I liked Elvis it is you guys that seem to have the hard on for MJ and will disregard any truth about Elvis. It is a simple question:


    Michael Jackson #1

  313. yaya says:

    Hey, Pierre your mothers sister was married with child at 16. It was against the law then to Pierre and this is how I see it. Your family are hillbillies or your uncle is a molester that married his victim who grew to love her molester over time. Your step uncle (grown man)
    had sex with a child, do you understand this. it is against the law then and now. Your uncle can still be thrown in jail if you don’t believe me file a complaint with the police and see what they do about it if you are right nothing will happen if you are wrong bye bye uncle.

  314. yaya says:

    One more thing since your uncle is a molester and you like him what is your beef with MJ who was found not guilty.

  315. yaya says:

    Pierre, That period of time it was still illegal by law that is why there was a so called investigation of Elvis and the 14yr old girl. So what you have just admitted is that your step uncle is a molester. It’s a classic case where the tormented fall in love with her tormentor. Your uncle is a molester, he was 26 and grabbing his sex and making “hii hii”, “haa ha” sound with a little girl. No wonder you like Elvis he did the same thing, your family has so much in common with Elvis. Stop yapping and answer the question:


    Just being attracted to a child makes you a molester, I don’t care what year it is or how many people do it, MOLESTER. MJ had his day in court (not guilty), Elvis and your step uncle GUILTY molesters that married their victims. Now are you saying that being with a little girl is okay because it was not against the law back then or because people were doing it anyway.

    Michael Jackson #1

  316. T B T says:

    I just can’t stress enough how much Elvis is the man, the single greatest entertainer of all time and the one and only true king. I like those quotes..good job polksalad!! Before Elvis..there was nothing..bottom line

  317. Warren says:

    TBT I guess from your posts your an Elvis fan, judging from your talk you sound like an idiot though.
    These are not really valid reason why Elvis is King. They do showcase your stupidity.

    “I happen to know probably more people than you ever met” (great point for a 5yr old, is that why your so much smarter than everyone else here?)

    “everyone knows Elvis just by his first name” (like Prince,Beyonce,Madonna,Rihanna,Usher, Tiffany and the list just gets worse)

    “everyone knows at least 3 Elvis songs” (first, like we’ve been saying …….songs that he did not write so it’s a FILL IN THE BLANK song in lots of cases. Second, SO WHAT – everybody knows 3 songs of Madonna or whoever as well)

    “MJ stands on his toes and freezes.Elvis started that in the 50’s, MJ just perfected it.So the “best dancer” in music, in a way took that move from Elvis you could say” “MJ’s best moves were either done by Elvis or kind of similar” (WTF your the ONLY person stupid enough to say something that insane)

    As for the court case ….MJ “would be shot in many other cultures but in ours people like yaya overlook that” (and a jury who saw months of all of the evidence also overlooked it as well. But as an Elvis super fan, your also a smart Elvis super fan)

    “people against Elvis are uneducated, naive, and insanely jealous of Elvis Presley.”

    ……………..and were the stupid ones?

    ROBERT Surprise your 68 and sound it, the music is probably too loud well. You should at least listen to the music your criticizing, then you would have known what positive comments Fred Astaire said about MJ “silly backwards walk” as you called it. He said it knocked him off his A**. Two of my favorite songs are Singing In The Rain and Rambling Rose. I love artists like Nat King Cole (Trio and solo), Bings’ jazzy stuff, Frank Sinatra,Julie London and many more that you know but I also love newer artists that you can’t even bother to listen to (but can criticize no doubt) such as MJ.You just sound like a old grumpy man.

    One thing is for sure, you two know what music you like. But you know nothing about it.

  318. Warren says:

    re:Polksalad 311

    Wow a bunch of famous people (well a few famous ones) liked Elvis music and said some polite things.Elvis must be the greatest musician ever because Huey Lewis said so?

    Another John Lennon quote for your collection “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue with that; I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now”.

    I wonder what the King thought of that quote, maybe that’s why he wanted to spy on those hippy Beatles for Nixon and the forerunner of the DEA (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs) .

    For your quotes this is what Ringo said “The saddest part is years later, we found out that he tried to have us banished from America, because he was very big with the FBI. That’s very sad to me, that he felt so threatened that he thought, like a lot of people, that we were bad for American youth. This is Mr. Hips, the man, and he felt we were a danger. I think that the danger was mainly to him and his career”

    Lennon also said “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry'”

    As for Sinatra he also said “His (Elvis) kind of music is deplorable, a rancid smelling aphrodisiac.” You conveniently seemed to omit that quote from the same site you got ALL of your other quotes.

    Your Eddie Condon quote should be filed with the rest as who the f**k cares but first you should read what you just blindly copy and paste.

    “It isn’t enough to say that Elvis is kind to his parents, sends money home, and is the same unspoiled kid he was before all the commotion began. That still isn’t a free ticket to behave like a sex maniac in public.”

    Nice quote.Even YaYa has not called Elvis a sex maniac!

    If Mick Jagger’s opinion on Elvis’s music is so important to you. It also should be noted that The Rolling Stones,when playing Memphis in 1978,just 10 months after Elvis died. Jagger said “a lot of good music has come out of this town as far as music is concerned” they then burst into Hound Dog and at the end of the song Jagger says “Big Mama Thornton Ya know”.Jagger a great artist (who knows his music) giving credit to the proper artist. Seems interesting that only 10 months after Elvis’s death Jagger still pays proper respect even at the frenzied height of Elvis is dead fever.If Elvis was such a “unique artist… an original in an area of imitators” as your Jagger quote claims. Why was it that the only time the Stones bothered to play an “Elvis” song per say, they still did not play an Elvis song. Nor did they give Elvis any credit or respect in his hometown! Seems almost more of an insulting snub as it was Elvis’s hometown just months after his death. Jagger’s actions speaks louder than Jagger words.

    To think that an artist who simply says something nice or polite about Elvis, in turn this some how elevates Elvis to the greatest entertainer ever to walk the earth is nothing short of absurd.

    Like Bruce Springsteen said “Dude, stop. You’re justifying the stereotype.”

  319. Craig Walston says:

    Warren cut it out. Seems like you know a lot about Elvis. Did you also know that Leonard Bernstein, the famous Composer said of Elvis ; “Elvis is the greatest cultural force of the 20th century”.. That is certainly true. No one will ever have almost a million people tour their home each year. That will never happen again for any star. No one will come close to that. Peace to you. Sorry to give you some facts. read some contemporary stars who hail Elvis the greatest. 50 cent, Beyonce, Bono, and I can go on and on….

  320. T B T says:

    Warren I’ll explain my thoughts a little further for you because you have some trouble understanding facts, points, statistics, accomplishments, common knowledge, analogies and basic understanding…so I’ll dumb it down for you bud, Elvis first came on the scene 55 years ago so for people to still listen to his music, millions who visit the place he lived, sell out his concerts to this day, impersonate him all over the world etc etc shows the impact and affect of Elvis Presley..the quotes Lennon, Sinatra, Carson, Sullivan all said are people who were in the business and were actually there, so when they say Elvis is the greatest of all time they clearly know more than your wrong opinion does. How do you measure who had the greatest impact of all time Warren the moron? simple..by measuring the attention accomplishments and love for that person..Elvis has all the statistics, facts and numbers to show he made the greatest impact on humanity..CNN said years ago he is the most recognizable face in the world, so Warren if you like it or not Elvis is the greatest, just cause you don’t like him won’t change that..you seem like one of those guys Warren that hated what was popular, wasn’t popular himself and probably never got laid…for free, you say Elvis was a sex maniac…NEWS FLASH buddy…OF COURSE HE WAS DUMB ASS, IT’S ELVIS PRESLEY, he was sleeping with the hottest chicks in the world!!! even you you would if you were him and not the guy who’s not living in reality like you clearly aren’t..you know the phrase “laid like a rock star” Warren? Elvis is where that phrase came from!! you can’t argue the facts that Elvis is the greatest, if he wrote his own songs or not (doesn’t matter) he made the greatest impact, so Warren I hope people like you can save their breath, your not as smart or as informed as you think you sure, your arguments make my girlfriend giggle and your simply wrong, Elvis #1..Warren please don’t share your opinions :)

  321. Shamz says:

    Actually, Elvis does NOT have all the stats and accomplishments. Once again, I have to debate with people who quote Graceland, as some sort of cultural impact. You guys are laughable, no, seriously.

    If you want to talk about facts, the only thing Elvis has over Michael Jackson is record sales …that’s it. Jackson was already close to a billion in sales when he was ALIVE, and believe you me, in time that’s about to change too. When you talk about most awards won by an artist, or played the biggest gigs, Jackson trashes Presley.

    You people actually believed (and still do, of course) that he created something amazing in the pop music world, when all he ever did was sing well, and wiggled his hips. I’m not going to take away his voice (or his good looks for that matter)… but that’s all he was people.

    Come on Elvis fans, what did Elvis do that was so ground breaking? Because so far, all I see is rivals who stood before him, who went unnoticed. Nobody here is dare talking about the greats such as James Brown and Jackie Wilson, who did what Elvis was SUPPOSED to do.

    Here’s the different between Jackson and Presley:

    Jackson took the moves of his mentors and created his own unique style. Elvis took the moves of his mentors, messed it up, did a bad copy and everybody loved it.

    How ignorant can you guys be?

  322. Polksalad says:

    Warren if you like it or not that is your problem but at east Elvis never went to court accused for molesting children and the issue about Elvis dating a 14 year old girl does not hold so much ground, why? simply because he was kept close by every one whom consider rock and roll as a threat to society, they even banned Elvis records being played on radio stations and shows where tape by the FBI so I am sure that if hey had a case against Elvis dating a 14 year old girl they would have done without fail!! Elvis liked Priscilla but he never had contact with her, and this is told by many friends and enemies of Elvis, never slept with her until they got married. That was the wish of Priscilla by the way and was a wish respected by Elvis. There is no reason to dismiss Elvis in such a way!! Ask this question; WOULD MJ FOUND GUILTY IF HE WAS NOT FAMOUS AND RICH OF MOLESTING CHILDREN? AND IF HE IS NOT GUILTY THEN EXPLAIN IN DETAILS WHY HE PAID SUCH HUGE AMOUNTS TO CLEAR HIS NAME? If your innocent then I would prefer to keep my money and settle things in court all the way and I would claim money for accusing me unfairly like any other person would do….ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!!!

