Michael Jackson Sometimes His Own Worst Enemy

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com spoke with an insider close to on his current financial situation and his conflict with Sony Music and it’s chief Tommy Mottola. The source told Friedman, “Sometimes Michael is his own worst enemy. The racism thing wasn’t smart. But he feels betrayed by Sony. He’s been a good friend to Tommy, done a lot of things for him personally.” He added, “Once ‘Invincible’ came out, he wouldn’t take Michael’s calls. It was just bizarre. They would only do one video from the album, and it’s sold seven million copies worldwide. And Michael is paranoid about Sony wanting the catalog. But they’ve been told it’s absolutely never going to happen.” Word is that Jackson will get the masters to his in 7 years, if not earlier. Read more.

Jacko Pays Brando $1 Million For MSG Concert Appearance

July 18, 2002 – FoxNews.com’s Roger Friedman reports that paid aging genius actor Marlon Brando $1 million last fall to be in his famous 30th anniversary show at Madison Square Garden. Many remember how Brando was booed off stage for rambling on at the concert, at one point even removing his wristwatch and saying, “In the last minute, 100,000 children have been hacked to death with a machete.” An associate of Jackson’s said of the $1 million figure, “A million bucks. Yeah, I heard that. That’s why Michael has so little cash for himself.” Read more.

Hires Top Lawyer In Possible Sony Suit

July 17, 2002 – Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News report Michael has signed top Hollywood litigator Martin Singer and is exploring a lawsuit against Sony Music. “We believe Sony intentionally tried to sabotage” Jackson’s ‘Invincible’ CD, said Singer. He added, “He had the biggest TV special in 2001. Sony did not buy one commercial on that special. Why would they not do that? It may not be in their economic interests for the album to do well.”

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