Michael Jackson Mystery Witness Revealed

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that there is going to be a tug of war between the defense and the prosecution over a key mystery witness in the case named Jay Jackson (no relation), who is thought to be the boyfriend of the mother of Jackson’s 13-year-old accuser. Despite being a prosecution witness, sources tell Friedman Jay Jackson’s comments about Michael Jackson will only be hearsay, fed to him by the mother. In fact, Jay Jackson may wind up being a better witness for the defense when he is questioned about his relationship with the mother and her attitudes about Michael Jackson. Read more.

Michael Jackson’s Lawyer Speaks

February 6, 2004 – In an exclusive interview with ‘Extra’, Michael’s attorney Mark Geragos set the record straight about a number of different rumors about the King of Pop’s child molestation case, including one that said he was being pushed out of the case with the hiring of New York attorney Ben Brafman. “I’m proud and happy to be Michael Jackson’s lawyer,” Geragos insisted. “I couldn’t be happier that Ben is with me in this case.” As for death threats by those supporting the accuser, Geragos said, “I’ve had death threats. There are lost of people in this day and age who unfortunately make threats that are not exactly nice.”

Witch Doctor Hired To ‘Clean’ Michael Jackson’s New Mansion

February 4, 2004 – The Enquirer reports that just before Michael moved into his new $100k a month Beverly Hills mansion, he hired a witch doctor to purge the evil spirits. Jacko and the voodoo doctor wore white robes during the ritual, burning sage as they roamed through every single room.

Michael Jackson’s Bentley Off The Auction Block

February 4, 2004 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that the Bentley Michael wanted to auction off for charity in late January did not happen. Tim McGrane of Barrett-Jackson auctions said he still has the Bentley in his storage facility, but conceded that the charity Jackson’s then-managers, Dieter Wiesner and Ronald Konitzer, hoped to form never materialized. Read more.

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