  323. Polksalad says:

    Another quote from Tom Jones, he was waiting at Elvis his room in Vegas and he saw 9 girls, one at the time, coming out of Elvis his room he asked Elvis “how do you do that and Elvis replied ‘ they all have different faces’.He was mad about woman but any healthy man is or your name should be warren and in that case you support in full knowledge pedophiles and accept that children are abused all over the world, that is the example MJ gave to his fans..with a small kiddie voice read ‘milk cookies and bedtime stories and you are clear for the action hihi haha rubbing his 2 little peas..who is bad!!!
    Another good quote, this happened in Antwerp years ago with Chuck Berry…the manager opened the artist door and saw Chuck getting a blow job while he was eating a sandwich, the guy looked shocked and Chuck and chuck replied ‘what…you never saw somebody eat a sandwich before!!!’ THAT IS ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  324. Craig Walston says:

    Come on Shamz; Having almost a million people from all over the world visit Graceland, ‘means nothing to you! Are you kidding? Elvis is dead 32 years, and more people visited Graceland last year alone than Michael had coming to see him live at the O2 arena. For you to say that means nothing, is the only thing that’s laughable…That is going to continue for many years ahead. That is never going to happen with Neverland, or any other star ever. Moves/dancing is “personal taste” -we’ve been through that and you agreed Michael was over choreographed at times. I’m not saying Elvis was a better dancer, but Elvis did move, and those moves were cool, even if it wasn’t considered formal dancing; I wasn’t born in the 50’s but when I saw Elvis live in the early 70’s, before he put on weight; his moves were awesome and in perfect synch with the band. Karate’ style movements combined with hip movement. Did you ever see him do Polk salad Annie or Suspicious minds in the 70’s-, incredible. Yes James Brown was an awesome dancer, and Jackie Wilson was great. They both loved Elvis, but come on; could they sing ballads well; could they do country and gospel, pop, and blues with equal ease. Did they have the emotional temperament to put it all together; Absolutely not…They were excitable, frenetic, but never had the right balance of emotional quality that Elvis or Michael had on stage. Little Richard is just a lunatic, so I’m glad you didn’t slip him in there. To be fair to any race comparison, Jerry lee Lewis was a lunatic too. With Michael- you have a fair argument in general, but don’t put these others in a place they could never be..

  325. T B T says:

    Hey Shamz..if you didn’t bud in on this debate you would have read many posts ago the FACTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS why Elvis is in a different galaxy than Michael Jackson..Do you honestly think MJ made a bigger I’m pact than Elvis Presley? really? you would show how clearly uninformed you are if you actually think MJ is bigger than Elvis. Just to name a few measurements of why Elvis made the biggest impact out of anyone ever is…
    -Elvis sang everything from rock and roll to gospel..who else has?
    -29 movies and he’s a singer? Aka movie star..who else done that?
    -1.5 billion people which will never be equaled..this is before internet, Comcast, pay per view etc
    -1.15 billion records sold..MJ 750 million, not even in the same galaxy
    -70,000 people gathered at Graceland 30 years after death
    -Had #1 song in 2002 in 30 countries been and was dead for 23 years at that point.
    -68 comeback special 1 of most watched programs ever..#1 in 68?
    -30 #1 hits worldwide FAR more than MJ
    -Never wrote his own music but have MJ or anyone sing those same songs, won’t come close to Elvis’s version because he interpreted and sang songs like no one can
    -The best artists on earth, the most famous including MJ himself said there will never be another Elvis
    -The reported hundreds of suicides the day of his death
    -Money he gave away which was MORE than MJ but Elvis never kept track, MJ did to be recognized for it
    -Made Vegas single-handedly
    -Sells out concerts all over the world and he’s dead
    -Toughest schedule out any performer in history ever
    -Paved the way for every artist you see now
    -The first to bring white and black people together
    -Started the jumpsuit copied by hundreds of artists
    -Was voted most recognizable face on earth dead or alive twice in the past 10 years with 10’s of thousand polled all over the world
    -Highest earning dead celebrity
    -Graceland makes 28 million a year aside from record or movie sales
    -MJ’s idol
    -Lennon says before Elvis there was nothing
    -impacted black, white and all cultures.

    That’s why Elvis is the King so Warren and Shamz, hang your head in shame, your wrong and you were born that way

  326. Polksalad says:

    And the issue that he never wrote his own songs, tell me this:
    The greatest football players did they invent the game? The same for baseball soccer or whatever sport you may think off still we adore them because the bring the game alive to a level we adore and that is what Elvis did he used the singing game and lift it to a level nobody could reach. Did Elvis ever buy others people music in order to trick them as MJ did with the Beatles? Nope he was happy with the money he made sang other peoples songs and spread the money to all of them. He even sanh songs from his band members so they could make extra money and never made a deal out of it he believed that was the gentlemanly thing to do…A lot of pedophiles where disappointed the day MJ died.

  327. yaya says:

    I’ll answer your question even thought you still have not answered mine. Would MJ been found guilty if he did not have the money or famous. You can be a theft, murderer, gangster, arsonist, etc. and be found not guilty but you don’t hear or see a child molester walking out of court free. The catholic church has more money and power than MJ ever had and they got convicted with and the catholic church actually run countries. His money and fame made it worse because to get MJ would have made a great statement for child advocates. Example Michael Vick and the dog fighting scandal where Michael Vick was sent to jail for 2 years, murderers get less time. It made a statement for animal rights movement, murderers get less time. Molestation is a life style, be you straight, gay, bi or whatever you are going to have some type of pornography that depicts your sexual taste this is a fact. They found nothing of the sort with MJ. Why would he pay money. If you have ever been to court your lawyer can not say that you will win, innocent or not and the D.A. is offering a deal 20 yrs if you fight and found guilty by jury or 5 yrs if you take a plea deal. If you have money to make it go away, which one would you do. Do you trust that the court will be fair and a jury of people that may not like you because of what your charged with. I would pay the money and go home. Famous and wealthy people have always paid to make a problem go away MJ is not the only one and it doesn’t matter if innocent or your guilty. If you are telling me that you would risk your life to people you don’t know, may hate you then my friend you are a idiot. Because just like MJ who went to court, fought the charges and found not guilty. His name to you and many others is still not cleared. So once again you tell me fight and lose your name and go to jail or pay, lose your name but go home. Don’t be so ignorant, money can be replaced and your name can be recovered but you only have one life. You are letting me know that you value money more than you own well being. I work with children in my spare time and I don’t agree with MJ being with those children because it leaves one open to such accusations but Neverland was for children it wasn’t just a house it was a theme park, families stayed there. You are so willing to believe that your hero who was attracted to a 14 yr old child did nothing by word alone. The attraction alone should make you think a little. MJ had his day in court and like you he fought it but to you that is not good enough, don’t you see the hypocrisy of your thinking. Elvis admitted to wanting that little girl but that is okay with you. MJ no such luck with you even though he fought the charges like you say you would. Now answer my question that I posted at 315.

  328. san says:

    I think some of you guys are hell bent on making the posts ugly. I encourage you to be decent and respectful to one another but also to two of the legends of entertainment. The world has just lost its greatest entertainer and some people are talking disrespectfully about him creating hypothetical charges against him which were simply some parasites trying to rob money from a generous, kind and very rich gentleman who wanted to do something for the world and kids in particular due to what he did not have as a kid.
    These ignorant radicals need to also study how much Michael did for Kids across the world not just in our little USA. I forbid tarnishing the memories of any of these two legends Elvis and MJ. They were both extraordinary and again I have no doubt that MJ has a bigger impact in the world than Elvis, in terms of the background he came from and how multi-faceted his talent was, how kind and polite he was and how people tried to manipulate him for petty gains. MJ did become the most known person on our planet.
    I mean just hear him talking and about his ideas. I have not heard anyone in my life being so polite and kind in the face of outright disgusting questions which some of pigs like Martin Bashir put to MJ. If some people believe MJ was an angel, it would not surprise me. However, some people still believing MJ was intentionally bad towards kid does sicken me. May be it is sickness in the mind of these people which shows in a twisted misrepresentation of extraordinary kindness of a musical genius and one of the greatest Humanitarians the planet has ever seen).
    MJ’s greatness does not belittle Elvis who had a profound impact on Music and is my biggest favorite as a singer, while MJ’s is my biggest favorite as an overall entertainer and a Kind Humanitarian who really wanted to change the world (and actually has in some ways). His feelings about the whole world show in many of his songs over and over.
    In any case, I am strictly against anyone tarnishing the memory of MJ, because they want to undermine him or because their mindset is such that they look at kids in sexual way themselves…. Let’s not allow people to project their individual sick-mindedness towards MJ or Elvis.
    Both the greats are dead and leave them in peace. MJ was too kind and nice for this world and that’s why people abused him. All sincere and respectful persons here, let’s not allow that abuse of MJ in his death which probably killed him by and by.

    R.I.P. MJ “The King of Hearts”

  329. robert says:

    Im sorry, perhaps its my age – I don’t know. But I have listened to Michael Jackson’s songs, and have seen some of the video clips on the computer. A few songs were nice, but I don’t believe he has a very pleasing voice. That’s just my opinions, I guess millions disagree. Did Mr Jackson actually play any instruments? I haven’t seen any clips of him playing piano, or any instruments as I have seen his brothers do. Perhaps hes known for his dance moves, but I still do not think hes a better dancer than Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, or for that matter greats like Slim and Slam. Nor do I think hes as talented as Mr Excitement Jackie Wilson, or Sammy Davis Jr who I think were much more talented.
    As far as Elvis, he was very popular in my youth, as was a fellow by the name of Bill Haley and the Comets-but my friends and I thought that they were bringing the end to great music. We thought it was a fad. Perhaps we should’ve gone back to the days of real music before rock and Roll changed everything, I think for the worse.

  330. Warren says:

    Polksalad why would you compare football,sports or whatever when the issue is MUSIC. Compare music to music. Polksalad and TBT You guys are going all over the place with irrelevant facts and meaningless quotes.

    “Elvis Started the jumpsuit copied by hundreds of artists” (just who are these hundreds of artists wearing jumpsuits today?)

    “Made Vegas single-handedly” (First Vegas was made by the Mob second if your talking music, it would be Sinatra both solo and in The Rat Pack,then Elvis)

    “hundreds of suicides the day of his death” (a guy in a cape is a sad stupid reason to end your life and just how does that make Elvis’s music greater than anyone else?)

