Michael Jackson Shows Off Adopted Baby Prince II

Norm Clarke of the The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that when visited Las Vegas almost two weeks ago, he not only brought son Prince Michael Jackson I, 5, and daughter Paris, 4, but he was showing off 6 1/2-month-old adopted son Prince Michael Jackson II backstage after seeing Siegfried & Roy. Jackson told to the magicians that he would love to add magic to his act.

Elvis And Jacko S.A.T. Analogy

August 16, 2002 – Conan O’Brien had a skit on Thursday looking at some S.A.T. Analogies, or brain teasers. One of them was: “Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, is to ’25th Anniversary of his Death’ as Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is to — that’s right, ’25th Anniversary of His First Nose Job, Skin Lightening, Chin Reconstruction and Llama Seduction’. That’s a good one.”

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One thought on “Michael Jackson Shows Off Adopted Baby Prince II

  1. Linda A. says:

    These articles are from an older date; however, I happened upon them; I knew MJ many years-quit, calling him Wacko; he was not. And his name is Jackson not Jacko. Blanket Jackson is not adopted and has MJ’s sperm. The more you people gossip about things you know not of; you will be the reason his kids over time are ostericized; stop now, thank you. Blanket’s birth certificate states clearly MJ is the Daddy, not adopted Daddy, the Daddy of Blanket–apologize.

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