Michael Jackson In Eight-Hour London Deposition

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com has details on Michael Jackson’s reluctant deposition in a conference room at London’s prestigious Dorchester Hotel by the attorney for his former business partner, Marc Schaffel. The session lasted eight hours, with Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, frequently objecting to questions asked by attorney Howard King. Read more.

Jackson Working On Katrina Song — But With Whom?

September 21, 2005 – MTV News reports that few artists have yet confirmed their involvement in Michael Jackson’s benefit single for victims of Hurricane Katrina despite claims by the singer’s rep Raymone Bain that they had.

Jackson’s Goin’ Back To Cali’

September 16, 2005 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “Michael Jackson announced he’s planning to return to California for the first time since his trial so he can record a song about hurricane Katrina. That’s right. Yeah. As a result, all children are being evacuated from the area.”

Jackson Teaming Up With Jay-Z

September 14, 2005 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “It was reported today that Michael Jackson — [Audience member whoos] One fan remains. [Laughter] A lone voice in the crowd, ‘whoo!’ Hasn’t read a paper in 15 years. [Laughter] It was reported today that Michael Jackson has asked rapper Jay-Z to perform on a new single for charity. That’s right. Jay-Z and Michael Jackson together. Yeah. It’s nice. I think it’s a good thing. Yeah. They say — the song they picked is ‘Ebony and Ivory.’ [Laughter] The one woman who whooed is crying now.”

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