    “Highest earning dead celebrity” (again just how does that make his music so good)

    “Lennon says before Elvis there was nothing” (Everyone also knows what Lennon said about Jesus too, was that true as well? Because it got him killed by someone who believed that quote)

    “Paved the way for EVERY artist you see now” (from Coldplay to Slayer I don’t see it at all. Maybe Pink or Metallica should wear rhinestone eagle capes)

    “Toughest schedule out any performer in history ever” (who also gave some of the most piss poor lack luster concerts in history ever)

    “Chuck Berry getting a blow job” WTF does that have to do with anything Polksalad?

    Your sales figures are at least interesting if not rigged.

    You quote Elvis having a number one song in 2002 (yet you do not name it) I can only guess your referring to Little Less Conversation (2002 JXL remix). Yes it hit 20 number one spots (not 30 as you claim) but placed a pathetic showing of only number #50 on the US charts.The US music market (not the Romanian or Belgium) is the one market that every foreign (needless to say American) artist has been achieving to break into since the time of the Beatles.

    Do you use figures from lesser populated countries of Finland and Belgium for all your stats? Try Togoland next time. Over the past 20 years, outside of ONLY the UK and 2002, Elvis seldom even broke the very bottom of the Top 100 charts.Try some US sales rather than just UK sales.

    His last US number 1 single was Burning love way back in 1972.

    As for the song itself (Little Less Conversation) the original 1968 Elvis song failed to make any impact when first released. The Techno DJ,Junkie XL (known as JXL to Elvis fans because the Estate did not think fans could handle the drug reference) remixed the song making it the hit it is today,thus in turn rescuing The King from total and complete 1970s musical ridicule.If you know anything about modern music,which you do not, you know that techno is a totally electronic DANCE driven form of music with far more in common with MJ and Billie Jean than Elvis.Remember the song failed when first released by Elvis.

    As for stats that Elvis had the most sales/number ones of this and that. It reduced by simple math and quality.

    Mariah Carey has 18 number one US Billboard hits versus Elvis’s 17 (Michael Jackson has thirteen).

    Madonna equaled Elvis record of 36 Top 10 hits in the (US Billboard charts).

    Jay-Z has tied Elvis for the most number one US albums.

    The most important fact and reason of all of this is it took far less time for these lesser (some may say third rate) performers to achieve what took Elvis over 60 albums and 32 years to slowly accomplish.

    Again the fact is if lesser artists like Jay-Z and Mariah Carey can give Elvis a run for his money, what does it really say about Elvis’s hold on music today.Like I said before today Elvis is viewed as more of a parody of himself. Outside your little cushioned Elvis fan club world he is seen as a joke. That’s just the way it is, turn on MTV and see for yourself.

    It’s basic and simple Elvis has ALWAYS had to rely on other people for music.Starting with the Black artists of the 1950s to Junkie XL. He will always be lacking the creativity.Once songwriters started becoming singers in the 1960s Elvis’s source of quality music dries up and his impact on music was over.

    BTW TBT the quote of Elvis “being a sex maniac” was a quote from Polksalad (311) not me. He unthinkingly thought a negative quote from Eddie Condon was compliment? I just told him to read his own quote. Because you mistakenly called me the “DUMBASS” thinking that I wrote the quote, I guess you must have meant to call Polksalad a dumbass.Is that all you can do is call people names like a spoiled child having a temper tantrum.Learn to read first.

    BTW I like Elvis more than I like MJ, I just don’t like Elvis fans like TBT and Polk who can rip up another artist so they can try to preserve some petty diluted grandiose image of Elvis. You already know enough about Elvis, you should go broaden your horizons and listen to some other music instead of criticizing what you do not know.

  331. Polksalad says:

    Yaya to answer your question 315, in the Muslim world it is common that children wed old man do you agree on that? Do agree that the prophet Mohammed married a 7 years old girl Aisha and had intercourse with her on the age of 9 do you agree on that or do you disagree knowing he opened the door for all Muslims that it is ok to do so?
    Elvis and Priscilla met in 1959 at a party in Bad Nauheim, Germany during his stay in the army.[21] She was 14 years old at the time. They quickly began a romantic relationship and were frequently together until Elvis left Germany in 1960. In her autobiography, Elvis and Me, Priscilla says that when they had sex, Elvis refused to have intercourse with her until they were married. However, biographer Suzanne Finstad writes that Priscilla and Elvis slept together on their second date, and that she was not a virgin when she met him.[1] Priscilla later filed a lawsuit against Currie Grant for his claim in Finstad’s book that he had sex with her in exchange for introducing her to Elvis, and won. However, neither Finstad nor her publisher was a party to the lawsuit.

    In her book, Priscilla writes about how she was nearly raped by one of Elvis’ friends during a ride back to her house.[22] She says that Kurt (not his real name) was asked by Elvis to give her a lift home, but while she was “..dozing off..” he left the main highway onto a dirt road and attempted to kiss her and then threw her down onto the seat.[23] After fighting him off and attempting to get help by hitting the horn and flashing the cars lights, she says that he must have feared being caught and decided to stop assaulting her.[24] For days she didn’t tell anyone, and only when Elvis sensed her upset during a visit a few days later, did she confide in him. Elvis was furious, but out of fear that Priscilla’s parents wouldn’t let them see each other again, they didn’t tell anyone else.[25]

    Priscilla and Elvis stayed in contact over the phone, though they would not see each other again until the summer of 1962, when Priscilla’s parents agreed to let her visit for two weeks.[21][26] It was during this visit, whilst on a trip to Las Vegas, that Priscilla first took amphetamines and sleeping pills to keep up with Elvis.[27] After another visit at Christmas, Priscilla’s parents finally let her move to America for good.[21] Part of the agreement was that she would attend an all-girls’ Catholic school, and live with Elvis’ father and his stepmother in a separate house on the Graceland estate until she graduated high school. Priscilla’s parents allowed her to live at Graceland only if Elvis promised to eventually marry her.[21]

    source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priscilla_Presley
    Question 315, yes I would agree if it otherwise meant I would loose my daughter. Love does strange things regardless what age and I prefer to be there in case of problems then just letting her run away with a possible change I would never see her again or that someone would hurt her.

    Please do not forget to answer my 2 questions!!

  332. RRtucker says:

    IWarren- Good post.In terms of sales figures, of course Elvis will be left behind as there are more people buying music, and because of the internet, MTV etc more people have access to an artists music than the 1950s. I don’t rely on just sales to determine if an artist is the best. Miley Cyrus is selling a ton of records today for example. Its an artists influence that is more important to me-and I think Elvis may have the edge on MJ at this point. Who knows about the future, one has to wait.

    Of course, there is no artist that can sustain a fan base forever, especially one that is dead for over thirty years-but Elvis is still pretty popular considering. As a musician I liked Elvis music when I was learning about Rock and Roll, but came to broaden my horizon as I got older to appreciate other artists that may have had a little more creativity than Elvis. Elvis recorded some great stuff, but again, he also recorded some God awful stuff. Seems like he coasted along after the army, and became a puppet for his manager. Any creativity he had probably was put down cause no one wanted to fix what wasn’t broken. Had he had some balls to demand what he wanted ( tour Europe for instance) he may have been able to change that fact.
    I think Elvis appeal, and the reason why he is famous obviously was because the cat was good looking, sang very well, and was a pioneer, in the sense that like it or not, he helped usher in Rock and Roll in the 1950s and showed the industry the rising power ($) of the teenage market. With movie star looks and sex appeal the guy probably was the right choice for the role, over guys like Chuck Berry and Bill Haley.
    I too, am always put off by Elvis worshipers and Elvis “tribute Artists”. Elvis Presley I think would be the first to decline being put up on so high a pedestal, as I think he understood his role as a singer and entertainer, not a God.
    Of course his cultural impact can’t be denied, like him or not. I don’t think anyone could disagree. Hes become more of a legend, in Paul Bunyan, almost in mythological terms. Whether MJ can reach those heights in the minds of Americans, or for that matter will be a test of time. Perhaps Elvis’ broad range of songs, in different styles of music will make him more appeal to more people I don’t know. You have the Rockabilly Elvis, the 50s rocker, the movie star Elvis, the Vegas Elvis etc etc. MJ has the Jackson 5 MJ, the Off the Wall MJ and of course the Thriller MJ. I know that’s breaking it down very simply, but that’s how people think.
    Who is “better”? Who knows? Guess time will tell.

  333. Craig Walston says:

    Let’s go deep; Right to the roots of Elvis; The real King; I understand and agree with Bono; Here is my detailed personal belief of what Elvis means to America and most of the world; Elvis early development, experiences with poverty, struggle, pain and shame were internalized early on. His Love of God came from singing Gospel Music in Church, and his tone and sound was a direct expression from his Soul. In part, this is why we still love, admire, and respect this generous man 30 years after his passing. Too many people focus on the negative and the excesses of his life. However, the negative can be found in every living human, and if every human had that kind of attention and money you’d see the excesses everywhere. Today, Elvis represents a modern archetypal king figure who links the individual to our past, to our current society, and to the future through his music and life. He had a Spiritual quality that was expressed through his dramatic image and movement, but most importantly through his soulful songs, which are manifestations of his incredible and not always conscious insight. In 1956 by the time Elvis was 21, (the midpoint of his life) he had achieved the American dream. Yet, Elvis did so much more. He foreshadowed the sexual revolution and women’s liberation, and as a non-conformist and revolutionary, of sorts, Elvis’s style of civil disobedience broke down racial barriers in the music world, which prefigured the civil rights movement. America lacks an actual king and queen mythology linking the people to the divine. The USA also lacks spiritual leadership, so we project this deep archetypal need onto Elvis. Let’s face it, there is no political figure we can project that onto because they hide or suppress much of their human nature. And, none of them ever possessed the natural androgyny of male/female aspects like Elvis. Regardless of our gender, we are both male and female. Elvis was the perfect expression of both those parts. In Elvis, white Americans found a reason to express their longing and appreciation of Native American and black parts of themselves. When Elvis’s Scotch-Irish and Jewish heritage is considered, we see just what a multi-cultural icon he really is. His favorite songs were gospels, and central to his spiritual life were The Holy Bible, The Prophet, The Impersonal Life, and Autobiography of a Yogi. Elvis is The Greatest star ever, and one of the most important beings who ever lived.. That’s why almost a million people from all over the world travel to Graceland each year. John Lennon said it himself- ‘Before Elvis, there was nothing’ Craig

  334. Craig Walston says:

    OK Warren and Tucker. Great insight from you two; With that analogy it will take 15 different superstars, to beat all of Elvis music records.. Yet all of them added up still won’t have a million people visiting their home each year after they die. In Vegas, Elvis is about to take over again. When this show opens in December it will break all prior records, then tour for several years, so you can all go in a corner and cry. Elvis; the only music king will conquer Vegas, then the rest of the world all over again during the next 10 years. Wait and see! Today’s youth culture needs to come back to reality with all the garbage being recorded. Elvis will be the one who can and will do it all over again.

