Michael Jackson In Secret Tapes Complaining About Fans

The New York Daily News reports fans of may be angered by some of his comments about them made in unguarded moments while he was on his HIStory Tour in 1996. “It’s not the Michael Jackson you see on stage,” a source familiar with the footage revealed. “You see him bitching and moaning about the crowds – how he doesn’t like it when the fans try to touch him. He also gets really upset when they storm his limo.” Jackson’s longtime friend Dr. Allan Metzger said he was “shocked and aghast” when told the video was being peddled to the tabloid shows and supermarket papers.

Jackson Glove Flub

December 11, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Oh, I saw a really bad holiday special last night. ‘The Michael Jackson Barely Legal Christmas’. Anybody see that? [Laughter] … You heard the latest? The latest on the Michael Jackson legal case seems to be the police have found Michael’s fingerprints and the 13-year-old boy’s fingerprints on Michael Jackson’s pornography collection, suggesting he was reading pornography with the child. If only Michael had worn that other glove.”

Former Jackson Assistant Speaks Out

December 10, 2004 – Amelia Patterson, a former Michael Jackson family assistant spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ about the police raid at the Neverland Ranch back in 1993 — the first time Michael faced child molestation allegations, but was never charged. “There was this safe that no one could open,” she recalled. “They had a locksmith come — all these different people trying to open up this safe. It took them the whole day to try to get it open. But the funny thing about it, was when they get it open, the only thing they found was the directions on how to open up the safe.”

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