Michael Jackson Pal: TV’s Webster Coined ‘Rubbaheads’

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com spoke with one of the boys in the so-called Rubbahead Club frequently spoke about in Michael Jackson’s child molestation case. “First of all, there was no Rubbahead Club,” the now grown man explained. “Rubba was a name Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster, came up with. Everyone called everyone Rubba. It didn’t mean anything. What we did have was the Applehead Club, and that was from ‘The Three Stooges.’ Everyone was an Applehead because Michael loved ‘The Three Stooges.'” Read more.

DA Seizes Michael Jackson’s Underwear

May 3, 2004 – The New York Post reports investigators in the child-sex case swooped in on a New Jersey man’s memorabilia collection last month, seizing six items as evidence. Two pairs of the self-styled King of Pop’s underwear, photos and handwritten notes are among the items they took.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Pal: TV’s Webster Coined ‘Rubbaheads’

  1. Lotus says:

    Aren’t there easier ways to get a hold of MJ DNA? Like maybe getting a blood sample? Do they really have to get 20 year old underwear?

  2. shinz says:

    All these names and nicknames all come together to twist things up much more than they already are. I’ve been trying to comment on how Webster was entirely too old even though he was very small for his size to be being carried around on mj’s hip and even with a bottle. They are trying to tie Webster into this drama about mj and boys and Webster has said clearly mj did not try anything out of place. But said he was a very good friend like a big brother and they had fun going to Disneyland and all.

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