  335. yaya says:

    Craig walston, your insane, one you can’t be a pioneer of something that was aready happening in another culture and not just chuck berry, he was just the first white people saw. It’s like me finding your house and declaring I discovered you. Rock and roll was a black term for sex you can’t be American because you sound like you just was born or just got here you don’t know anything about the beginnings of American music.
    Polksald: I don’t care what Muslim countries do or Mohammed in American and follow jehovah, so I don’t get your point. Second by saying you would let your under age daughter be with a grown man means two thing 1. you have lost control of your child because the relationship should have been stopped at the start, it never should have gone that far to turn to love. 2. There must be something in it for you. (elvis had money) A child doesn’t have the ability to make major decision like love that is why in the Muslim word marrages are arranged. You say that you would let your under age child be with a grown man if it meant losing her, well I hate to brake it to you but you lost her a long time ago befor the grown man arrived because she looks to him for what you did not give her and that is what a child does an adult realizes on themself and child realizes on others. The man thing that you need to understand is that the attraction to a under develope child is a problem and that grown man you let your child be with has got issues and as a father you should handle him not make deals with him. I know that you may not see my point because you haven’t addressed my first answer to your first question about MJ and paying money and fighting like you would but not getting the same cosideration that you are holding onto with Elvis. For the record I liked Elvis but he was not as good as the black artists that was not allowed the stage or the oppotunities Elvis was given even if he was protested against. The funny thing is Elvis was protested against because he was accused of playing N-music, which would lead to the mixing of the races. Now if that doesn’t tell you where Elvis got his whole act from even though he said it himself your in denial or GEORGE COSTANZA disease: I not a lie if you believe it. (seinfeld show)

    P.S. I will not charge you for the free child raising lesson.

    Michael Jackson #1

  336. Craig Walston says:

    Sure Ya Ya; Like you know what you’re talking about. When Elvis hit the scene in 1954 Chuck Berry wasn’t well known at that time. Rock and Roll, and Pop music isn’t just about black music. It consists of an equal part of Country , blues and Gospel music. Elvis had it all in one package, and the looks to go with it. He grew up as hard as anyone, so don’t give me the bull he had it easy early on… Michael Jackson took from everyone; the B.G’s disco sounds of the late 70’s, Motown, and a whole bunch of other artists. Doesn’t mean he stole it from them. Everyone is influenced from their past whether it’s music or anything in life. Do some real thinking ya ya. peace to you..

  337. yaya says:

    I never said Elvis had it easy, Elvis said that he would go to the black junk joints to see the performers and they were not allowed the same opportunities but Elvis was and he took advantage of that advantage. He knew the times he lived in. How would you like it if I saw you do something but you were not allowed to show it. I come along and do the same thing and I get to show it and money and famous. Is that okay with you, about country music I bet you did not know that the banjo is an African instrument, which is a staple of country music. I wonder what group of people they got that from. Gospel, check out European history they didn’t sing gospel they sung hymns gospel can out of the black church and rock n roll was considered black music, which is why Elvis was protested against. Do a little research on American music and stop watching VH1 music documentaries.
    Michael Jackson #1

  338. yaya says:

    One more thing, Elvis was not influenced by the past. Rock n roll was happening across the tracks in the jook joints that he went to. Rock n roll didn’t happen because Elvis showed up it was already rolling it just had the wrong color.

  339. Craig Walston says:

    Back then it wasn’t called Rock and Roll. It was be- bop and rockabilly.. Elvis did go to black juke joints, not black junk joints like you said, but I assume that was a typo.

  340. T B T says:

    Warren warren warren..you can argue the FACTS and have your opinions about the FACTS but it still doesn’t change the FACTS themselves..example being, you said who wears jumpsuits today? There are groups and entertainers that do but what does that matter?? Lots of people followed the jumpsuits that Elvis made famous is the whole point..who cares how many times they wore them, when they worse it or who wears jumpsuits..that’s irrelevant!!!!! point is Elvis influenced people because people loved him and his music!!!! and about Vegas..you got to be kidding me..are you that uninformed and naive?? Of course Elvis changed Vegas himself and many of the greatest artists ever and people AND the architects that literally built Vegas all say Elvis Presley changed it all himself, Celine Dion being the latest to say Elvis made it possible for her and her Vegas shows..so you know something they don’t Warren? not likely..so again, your wrong and your opinion is wrong and not based on reality…read about it, you’ll see what I’m saying.Then you cut down a little less conversation like getting a #1 song that he sang 30 years before is no big deal HAHAHA…you can’t be serious? IT WAS STILL #1 IS THE POINT!!!!!! argue the facts all you want but its still #1 if it impresses you or not!! irrelevant!!..lets see you 30 years after your dead and what you accomplish lol..your insane Warren my boy..AND Warren check your facts, it was 26 countries Little Less Conversation was #1..I just rounded it off. So when you tally all this up the POINT IS that this man named Elvis Presley and his music touched people far greater and deeper than anyone in history which is why when he has the most selling records in history, 1/4 of planet earth watching him live, millions visiting Graceland to this day, 70,000 people getting together 30 years after his death, hundreds committing suicide cause they loved him so much..This is what makes him the greatest entertainer in history among a whole list of other reasons, just because you don’t like his music or think he is the greatest..the facts speak for themselves and the people have spoken. Elvis changed music forever and made the biggest impact..so when Lennon says there was nothing before him, that’s what he means!! if you understood analogies you would get it but you don’t..who cares if he makes some other stupid quote?? Has nothing to do with knowing what people with common knowledge know..That Elvis is the best there is, was and ever will be. Warren, your wrong.

  341. Polksalad says:

    With all respect but Yaya seems to be filled with frustration while protecting a pedophile while pointing a finger towards Elvis. First he made it a racial issue, see previous messages, but he never gets his finger to what really plays and that is trying to clear MJ for all the dirty things he did to little boys. Once more because I feel his understanding takes a while before it sinks in ; MJ IS A PEDOPHILE A CHILD MOLESTER8
    On September 3, 2004, “Dateline NBC” correspondent Josh Mankiewicz investigated allegations that more than one boy accused Michael Jackson of abuse in 1993, and how the case has been kept quiet until now. “Dateline NBC” learned what evidence authorities had against Michael Jackson, as well as details about the civil case against him that have remained sealed in the basement of the Los Angeles county courthouse for more than a decade. Jackson’s accuser swore in a declaration filed in the civil suit against Jackson:

    “Michael Jackson masturbated me many times both with his hand and with his mouth. Michael Jackson told me that I should not tell anyone what happened. He said this was a secret.”

    To read the complete story filed by “Dateline NBC” click here .
    MK fans know the truth but they will not accept it because they approved.

  342. yaya says:

    First this is not a racial issue, just because I said black or white grow up. It is just how it was during that time. Polksalad, By law in a molestation case the D.A. has to file charges even if the complainant refuses to testify. The D.A. did not why, they had no evidence, just the word of a someone that took money and forgot all about the bad things that supposedly happen to them. Do you really believe that all that evidence and multiply witnesses that such a person could walk out of the court room not guilty because of money and fame. Then the American court system is a lie and all those poor non famous people that have been in court and sent to jail need to be set free. CRAIG WALSTON, BE- BOP is a term used for a type of jazz music. Rockabilly is a type of country music. The term rock n roll was use by many black artist during that time in there songs because you could not be vulgar like in music now. You must not be American. By the way I’m not clearing MJ of anything the American court system did. You need to take off the blinds and see that the things that you scream about MJ, you should scream about Elvis. Hey, how did you like that child raising advice.

  343. Polksalad says:

    Would be very strange taking advice from somebody that approves pedophiles yaya but after reading your comments I can tell your very close minded so I will let you do what you can do best leaving you dream about MJ in thinking he is peter pan.
    So MJ is not guilty and I guess OJ did not murder his wife, he too was innocent by law.

  344. Shamz says:

    Polksalad, this is why it’s so difficult to debate with you. It wasn’t just the courts that cleared Jackson, it was millions around the world who believed in his innocence.

    The trouble debating with you, is that you don’t know how to keep things into context. When Jackson says he’s Peter Pan, what he meant (and this is what HE said, not me) was “in his heart”.

    This is a small point, but it’s so important to state this about you Polksalad, as you’ve been using your own version of Jackson’s personality against him, time after time on this webpage. You’re not capable of handling certain facts, while you have exaggerated others. Certain (normal) Elvis fans will know what I’m talking about here.

    For example, you have justified Elvis’ lack of songwriting skills by bringing in a game of football. How on earth in your right mind, can you even put them in the same bag, even to use a some kind of metaphor?

    It’s silly really. Kind of elementary really.

    Also, to all those quoting numbers, what exactly is the point? We can all wait 20 years to see who has outsold who, and even then it will not make a difference. When Jackson eventually outsells Elvis, you will probably be latching on to another statistic.

    You also believe everything your read? You strike to me the sort of person who is completely brain washed by the media. Do you think because somebody said something under oath, that it’s true? Honestly Polksalad. Come on. Even I know you don’t think that.

  345. Craig Walston says:

    A white D.J named Alan Freed was the first one to use the term Rock-N Roll on the radio… He coined the term, and it was after Elvis recorded ‘That’s all Right Mama…Just like many people were moon walking in the streets and in clubs way before Michael….Let’s get real YA Ya! I never mentioned anything about Michael’s innocence or guilt with regards to his case. – O.J was found not guilty by the courts too. No one in their right mind believes he didn’t commit those horrendous acts. O.J slaughtered those two people, and you know that in your heart.. So don’t go there, whatever you do.. The court system gets it wrong many times, and I think you know that too!

  346. Shamz says:

    Craig, yes the courts do get it wrong sometimes. But they also get it RIGHT too. With Jackson, it was already bloody obvious the evidence was not substantial. This was even before the case began.

    Having read the court transcripts, it’s just blatant to see that the Arvizo family were out there to extort Jackson. I know people who hate Jackson’s music who can even admit to that.

    Hate th guy’s music all you want, just be educated about the matter…

  347. Polksalad says:

    Needless to say that MJ fans have an excuse for everything but always narrows sighted!
    OK, I said it — and it’s about time somebody had the nerve to say what millions of people must feel and believe about the once-talented black man who turned himself into a white woman before turning himself into a monster.

    But you’d never know any of that if you’d listened for the past week to the endless prattle from the sickening, fawning media and all those Hollywood music phonies who were crying crocodile tears over someone they’d mostly avoided like, well, a pedophile.

    Even the president of the United States felt compelled to issue a statement. Are you kidding me?

    I say all this not just as some casual bystander to the Michael Jackson freak show — though I was a Jacko freak back in 1993, when I was as in awe of him as the rest of the world. But then one day, a friend came to see me at my office at another newspaper and everything changed.

    “My cousin’s boy’s been hijacked by Michael Jackson,” he said. He pulled out two photos of the boy, Jordie Chandler, with Jackson. They were dressed alike — in fedoras, little black suits, each wearing one freaking glove. They were on a roller-coaster — in Europe.

    Jordie’s mother had remarried, and his stepfather had introduced her to Jackson. Within weeks, the sleepovers among Jackson and her gorgeous 13-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter began. The boy broke down and told his father that he’d been molested at Jackson’s playground, Neverland Ranch, and in Europe.

    The dad, a dentist-to-the-stars and screenwriter, contacted authorities, and shortly thereafter was jumped and beaten bloody in a garage. His home was broken into, and thugs menaced patients in his waiting room. The authorities told him it might be best if he and his son disappeared for a while. They settled for more than $20 million. The father took the boy underground, and he had plastic surgery and disguised himself for safety. Dental practice destroyed, screenwriting career over, family in tatters.

    Jackson walked free — or as free as a tortured soul can be — to repeat over and over again his hideous tricks with children at Neverland, a place straight out of “Hansel and Gretel.”

    It is in this very spot where his family wanted to put on their grotesque public display of his sadly emaciated, needle-marked body, reportedly to be dressed “like a prince,” as though he has become one of the garish statues upon which he loved to drop millions in Las Vegas hotel tchotchke shops. Another circus of the macabre to add to the horror that became Michael Jackson’s life.

    This is the kind of madness that’s followed Jackson’s death — everyone is acting as though the world has lost one of its greatest men.

    The King of Pop was a great entertainer — innovative beyond anyone the world had ever seen — but he turned into a disgustingly depraved man who hung an infant off a balcony and forced his kids to walk around with masks, veils, towels and even nets over their faces.

    Great men don’t pretend to be childlike to disguise their depravities. Shameful.

  348. Craig Walston says:

    Shamz- I certainly don’t hate Michael’s music. It was his behavior that was just crazy acting out…Probably due to his need to get attention….Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, he was addicted to receiving attention… He should have hung out with icons like Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger; Guys who feel good about themselves in their inner core…Maybe Michael would have learned to cut out the shenanigans.. About the Azzizio family, they never sued Jackson, so what is the motive. That whole thing with Michael parading the kid around on his documentary.. The music is one thing, but Jackson was just too weird for the general public to ever latch on to him, and support him in the long run. It won’t happen in the long run, but his huge core fan base will be there for him in the short term..About him surpassing Elvis in total record sales; we’ll see! I know Elvis will have a huge hit next year. SonyBMG will do a major release for the new Elvis Cirque show opening in a few months. It will be a big hit for Elvis like the Beatles Love CD was for the Beatles a couple years ago… Time will tell, so we will see…

  349. Warren says:

    TBT you’r speaking from only an emotional level, your viewpoint is that you love the Elvis so much that everyone must do the same. John Lennon’s Elvis quote is treated as the gospel truth by you and others, yet his quote on Jesus is, and I quote you a “stupid quote”. So why is the Elvis quote so valid (or that it even matters) yet the Jesus quote by Lennon is stupid?

    Actually your Lennon quote claims there was nothing before Elvis, well he was wrong, the music had ALWAYS BEEN THERE (the Rolling Stones certainly knew that). Before Elvis there was the singers and the song writers running from Junior Parker, Big Mama Thornton, Lloyd Price, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe and many others.Some had the wrong color of skin for that time, but none the less they were all still there. Most importantly like Yaya says, you can not be the innovator of what already exists.No matter how you twist it or make it fit nice, white n’right with Elvis.

    After them would come Burt Bacharach,Paul Anka,James Taylor,John Fogerty,Paul McCartney,George Harrison and Bob Dylan! Quite the list of artists, but no Elvis on it and that’s the one thing that MJ has that EP never will. MJ wrote all of his own songs. Not one of those artists needed Elvis, but he needed ALL of them just to squeeze by musically. To just discount the input of all of the song writers is simple and unintelligent.

    A Hank Williams song will always be a Hank song it will NEVER be an Elvis song.

    As for Vegas your wrong as usual TBT, musically Vegas was made by Sinatra and The Rat Pack not Elvis. When Sinatra died the lights on the Las Vegas Strip were dimmed in his honor. They did sweet F*** all for Elvis. But thanks for letting us know how Celine Dion feels – only you seem to care about what she has to say about anything.

    Little Less Con. my point was that the song was a failure in the most important music market, the US.You guys have been pushing those lop sided stats around like they mean something. Your stats mean nothing if the song was number one in Brazil or Kenya but could only reached number 50 in the US market. Regardless of how you spin it, Number 50 on the chart is a poor showing for even a good song like a Little Less Con.

    It just shows, like I said before nobody cares about Elvis anymore (maybe in the UK or Poland where he is number 1 by your math)but not in the USA those are the real numbers, that’s how it is, those are the facts.

    Due to poor sales even the bulk of Elvis new releases are not viable for regular BMG release, they are relegated to a secondary lower run collectors label (FTD).

    Your ideas are from the crumbling old school, give a listen to something different (oh god maybe even something new). Open your horizons and ears and stop ripping down other artists. Sadly nobody cares about Elvis anymore but what you don’t realize TBT is, your the big chunk of that problem.

    So enough about how Celine Dion and John Lennon liked Elvis’s music, how many records he sold – in the UK, the monkey jumpsuits, how good or how many people watched Aloha (yeah it was a good show, so was the entire Stones 72 Tour)and the suicide death toll when Elvis died. Musically what you say means NOTHING.

    Craig (entry 334) good point on the amount of artists to match EP .You should have stopped there. I am not a huge fan of Jay-z or anything,but to think (and I quote) “Today’s youth culture needs to come back to reality with all the garbage being recorded”.

    You sound like an old man protesting Rock and Roll when it first started up.Thank god Elvis and all those other cats never took your narrow-minded prissy ass attitude or we would all still be listening to Perry Como. Newsflash, Rock and Roll and whatever teenage angst it manifests itself into is for the young. Your not supposed to like it, it has been that way since Sinatra in the 1940s.

    However to think that “Elvis will be the one who can and will do it all over again” (your quote not mine) to save the world is really (like the rapper) Ludacris. God wake up are you really that serious?

    RRtucker I could not agree more.

    Robert Sorry for a little being hard on you, my issue as you can see is that a lot of Elvis fans are narrow-minded, but at least you gave MJ a fair chance. Can’t ask for anything more. I did not think you were going to like MJ but that’s OK of course.
    Since your on YouTube
    (or whatever) you might like to check out Julie London, Norah Jones, Eva Cassidy (maybe even Duffy or Amy Winehouse-but maybe not Rehab), Michael Buble. It’s all I can think of right now.

    You might even like some of Elvis’s 1970s/latter Lps (last farewell,Long Black Limousine,Gentle on MY Mind) he did like some of the same music that you do,
    Johnny Cash last “American” releases are quite good (God’s Gonna Cut You Down,Hurt) if you like blues (Delta I think) Bob Dylan’s new stuff (High Water,Dirt road blues,Thunder On The Mountain) is quite good.

    Gotta say though Robert, the Moonwalk was cool but NOBODY can dance as smooth as Fred Astaire did with a coat rack :)

  350. Shamz says:

    Craig, sure, I know what you mean. I too agree that Jackson could have helped himself, and in a way his downfall was his own undoing. There are however, always two sides to the coin. Because we live in a society where nearly everything seemingly unorthodox is scrutinized, I felt sorry for Jackson, who I believed wasn’t trying (and didn’t harm, might I add) any child.

    A pedophile does not publicly hang out with children, especially after he’s already been accused of molesting children once. This is not normal behavior, and I believe out of innocence, Jackson did it all over again.

    Yes, Jackson was perhaps too weird for the general public. But we are not stupid… we are aware that despite this weirdness, the man has done exceedingly well.

    Polksalad, no disrespect, but I don’t think you have read the court transcripts. I’m not sure if you are aware of the large spending sphere’s that the Chandler and Arvizo family had gone through. I’m not sure if you have heard Jordan Chandler’s father, on file, where he admits to wanting to ruin Jackson’s career, and scoring a huge film deal in the process. I’m not sure if you’re aware of the amount of contradictions that the Arvizo family had put across to the jury.

    These are the things you should know about, before you post.

    You say, “great men don’t pretend to be childlike to disguise their depravities. Shameful”

    I’m not even sure who gave you the right to assume that Jackson was pretending. This, I say, is more shameful than anything. I guess only Jackson’s family and peers will know what he had to endure. Since nobody on this thread (including you and I) have had to become public property since the age of 5, with an abusive father.

    It sounds like you once loved Jackson, up until 1993. Well, seems like the record buying world didn’t really share you views as his albums after this period sold tens of millions …accompanied by a world tour, in which Jackson sold out stadiums gigs (performed to a total of massive 5 million people) all over the world. (not just Canada and the USA).

  351. Craig Walston says:

    Warren you are wrong again. BMG put out a remastered CD of all Elvis number 1’s a few years ago, and it was Number 1 in 26 countries with 12 million in sales to date. Graceland will get that award this week during his memorial anniversary. Next year BMG will release the Elvis album that will rival the big Number 1 hit the Beatles did a couple years ago for their Cirque show… Because Of Elvis image and movement, they will have a more exciting show than Beatles Love, and that is still going strong. I guarantee you that Elvis album will be another 12 million added to Elvis globally after a couple years….Elvis 30 number 1’s and the new Elvis Cirque CD were and will be BMG main releases, and not FTD or catalog issues, like Michael’s last CD released for his 50th birthday just a year ago…Warren- Elvis is, and always will be King… 32 years after his death, and his home is still the most toured after the White House. That will not stop any time soon! You need to accept and face this, if you want to have inner peace…Why waste your time and energy here?

  352. T B T says:

    Warren..how would you know how much I like or love Elvis? cause I do like Elvis a lot but at no time am I fanatical about him or anyone for that matter…I studied him in depth so I know exactly what I’m talking about and I’m not taking Lennon’s quote as gospel just like when he said before Elvis there was nothing, he didn’t mean there was no music or artists LOL, he meant Elvis took over the world like no other person, people like Warren take that quote literally and base an opinion on it..which makes you wrong..He’s one of many famous entertainers that have the exact same feeling about Elvis, so when they make comments like that being in the business themselves, then when guys like you try to dismiss those comments as if you know something they don’t..that’s what makes you wrong..and that’s just common sense.
    You say nobody cares about Elvis anymore..again a ridiculous statement, just because you don’t doesn’t mean the general population doesn’t because if that were true, his movies still wouldn’t pay nicely to this day, 70,000 people wouldn’t have gotten together for his memorial, Little Less conversation wouldn’t of hit #1, They wouldn’t have a show airing here in US called “Altered by Elvis” etc etc etc…again where is your thinking at Warren? you call Elvis fans narrow minded? your just clueless and make completely inaccurate statements.
    Warren do I really have to explain the connection between hundreds people killing themselves the day Elvis died and his music??….really?? What do you think, all those people knew Elvis personally that they killed themselves? don’t you maybe think Warren they only knew him THROUGH HIS MUSIC?? Wow bud…that’s called common sense!!!
    Have you ever seen Grease or Happy Days??? don’t you think any of that was a result of the affect and influence of Elvis Presley which are now iconic shows in history..only a dummy would say no.
    Elvis is also the most under rated producer in music history according to everybody and anybody in the music industry, you make it sound like he just sang songs and had no control over or put nothing creative into it which again is laughable and clearly shows you don’t know what your talking about..cause those songs were all him, the inflections, way they were sang, background, music etc etc etc. so don’t try saying just because he didn’t write his music that he’s not the biggest star ever cause if you do your homework like I did..only a fool can say that he’s not and this is based on fact, accomplishments, people, record sales, impact on pop culture all over the globe, etc etc..so to say nobody cares about him?? why say something so ridiculous..if you based that comment on facts, you would see he’s bigger than ever…Hence why Cirque De Soleil is opening an Elvis show where he’ll perform again and have a remixed Elvis song come out next year..and nobody cares about him? they did f*** all for Elvis in Vegas? REALLY? and the rat pack made Vegas??? REALLY? Wow…whatever your smoking must be sweet sweet stuff bud
    Plus they just remixed Blue Christmas last year with Martina McBride and made a music video AND have you seen American Idol couple years ago when they put Elvis back on stage?
    Your not only narrow minded yourself Warren but sadly uninformed and make opinions and criticize when you simply don’t know what your talking about. Elvis is King..there’s no doubt about it..please accept this as your reality and join the rest of us.

  353. Espen says:

    No one is even close to the king… I bet that everyone who likes MJ better wasn’t alive when Elvis was. You guys got no idea of how big Elvis was compared to MJ. I don’t care what everyone says. now, over 30 years after Elvis died, there’s still more people who supports Elvis, doesn’t that say anything to you guys? well anyway, there’s a reason that Elvis was called the KING!

  354. Craig Walston says:

    Yes Espen, It’s why Elvis will always be King. Wait until you see how big the new Cirque show will be in a few months… The technology will put Elvis in 3d right there on the stage. The band will be the top studio musicians in the world, and it will blow people’s mind…It is why almost a million people visit Graceland each year… This will never happen for any other star ever!

  355. yaya says:

    Espen and Walston have formally announced their engagement on August 13th 12:14 pm. The wedding will be held at Graceland wedding and gift shop chapel across the street from Graceland. Good luck you crazy kids. I bet most of you Elvis fans were not alive when he was and you have more MJ music than Elvis.

  356. polksalad says:

    Hey Yaya did you get all the latest news on MJ, wow some bad news huh!!!! Why they don’t release the autopsy report is’nt something we need to speculate about we all know that his body was infected with all kinds of weird stuff. Weird attitude kiddie sex and drugs (enormous amount of drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and he was not guilty in court ‘only in the USA’ is this possible.

  357. polksalad says:

    Link newkerala.com/nkfullnews-1-88911.html
    Again, not guilty???

  358. Shamz says:

    Polksalad, you are so sad, honestly. You seriously believe everything you read? Don’t you have a brain of your own?

    Your so called ‘King’ couldn’t do a stadium gig outside of USA/Canada.

  359. Craig Walston says:

    Shamz- I do understand your anger at Polk Salad, but Elvis would have done well in the UK, Australia, Japan, and other places too. Stadiums would have sold out.. It also was a different time the, but Japanese promoters offered Elvis a deal of 10 nights in 1975 at a 10 thousand seat arena, and the colonel turned it down.. they didn’t have the Tokyo Dome back then where Elvis could have went for just 3 or 4 shows. I can tell you that Elvis 3d show has done fine in London several times, and it’s headed back to the 02 arena in March, and these will be sold out. Remember, Elvis isn’t really there. He certainly would have sold out stadiums in the U.K…..Probably not as many shows Michael sold there during the height of his career, but certainly 200 thousand would have bought tickets. I think that’s 3 nights there…

  360. polksalad says:

    Seems to me shamz that you don’t believe anything you read about MJ except only the good things and that you are afraid to deal with the evil side of MJ! Strange if it is about Elvis you believe it all, talking about narrow sighted….MJ was just a very sick puppy

  361. yaya says:

    Hey polksalad don’t feel bad that you admitted to letting under age daughter date a grown man. Here is the truth about the whole MJ, Elvis thing. Elvis was a great talent that help dissolve white fear of black music, which did help usher in a new time for music. The thing is he said where he got his act from and the music that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t talented it just means that to the white population during that time he was the greatest because they didn’t get to see black artist.(segregation)Being that whites are the majority and control what is seen and not seen Elvis was the man and the fact that he was protested against for his act proves that point. He didn’t write, produce or even control his own career. He was packaged and sold like a product and it is still being done to this very day. MJ was doing it since age 6 and for all you Elvis fans that say MJ had video and all the modern communications. MTV took a oath to never play black artist videos. MJ broke that with sheer talent and ushered in a new time for other artist. MJ wrote, produced and controlled his own career, he was not package and sold by the hype entertainment machine. The hype machine was lagging behind and had to catch up to what he was doing. Elvis copied and made some improvements but Michael created raised the bar which if you really set aside your hate Elvis fans about he was weird or you know better than jury. Michael is the reason you think that the music and talent out there today is way below the level of MJ and other artist during that time because he was the mark you tried to reach as a artist. Elvis, MJ they was both weird they both had their troubles which mimic eah other but on sheer talent, creativity, control and to break barriers when all artist where given a better playing field. It’s Michael Jackson that is number 1 and you can hate him because of this or that but you can’t say that Elvis was more creative and produced and sang hit after hit since the age of 6, no way. Upon MJ death I had a conversation with a older white gentlemen that looked like the type you see protesting the health care bill. He said and I quote,”I don’t care who you are at some point in time you loved Michael Jackson.” This statement has been admitted by most of you Elvis fans and that my friends proves that when it is all said and done you know the truth because measured by talent, originality, CREATIVITY and control.

    Michael Jackson #1

  362. Craig Walston says:

    No Ya Ya. Elvis didn’t help break down the fear of Black music. Young white people already liked “black music”. Elvis just busted down the whole wall and made it acceptable for everyone. The black artists started being played more on the radio, and selling more records after Elvis hit the scene.. Elvis gave voice to the writers of great music in the 60’s.. He changed culture forever… Ho broke down the emotional barriers for white writers to express and articulate what they really felt… Not just behave in old outdated ways for their parents approval… America’s youth culture finally had it’s own identity.. You have no idea Ya Ya how important Elvis is. It’s why almost a million people visit Graceland each year..Still do,year in and year out… Don’t you get it!!! And, I’m not a hater, so don’t imply that….

  363. yaya says:

    You just said what I said about Elvis and your point only proves what I have been saying all along, the white culture can except things better if it comes in white rapping paper. Example Rap music in the white culture was a fad would not last long but as soon as whites started to rap, rap was everywhere in McDonald’s commercials. You still have not measured each artist by talent, creativity, originality or control. The history of the creation of American music is on my side not what you hope is true. I hope they don’t set up anyplace like Graceland for MJ because I don’t want to see a MJ bobble head or a talking fish that you hang on the wall or a dinner plate. Hey you can have that because MJ was not a produce to be bought or sold he was a real artist that you enjoy while their here and cherish the memories that he gave you and others like you when such a artist is gone. Keep Graceland, it just shows how much control other people had during his life and after. MJ vowed never to return to his home and kept his word and he had his affairs in order after his death. True artist no puppet. I can’t wait until the talking big mouth bass fish that say,” don’t step on my blue suede shoes, thank you very much” come out this Christmas, what a stocking stuffer that will be. Graceland (give me a break)

    Michael Jackson #1

  364. Shamz says:

    Craig, why do you keep talking about a tourist attraction? That’s what Graceland is. :-) If Neverland was to ever open it’s gates, I can bet my life that it would attract similar crowds that to Graceland.

    Seems like there is no point debating here, when many Elvis fans will never admit to the impact of Jackson. There seems to be a justification to everything.

    I have been saying it all along… Jackson was the creative force behind his career. MTV couldn’t even play a black artist, then all of a sudden they couldn’t STOP playing Jackson’s music. When it comes to being innovative, it’s Jackson all the way. It’s sad that Elvis fans can’t even admit that. Oh well, ignorance is bliss I guess.

  365. RoyElvis says:

    say” this out loud please its okay to like Elvis Presley
    say” this out loud its okay to like Michael Jackson

    I swear I will slap the next person who try’s to change my mind about liking Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson music kiss me booty smoke a dog turd for gods sakes” your not my mommy nor daddy” and bye the way Johnny cash was a bad ass to Folsom prison god I wish I could write songs like that

    Elvis Presley compared to Michael Jackson why do this at all? Elvis Presley died Aug. 16, 1977 see you cannot compare the two Technology separates them by many years.Michael Jackson had better sound better guitar amps better drugs:) and the sound effects of the 80s 90s and today 2009 blow away the 50s 60s 70s away hands down.
    so I ask you why compare these poor dead legends at all
    let them have there place in time” and in our hearts.
    they were part of us American music history
    please stop making this out to be a black and white thing. it really makes us look really stupid we are all better then that right? if anyone says Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson’s music sucked is a complete idiot these to talented artist made millions and millions of dollars
    I would like part of that suck music money. there personal life does not have one dam thing to do with there music. but if you want go there Elvis was never in court nor charged with Child Molestation charges Elvis touched many hearts that’s why he is held so high he made is mark way before Michael Jackson.
    I was taught to respect my elders the ones before me we can learn a lot from both these legends also Elvis never did steal music from the blacks” he got permission to sing them he loved there music what is wrong with that? Little Richard B.B. King loved Elvis Elvis loved them and had respect and he also loved black people many great black artist help on Elvis documentary when he died he was well liked.
    I can’t help but be sad that they both left us so soon
    but no you cannot compare them to different times far apart. and one last thing when people say there will never be another Elvis or Michael Jackson nor will there be another you” but to think there will never an artist as popular as them” sorry wrong so wrong” some kid has been born some place and they have big dreams:)
    I don’t have hate in my heart for anyone” also Elvis was A talented black belt that is were the suit came in and young folks it was cool in those days check out your style 34 years from now” yes Elvis was a talented black belt he worked out with his body guards all the time. but stress and drugs took there toll on him.
    Michael Jackson was the best dam dancer I ever say in my life but like Elvis stress and drugs took there toll on him. god bless all of you from my heart

    may they both rest in peace we should let them do that

  366. polksalad says:

    What would a colored person do if there was not word like racist….shame on you guys that you always try to make it a racial issue? Always when something is wrong in your lives you blame it as being a racial issue, why? Elvis was not a racist and that is a fact neither was MJ because he slept with black and white children, like he sang ‘it does not matter if your black or white. Withing a couple of years the world will forget about MJ like we forgot him the last 10 years and only saw his weird sick personality in the news. Money saved him from being trialed as a child abuser and the coming months we will read more on the weird side of him, stories will get out out or is his weird side also the guild of the white guy? reading your post up to know I truly believe that you will!!! Unfortunately there was slavery and I condemn racism towards any one or anybody but like a professor of the Yale university stated ‘it has also is beneficial side because without slavery there would not be such a cultural impact from black persons in today’s society and history. Tell me this, what would have happened if slavery never had been done what would it mean for today’s Africans and please do not make it a filthy racial issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. RRtucker says:

    Yaya- Good points. Rrom reading your past comments you sound like you understand the role of Elvis and appreciate the fact that the man did have talent and at the start, he wasn’t just a record industry created figure. But sadly, that’s what he had become.. a commercialized product , a brand that was marketed to the rising buying power of the American teen-and eventually he ended up being a parady of himself.
    I think that’s what John Lennon meant when he said ” Elvis died the day he went in the army”
    I like to think of Elvis as the young cat that recorded at Sun studios, playing some great stuff with a three piece band. After Col Parker got involved, Elvis became a bigger star-but a lesser artist. Cookie cutter movies, safe, predictable. He recorded songs that were written by songwriters who wrote just for him ( they hired Otis Blackwell as Elvis’ songwriter). Sure, there were glimpses of some great work throughout the 60s, 70s. The guy could sing-you’d have to be ignorant not to admit that. He knew a good song when he heard one, but he was a song stylist and entertainer. When he heard Jerry Reed’s ” Guitar Man”, (Jerry Reed was a fabulous guitarist and songwriter) Elvis demanded they fly Jerry Reed in to do the guitar parts because he wanted it to sound “just like Reeds record”. Now , of course Jerry Reed was honored to have Elvis sing his song and play on the record, (so if it’s ok with Jerry Reed it’s ok by me)-but what it shows is that Elvis didn’t create most of his music. He heard, he liked, he recorded it. RCA put it out with the Elvis name on it.Many might
    argue with me that Elvis made the song better, Elvis sang it better etc. etc. On some songs, I may agree-but it doesn’t change the fact that, unlike Michael Jackson who wrote ( most ,not all) of his songs -Elvis didn’t.
    Let me say that Elvis Presley’s biggest fault, was that he could not face up to his manager, who no doubt only saw Elvis as a product, a TV dinner, a lunchbox, bubble gum etc etc..-of which he gladly took 50% of all of Elvis’ earnings. And after Elvis death, due to drug abuse, the” Colonel “said he’d keep on doing what he’s always done.
    Well, since Elvis’ death, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee and Chuck Berry kept doing what they’ve always been doin’- creating music, sharing their art-and I respect them much more than the “American Horatio Alger” cult figure that was marketed to the world.
    Like yaya, I do not dislike Elvis, I like his songs ( the good ones-cause God knows he recorded sh** as well) and in fact I have 4 out of the 5 Sun 45’s..so maybe what I say may be considered blasphemy-but it took me along time to realize this.
    When I was younger, I idolized him.Now sadly I feel sorry for the man-but , like Michael Jackson I hope that he went on to a better place ,and is at peace.
    -Rock On

  368. Craig Walston says:

    Shamz; Well we have to talk about crowds at Graceland…I can guarantee you, Neverland could never be the tourist attraction Graceland is. Elvis is respected and appreciated by the general public and all his fans. With Jackson, it’s just his fans. Elvis; It is both… It will never happen for Neverland…Jackson was very innovative, and you’re right about what he did for MTV… However, it’s a cable channel, and not many people watch.. He did further open the door for black people to have video’s played. Elvis did that on radio stations for black people in the mid to late 50’s.

  369. jani laurin says:

    Michael was the sweetest and the most loving person ever, shame on those who still didn’t understand this!
    As for the comparison to Elvis, I think MJ was an Elvis fan, and was inspired by him. The reason that he was treated by the media so much worse than Elvis can be originated in the racial issues, also the greatest success that Michael achieved coincided with the glory of the yellow press so that everything that was published was about him, they chased him and when they had nothing new, they made up things because that was what sold the most. As for the molestation charges, how many times should it be said, that everyone is innocent unless found guilty, we he was never found guilty, people just assume he was not without help from the dirty press. Even before that there were rumors that he was weird. Differently form Elvis, Michael was raised on stage, he was not like other guys, he was special, in a good way, but also more vulnerable. Not only the world didn’t now much about Michael, Michael didn’t know much about the world out there, he said it himself in Beat it interview. This vulnerability led to the fact that bad people, press etc. used him and abused him.
    As for the album sales, I think it’s unfair to compare the MJ sales to Elvis’ being the latter dead for over 40 years, 40 years today Michael will have sold a couple billion albums even in the age of the copyright law violation and piracy.
    I think the best we can do is Leave Him Alone and let him Rest in Peace, he’s the King, the Angel and the Greatest Entertainer that this world has ever known.
    Michael, thank you for the music. You’re the best. Love you always.

  370. Susan Eyres says:

    Michael Jackson are hero he was great we love him so much we got all his books and CDs even to loads of posters of him my dad was a huge fan and he was sad when he died my mum was a huge fan as well and my sister and brothers and I was a bigger fan because I love him so much he was fit in his day even at 50 I send best wishes to his kids and family with lots of love Susan and family

  371. Susan Eyres says:

    I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Michael Jackson I thought he was a great artist and a very nice person, thinking of the 3 lovely kids he has left behind may he rest in peace all my love Susan xx

  372. yaya says:

    polksalad, it is not a racial issue, I never said Elvis was a racist, for the last time I liked Elvis and enjoyed the good and bad movies he made. To answer your question about what would happen to Africa if not for slavery. Africa would be controlled by Africans and not the worlds longest rape victims. Every country has there hands in Africa taking what they need by putting leaders in charge that will let them. This is getting off the subject by ignorance must be faced, out of all the continents on the face of the earth Africa has the most abundant resources of them all, Example: the type of metal of for everybody’s cell phones is only found in Africa. You have made this a racial issue by assuming that if the white man did not show up in Africa that it would have been worse than it is now. The natural resources that Africa has it clearly should be the richest continent on the planet but it is not, why because just like in 50’s in America, record company’s took black culture and made billions while cheating the people that created the culture. I don’t have a problem with slavery, my problem is the systematic why it was insured that one group of people were kept from getting a fair shake after slavery. Herith endith the lesson. Elvis was talented but he was used by that systematic process to make millions, which is why you feel the way you do about Elvis and the way you feel about Michael.
    Brainwashing is real take a look at the stupid things the Americans are believing about universal health care (health care will kill you when you reach old age) So polksalad I understand your thinking but that does not make you right in anyway. Elvis and MJ were great but from a music artist stand point Michael Jackson had it all and gave it his all. How things are is how thing are or were it doesn’t make it racial but you seem to try to make it into one. Polksalad, grow up, do some reading and thinking outside off your own bubble.

    Michael Jackson #1

  373. polksalad says:

    Again yaya claims to have an answer to all off it including the problems in and from Africa although it is not all that simple as you tried to explain. Explorers end inventors took advantage of the natural resources to make the world as it is today, not perfect I grant you that but luckily they did what they did except the fact that they used the natives in a way as they did. Once more time was different and people did not think as they do today which will always be the case as you all do with MJ you will see that within a few months from now you too where wrong in your opinions about this child. MJ’s family is putting out a great effort in collecting as much money as possible from his death and all of you will follow in this and no it will not be the same as is done with Elvis I never saw his family act as the Jacksons are doing right now. Future will proof his drug abuse more extreme then it was with Elvis, his child abuse and his sick way in manipulating court and fans world wide. If you think like a child, which was the case with MJ then you should act like one and not sexually abuse children in such a way. Asking kids to sleep in his beds and to offer them milk and cookies is something you don’t do. Regardless of what your answer may be I will step away of this forum filled with pedophile supporters knowing that you are blindsided with love of the things MJ did including his abuse and that you spread the word to accept it because MJ approved it. You all take care now ya here.

  374. Dawood says:

    P Diddy had very precisely described the genius of Michael Jackson: “He showed that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life. He made me believe in magic.”

    Check other notable tributes paid to Michael Jackson by peers:


  375. yaya says:

    Polksald, bigger drug use from MJ makes his drug use worse than Elvis, you said that you would let your under age daughter be with a grown man, so tell who is really supporting child molesters. Can’t you feel the stupidity leaking out your pours.

    Good Bye, Polksalad, your ignorance will be missed.
    Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

  376. Frank Lee Reed says:

    It’s a shame that so many take it so personal whether or not the artist we like is better than the other. Both Elvis and Michael were talented. Elvis came up in a time when being a singer was a profession. There was no model. The singer/songwriter didn’t really come into it’s own until the 70’s. The times were different. Elvis once said something to the effect that he did well to make it out of high school — he was amazed at people who could write songs. He could not really read music. It does not take away from the phenomenal talent he had. His record label and management let him down, but in the end he let himself down. Maybe by 1977 he would have made a change in management and career direction, but we will never know. His big career changes were in 1968 and 1969 with some of the music that he recorded. Even up until 1971 his music was relevant and you could see he enjoyed recording it. After that his personal life interfered with his work. He still turned out the occasional gem, but health and legal problems took a toll on him. He admired those whom it is said he “stole” their style. What do many of us know about growing up in the 30’s – 50’s? He didn’t steal, he admired the style in the same way a lot of youth admire the black hip-hop culture of the mid to late 80’s. Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, BB King, and many other influential black artists respect what Elvis did to bring rhythm and blues to the forefront of American culture. Bill Haley could not do it and Carl Perkins was married. It took a young, talented, good looking young person to bring rock ‘n roll into it’s own — and it happened to be Elvis Presley at the time. He said himself that he came along at a time when the people were searching for something. He never took any of it for granted. He was never really recognized by the industry. His own record label couldn’t understand the music or lyrics. He was nominated for only 14 Grammy awards and won 3 for inspirational music. He was proud of his accomplishments, but I don’t believe he worried whether or not he was #1. He was the highest paid actor in the 60’s and the top earning Las Vegas act of the 70’s. Lets remember that concert tours were not easy in the 70’s. Concerts West was one of the pioneering firms that booked and promoted concerts. Colonel Tom Parker limited Elvis’ ability to perform in huge stadiums — even though he realized by 1977 that they would sell out almost any venue. Elvis came from a simple family that didn’t know business. All of this never took away from the talent that was his.

    Michael grew up in the business. He was talented from a very young age. He had many people around him who knew the business. From Motown to Epic to Sony he was able to be involved intimately with the business. He wrote his songs beginning in 1979 with his Off the Wall album. As he became more successful as a solo artist he was able to create more. This added to his incredible talent.

    Elvis’ contract required him to produce a certain amount of albums a year and singles to go with them which were still being sold at that time. This didn’t leave much time to be creative. I mean most artists today produce an album every couple or three years apart. It was a different set up for Elvis.

    I guess what is important isn’t how many records each one holds. Michael Jackson fans will say he is #1 and Elvis fans will always say he is #1. I have my opinion. I am an Elvis fan. Billboard ranks Elvis as the #1 artist of the 50’s; #2 in the 60’s; and #11 in the 70’s — but overall he is ranked #1. Michael Jackson is ranked overall as the #4 artist. That is according to Billboard. That doesn’t mean that Michael isn’t a more talented song writer or even a more talented dancer. He beats Elvis hands down on both points — and I bet Elvis would even agree. The fact is that they are both talented and successful. Each have legions of fans. We are fortunate to live in a period of time that we could enjoy both of them for their music.

    Michael had his legal problems, and from some of my research it seems that Elvis was only years away from a Phil Spector disaster with his gun play. He almost shot Linda Thompson in 1974 and he did strike his doctor with a ricochet bullet that he shot in Las Vegas. It would have caught up with him eventually. But Elvis fans don’t hate Elvis for those acts and Michael Jackson fans don’t hate him for his legal troubles. Although I don’t think anyone will argue that Michael’s troubles were a lot more serious. He is fortunate for escaping a prison sentence — but if he were convicted in 2005 he would not have died this past June. It’s an unfortunate thought. However a jury acquitted him and we need to respect and honor our legal system.

    Elvis and Michael are now at rest and I know one thing for certain — I bet they aren’t sitting around wondering who is better. They are probably happy that they left something in this world that brings happiness to their fans for many generations to come.

  377. Pierre says:

    Hello the dream team, I was on vacation that’s why I was not answering to your bizarre questions :o)

    Yaya wrote “…was married with child at 16. It was against the law “. Yaya please before writing stupid things ask about the country where they have got married! The marriage is still authorized in that country (in 2009!) for women at 17 and men at 18. The planet is not America! There are other countries with other laws, even if I admit that 16 or 17 is too young. Now There’s a big difference between marriage (26 and 16) and a 45 years old man who gives cookies to a 10 years old boy and then asks him to touch his sex! And I think Yaya your enough intelligent to understand that. So end of subject for me.

    Else, if you want discuss music I’m available…

    Take care

  378. polksaladb says:

    Lets bring the cat Yaya and admit that the reason you like Michael Jackson is because he slept and had sex with little children giving you all an excuse to do the same thing while pointing your dirty fingers to someone else! I never stated that I would allow it but I would accept it knowing how fragile little girls at 14 can be and it is better to keep them close as a parent then to let them wonder of before thing go wrong, that is a parents job which is something you will never understand because you approve child molesters. I don’t care in the end who is the biggest Elvis or MJ but I prefer the live style of Elvis any day compared with a psycho like Jackson was. All these discussions are worthless fact remains fact DO NOT APPROVE CHILD ABUSE REGARDLESS OF WHO IT IS! Every know and then, on very rare occasions, I see someone wearing a t shirt of MJ and for me it looks like a billboard stating I LIKE KIDDIES. THERE WAS A MOMENT THAT I THOUGHT THAT YAYA HAD SOME KIND OF BRAIN but like a lot we just see ignorance. Have fun yaya but it most be painful being you.

  379. Pierre says:

    Robert wrote :
    “As far as Elvis, he was very popular in my youth, as was a fellow by the name of Bill Haley and the Comets-but my friends and I thought that they were bringing the end to great music. We thought it was a fad. Perhaps we should’ve gone back to the days of real music before rock and Roll changed everything, I think for the worse.”

    I’m an Elvis fan (only Elvis in 70’s) and I will certainly have enemies from Elvis lovers by admitting that Robert is right. Sorry Elvis fans but Elvis in 50’s opened the door to other clowns like “The Rolling Stones”, “Michael Jackson”, “Prince”, … Sorry to tell this but before 1955, singers were obliged to sing and not doing the clown or touching the balls to have success. Dean Martin, Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra used to SING. Elvis opened the way to all clowns and proved that we can only do the clown and have hysteric fans (that doesn’t mean Elvis couldn’t sing in 50’s! But we asked him to do the clown). Fortunately, Elvis’s career was saved by his recordings and concerts in 70’s (from 68 to 77). Many Elvis fans will hate me (others not), but that doesn’t matter, I must tell the truth. Just listen to “Tutti Frutti” in the 50’s and then to “An American Trilogy” in the 70’s and people who knows about music will understand what I mean.

  380. Craig Walston says:

    Well; all the comparisons should come to an end. They were both icons, and did many things to change and revolutionized music. They are two of the very greatest. Both Michael and Elvis. We will never see the likes of them again.. Let’s be reverent, respectful, and leave all the negativity behind.

  381. Pierre says:

    The truth is coming little by little after some lies. Look at “Best selling artists” on Wikipedia.

    In the reality, I think the number is even less then 350

  382. yaya says:

    Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson your creativity and pure entertainer talent is unmatched. We have truly lost and have seen the last of a true entertainer that really gives there all to the fans and the haters.

    The Greatest,

    Michael Jackson #1

  383. mary says:


  384. mary says:


  385. mary says:


  386. Ruth says:

    Both men were very similar in their own ways, funny how they share one thing in particular, daughter of a king wife of the king…they both had fashion, using the same colors, their dancing made America die for..they both were Givers. both devastated the world the day of their deaths… how ironic…but there is one little thing that has been triggering up in my head….what would have happen if Lisa would of had Michael’s child???? a child that would have both blood…Elvis and Michael…that would have been something out of this world!

  387. Craig Walston says:

    Hey Ruth and Mary; I applaud you both. At least you both post kind and thoughtful comments. Now, if everyone can do it, wouldn’t that be nice!

  388. sim says:

    MJ was a pedophile Elvis was not enough said.

  389. qwezxc says:

    GET A LIFE FA**ETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  390. Craig Walston says:

    QWEZXC; Here are the facts QWEZXC; Michael has thriller, and it is the biggest selling Album in history. I will give you that. Elvis sold over 1 billion records, and that’s a fact. Elvis has almost a million people visit Graceland each year, and that will never happen for any other star. Not even close; Graceland is 2nd only to the white house in terms of annual visitors. Elvis had 18 number 1’s on Billboard, Michael had 13. In the UK, Elvis had 21 number 1’s, Michael 14.. Sorry, my friend ; these are facts and you can’t argue with facts..Plus,the only one doing any hating here is you..

  391. qwezxc says:

    Craig Walston: THAT’S BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T GO TO NEVERLAND….so they had to go to Graceland. lol.. but after this year it will be: White House #1, Neverland #2, and Graceland #3…ANYWAY what does that have to do with anything? all that matters is their TALENT! not how much money they had or the accusations!! and ELVIS DID NOT SELL 1 BILLION RECORDS!! STOP SAYING THAT BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE!! and Wikipedia is not the source for record sales because it hasn’t been updated in years and its all edited!! and I have a poll to see ”whose better MICHAEL JACKSON OR ELVIS”? AND MICHAEL JACKSON LEADS

  392. Craig Walston says:

    Polls are polls. They don’t mean anything unless they represent everyone.. I can show you polls that show Elvis way ahead, and I’m sure you know Polls that have Michael way ahead. As far as Neverland going ahead of Graceland, they have to open it first. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but one never knows for certain; if they will in the future. I am not going to go back and forth arguing with you …Peace..

  393. qwezxc says:

    Craig Walston: YOU SAID- ”if they will in the future. I am not going to go back and forth arguing with you”…
    THAT’S BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR WRONG! and don’t want to continue, but anyway…..POLLS do mean something. it proves that over a 1000 people like MICHAEL JACKSON better than Elvis! oh and it also means that MJ has more fans than Elvis! …..hey I’m just saying the real!!! ….LATER…..peace

  394. popdirt says:

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